We are all guilty of following certain people's accounts on social media simply due to their captivating aesthetic appeal. We often question what these men and women actually even do that would warrant a million-plus followers (aside from being so irritatingly photogenic) let alone how they earn actual income if they are always on vacation. To be clear, I am not referring merely to actual celebrities with notable talents and contributions to society and their fans, but rather, the phenomenon more commonly known as "social media influencers".

We are all witnesses to a seemingly unrelenting socialite arms-race to tag the trendiest places in Mykonos or Bali, amongst others. The Holy Grail of social media fame stems from the delicate balance between perfect pose, captured at the slickest hotel, multiplied by the highest frequency of different locations over a sustained period of time.

Those drinking the hatorade will claim photoshop. Sure. But the location tags do little to alleviate the envy from the seat of our public commute of choice while Miss Perfect-Jaw-Structure posts an aerial shot of her floating in the plunge pool of her over-water villa that looks like it was crafted by the same architect who designed Heaven's Gates. The nerve.

We can hopefully find solace in the notion that aesthetics is in fact NOT the only accepted currency to visit these dreamy hotels. We may not be as good at posing as they are, but a location tag over a photo at any of the following places will surely boost our social ranking!

19 Atlantis the Palms - Dubai

Nothing quite says 'if you've got it, flaunt it' like a vacation in Dubai, flooding your timeline with a bunch of 'candid' pictures. Skyscrapers, yachts, posh restaurants and exotic cars: the clout-chasing dream! The Atlantis The Palms stands as one of the more iconic properties of the Saudi Mecca.

The models may be good-looking, but for once we are more focused on the place in the photo!

The larger-than-life guest palace fashions the finest materials laid out on the desert sand providing transcending views flanked by both ocean and city, capturing the signature aesthetic made famous by its Bahamian originator. You know you made it when you have a picture here.

18 SLS Baha Mar - Nassau, Bahamas

A stunning haven set along the world famous Cable Beach in the Bahamas, commonly referred to as the New Riviera, the SLS Baha Mar provides the ultimate landscapes to see and be seen. Endless sceneries, as exotic as they are edgy, this state-of-the-art facility serves as the new hub of Caribbean luxury; a landmark for some of social media’s most tantalizing optics in recent years.

Topping the list of trend-setters to host impromptu photoshoots are up-and-coming swimsuit ambassadors Kara Del Toro and Stephanie Princi, to name a few, much to the delight of their combined following in the millions.

17 Setai Hotel – Miami Beach

The Instagram model capital of the world: Miami. According to their bios, Instagram's prettiest split time between Miami and their actual hometown, which is essential that we all know. The beach city remains particularly polarising given its endless slew of hotels and landmarks.

No other single location has destroyed self-esteem from a distance more than South Beach.

Elitist hotels, private yachts, fancy restaurants, and posh night clubs adorn the shore. The Setai Hotel reigns above its competition as the quintessential property masterfully showcasing all the staples of Miami living. Words simply do not do justice to this eccentric masterpiece. Kim Kardashian took photos on a recent vacation at the hotel, and the rest is history.

16 Six Senses – Fiji

Something about models and Fiji water, right? Who would have guessed that something as bland as bottled water could create such a strong brand association amongst its customers?

Sipping that square bottle makes a statement about who you are. And maybe it has something to do with its namesake. Nestled in the South Pacific, the country of Fiji is made up of over 300 little islands surrounded by the clearest lagoons, coral reefs, and endless palm beaches.

The Six Senses Fiji transcends the isolation of the region with its exuberant exclusivity.

28 private over-water villas bring to life the true spirit of the area, exuding the sentiment that you are truly alone in the world.

The postcard resort has long been a favourite for bloggers, photographers and muses (or the all-in-one Kelsey Simone and her following of nearly a million) due to its unrivalled aesthetic.

15  The Hotel Mousai – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta's ONLY AAA Five Diamond Resort (the most prestigious designation attributable) offers breathtaking views from the top of the Sierra Madre's mountains. The sleek rooftop infinity pool overlooks the only white-sand beach in the area, while the edgy décor presents the perfect back-drop for your most rambunctious shots.

The prestigious rating sure does prove to be well-deserved and it has the model 'Seal Of Approval'.

The hotel operates both all inclusive and European (no meals) plans and is reserved for adults only. Notable influencers who have vacationed at the esteemed property include Instagram sensation Jen Selter, and her clan made up of her sister and mother. Her workout programs have helped her amass over 12 million followers.

