20 Places Gordon Ramsay Would Never Open A Restaurant In

TV personality and hot-tempered chef Gordon Ramsay is a “love him or hate him” kinda guy. His on-air antics get viewers excited, be it for the way he conducts himself in the kitchen or for the reaction of the people he is usually putting down.

As a well-known and successful restauranteur, Ramsay keeps his eye out for the best spots to start something new. He’s still going strong, with no evidence that he’s planning to retire anytime soon. Since Ramsay is so popular, banking on his fame is smart and savvy.

Ramsay will be the first to tell a restaurant owner or chef that their food or ambiance stinks, so he has to be sure he doesn’t fail in his own endeavors.

That’s why he’d never open a restaurant in any of these 20 places. He’d be a laughingstock, and those he’s criticized would be the first to fire back.

20 Las Vegas Strip – Too Much Partying, Gambling, And “Adult” Activities Are A Liability

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The high-end restaurants in Las Vegas do well, as people come there to spend money and do so liberally. He’d be a success surely, but does Ramsay really want to deal with the bachelor party crowd? Sins are aplenty in this city, and he wouldn’t want to worry about folks acting a fool in his establishment.

19 Cancun, Mexico – The Spring Breakers Only Want To Get “Wasted”

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Cancun is a happening hot spot for the college-age spring break crowd, and other folks also visit to get away from their everyday lives. The popularity of the area is evident, but Ramsay would worry that the out-of-control crowd would “dine and dash” or make a mess of his restaurant.

18 Japan’s Cat Island – The Feline Population Isn’t Everyone’s Cup Of Tea

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For those who love cats, Japan’s famed Cat Island is like heaven on Earth. Cats are everywhere, and people who come to see them treat the felines like royalty. The last thing Ramsay would want is a bunch of feral cats digging for food in the garbage bins behind his restaurant.

17 Dominican Republic – The Recent Cluster Of Resort Mishaps Isn’t Exactly Inviting

Via: travelpulse.com

The Dominican Republic is a well-visited vacation spot and has been for a long time. That said, the recent news of incidents in the area is cause for concern. Now’s not the time for a chef to consider opening up a new restaurant there. If travel starts to dwindle, the eateries would see a slump.

16 The Hamptons, Long Island – Too “Snooty” For His Brash Behavior

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Ramsay is certainly rough around the edges. He’s far from polished, and his attitude isn’t exactly considered good etiquette. His presence in the Hamptons would feel out of place since much of the crowd is “too cool” for his crudeness. The fanciness and flair those who live there embody is not a good match with Ramsay’s rudeness.

15 Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport: Atlanta, GA – World’s Busiest, Too Much Hustle And Bustle

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Some may argue that opening a restaurant in a bustling airport would be a great way to get thousands of diners per day seated and eating, but the rush would be too much for Ramsay. People are too busy worrying about making their flights, so they wouldn’t take the time to savor the flavor.

14 Jersey Shore – The MTV Show Gave It A Bad Rap

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The Jersey Shore is a popular tourist spot, particularly when the weather is nice. It would be a great place to open a restaurant with outdoor seating, and folks could look out onto the ocean while sipping cocktails and digging into dishes. Too bad the cast of Jersey Shore gave the destination a dirty vibe.

13 Antarctica – Penguins Won’t Pay The Bills

Via: GQ.com

Antarctica is a breathtaking continent, as cold as it may be. While travelers with a sense of adventure may visit as a “bucket list” to-do, it’s not exactly the most popular place on the planet. If Ramsay opened a restaurant there, the place would be virtually empty. Not a good investment in the least.

12 Washington, D.C – Dinner Table Political Talk Is Unappetizing

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Today’s political climate is an in-your-face issue, and the country is quite divided when it comes to so many pressing topics. While the debates are what makes America unique, they can cause chaos and commotion. Sure, there would be lots of political types hungry for a bite, but Ramsay would rather stay out of White House happenings.

11 Congo Brazzaville – The Pollution Is A Problem

Via: greenpeace.org

Eco-safe areas are generally good places to open a business. With the heavy pollution in Congo Brazzaville, the health concerns would make Ramsay skip this area altogether. It doesn’t seem much like a place for a famous chef to embark on a new endeavor anyway.

10 Alaska – Too Cold For Customers

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Alaska is an interesting state, but the weather is too cold for customers. Who wants to go out to eat when the temperature is below zero? Folks would stay home and cook dinner themselves rather than pay money to dine out and freeze on the drive over. That’s if the snow doesn’t stop them from getting anywhere altogether.

9 England – The Whole Brexit Thing Is Unnerving

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The “Brexit” issue is a big concern for those who live in the area. If Ramsay were to open a new place in England, who’s to say what could happen in the coming months? He’d be smarter to stay away for now, at least until there’s some sort of understanding as to what will happen next.

8 Kansas – The Tornado Factor Could Destroy An Establishment

Via: ustornadoes.com

There’s lots of open space in Kansas, so it’s not like Ramsay couldn’t find a location. But do the residents really care about a “celebrity” chef? Folks would rather go for something simple instead of intricate dishes that are hard to pronounce. Paired with the tornado factor, Kansas is a state he would skip.

7 Uganda – Safe Drinking Water Isn’t Easy To Find

Via: wateraid.com

When the water isn’t up to par, it would be unwise for someone to rely on it to cook with, let alone serve to guests as a beverage. Ramsay would be making a mistake if he opened a new place in Uganda unless he was willing to work with charities to help solve the crisis.

6 Walt Disney World Resort, FL – The Family Environment Is Too Cute For The Chef

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Who doesn’t love Disney? Perhaps one person, in particular, would be Ramsay. He does not come across as the type who would be comfortable posing for pics with Minnie and Mickey. Families visit for the fun factor, but Ramsay isn’t the kinda guy who’s into cute characters.

5 Alabama – 6.3 Fast Food Restaurants Per 10K Residents, Wouldn’t Want To Associate Himself With Junk Food

Via: cnbc.com

Alabama has so many fast-food restaurants. The stats are nauseating, and it’s no wonder there is an obesity epidemic in America. Ramsay would not want to align himself with junk food, so he’d steer clear of Alabama as a potential place to open an establishment.

4 Sonoma County, CA – The Wildfires Are Worrisome

Via: sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com

California would normally be a place that Ramsay would highly consider as a hot spot for a new restaurant, but tragically, the area is literally hot currently. The wildfires are burning, and opening a business would be a huge gamble. Perhaps he’ll reconsider once things are back to normal.

3 Hawaii – You’ll Never Catch Ramsay In A Grass Skirt And Lei

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Hawaii is a magical place. Vacationers adore the ambiance, and many folks wish they could pack up and live there once they’ve had a taste of the islands. Ramsay may think Hawaii is lovely, but he’d have to adapt to the culture. He comes off as a guy who’s not willing to change unless it’s on his terms.

2 The Mall Of America, Bloomington, MN – Shoppers Don’t Want To Sit Long For A Decent Meal

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The Mall Of America in Minnesota is the largest shopping mall in The States. Any restaurant inside the mall is sure to be successful, as shoppers start to get hungry after they’ve been there for hours. Ramsay would make money, but he also wants diners to have time to fully appreciate the experience.

1 Tropical Islands Resort, Germany – The World’s Largest Water Park Is Too Wet For Wining And Dining

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Would Ramsay want to open a brand new place inside a water park? Not likely. Not even in the world’s largest water park, Tropical Islands Resort, in Germany. He’d have a fit if people wanted to be seated in wet swimsuits. Plus, who could picture the chef splashing around?

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