The restaurant industry is always evolving with different twists on popular food items. Burgers are among the most popular fast food options in the world. McDonald’s popularized the item many decades ago with Burger King and Wendy’s becoming competitors. There are the pricier and tastier debates out there regarding In-N-Out, Five Guys and Whataburger all having followers vouching for them. However, many surprising burgers exist in the food industry that the average person may not be aware of. Restaurants all over the world want to find the perfect recipe, ingredients or toppings to have the next must-get burger.

We will look at many of the burgers that are more intense than ones you’ll find at McDonald’s. These burgers either have surprising yet tasty additions to them that make them unlike any other meat patty sandwiches you’ve had before; others are just bizarre and borderline gross due to the idea of throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks. Find out just how unique the restaurant industry can get with the burger options all over the world. Each burger has a fascinating story that makes it stand out from the pack. These are twenty places all over the world that serve the most intense burgers you’ll ever find.

20 Stuffed Lasagna Burger

A burger joint located in California named Slater 50/50 decided to get very adventurous with their wacky burger themes. They created the Stuffed Lasagna Burger which is unlike any traditional burger you’d find at most burger joints.

The Stuffed Lasagna Burger features the patty made with a combination of ground beef and Italian sausage.

Some of the toppings are mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese, tomato sauce and fried basil leaves. The fried cheese lasagna bun is the most intimidating aspect of the burger. While it does look tasty, the challenging burger is certainly among the least healthy options out there you’ll ever find.

19 1-Up Mushroom Burger

This burger is a fun reference to the legendary Super Mario Brothers video game franchise. Nintendo has been releasing games about Mario for the past few decades with the brand continuing to grow. A random United States diner wanted to tie into the theme for the release of one of the video games leading to the 1-Up Mushroom Burger being created.

It is meant to look like the mushroom from the video game. The mushroom burger is coated with cheese and the buns have the unique look. Food coloring and melted cheese on the top bun creates the physical look for a bizarre burger. While not as ridiculous as the others, this is still an intense burger to eat with every bite.

18 Luther Burger

One of the most unique stories about an intense burger being created featured late singer Luther Vandross. Mulligan’s in Georgia sells the burger that came to be out of a desperate attempt to create one when they ran out of buns.

The restaurant used donuts as the buns with the patty sandwiched between them. Vandross apparently loved the combination of conflicting tastes with the sweet donuts being a great host for the burger.

Regardless of if the story is true or not, the burger looks like a shocking eating experience. Glazed donuts just don’t seem like the ideal food to eat with a patty, but we’ll trust Luther on this one.

17 Blondies Burgers (home to some of the largest burgers you’ll ever find)

One of the most intense burgers exists at a restaurant in Winnipeg, Canada. Blondies Burgers is home to some of the largest burgers you’ll ever find.

The smallest size is 1/8 pound and the largest goes up to a ridiculous 9 pounds.

Most people get the 9-pound burger to share with friends, but Blondies Burgers tries to entice customers into attempting to eat it on their own. If one person can finish the gigantic burger within a 2-hour window, they will get the burger for free and have their bill erased along with a picture posted on the Wall of Fame.

16 Nutburger (Obviously not for anyone with a peanut allergy...)

Matt’s Place in Montana is the restaurant home to the Nutburger. As you were likely able to guess by the name and the picture, nuts are the biggest addition to this unique burger. The peanuts shown on top of the burger are mixed with mayonnaise as the main topping.

A bigger surprise is that the burger meat is coated in peanut butter. The combination of mayonnaise and peanut butter sounds intense enough. Factor in a beef patty and chopped peanuts, and you’re about to try one of the most unusual burgers in the world. This is the nightmare burger for anyone with a peanut allergy.

15 100x100 In-N-Out Burger

The ‘secret menu’ of In-N-Out Burger has become more well-known to fans of the popular California burger chain. One shocking aspect of the menu is the burger where you can order as many patties and slices of cheese as you want. Most people like to go for a 3x3, 4x4 or 5x5 for the big burgers.