14 Azulik Tulum – Tulum, Mexico

An enchanting oasis, highlighted by rustic wood finishes and oversized amenities, the Azulik Tulum is a cascading sanctuary, an architectural masterpiece. Perched over the clear turquoise waters of Tulum, some of their most iconic features include picturesque floating hammocks and abundant marble bathtubs in the suites making the rounds of Instagram and Pinterest. The romantic resort emphasizes holistic reconnection where their guests can revive their true inhibitions and rediscover inner peace with a host of wellness themed activities.

It has something for everyone, if they like luxury!

Popular personalities to have frequented the retreat include the couple comprised of fitness personalities and 'Caught' Season 2 stars, DeStorm Power and actress girlfriend Janina Gordillo, with a combined 5 million plus followers.

13 Four Seasons – Bora Bora

Bora Bora, as a location stands alone as one of the most iconic luxury stops, period. Surrounded by lush mountaintops, nestled in never-ending textures of the bluest, clearest water, the South Pacific Island remains synonymous with over-water bungalows which check off on virtually everyone’s bucket list.

Amongst the many buzz-worthy hotels caressing the soft white-sand shores of the area, is the Four Seasons Hotel.

The idyllic retreat has provided scintillating frames for some Instagram’s elite, most notably Tammy Hembrow and her ridiculously photogenic family. The Aussie social media queen hosted photoshoots at the esteemed resort to help launch her swimwear line, which she mostly modeled herself, much to the chagrin of absolutely no one at all.

12 Shangri-La Villingili Resort and Spa - Maldives

The Maldives form an archipelago of islets in the Indian Ocean, home to some of the most enchanting escapes known to man. Endless luxury and style harbour the endless turquoise shorelines where some of the worlds most scenic and romantic hotels can be found. The Shangri-La Villingili stands out as one of the most refined constructs in the region, boasting unforgettable and uncompromising aesthetics with its intricate balance between jungle retreat and elitist sanctuary.

An ideal spot for the rich Yogi!

Socialite extraordinaire Rebecca Kufrin (Bachelorette 14) recently tied the knot at the resort and shared the gorgeous pictures much to the delight of her million plus followers.

11 Atlantis Paradise Island Resort and Casino – Nassau, Bahamas

Long before the likes of social media, the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in Nassau, Bahamas set the standard for glitz and glamour. Originally inaugurated as a premium family-friendly location, it was built to replicate the underworld city of Atlantis.

The mega resort has since evolved into a contemporary melting pot of finesse.

From their world-famous casino, to their celebrity chef restaurants, refined suites, sprawling crystal beaches, marine life to their bottle service cabanas around the dozens of pools, this pioneer has something for the most discerning of travellers. It should come as no surprise that many iconic shots have been captured there over the years. Perhaps the most popular entry on the list, but there are too many to single out just one.

10 Sirenuse – Positano, Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast has long been considered one of the most romantic destinations on God's green Earth. Intricate architecture entrenched in endless colors paint dramatic scenes throughout.

The rolling landscape encapsulates the essence of bourgeoisie.

What was once a summer home, 4 brothers transformed the domain into one of the world's most elegant and charming hotels, overlooking the Positano Bay and created La Sirenuse. The brand has since grown to include high-end women’s ware and beauty products inspired by the area, and remains highly exclusive, sold only in a handful of selected locations. You haven't truly made it in life until you capture the perfect picture on the suspended terrace overlooking the coast.

9 Cavo Tagoo - Mykonos, Greece

Set on a hypnotizing cliff side on the Island of Mykonos in Greece, this renowned property welcomes guests into the most gorgeous of settings. Traditional Greek accents mesh with contemporary architecture to deliver a masterpiece of a hotel.

Beautiful people flock around here for the perfect photo.

The quintessential shot for social media’s most revered comes at the edge of one of their many infinity pools on the balcony of their luxurious suites as the sun sets into the depths of the ocean, creating an aurora of pinkish-blue hues over the neighbouring infrastructure.

Amongst the many jet-setters to capture photos there include celebrated blogger Helen Owen and her million plus followers.

8 Cavo Tagoo – Santorini, Greece

Back to back entries for a chain that truly embodies perfection. Their ingenious hotels resemble works of art, exuding finesse and attention to detail throughout. Similar to its sister in Mykonos, the Cavo Tagoo Santorini has a knack for attracting the most elegant of travellers to their breathtaking locations, strategically overlooking the most calming views of the Mediterranean. Their signature Cycladic (authentic Greek) highlights have been infused with a cosmopolitan flair, all while preserving and even accentuating the uncompromising beauty of the surrounding seascape.

Oversized suites and infinity pools provide some of the more resonating images on the property.

Instagram sensation Cecilia Rodriguez gifted her 3 million plus followers with some dreamy photos which will undoubtedly force you to pencil in Santorini and the Cavo Tagoo on to your bucket list.

