We all love going on vacation, but we may not all love packing for it. While some of us (i.e. the Monica Gellers of the world) adore organizing and packing, many of us merely tolerate it because we enjoy knowing that our trip is so near. Then, there are those of us who literally shed tears while trying to shove all of our belongings into a suitcase at the last minute. It's never a pretty sight.

Packing a suitcase and carry-on baggage can be hard because of the weight restrictions, item restrictions and the fact that your entire closet cannot possibly fit into one suitcase. But, packing doesn't need to be hard. So, how can you make packing easy and efficient? How can you save enough space in your suitcase so that you can bring back some awesome souvenirs? And, importantly, how can you pack so that unpacking will be a breeze? We've got the answers for you, along with other cool tips for packing difficult items such as hats, shoes and liquids. After reading these hacks, you'll wonder how you managed to pack your luggage in the past. Who knows? You may even look forward to packing for your next trip! That being said, happy packing and travelling! You can thank us later.

20 Outfit In A Sock

If you like the idea of rolling your clothes, you’ll get a kick out of this hack. It involves rolling an entire outfit into a sock! How is this possible? Well, there’s a YouTube video outlining the entire process. But, we’ll explain it here, too!

First, place your shirt on a flat surface. Then, fold your pants vertically in half. Place your pants and underwear on top of the shirt. Next, you’ll fold the sides of the shirt over the pants. Following this, you’ll place two socks horizontally at the top, with the open ends facing outwards. Finally, you’ll roll the whole thing up into a cylinder and pull the sock over the cylinder. Imagine how much space you can save with this method! It’s best to use old or cheap socks when attempting this method, though, as your socks will stretch out.

19 Put Lotion And Makeup In Contact Lens Cases

If you’re going on a fairly short vacation, you won’t need an entire container of liquid foundation, moisturizer or Vaseline. So, instead of packing these bulky items or purchasing expensive travel-sized versions, you may want to try this cheap and simple hack.

Squeeze some lotion or gel into a contact lens case. That’s it! Brilliant, isn’t it? You’ll save so much space in your suitcase or bag. And if you’re a contact lens wearer, you probably have a ton of these lying around, so you won’t need to spend a dime. If you’re not a contact lens wearer, you can purchase these at the dollar store or local pharmacy for a couple dollars.

18 Use A Pill Box To Keep Your Jewellery Accessible

While many of us love jewellery, it can be so hard to pack! They easily become tangled or misplaced in large suitcases and bags. The perfect solution to this problem is a pill box. It keeps your jewellery separate and makes them easy to find! You can even organize the pieces based on your outfit of the day.

Pill boxes can be purchased at the dollar store, pharmacy and department stores. They’re super cheap and totally convenient. Even if you’re not a jewellery fan, you can put other tiny items in these boxes (for example, ear buds and cuff links).

17 Organize Each Outfit Into A Ziploc Bag

No one wants to waste precious vacation time planning an outfit or rummaging through their luggage for a piece of clothing. So, how can you make getting dressed quick and simple? Pack each outfit into a Ziploc freezer bag! You can even label each bag with the day of the week or the contents, so that you don’t need to open each one to figure out what’s inside. Not only will you be organized, but this will also save you a ton of space since you’ll end up folding your clothes small enough to fit into a Ziploc bag!

16 Stuff Your Shoes To Keep Their Shape

Doesn’t it suck when you pack your favorite pair of shoes into your suitcase, only to unpack and find them squished or damaged with creases? Well, there is a way to prevent that. Simply stuff your shoes with scarves, socks or a rolled-up shirt. This will help your shoes to keep their shape. Of course, it saves space, too. It can also be a way to protect delicate items (for example, a bottle of body spray or an ornament you bought as a souvenir). When placing the shoes in your suitcase, put them in an interlocking shape (i.e. the position they’re usually in when you purchase them).

15 Put A Belt In Your Collar To Keep It Stiff

Sometimes, we may have to travel for business or to go to a fancy event. This requires packing dress shirts. But, it's definitely annoying when our collars become squished out of shape and wrinkled! It defeats the purpose of purchasing wrinkle-free shirts! It might also take some serious ironing to get it smooth again and no one wants to spend their time ironing, right? So, to prevent this situation altogether, you should place a rolled up belt inside the neck opening of your collar. This will keep the collar stiff and will save you space in your suitcase, too!

14 Use Dryer Sheets To Keep Your Clothes Fresh

When we’re going on vacation, the last thing we want to think about is laundry or laundry-related items. But, there is one laundry-related item that you may want to consider packing in your suitcase.

You know that funky smell your clothes get after a long plane ride or after wearing them multiple times? Well, it can be prevented by placing dryer sheets in your suitcase. They’ll keep your clothes smelling like they just got out of the washing machine. When you arrive at the hotel, you may even want to place a few dryer sheets in the drawers to get rid of existing odors.

13 Use A Shower Cap To Separate Your Shoes From Clothing

When you're packing to return home, you may notice that all your shoes are even dirtier than before (thanks to all the exploring). You definitely wouldn't want to put them in the suitcase just like that! So, you may throw them in a plastic bag to keep them separate from your clothes. But, what should you do if you don't have a plastic bag on hand? Well, we'd suggest checking the washroom in your hotel room. Usually, there are complimentary shower caps on the counter. If you did use yours, you can always ask for more. These shower caps will do the job just as well as a plastic bag!

12 Keep Your Cords Together In A Sunglass Case

You won't realize just how many devices you have until you start packing for a trip. There's your phone, tablet, laptop, camera and probably a bunch of others, too. Many of these devices come with their own chargers and you know what that means...tangles. Yes, lots and lots of annoying tangles. You can invest in a fancy cord organizer to avoid this mess. Or, you can try this genius hack. Simply roll up your small cords and place them in an empty sunglass case. It'll keep them together, plus they won't have much room to move around and become tangled.

