20 Rare Photos Of Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Spotted Abroad

People used to think that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie was the power couple of Hollywood. Well, they were wrong because these two are the real MVPs.

Ryan and Blake have been together for some time now. First meeting on the set of Green Lantern, the two started dating in October 2011 after Ryan’s divorce with Scarlett Johansson was finalized.

A year later, the two would wed. Now they have three beautiful girls and their eldest was born in 2014, their second daughter who was born in 2016 and their most recent daughter who was born in 2019.

When it comes their kids though, they have one rule: no working at the same time. If one of them is working, the other is with the children, which is also why fans see them always traveling together.

Here are 20 photos of the two lovebirds traveling abroad.

20 Family Day In Dublin

Dewi Magazine

Ryan Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively were seen hand-and-hand while taking a casual stroll through the streets of Dublin, Ireland.

According to independent.ie, while there, fashion influencer Rob Kenny spotted the two as they were in the Bear Market Coffee shop in Blackrock. They weren’t alone that time though, Blake had one of their kids bouncing on her hip.

19 Almost Unrecognizable

Se og Hør

While in Dublin, Blake was filming for the movie The Rhythm Section, where she plays the lead role of Stephanie Patrick, a woman who seeks revenge on those who orchestrated the plane crash that caused her family's demise.

According to independent.ie, she was spotted while there in a brown coat and blue hat and looked almost unrecognizable.

18 A Family Affair


During filming for The Rhythm Section, Blake suffered a hand injury that caused production to stop for a while.

According to independent.ie, as filming resumed, Ryan was spotted flying in with his two children, James and Inez, to visit what we presume was a very happy Blake. As the two talked, the girls were seen enjoying some yummy chips.

17 Exploring Dublin City Alone


While the family was still in Dublin for Blake’s film The Rhythm Section, Ryan was spotted taking a casual stroll through Dublin City on what looked like a cold day.

According to independent.ie, he was alone when he was spotted around Dublin’s Fitzwilliam Place as he paid a visit to the Powerscourt Estate in Co Wicklow.

16 Canoodling In Croatia


Back in April 2019, Ryan posted an adorable picture of himself and his wife as they got cozied up with one another and they looked like they were having a blast.

According to people.com, the two were in Croatia because Ryan was filming a new TV spot for his liquor company, Aviation Gin.

15 Looking A Little Worse For Wear


Many stars posted snippets of their time in Croatia as they filmed The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, including Ryan Reynolds, who was on a boat and looking like he just got into a fight.

According to croatiaweek.com, he later posted the selfie to his Instagram with the caption, “If you’re gonna be repeatedly punched in the face anywhere….I recommend Croatia. I love this place.”

14 Beach Babe


Blake’s Instagram is filled with adorable pictures of her family, tons of amazing jewelry pieces she owns, and some travel shots that make everyone envious.

According to people.com, during a tropical getaway, Blake posted three different photos and gave Ryan credit for taking them in the captions, as well as the emojis “🌴🌺.”

13 Hand-In-Hand While In Paris


Paris is known as The City of Love, and boy did Blake and Ryan look like they were in love in this picture.

According to thetravel.com, the two lovebirds were caught snuggling with one another back in 2016 while in Paris. They also visited the Eiffel Tower while there, which Ryan tweeted about.

12 Having Her Hands Full


Sometimes children can be a hassle and Blake proves that even celebrities have trouble getting their children to listen now and again.

According to dailymail.co.uk, Blake was parenting solo in Paris and at one point it looked like she was struggling with her two kids, but she didn’t let it ruin her mood and she looked amused as she tried to wrangle them up.

11 Strutting Her Stuff During Paris Fashion Week

Daily Mail

During her time in Paris, Blake proved she was just as stylish as the models walking in Paris Fashion Week.

According to dailymail.co.uk, Blake was seen flying solo and posing for photographs in front of the Statue of Liberty at Pont de Grenelle. She was looking pretty stylish in a plaid jacket and pants combo, brown leather belt, crossbody bag, and moccasins.

10 Celebrating At The Same Restaurant They Had Their First Romantic Dance

Журнал OK!

While spending a romantic vacation in Paris, Blake and Ryan decided to celebrate a very special moment in their relationship.

According to ok-magazine.ru, while celebrating Ryan’s birthday, the two decided to go to the restaurant where they had their first ever romantic dance.

By the looks of the picture, it was defiantly a memorable celebration.

9 Date Night In Barcelona


Back in 2013, Ryan Reynolds made a trip out to Barcelona, Spain to promote his new movie, Turbo.

According to popsugar.com, earlier in the afternoon he was seen walking the red carpet with Snoop Dog and Samuel L. Jackson, but later that night he was seen leaving El Celler de Can Roco with Blake where the two had dinner.

8 Vacationing In Vancouver


Blake and Ryan were only dating two months when they decided to spend the holidays with Ryan’s parents up in Vancouver.

According to popsugar.com, Blake was not only spotted out and about with Ryan, but also with his mom Tammy. It seems as if they were alternating holidays, first being spotted kissing outside her sister’s house in Colorado, and now up in Ryan’s home town with his family.

7 Showing Her Around


One place Ryan will always call home is Canada.

According to popsugar.com, back in 2011, these two were seen hand-in-hand as Ryan showed Blake around the Granville Island market in Vancouver. Having only been dating a few months around this point in time, it was obvious things were getting serious with each other.

6 Baby Reveal

The Independent

During the premiere of his new Pikachu movie, Ryan and Blake announced to the world that they were expecting their third child together.

According to independent.co.uk, while in British Columbia, Canada in October 2019, Ryan shared a photo on his Twitter of their new bouncing baby.

Only thing is, they used a smiley face to conceal their daughter's face. At least we know Blake and the baby are both OK.

5 At The Airport In Toronto

Daily Mail

When it comes to parenting, Blake and Ryan make it look easy.

According to dailymail.co.uk, at the time this picture was taken, Ryan and Blake’s girls were both under the age of three. The family had been spotted walking through the Toronto airport, Ryan holding his eldest daughter James and Blake holding their youngest Inez.

4 Out-And-About In London

Evening Standard

Celebrities love to always look their best and to do this, they always have a team of assistants, stylists, and hair and makeup artists around.

According to standard.co.uk, Blake isn’t like most celebrities. She may sit front row at fashion week, stun everyone on the red carpet and is constantly making the best-dressed list, but she has herself to thank for all that. She oversees her own style.

3 Filming In Abu Dhabi

The National

On December 13, 2019, Ryan Reynolds will have a new film on Netflix called 6 Underground.

According to thenational.ae, the film is an “edgy thriller,” and was written by the writers of Deadpool. Meaning we can expect a lot of dirty humor.

To celebrate filming, the cast released a few pictures of them standing near the water with the Abu Dhabi downtown skyline in the background.

2 Twinning With The Rock


For those who haven't seen Hobbs & Shaw yet, Ryan plays the part of a CIA operative agent named Locke who is also Dwayne’s handler.

According to thetimesofindia.indiatimes.com, Ryan shared a photo of the two sitting in a restaurant, flaunting their matching chest tattoos. While Ryan doesn’t look too happy about it, his character in the movie is known to have a bit of a crush on Dwayne.

1 Spending Time With Salma Hayek

Croatia Week

Back in 2017, The Hitman’s Bodyguard was released, starring Gary Oldman, Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson, and the beautiful Salma Hayek.

According to croatiaweek.com, the cast is back yet again for an upcoming sequel called The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard and filming is taking place out in Croatia.

Each star of the film has been posting to their social media how they love the filming location.

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