7 ME Mallorca - Mallorca, Spain

Hidden in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast's mainland, Mallorca hails as one of the most artistically expressive islands found in Spain. It should then come as no surprise that one of the leading lifestyle hotel brands in the world would select the landmass as the home for one of their flagship properties.

ME by Melia hotels embodies eccentricity through its marriage of sleek design and free-spirited appointment of particularly curated art throughout. Mallorca has been known to host some of the most fashionable celebrations, from music and film festivals, to fashion shows and private vacations for premier jetsetters.

Up-and-coming Instagram sensation Josefine Forsberg engaged in what seems to be a common practice these days with a collaboration shoot at the resort over the summer.

6 Sandals Emerald Bay – Great Exuma, Bahamas

Have you come across any photos online of people swimming with pigs? If you have, chances are they were taken in Exuma, one of the many beautiful islands of the Bahamas. Notorious for its crystal blue waters, the region has served as the focal point for many reality TV shows such as the Bachelor over the years.

The hotels on the island convey the enchanting solitude representative of this Caribbean hot spot.

Amongst those: the Sandals Emerald Bay. Unequivocal luxury caresses the pristine shores of Great Exuma in efforts to capture the easy-going nature of Bahamian culture, through richly appointed furnishing in perfect harmony with the idyllic surroundings.

Dizzying fitness beauty Lauren Simpson racked up the social validation recently as she posed with some little chubby, furry friends on the beach.

5 Samujana Villas - Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui reigns as one of the most enchanting islands in all South East Asia. Surrounded by entrancing wildlife and natural splendours, the island provides the perfect settings for some of the most exclusive and masterfully crafted retreats around.

Samujana Villas serve as a perfect example of unparalleled refinement and tranquil luxury embodying the spirit of Thai culture.

Fully furnished villas offer a heightened sense of serene luxury, as private plunge pools flow directly into the ocean while the soothing sounds of nature provide the soundtrack to a heavenly vacation. A picture here echoes status and prestige. A picture here makes a statement. Brazilian model and socialite extraordinaire Suelyn Medeiros reminded her 2 million plus followers that not all hotels are alike as she flaunted the captivating panoramic views of the esteemed haven.

4 Armani Hotel – Dubai

Dubai resonates with affluence, sophistication, and eccentric architecture. Armani echoes finesse, class and refined textures. Combine the two, and one can only imagine the final product.

A world-class structure providing residence to the most discerning travellers.

Unparalleled skylines, hypnotizing luminosity, woven directly into the finishes of renowned designer Giorgio Armani's vision. A visit here is a statement in both status and taste. The most impressive shot flooding the internet remains the penthouse view overlooking the Dubai skyline with the Armani trimmings draped across the room.

3 One and Only Palmilla - Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos has often been referred to as the Beverly Hills of Mexico. Many celebrities call the hot spot their 'home away from home'. Several upscale quarters sprawl along the desert coast, combining endless natural beauty and scenery with sleek infrastructure making for one unique destination. Among the many dreamy properties of the region, the One&Only Palmilla stands as one of the most revered.

The blissful sanctuary encompasses the true beauty of the region, where golden desert sand offer shore to crystal waters.

Lavish amenities highlight the picturesque oasis where rejuvenation of mind, body and soul serve as the focal point of the hotel's mission. The property provided a heavenly backdrop for Sarah Stage’s (2.3 million followers) recent fitness shoot.

2 Villa Treville - Positano, Italy

Perched in the heart of the Amalfi Coast, the Villa Treville Positano meshes class, beauty and luxurious old-world charm like few other hotels can. The dramatic backdrops of Poistano can be seen from virtually anywhere on the resort. With panoramic views full of colour, vegetation and masterful architecture, the true spirit of the Mediterranean comes to life at this world class 5 star property.

With views like these, we know exactly why the models chose Positano as their photoshoot location.

It is not uncommon to see social media's finest vacationing here and sniping theatrical photos. Bikini model-turned mogul Devin Brugman featured the esteemed resort in many a photoshoot for her million plus subscribers.

1 Avani Seychelles Barbarons Resort and Spa – Seychelles

To the East of Africa resides an archipelago of some 155 islands which make up the Seychelles. Recognized for its natural reserves, coral reefs and rare wildlife, the region boasts some of the most scenic landscapes known to man. The faraway isolation of the area provides the perfect setting for some of the most exclusive and intimate hotels around, synonymous with class and status.

Which also means some incredible photos.

The Avani Seychelles embodies the spirit of the islands as a true tropical paradise offering luxury at every turn, from aesthetics to service without compromise. Camera-favourite and Russian model Marina Afrikantova paraded the shores of the esteemed resort in a recent shoot (1.5 million followers).

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