Working as a WWE Superstar might seem like the most prestigious job there is especially for the fans. However, when the cameras stop rolling it’s a far different story. There is no luxury bus that takes them to the next show. Instead, the WWE Superstars are responsible for their own ground travel. This means renting out their own cars and driving to the nearby hotel or next destination. The same goes for flights, WWE stars don’t have private jets, the company simply pays for their flights but everything else such as booking the travel is entirely up to them. Living out of a suitcase year round isn’t very easy. If lucky, WWE stars get to spend three days at home during the week and that’s on a really good week.

With all that being said meeting the fans while traveling might not be the easiest to deal with especially following a long show and car ride to the next destination. Just ask a wrestler like Brock Lesnar who almost quit the business because of the grueling travel demands. He remains with the company due to the fact that he has private airfare, something that most wrestlers don’t have.

In this article we examine some of the most cringe photos featuring fans and wrestlers. These pictures take place in a number of travel locations whether it be at airports, rest areas or 7-Eleven type settings. Without further ado here are 20 photos these WWE Superstars did not want to take during a road trip. Enjoy and like always be sure to share it with a friend!

20 Seth Rollins

"Gathering Intel on flights. Staking out baggage. Intrusively demanding autographs. That's called stalking. It's not okay. Stop doing it."

He might be one of the most popular WWE Superstars with the fans however that doesn’t mean Rollins is a fan of social interactions with the people outside of the ring. Rollins blew up on Twitter with his statement in the message above. Seth claims he doesn’t mind when the interaction is totally random, he just hates dealing with fans the plan the meet up. Seth lives in Iowa so he’s typically in and out of airports quite frequently. Rollins has been travelling with the main roster since his call up back in 2012.

19 Roman Reigns

Roman is another WWE star that doesn’t have the best history with fans outside of the ring. He once blasted a fan for approaching him when he was feeding his young child. That’s understandable. However most recently a fan took exception to Roman’s behavior when spotting him at a Buc-ee’s convenience store while he was on the road with Seth Rollins.

Roman was not in the mood to talk or take pictures claiming he wasn’t an animal. The photos went viral along with the fact that Roman was not approachable in the slightest. For what’s it worth Seth Rollins wasn’t talkative either. Life on the road isn’t easy folks!

18 Sasha Banks

“I grew up a wrestling fan, so I knew that I wanted to meet all my favorite wrestlers. But always in the back of my head I never thought in my life to be like, ‘Hey, they’re gonna fly in. Maybe I should wait at the airport for like 12 hours at a gate. Hey! They don’t want any sleep. Maybe I’ll go find their hotel they’re staying at and let me bother them.” (Source CagesideSeats)

Sasha might be the most unapproachable WWE star. She clearly doesn’t like random fan interactions at airports. Banks has put several fans on blast via Twitter for purposely setting up encounters at airports that weren’t necessarily random. If you spot Sasha on the road or at an airport it might be best to keep your distance.

17 Dean Ambrose

Unlike his other fellow Shield member Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, Ambrose has an open relationship with the fans. In fact, rarely does he turn down a picture. Dean has a slew of candid airport photos. He’s one of the few WWE stars to rarely turn down a picture request.

He isn’t necessarily living a quiet life residing out Las Vegas, Nevada. That said he’s often spotted both on the road and back home. This fan might have taken things too far asking for a picture at a 7-Eleven . Being the nice guy that he is Ambrose accepted the photo request though he doesn’t look all that thrilled.

16 Braun Strowman & Alexa Bliss

The same Twitter account that posted the photo of Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns at the Buc-ee’s convenience store also posted a photo of both Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss. However unlike The Shield members both Strowman and Bliss were said to be very polite and quite nice. The photo might have crossed the line however.

There positive attitude might have to do with the amount they have traveled thus far. Unlike Rollins and Reigns who both stared on the road in 2012, Braun and Alexa have only been touring for a couple of years as of 2015 and 2016.

15 Bray Wyatt

Despite his eerie character on-screen Bray Wyatt is another WWE Superstar that rarely turns down a photo. Whether it be at the airport or a local truck stop while touring with a rental car Wyatt almost always obliges to a photo.

This is another candid shot that might have crossed the line. Once again he’s in a convenience store when approached by a fan. At the very least it was a younger fan and not some old dude looking for a signature to sell on eBay! Much respect goes out to Bray Wyatt for always acting like a professional throughout his lengthy road life with the WWE.

14 Ric Flair

It was a bizarre and forgettable situation for the Nature Boy at the Boston airport back in April of 2016. According to onlookers, Flair was heavily intoxicated at the airport. This wasn’t too surprising considering his reckless past.

However, reports later challenged the statement. According to police Flair was feeling drowsy due to blood loss. Ric was somehow cut open on his forehead. The allegations were truly odd considering he looked clearly intoxicated in other photos taken by the fans. Nothing came of the situation and according to TMZ, he was able to get on the flight.

13 Bo Dallas

Bo Dallas wasn’t as lucky.... At the Dallas Forth Worth airport, several onlookers made the claim that Dallas was heavily intoxicated at a restaurant located in the terminal of the airport. Bo was kicked off a flight to Mexico by the pilot. It went from bad to worse when Bo was put in handcuffs and escorted out of the airport by police.

Adding insult, the entire arrest footage was caught by the TMZ cameras and released to the public. He wasn’t released by the WWE but he had the embarrassment of having to deal with the photos and videos made public.

12 Rusev

Rusev knows a thing or two when it comes to traveling. He emigrated from Bulgaria to the US back in 2008. Rusev was pursuing a career as a power-lifter. He would switch paths and opt for a career in the wrestling business heading to the US in order to turn that dream into a reality.

