Target, the behemoth big-box chain, is known to sell almost everything you need, from bed sheets to coffee makers, and from women's fashions to men's grooming products. Target is also all about convenience, a one-stop shop to buy essentials like cleaning supplies and frozen groceries, as well as a place to pick up a gallon of paint on a whim. But in recent years, the store has been going more high-end. Their Threshold collection, for example, sells items you've never thought you'd find at the store, like designer-looking wingback chairs and scented candles that look as if you got them from Jo Malone. But with quality comes cost, and Target's prices are higher than its "supposed" direct competitor Wal-Mart.

While Wal-Mart is all about low prices, Target is more about high-quality products. They even stock items you've never expected to find at the store. These items are weird or creepy. Like a bubble machine maker in the shape of a Tiki Head or a flask designed to resemble a bottle of suntan lotion. These items are not only totally useless; they're also tempting to buy. But there is also a limit on what they sell. You may forget that Target sells books, but that's because their selection is awful.

Their electronic and tech items come from manufacturers we've never heard of. So, for your next Target run, we've put together twenty questionable things found in Target stores all over the U.S., and even four things you'll never find, despite the fact that the stores aspire us to expect more, and pay less, which also happens to be its tag-line!

24 The Holiday Inflatable Excited Buddy The Elf

Remember the Will Ferrell Christmas comedy movie Elf? It was really funny and Ferrell starred as one of Santa's elves who goes to New York to meet his biological father after learning that he's human.

The sugar nut, in the process, spreads Christmas cheer wherever he goes.

During the holidays, to make your front yard festive, we usually use inflatables, such as snowmen, Santa, reindeers and toy soldiers. Now Target sells this very suspect item, an inflatable Will Ferrell for your lawn. Do you really want an image of the actor on your lawn? There's just something creepy and wrong about it.

23 The Stainless Steel Trout Flask

This stainless steel trout flask takes the case for being the most questionable item that Target sells. A regular flask will keep your choice of drink near at hand, ready for you to take out of your bag or backpack to get a little buzzed. We already know that the ubiquity of the flask makes it impossible to use in areas where it may not be allowed, such as at school or on the job.

But while the trout flask may conceal what it holds inside, it just seems like a weird object to bring along with you.

Like, you're thirsty and you grab your trout out of your jacket pocket and take a sip and everyone is fooled! Something is just fishy about this flask!

22 The World’s Largest Gummy Bear

So, it comes down to this. A regular small-sized gummy bear is not enough for your sugar fix. Well, then this world's largest gummy bear, which is 1,000 times the size of the normal kind, might be what you need.

Forget about just consuming regular gummy bears, maybe like five or six for a sweet treat.

Now you can just tear off parts of this 5-pound gummy bear or even bite into it. But it's not the same. It's like the largest pizza or hamburger in the world; it may be nice to try one, but it may leave you sick because of its sheer size.

Kids love cookies, so this cookie jar in matte white stoneware is perfect to store sweet treats. They also love all things dino, so this T-Rex shaped bin will delight not just kids but everyone in your family because it's kind of a conversation piece. But really? A T-Rex is far from an adorable bear-shaped cookie jar.

A T-Rex is actually scary and kids might not want to touch it.

According to Target's description copy, the design is "cute" and "kids will love" the jar. This design is not cute, making another Target product once again questionable.

20 The Creepy Cuddlers Plush Zombie Dolls

The company Mezlos makes zombie stuffed plush pet animals under the name Creepy Cuddlers. Target is now selling Frostbite, a 6" tall zombie penguin shown with stains on his body and red stuff coming out of its carved-out eyes. Creepy indeed. Wouldn't a zombie pet look fab in your home, nestled in with your "normal" throw pillows on your sofa?

It'll definitely be a conversation starter.

What makes this questionable--besides the product itself--is that Target's copy for Frostbite is that it's "great for all ages." Do you really want your toddler playing with a zombie plushy? Or how about your kindergarten-age children? We didn't think so.