However, some folks have gone wild by ordering the 100x100. The insane burger must be shared with friends and presents a difficult eating challenge. There’s no right way to eat a burger with 100 slices of cheese and 100 patties in between the bread. Prepare for stress and a world of pain in between the delicious bites of the 100x100 Burger.

14 The Hamdog (Yup, it's exactly what you think it is)

Have you ever had the pressure of having to choose between a burger and a hot dog at a barbecue? One location in Australia solved this by coming up with the Hamdog, meant to bring together both the hamburger and the hot dog.

The unique look of the sandwich sees the hamburger centered in the middle of the hot dog all in the middle of a hilariously shaped bun. While enticing, it certainly could provide an intense eating experience trying to figure out the best way to eat this meal. The founder of the Hamdog wants to bring his meal over to the United States with the goal of opening a restaurant in New York City.

13 Over de Flames Burger

Norwich, England is home to the next massive burger on the list. The Over de Flames burger is the giant sandwich shown here and is served at The Basement venue. It is obviously a huge burger that would be nearly impossible for the average person to eat on their own in one sitting.

An entire head of lettuce, three full tomatoes and two onions are used to top this bad boy. The Basement serves it with fries and a milkshake, because it clearly isn’t enough on its own. Not only will you get the Over de Flames burger for free if you can finish it in two hours, but The Basement will give you over $300 to take home. This doesn’t seem like a wise challenge to take.

12 Mashed Potato Beef Burger

McDonald’s locations in China went wild when coming up with the concept of the Mashed Potato Beef Burger. Unlike some of the other options listed so far, the ingredients do seem to go well together at least. Steak and mashed potatoes are considered a perfect combination, which means adding mashed potatoes to a burger shouldn’t be too insane.

However, the texture of it is a bit unique and seems like it would provide an intense eating experience to try it for the first time. Bacon is added to the mashed potato burger for another taste to blend in there. Some of us squares will take the steak and potatoes on the side over the Mashed Potato Beef Burger.

11 The Fleur Burger - The Price Alone Is Intense

The Fleur Burger can be considered the most intense burger in the world for a few reasons.

Its price is the main one as the burger goes for $5,000 at the Fleur restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada. While the size is decent for a burger, it’s hard to justify the high price for the average person.

Fleur tries to make it as upscale a burger eating experience as possible. Kobe beef, fois gras and a slew of truffles are in the burger with fries on the side. A rare bottle of wine is included in the expensive meal. Can you imagine a burger eating experience as intense as trying to enjoy one for $5,000?

10 Caviar Burger

Quite a few restaurants all over the world have experimented with the Caviar Burger. Peanut butter, mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts all are odd items, but caviar may take the proverbial cake for the strangest thing someone would want to put in the middle of a hamburger.

Caviar is a delicacy typically used in movies and television shows to imply someone is spoiled or too wealthy. While it is tasty, putting it on a burger seems like a mad thought process. The average person does not usually get to have caviar too often and trying it on a burger for the first time would lead to the most intense experience.

9 Bean Burger

Sills Snack Shack in San Antonio, Texas created a unique meal option when inventing the Bean Burger. Refried beans represent the bean aspect of the burger, but there are many more elements to it that add to the intense eating experience.

Crushed Fritos chips are the main wacky ingredient along with the beans, Cheez Whiz and onions to make up the entire Bean Burger. The various food items make it a bizarre burger eating experience. Sills Snack Shack’s food truck gets overwhelmingly positive reviews which means it is likely good food. However, that doesn’t make it any less intimidating to eat.

8 Sprout Surprise Whopper

Burger King locations in the United Kingdom went with a shocking twist on the popular Whopper burger. It looks like a normal burger with one odd item on top that is the “sprout surprise” part of the Whopper experience here.

The patty is made with fried Brussels sprouts and cheese. Burger King believes the two items blend together perfectly, and it’s hard to argue without trying it.

