20 Questionable Pizza Hut Menu Items From Around The Globe

There is something universally appealing about the simple pizza. It is comforting to know that almost anywhere you travel; you will be able to find a slice of your favorite pizza when you are craving the familiarity of food from ‘back home’. Pizza Hut is a global brand with franchises across the world, including in Sweden, Australia, China, India and almost every other country you can think of. But with expansion in locations also comes expansion in flavor combinations that suit local tastes and cuisines- some that may surprise even the most adventurous foodie.

Most fast food chains across the world maintain a similar menu to the ones we are used to back home, but also add local twists on menu items to suit the palettes of their customers. You will be able to find a simple cheese pizza on almost any Pizza Hut menu. But, don’t just stop there. Peruse the menu and discover items not typically found in North American Pizza Huts. It can be quite fascinating to see international twists on classic comforts, but some of the combinations may raise a few eyebrows for the average pizza consumer. Forget the pineapple on pizza debate- these Pizza Hut menu items take experimentation to a whole new level!

20 Fried Rice with Chicken in Teriyaki Sauce - China


On its own the dish of chicken fried rice in teriyaki sauce isn’t questionable at all, it sounds great actually, especially as a menu item in China. However, there is something a little off-putting about ordering fried rice off a Pizza Hut menu. Pizza Hut is known for its deep dish, greasy and amazing pizza and sides, and a late night comfort food that hits your craving for greasy snacks. While this likely makes complete sense for the menu in China, it would take a long time to adjust to the idea of ordering Chinese food from a Pizza Hut menu.

19 Behari Chicken Pizza - Pakistan


Behari kabab is a delicacy in Pakistan and is known for being extremely tender piece of meat made with several spices including an infusion of mustard oil and masala. If you go to any restaurant in Pakistan or India you will likely be able to find Behari Kabab on their menu (made with chicken in India instead of beef). Adding this traditional menu item atop a pizza smothered in cheese is… interesting. The combination of spiced beef and pizza has certainly done before, although the unique blend of spices on the behari kabab would definitely be a different take on a meat lover’s dream.

18 Hot Dog Pizza Bites - Finland


First there was garlic crust. Then there was stuffed crust. And the evolution of pizza crusts then brought us Finland Pizza Hut’s Hot Dog Pizza bites. This item might have been acceptable if they were marketed as a limited edition side option. But even that would be pushing it. However, these are not a snack item, these hot dogs are stuffed into the crust of a pizza in place of cheese or in addition to a simple plain crust. So if your picky kids are having a hard time deciding between pizza and hot dogs for dinner, you don’t have to worry, they can have both.

17 Paneer Soya Supreme - India


Cows are considered sacred in India and in some states it is actually illegal to slaughter a cow, and as a result international food chains opening up stores in the country have had to improvise on some of their famous menu items that include beef. Pizza Hut has done just that by offering a plethora of chicken topped pizza items, and of course innovative vegetarian items. The Paneer Soya Supreme offers toppings of paneer (a type of curdled cheese commonly used in Indian dishes) topped with soya chunks flavored in masala, and other vegetables. Again, on its own paneer dishes are delicious. On top of a pizza, is questionable.

16 Various Breakfast Items -  China


The Chinese Pizza Hut menu is really something to see. It appears to be much fancier than the neighborhood Pizza Hut in North America as it offers wine and an Afternoon Tea option, along with an entire menu of fascinating drink options. Interestingly, it also has a breakfast menu, offering a wide range of breakfast items and breakfast sandwiches. As pizza is the main staple in North American Pizza Hut restaurants it seems odd to think of heading over to our local Pizza Hut for a hearty breakfast. But who knows, maybe they are on to something and we need to catch up!

15 Grilled Pork Trout Soy Sauce and Prawn Mayo Bacon - Japan


There seems to be quite a lot going on with this pizza. It may be a translation issue but the Japanese Pizza Hut menu offers an extremely varied number of pizzas with interesting toppings. This one seems to have it all- if you are craving seafood and bacon all at the same time, this pizza should hit the spot. The soy sauce mixed with bacon isn’t the most appetizing combination, and it is entirely unclear how the mayo fits in as a topping. It just seems to be some odd flavor mixing for a pizza. Or for anything really.

14 Crown Crust Pizza - United Arab Emirates


If the hot dog stuffed crust was too much to handle you may want to stop reading now. The UAE Pizza Hut has ‘Meaty Big Bites’ to add to your pizza. They are essentially mini cheeseburgers at the end of your pizza. Advertised as ‘delicious mini cheeseburgers in each bite’, the Crown Crust caused an international sensation when they were first released in 2012 as a seeming fad. 5 years later the option is still an option on the UAE menu. It is unclear how popular the item is, but again- kudos to these international chains for trying to please all members of the family with essentially two meals in one.

13 Cheesy Poutine Pizza - Canada


There is nothing questionable about the Canadian classic dish of poutine. Thick fries topped with gravy and cheese curds is a beautiful meal all on its own that shouldn’t be tampered with. It is one of those simple dishes that does not need to be manipulated or transformed with creative toppings. Putting it on top of a pizza is just too much. The dish is classic and comforting by itself and it seems almost sacrilegious to mix it with another favorite comfort food of pizza. Perhaps the dish could be offered as side on the Canadian menus- pineapple pizza with a side of poutine would a truly Canadian meal!

12 Madu Padu - Malaysia


We aren’t quite sure what exactly this pizza is, but it is described to have chicken bites, a tasty diced cheese for the crust, and is topped with a honey drizzle and crispy tortilla chips. The combination of items don’t exactly mix. Tortilla chips on a pizza is interesting. Honey drizzle on a pizza is even more interesting. The diced cheese looks like blocks of cheddar cheese used as crust, and the chicken and honey drizzle aren’t exactly appetizing. Again, this could be a surprise hit that we are all missing out on, but it might be a bit too daring for most tastes.