19 The Sunscreen Flask

If the Trout Flask was weird, this sunscreen flask is even weirder. Designed to look exactly like a sunscreen bottle, it actually holds 8 1/2 ounces of any drink for times you need to be stealth.

So now you can pour your sunscreen flask into a cup if you're at a public pool that frowns on these sorts of things.

No one will ever suspect that your sunscreen is making you buzzed! Just don't forget to confuse your actual bottle of sunscreen lotion for your sunscreen flask. So the weird thing is, this flask seems more suitable to buy at a Spencer gift store, not a wholesome cheerful Target store.

18 The Pet Stroller For Both Dogs and Cats

So Target carries a pet stroller. We all love our pets and while this is definitely questionable, it does have a purpose.

You can not only take your dog for a stroll rather than have him walk, but also take your house-bound cat out for some fresh air.

The latter is a big selling point; putting a leash on your cat never works, and now this pet stroller allows you to take your indoor cat outdoors for some sight-seeing. And there are perks for us pet lovers, you can pretend your pet is a baby so you can shop in stores or go places where pets aren't allowed. Hooray!

17 The Halloween Ninja Costume For Kids

This Ninja costume comes with 3 throwing stars, 2 swords and a sheath that you carry on your back. All of these parts are made from plastic so you don't have to worry that your kid is going to hurt someone.

But really? A Ninja costume?

This is definitely the most questionable thing found at Target. Even though each weapon is crafted from plastic, if you buy this for your kid during Halloween, you're kind of missing some key elements to the whole costume. Even Target's copy is questionable: "The two swords [keep] a [boy] prepared to chase down bad guys [in order to] defend his candy stash." We don't even know what to say about this!

16 The Tiki Head Bubble Machine

Wouldn't it be fun to have a bubble machine for your child's party? Target sells one, a tiki head bubble machine. But this Target product, like many others on this list, does the opposite of what is intended.

It's supposed to be a fun item but really it's just plain old scary.

No one's going to go near the tiki head. However, if you use the bubble machine for more grown up parties--such as luaus and birthday parties-you may just have a really cool conversational piece. Imagine when your guests ask where you got the bubble machine. You can say you got the Polynesian head from Hawaii to make it look like you vacationed there!

15 The Giant Pizza Slice Pool Float

 This giant pizza float is one of Target's many questionable things they sell. While it may be perfect for a pool party, in reality, it just makes us hungry for pizza. So maybe you can have a pizza party by your pool with this ginormous six-foot float. And it can hold up to 250 pounds so if you want to add another person to it and are worried you'll deflate it by using it, no worries!

The pizza float contains giant sized pepperoni scattered all over it, so if you like pepperoni, you're in luck!

If you don't, well, maybe this float can be an excuse to take food into the pool!

14 The Giant Inflatable Flip-Flop

If you think a giant pizza float is just darn weird, well, you may find that a giant inflatable flip-flop that Target sells even weirder. In fact, it is. A shoe as a float really doesn't compliment your outdoor pool area and sticks out like, well, a sore thumb.

But it might be a fun thing to have around, as the sandal straps double as a head rest or a way to paddle around the water.

There's even a built-in cup holder to keep your drink close at hand.

13 The Stuffed Rhino Wall Art

This stuffed rhino head is marketed by Target for a child's room. It brings the outside in, but it's also downright weird. Why would you want to decorate a child's room with a  hunting-lodge motif? Especially when it's made to hang on the wall, with a convenient loop for easy mounting.

The plush rhino is stuffed and has pink thread seams.

Those seams make it seem appropriate for a young girl's room, but then that looks just weird. Put it in a boy's room, and you still have a problem. We don't know about the idea of endorsing hunting for kids.

12  The Camouflage Suitcase

This rolling luggage has it all. It's lightweight but sturdy and is water and scratch resistant. Why is this weird or questionable? Well, it's the camouflage design. We don't know when camo came back into fashion, but it looks like you're ready to go hunting instead of heading to the airport. We mean, you wear camo to hide or disguise yourself, so it seems that this luggage will do just that. Well, guess what, we can see you! You don't become invisible unless you are in the deep woods, so this camo luggage--as well as camo clothing worn as everyday street wear--just boggles us.