11 Keep Earrings Together By Using Buttons

While the pill box hack mentioned above is quite brilliant, there are several possible reasons you may not be into it. Perhaps you don’t have a pill box or don’t want to go out to purchase one. Or perhaps you only have two pairs of earrings, thus it wouldn’t make sense to bring along a whole pill box. An alternative solution for keeping your earrings together, then, is using buttons. That’s right—buttons! Simply push your earring through the holes of a button and place the back on. It’s just like when you first purchased them and they were on a card.

10 Protect Everything From Your Razors With Binder Clips

Razor caps are so easy to lose because they're usually clear. Often times, we also don’t think much of them and we accidentally throw them out. You might not understand what the big deal is just yet. But, if you put an open razor in your luggage, you might regret it. All of your clothes will be destroyed by it! You don’t want that happening, of course. So, what can you do to protect your stuff from a sharp blade? Get a big binder clip and place it on top of the razor blade! It’s such a simple and cheap hack!

9 Hide Money In An Empty Lip Balm Tube

When you're in a crowded space, such as an airport or tourist attraction in a foreign country, you become an easy target for thieves who try to pick your pocket. Instead of keeping your cash in a wallet in the back pocket of your pants or in a purse without a zipper, we recommend trying this amazing hack.

Purchase a lip balm or thick marker (or find some old ones lying around your house), empty them out and put your cash in them (as pictured above). There you go! You've just created a secret stash of cash. No thief will ever think of stealing your lip balm!

8 Use Clothing To Keep The Shape Of Your Hat

If you're going on vacation to a sunny place, you'll likely be packing lots of hats. But, hats can be really tricky to pack. Should they go on top of everything in your suitcase? Will they take up too much space in your handbag? These are the questions that every traveler struggles to answer. Well, not to worry, we can help you to solve all of your hat issues with one easy hack. Just as we mentioned stuffing your shoes with small pieces of clothing, this hack involves doing the same thing with your hats. Then, you can pack your clothing around your hat. This will help to keep your hat's shape and save you space in your luggage.

7 Protect Your Makeup With Cotton Pads

Unfortunately, makeup is very delicate and can be easily broken after being thrown about in luggage. This really sucks because makeup is a necessity for many women and it can also be very expensive!

Therefore, some measures should be taken to protect your makeup when traveling! Instead of worrying about your makeup or shedding tears when you open it to find it shattered into pieces, try this hack: place cotton pads and cotton balls on top of the makeup, then put the lid back on. The cotton will act as a cushion to protect your makeup from the pressure of other items.

6 Use Cling Wrap To Prevent Spills

The last thing anyone wants is to open up their suitcase to find shampoo, lotion or hair gel all over their clothes. It would ruin the mood of any trip! You may currently be placing your containers of liquid or gel in a plastic bag to be on the safe side. But, sometimes the containers still end up opening, spilling their contents all over the plastic bag and leaving you with a sticky mess to clean. What’s the solution? Place a piece of cling wrap over the opening of the bottle or tube and then screw the cap on tightly. There will be no more spills!

5 Use Packing Cubes

Packing cubes were made for you if you’re looking to be super organized without spending much time, effort or money. Each of these small zip-up compartments can be filled with a different group of items (for example, toiletries, clothing, and shoes), then packed into your suitcase. They allow you to make use of every inch of your suitcase. They can also be labelled, so as to be easily distinguishable. When you get to your destination, you can simply take each cube out and place it on a shelf. They make unpacking a breeze!

Packing cubes are really inexpensive and can be found online or in department stores.

4 Turn A Tic Tac Container Into A Hair Product Container

Hair accessories are very much like socks—there’s definitely a bunch of them lying around your house, but you can never find one when you need it! When you’re traveling, this problem becomes even worse because the small hair ties and pins can easily become lost in a big bag or suitcase, amongst all of your other items.

One brilliant idea for keeping hair accessories together is using a Tic Tac container. You can easily fill it with bobby pins and wrap the hair ties around it. Then, pop it into your makeup bag or purse. Problem solved!

3 Roll Your Clothes T0 Save Space

When packing our clothes into a suitcase, most of us simply fold and lay our clothes flat. But, there are alternatives which can save you space. For example, you can roll your clothes. This maximizes the space in your suitcase and leaves you more room on top for extra items. You may even get fewer wrinkles by using this method.

If you can’t stand the thought of rolling your clothes, then try the Kon Mari method of folding. It involves folding each piece of clothing into a square and packing them in an upright position. So, instead of having to unpack your entire suitcase, you’ll just need to quickly glance over the case and pull out your desired item.

2 Keep Your Book Safe With A Rubber Band

One thing that many of us pack in our travel bags is a book to keep us entertained during the flight or drive. But, when we’re in a rush, we sometimes shove our books into the bag without thinking. Then, we cry over the fact that the pages are all bent, the cover is damaged or some food made its way onto the best page. To avoid ruining your book, simply place a rubber band over it to keep the pages together. The rubber band can also double as a place to hold pieces of paper or napkins.

1 Pack Your Clothes In A Collapsible Shelf For Easy Unpacking

Is this not the coolest bag you've ever seen? There are also suitcases that come with built-in collapsible shelves. But, these kinds of luggage can be quite expensive. So, we're not suggesting that you go out and purchase them (unless you really want to and can afford it). Instead, we're suggesting that you purchase collapsible organizers from the storage section of your local dollar store or department store and put those in your suitcase. It makes unpacking so easy when you can just lift the shelf or organizer out of the suitcase and hang it up, displaying all of your clothes.

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