The United States of America is an interesting place and that's not exactly going to serve as much of a 'revelation'. For all of the good, there's an awful lot of bad, and that's probably one of the reasons why so many folks are trying to pack up and move elsewhere. It's an intriguing yet uncertain time to be someone who calls the USA home, and that theme runs throughout the entire country.

We aren't here to tell you exactly where you should and shouldn't go if you decide to head over there, because you may have family located in a few of these destinations, but we're speaking in more of a general sense. These twenty destinations, whether it be because they're haunted or just generally unsafe, aren't known for being particularly 'welcoming' to outsiders.

Beyond that, however, some travellers may just generally not be interested in going there. You don't need to explore every single corner of a given country in order to officially be considered a fan of it, because that premise makes absolutely no sense. You do what you want to do, and don't allow anyone to tell you otherwise.

Now obviously we may seem a little bit hypocritical over the course of the next few minutes as we proceed to tell you why we feel a certain way about certain destinations, but rest assured that we don't want to make your mind up for you (as we realise how many times we've used the word 'you' in the last few sentences).

Either way, the States are absolutely mental and that'll likely never change.

20 Ferguson, Missouri - Lots Of Unwelcome Activity

Ferguson, Missouri has been home to many notable individuals in the past, but that's not what the majority of people think of when they hear the name. Instead, they think of images like the ones above, featuring police squaring off against everyday citizens in riots courtesy of some pretty unwelcome situations.

Ferguson is a dodgy area at the best of times but now things are even worse, with the heightened emotions still causing some tension around the general area. We won't pretend like we know what it's like to live there right now, but it can't exactly be pleasant, can it?

19 Flint, Michigan - The Water Situation

Michigan isn't a great state in the eyes of many around America, as highlighted by the fact that this isn't going to be their last entry on the list. However, as much as we moan about our own personal situations that we're dealing with, few can understand the pain that the city of Flint has been through in recent years.

The water crisis has led to some serious consequences for many of the residents in Flint, and it's not exactly a surprise that the city has suffered as a result of this. Some would argue that there's an end in sight, and we can only hope that comes sooner rather than later.

18 Gurdon Light, Arkansas - No Thank You

The Gurdon Light phenomenon is a mystery light located on some railroad tracks in Gurdon, Arkansas, with various people noting that they've spotted it throughout the day and night time over the years.

The folklore goes that a gentleman was struck by a train many decades ago and lost his head, and spends his days wandering up and down the tracks looking for it. Of course, that sounds ridiculous to folks who don't believe in ghosts but if you do, then it's something that's worth keeping an eye on. Either way, for the sake of safety and your sanity, please don't go there.

17 San Bernardino, California - Not Your Ideal Holiday Destination By Any Means

San Bernardino is frequently listed among the worst places to live in the United States of America, and it's not exactly hard to see why. From the run-down houses to the astonishing crime levels it feels like it'll never truly be safe to walk the streets there, and that's a shame.

You should be able to feel some kind of safety when you're in your own area or neighbourhood, and that just isn't the case here. People are constantly complaining about the state of affairs over there, and we're desperate to see something change before it truly is too late.

16 Bird Cage Theatre, Arizona - Super Spooky

From the outside looking in the Bird Cage Theatre looks fairly normal, but it turns out that the majority of people believe it to be haunted. While that can help it serve as a fun attraction for people to visit, we aren't ones to mess with the idea of the paranormal.

It gives us American Horror Story: Freak Show kind of vibes, to the point where we wouldn't be entirely shocked to open one of the doors and see a creepy clown staring back at us. You may not be affected by this, but trust us when we say that there are more dodgy individuals out there than you may realise.

15 Baltimore, Maryland - The Big Stereotype

Baltimore, Maryland is the kind of place that may seem perfectly acceptable if you've lived there your whole life, but if you're just passing through, you soon realise how dire the situation is.

If you've ever watched an episode of The Wire you'll be well aware of the stereotypes surrounding the city, and while we wouldn't recommend basing your entire opinion on it, in this instance, it does seem to be pretty accurate.

We're big fans of seeing the revival of any given destination, but the people of Baltimore and the higher-ups have to want to help themselves before they go in search of the answers they need to rectify their issues with crime.

14 Route 50, Nevada - The Loneliest Road

Have you ever seen a road that's so straight and long that it seems like it's never going to end? If you haven't, then we'd like to introduce you to Route 50 in Nevada. This road has been dubbed The Loneliest Road in America, and while that may seem like a cool thing to test out, it really isn't.

Just imagine the fear as well as the boredom associated with driving along here for miles and miles on end. Sure, it wouldn't be so bad if you had your pals there alongside you, but it's still something that shouldn't be viewed as appealing by anyone - especially those outside of the States.

13 Bessemer, Alabama - Be Careful

Bessemer, Alabama has been struggling from a string of different problems for what feels like forever now, but the city itself isn't the only problem. The state of Alabama, as a whole, seems to be crippled with this reputation of being not all too pleasant.

It stems from many reports and videos of the locals not being particularly open to the idea of modern-day views, and while that doesn't go for everyone who lives there, it's certainly true of many. The police seem intent on doing what they can to rectify the problems, though, and that surge should start in places like Bessemer.

12 Dayton, Ohio - Just Not Favourable

It's just dull.

Dayton, Ohio is one of the more uninspiring cities in the United States and it doesn't feel like that's too much of a controversial statement to make. With places like Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus being a short distance away, you have to question why anyone bothers visiting Dayton.

Sure, conferences may be scheduled there and perhaps a sporting event or two, but those who visit would rarely return. The unemployment rate is also through the roof which poses its own set of problems, and the redeeming qualities on display are few and far between.