His first major gig came with the WWE’s developmental brand in Florida. In 2014 he officially became a touring act with the company. Rusev is often in and out of airports alongside his wife Lana. Unlike most of the WWE stars that reside in Florid,a they travel a little further to Nashville, Tennessee.

11 Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey likely wants to completely forget about her flight experience from Australia to LAX. Rousey suffered her first UFC defeat and it was an embarrassing one losing out to Holly Holm.

She fled from the area and would land at the LAX airport two days later. She was welcomed back by numerous paparazzi waiting to snap a photo. An embarrassed Rousey hid her face as she roamed through the airport as fast as possible. Thankfully, those days are now behind her as she’s happier than ever working for the WWE. Although the travel might a lot tougher she seems to be enjoying every minute of it.

10 The Undertaker

He is the most respected man in the wrestling industry. Undertaker is no stranger to the road, his wrestling career began way back in the mid-80s. He joined the WWE in the early 90s and he’s been a member of the company ever since.

Not only is he respect by his peers but the same goes for the fans. He is one of the most recognizable wrestlers so you might assume he’s bumped into a couple of fans along the way. Despite his mean exterior Undertaker is the classiest wrestler outside of the ring with the fans. In terms of candid photos that are few wrestlers that have taken more than The Undertaker. Just don’t take a random elevator selfie with the WWE legend!

9 John Cena & Nikki Bella (Post Break-Up)

The timing of this photo was pretty controversial. Following the announcement of Nikki and John’s breakup that two were spotted together in the San Diego area – they had recently purchased a home together in the area. They were also caught vacationing alongside one another a little later – becoming the most popular faces in the WWE comes with a price. Both are fairly easy to recognize.

Like the other,s they rarely turn down photos however this picture is one they wanted no part of. TMZ got their hands on the photo taken by a fan and as you might expect it went viral rather quickly.

8 Triple H

Nowadays Triple H is all about listening to what the fans want in his new position in the company. However back in the day, it wasn’t the same. It was said that Triple H had quite the ego and his biggest priority was to climb up the WWE mountain.

This candid photo might prove that as Triple H looks none too pleased in the throwback image from a decade ago. Stephanie McMahon also looms in the background looking pretty darn pregnant. We assume the fan photo was ill timed given Hunter’s reaction and Stephanie struggling in the background.

7 Kane

Kane visited more airports than most of the current WWE stars. He has traveled with the WWE since the mid 90s making several pit-stops in the US, Canada, Europe and various other stops around the world.

He currently works a part-time schedule as he is the mayor of Knox County. However despite the position Kane recently returned to television. Like The Undertaker he is easy to spot outside of the ring due to his mammoth look. Now he doesn’t really turn down photos however he doesn’t seem as interested as the other wrestlers judging by his reaction in the photo above.

6 Sting

Sting did most of his travelling during his WCW run in the 90s. He had a lengthy stint with TNA Wrestling however the travel wasn’t all that bad considering TNA was typically filmed in the same location.

He finally joined the WWE in 2014 and he hit the road with the company appearing at several events. Outside of the ring Sting is a quiet guy that likes to keep to himself. He isn’t the biggest advocate of fan interaction and surely he wasn’t all that pleased with this random airport photo.

5 John Cena & Big Show

Some might think a wrestler as popular as John Cena gets to fly privately. That is not the case. Like the other WWE stars, Cena catches flights with regular airlines however they are expensed by the WWE.

John has been around the world throughout his lengthy run with the company. Not only is he a traveling act with the WWE but he’s also a global brand ambassador. When the WWE heads to a different country Cena is usually the one to speak on the behalf of the wrestlers. One would assume he meets lots of different faces along the way. When he’s waiting for flights next to noticeable wrestlers like the Big Show it’s hard to miss the guy!

4 Randy Orton

The WWE veteran doesn’t have the greatest history with the fans. It should be noted that he’s a lot more mature nowadays and also down to earth when it comes to fan interaction.

However, this photo, in particular, might have crossed the line. A young fan takes a photo of Randy Orton while he’s in the bathroom washing up. There needs to be boundaries and this fan surely went a little too far. Thankfully, it was a young fan so he likely didn’t know any better. Orton’s face really says it all.

3 Sasha Banks Part Two

We discussed Sasha’s displeasures with the fans earlier. Now just imagine how she felt sitting next to a fan during a lengthy flight. Talk about a nightmare huh! The fan capped off the experience by taking a quick selfie – seriously though why wouldn’t he? If not, all of his friends wouldn’t believe it!

Off the road Sasha currently resides near the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Travel is a lot less strenuous compared to her days in the Boston area. Perhaps she made the switch due to the travel aspect of getting approached by fans regularly?

2 Secret Saudi Arabia Dinner

Since he took over from his father Vince McMahon has kept very careful maintaining the integrity of the WWE behind the scenes. Granted, we do see a lot of revealing backstage footage however certain things like rivals together continues to be frowned upon.

Vince was likely none too pleased with a fan snapping a photo at a secretive WWE dinner when they attended Saudi Arabia this year. The photo showed Brock Lesnar playfully laughing at Roman Reigns. This is a big no-no given their heated rivals. Also seeing Lesnar smiling isn’t a common occurrence for wrestling fans either.

1 Brock Lesnar

Brock just doesn’t like human interaction all that much. In fact, the former Universal Champion moved all the way to Saskatchewan, Canada to live a secluded life out on a farm. His town of Maryfield has a population of 348 inhabitants as of 2016....

His fan interactions are among the most bizarre and awkward. In order to avoid these interactions, Lesnar was given private flight accommodations by the WWE. Nonetheless, he still bumps into fans from time to time and it leads to embarrassing photos such as the one above.