However, most of us have negative memories of avoiding Brussels sprouts as children when our parents tried to make us enjoy them. It could easily become an uncomfortable eating experience having it placed on your Whopper even if fried.

7 Manchester Wheel

This monstrous burger is found in a pub named Solita in Manchester, England. Manchester Wheel is the name of the burger the pub is known for.

It features a 2.2-pound burger as a heavy meal in more ways than one. There are also 12 slices of cheese, 8 bacon rashers and a full liter of their secret sauce.

Solita recommends the burger be split among six people due to the health risks of eating the Manchester Wheel on your own. The price is also very expensive at $75, which makes even more sense that you split it with others. There’s no doubt the Manchester Wheel will be an intense eating experience even if shared with others.

6 Pumpkin Burger

Many would assume the Pumpkin Burger is something that originated in the United States fast food scene due to the popularity of pumpkin themed foods in the autumn. However, the burger shown here was introduced in Japan at the Burger King restaurants there.

The patty is topped with Japanese pumpkin, bacon, lettuce, spicy mayo and various nuts. All the toppings provide different tastes that don’t necessarily seem like a hit on paper.

Even die-hard pumpkin fans would think twice about trying the Burger King Pumpkin Burger for the first. However, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if Burger King decides to start making this in North America one day.

5 Zeus Burger

New Jersey is home to the Clinton Station Diner known for their absurdly huge burgers. There are many large burgers on the menu, but the Zeus burger is considered the most popular novelty burger available. At 7 pounds, it is full of the usual toppings and is just an extremely large burger with no specialties aside from the size.

The Clinton Station Diner has been around for almost 100 years now with people loving to give the large burgers a try. If a group of five friends can finish the Zeus Burger within three hours of eating time, the meal is free.

4 Black Ninja Burger - Featuring Hash Browns

Burger King went bold with a choice for their Black Ninja Burger in Japan locations. The picture clearly stands out as being different to any burger the average person will find at their local Burger King in North America.

This burger includes a Whopper patty, a giant piece of bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise and the shocking addition of hash browns. It is on a jet-black bun for the overall different visual compared to most burgers. It clearly blends a lot of different tastes together and goes for a unique twist by including hash browns. Most readers would likely think twice before trying to eat the Black Ninja Burger.

3 McRice Burger

McDonald’s have tried to create new hits all over the world with bizarre burger creations. Ramen burgers have become popular in North America in recent years, but McDonald’s apparently tried to get ahead of this trend in the Philippines when creating the McRice Burger.

The buns for the burger are made from toasted white rice with a beef or chicken patty centered in between. Barbecue sauce is the main condiment used as it is considered best with the rice buns. While the McRice Burger may not be as tough to finish as the other burgers on the list, the visual makes for an intense and intimidating meal.

2 Flaming Hot Doritos Quarter Pounder

McDonald’s has one of their most shocking burgers offered at locations in Mexico. The name of the Flaming Hot Doritos Quarter Pounder already sounds intimidating on first reaction. As expected by the name, there are indeed spicy Doritos placed in between the buns.

Doritos aren’t the only item added to the Quarter Pounder. McDonald’s guacamole is the other main ingredient on the Flaming Hot Doritos Quarter Pounder burger. One unique item being added to the Quarter Pounder is intense enough. Everything in the Flaming Hot Doritos Quarter Pounder makes it a burger one would think twice about before trying in Mexico.

1 Hamburger Cake

One of the strangest burger options out there is not even a burger. This New Jersey diner cake is meant to be the dessert version of a burger, but there’s no meat involved (luckily). The ingredients are surprisingly fun and fitting for the vision of the cook.

Sponge cake replaces the traditional buns with chocolate mousse as the meat. Kiwis and strawberries are meant to look like the lettuce and tomatoes traditionally in burgers.

There’s even cream as mayo and mango mousse as the cheese. The Hamburger Cake does look delicious, but the eating experience could be intimidating based on trying to eat it the way one would pick up a burger and bite in.

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