11 Fish Donut - Thailand


The appetizer section of Thailand’s Pizza Hut menu is filled with familiar items such as chicken nuggets, garlic bread with cheese, the favorite chocolate chip cookie, and spicy BBQ wings. There are however, a few surprises that are likely unique to Thailand’s cuisine and tastes, such as the Fish Donut. Based on the picture it appears to be similar to a fish stick, in the shape of a donut, offered with dipping sauce. Not necessarily questionable on its own, but again, a little odd to be ordering a side of fish with your pizza, from a Pizza Hut menu nonetheless.

10 Flying Fish Roe Salmon Cream Cheese Pizza - Hong Kong


Fish roe is the ripe internal or external egg masses of certain types of sea animals. It is commonly found in sushi dishes. On its own it is enough to make anyone queasy. Combine the fish roe with salmon and cream cheese and you are in for a real treat. Again, this may be completely acceptable and delicious to the local tastes and cuisine, and there is nothing wrong with that at all. However this combination seems questionable in any event. Cream cheese on a pizza without the addition of salmon and fish roe is highly questionable- I think I will sit this one out!

9 Butter Chicken Masala Pizza - Sri Lanka


Butter chicken has recently become the ‘go-to’ dish for Westerners to order at Indian restaurants across the country. It has a thick creamy base with a hint of spice and tender chicken pieces making it the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. The butter chicken pizza can be found on Sri Lanka’s Pizza Hut menu, but can also be found on some Canadian sites as well. Either way- keep the dishes separate. Butter chicken is a dish that deserves its own center piece, not to be shared with a pizza. Not all combinations work. This one doesn’t.

8 Oriental Chicken - Indonesia


When you think of Pizza Hut the first thing that comes to mind is pizza. Cheese stuffed crust. Lunch buffet. Maybe even some pasta, although unlikely. But oriental chicken is the last thing to come to anyone’s mind, and for good reason. Similar to the chicken fried rice option above on the Chinese menu, there is nothing questionable about oriental chicken as a dish by itself. It tastes great with some rice on the side. However, there may be something questionable about ordering oriental chicken, a dish that typically is ordered off of local Chinese specialty restaurants, from a Pizza Hut menu.

7 Fish Roe and Cream Cheese Stuffed Crust - Hong Kong


Pizza Hut has become somewhat of a legend in the stuffed crust business. As one of the first chains to offer stuffing inside a classic crust the chain continues to expand its options of crust fillings. In this list alone, we have seen international classics such as hot dog stuffed crust and entire cheeseburgers being used as crusts. Hong Kong may take the cake for the most unique combination of flavors in a crust, with their offering of the crust stuffed with fish eggs and cream cheese. The combination must be a local favorite as it is offered on several menu items.

6 Escargot - China


If you want to take your partner to a romantic and fancy meal for a special occasion, you may want to head to the local Pizza Hut if you are visiting China. The menu options are extensive and extravagant at most locations throughout the country, and you will definitely find items that you could never even imagine being on a Pizza Hut menu. You can order a simple, traditional pizza and keep it classic, or opt for some wine with a side of their offering of escargot. Yes, escargot is offered as a side option in many locations in China.

5 Thousand Island Seafood Pizza- Hong Kong


We aren’t sure why, but thousand island dressing is a thing in Hong Kong. It is offered on almost all of their pizzas that are often topped with an array of seafood options. We get it- seafood is big in Hong Kong. But the mixture of the mayonnaise based dressing combined with cheese and seafood seems like a recipe for an upset stomach. It is unclear how the dressing is utilized but it appears to be used as a base sauce or a drizzle. The combination of the thick creamy dressing and cheese is not something we look forward to trying.

4 Durian Pizza - China


Everyone is aware of the ongoing pineapple on pizza debate. Does fruit have any place as a topping to pizza? Almost everyone has a distinct opinion on this matter- you either love it or hate it. If you love it, you may be interested in trying the durian pizza in China. The durian fruit is known for its pungent smell that is generally a major turn off for most people in North America. However the fruit is widely popular in China, which is why it is offered as a topping on their pizza. Give it a try, if you can get over the smell!

3 Curry Cheddar Pizza - Japan


It is probably clear from this list by now that we are of the view that certain combinations do not work in any way. Curry is great as a dish soaking up rice. Curry is great with a traditional roti, not on a traditional crust. Cheese is great for almost everything. However curry and cheddar together is just a plain no. There are so many unanswered questions with this menu option - what kind of curry? What flavor? Why mix curry and cheese? Why combine the two in any way? There is nothing appetizing about mixing a South Asian delicacy with an American comfort food!

2 Chicken Tom Yum Pizza - Thailand


Tom Yum flavor is notorious for being hot and sour. Attend any traditional Chinese restaurant and you will likely order a steaming bowl of hot and sour tom yum soup. And it is delicious. It is commonly made with lemongrass, several herbs and spices, fish sauce and lime juice. The flavor is distinct. So distinct that again, pairing it with cheese and chicken is highly questionable. The flavor combination seems odd as hot and sour is not usually associated with pizza toppings. However, bbq chicken pizza seems to be a hit, so this may work as well!

1 Crayfish Pizza - Hong Kong and China


The abundance of seafood options on the Hong Kong Pizza Hut menu is slightly overwhelming.  Mixing dairy and seafood is a constant debate but that does not seem to be a concern in any way for the several options that are stacked high with shrimp, squid and crayfish. There is just something a little disconcerting about a pizza stuffed with seafood on top, and stuffed crusts with fish eggs.   However, lobster mac and cheese is a delicacy so perhaps lobster pizza is a new trend that can emerge here as well, we will just have to wait and see!

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