It's a no from us.

11 Stockton, California - Hub For Dodgy Groups

The gang culture in California has been really bad for decades now, with everyone from celebrities to everyday citizens struggling with the consequences of that. In places like Stockton, however, it almost seems as if some locals thrive off of that reputation.

The same certainly doesn't apply to everyone but Stockton really isn't the kind of town you'd take your kids to on a day out, especially when there are so many beautiful areas in the state of California as a whole.

Alas, a handful of destinations are somewhat dragging it down, and we're pretty fed up of seeing that transpire.

10 Eccentric House, New York - A Bit Weird

It's okay to have hobbies and it's okay to have certain interests that others may find a little bit strange, but is the above Eccentric House taking things a bit too far? Located in New York (no, we aren't talking about Manhattan here) is this art gallery, which seems to double up as an unofficial Halloween hotspot.

We've never been sure what to make of it, and we're actually pretty scared because it feels like the mannequins could come to life and destroy us all at any given moment - kind of like in Doctor Who.

Yes, we're getting a bit carried away, but it's just so very creepy.

9 The White House, Washington D.C. - It's just a fact

This one is a little bit more obvious than the rest but some people actually need it written down for them: you cannot just walk into The White House. Sure, you might or might not be a big fan of who is currently residing in there, but your chance to influence that comes in just a few short years - so be patient.

It's a magnificent structure when you look at it from the outside, but given what it represents, it's also a little bit daunting. What used to be a symbol of hope is now a symbol of uncertainty for so many, and that's something that we should all strive to fix.

8 Dr. Seuss House, Alaska - Be Safe

This Dr. Seuss house in Alaska was probably intended to be really alternative and hip, to the point where it could be enjoyed by all different ages. Still, because of its location in the woods up in Alaska, we can't help but feel a little bit scared by the prospect of visiting.

It's an architectural wonder and we hope it remains standing for many years, but it seems that outside of America, not too many would be interested in going there. We could be wrong about this one given the novelty of it all, but we certainly don't want to discover what's lurking around those woods.

7 Oatman, Arizona - A Different World

If you want to feel like you've been transported back 60 years or so in time then we'd highly suggest that you take a trip to Oatman, Arizona. Many locals and tourists alike consider it to be a real throwback, from the wild mules to the 'wild west' kind of atmosphere.

As an old mining town there are plenty of stories to be told and we'd love to hear them, but we're not overly keen on going there. It feels like even the smallest of comments could open up a can of worms that we wouldn't want to deal with.

6 Bishop Castle, Colorado - Very Suspicious

The gloomy surroundings of this image wouldn't lead you to initially believe that this Castle is located in Colorado, which tends to be a pretty 'bubbly' and sunny state. Alas, that is indeed the case, with this being a one-man project that attracts a lot of attention from passers-by.

Unfortunately that doesn't make it any less creepy in our own mind, as much as we enjoy a good novelty act from time to time. We appreciate the time and effort that has gone into this, but we, and many others, wouldn't feel compelled to actually see it in person.

5 Salton Sea, California - Nothing For Miles

There's something so unbelievably eerie and 'not right' about Salton Sea, to the point where its ever-changing appearance makes the above image pretty redundant. It feels like a location you're more likely to discover in Africa than the States, with the boiling hot Cali temperatures having a real effect on the lake itself.

Intrigue could cause you to make a quick pitstop here but as we've noted so many times already, there are much better alternatives for tourist hot spots in the state of California. So instead of dwelling on the negatives, get out there (after reading this of course) and find those positives.

4 Paw Paw Tunnel, Maryland - Haunted!

The Paw Paw Tunnel is a 3,118-foot-long canal tunnel on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal in Allegany County, Maryland. Now, while the waterfall running down by the side of the tunnel may give off the impression that it's quite 'family friendly' so to speak, don't be fooled.

This is the kind of place that we'd imagine would be perfect for a horror film, with the light flickering and things popping out from every direction. It doesn't matter if you're immune to that, either, because being in the dark for so long can cause some serious friction within your own mental state.

3 Cincinnati Subway, Ohio - Unfinished

At over two miles in length, the Cincinnati Subway is the largest abandoned subway tunnel system in the United States, and that's no exaggeration. Work began on this in the early 1900s but the Great Depression ensured a lack of funding for the project, which meant that it was eventually shelved.

There are still no plans to revive the idea despite some interest from different parties, but in our mind, it seems as if this is something that should be left alone. Not only is it fairly pointless but much like the Paw Paw Tunnel, it can open a wormhole in your mind that creates thousands of possibilities and hypothetical situations.

2 Detroit, Michigan - Not Particularly Fun

Detroit is a great sporting city and nobody can ever take that accolade away, but when the city itself is so plain, does that really make all too much of a difference?

From the poor weather to the miserable residents and growing unemployment issues, Detroit is struggling big time with there being new reports every single day of a fresh problem somewhere either in the city centre or the surrounding suburbs. Honestly, things are getting really bad.

Your reputation is everything in the world of tourism, and Detroit can't rely on the Red Wings and the Pistons for too much longer.

1 Monroe, Louisiana - A Rotten Destination

Monroe, Louisiana is located just four hours north of New Orleans, and yet, the two couldn't give off two more different perceptions of Louisiana as a state. While NOLA is all about having fun and living in the moment, Monroe represents the ever-present illegal problems that still face the United States of America to this day.

Some of the locals are chirpy enough but we're not confident in saying that it can help to restore their shattered reputation, with Neighborhood Scout dubbing it the most dangerous place in the country - and that's saying something given how enormous the country is.