11  The Baby Banana Brush

This is ingenious yet weird. A banana-shaped toothbrush for infants that doubles as a teether. The bristles of the brush are soft and really cleans your baby's teeth. The brush also relieves gum pain,  which many babies have.

The grips on the side are easy for baby to cling to, and the banana brush is dishwasher safe.

Sure, this is a great way to start dental hygiene early on in your baby's life, and the bright colors make this perfect for a teether. Despite its functionality, the choice of a sweet fruit seems quite odd and maybe a bit questionable.

10 The Men's Star Wars Darth Vader 3D Casted Ion Plated Stud Earrings

It's no surprise that the fan base for the Star Wars movies is usually young boys, tweens and teens. And of course adult men. What better way, then, to show off your geek love by wearing Darth Vader earrings? Yep, Darth Vader earrings that are 3-D, jutting outside your piercings. Do you wear both at the same time or just one? Either way, you'll look silly.

These earrings are targeted for men.

We guess a suit and tie for work goes swimmingly well with these earrings. And how fun is it to say, "No, I am your father," every time your co-worker points them out?

9 Creepy Octopus Knick-Knack

Part of decorating your home is the enjoyment of accessorizing your rooms with things that you love. A blue-and-white ginger jar will sit pretty on your coffee table, and a tall colorful vase will bring a dash of color to your room. It's all about personalizing your space.

At Target, that means an octopus-shaped knick-knack that will work well in no room at all.

Unless you're a die-hard sea creature fan, or have an aquarium where you can place your octopus knick-knack near it,  this octopus is just creepy to look at and even weird that you have it.

8 Magical Crystal Ball Mister

Sure this "magical" crystal ball is spooky and perfect for Halloween. It even has a mister unit and adaptor (the mister runs on regular tap water) and the crystal ball lights up. But like Darth Vader earrings designed for men, this ball takes the cake as being very weird since it's intended to be placed in your garden.

Yep, now your gnome will have a new friend!

But where in the garden do you place the ball? Maybe you're supposed to put it on a garden stool. Or maybe you just dump it somewhere in between your boxwood hedges where you can't see it?

7  The Barbie Careers Beekeeper Playset

This Barbie Beekeeper is part of Barbie Careers, dolls dressed up and accessorized according to their professions. The Beekeeper doll comes with a cheery-looking bee-keeping structure complete with a beehive with bees that kids can spin and a honeycomb they can slide in and out.

The reason this is weird is that, of all the professions out there, Mattel gave a Barbie a job that's kind of not something that many girls aspire to, and which is actually a somewhat dangerous profession.

Sure, Barbie Careers dolls are dressed up as doctors, chefs, and other professions that kids would want to be, so what kid has ever said, "I wanna be a beekeeper when I grow up?"

6 Piranha 63-in Floating Pool Habitat

Okay, so this is getting too weird. Target seems to sell a lot of items that are not intended to be creepy but actually are. Who wants a plastic inflatable designed to look like a piranha for your home pool?

A piranha doesn't say "summer fun".

It belongs more in a theme park. But at least this piranha has a pyramid-like construction to prevent young kids from being tipped over. All you have to do is convince your loved ones to jump into the plastic piranha’s gaping red mouth with sharpened teeth and scary eyes to enjoy some floating fun.

5 The Men's Marvel Spider-Man Dog Tag Pendant with Chain

Marvel rebooted the comic book character Spider-Man with Spider-Man: Homecoming, which, like other Marvel superhero movies, broke records. Here's a way to show off your allegiance. The stainless steel necklace with a dog tag pendant shows Spider-Man swinging in the air against a backdrop of buildings and the flip side shows a more subdued image, a simple detail outline of Spidey's head. What's weird about this is that the pendant is targeted (at Target!) for adult men.

It may be more appropriate for teens and comic book geeks, because since when does a respectable adult male don a cartoon character on his neck?

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