20 Photos Of Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen With Their Kids In Costa Rica

Football great Tom Brady and his stunning wife Gisele have it made. The couple has love, dreamy children, are living out their dream jobs, and spend their time in the most insanely majestic places on Earth.

When they are not home on the East Coast, they are hanging out in their Costa Rican Tropical paradise. No one lives the Pura Vida lifestyle like Tom and Gisele. These two are known for taking their kids, boarding a plane, and simplifying everything on the beaches of Santa Teresa.

For them, all the money in the world doesn't compare to what the jungle life has to offer. Sun, sand, and family are all that matter to the Bradys when they are living the Costa Rican experience.

Check out these twenty pictures of the Bradys with their kids in their favorite spot, Costa Rica.

20 Moving In For A Kiss

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The beautiful couple looks happy and relaxed on the Costa Rican beaches. Here they are basking in the surf with their young son and probably wondering why they would ever choose to return to the states. Well, guys, your high paying jobs are probably reason enough!

19 Catching Waves With Mommy

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The ocean is massive and powerful, and many parents might be tentative to take their tots into its waters. Not Gisele, though. She is confident and capable as can be when it comes to the beach. Being south of the border is in her DNA, so she likely feels right at home in environments such as this.

18 Baby On Board

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Gisele might have needed both hands available on this beach day, so she grabbed her babywearing gear and went on with beach business as usual. This way, she could wear her little one and help her older sons build sandcastles and hunt for seashells. She proved that parenting three youngsters at the beach is no issue at all.

17 The Boys Seem To Love It There

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Gisele and Tom have two sons, one from Tom's previous relationship and one son together. Young boys need space to run free and play, and the Costa Rican beaches provide precisely that! Here, they can roughhouse, throw the football around, or just be silly. When in Costa Rica, nature is their playground.

16 That's One Way To Get Around The Jungle

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Costa Rica is right in the middle of the jungle, and while parts of it are paved, full of cars and motor vehicles, many areas are still very natural. Santa Teresa, where Tom and Gisele have their home, is still relatively primitive, so a couple of ATVs might help them get from their compound to the beach or the nearest store.

15 Cliff Jumping With His Little Adventure Seeker

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Tom Brady and his little princess Vivian had some quality time experiencing the adventures of Costa Rica. Here they are jumping from cliffs into pools of clear water. While this was probably a thrill and plenty of fun for the pair, Brady caught plenty of heat for his parenting decision, CBS News noted.

14 Working Out With Dad

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If this was your exercise room, wouldn't you choose to work out every single day?! We sure would. This jungle-side gym is so cool that even little Vivian Lake seemed to get in on the action and help her daddy get in shape for the next football season. The Bradys even make grueling workouts look like fun.

13 Even The Dogs Are Getting In On The Action

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The Bradys have two dogs that stay at their Costa Rican compound and have become a part of their family. It only makes sense to bring the canines down to the beach where they can cool off in the inviting Pacific waters. It looks as if Tom's young son can not decide which he loves more: the waves or the pups.

12 Learning From The Master

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There seems to be no need to hire a surf instructor while hanging in Santa Teresa! Gisele seems to have the surf lessons under control as she cheers her son on while he hangs ten. Surfing in Santa Teresa is basically a must, so our guess is this family spends a lot of time on their boards.

11 No Better Way To Enjoy The Scenery

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When Gisele and her number one gal want to take in the scenery, they simply hop on a couple of horses and take a leisurely ride. The part of Costa Rica that the Bradys call home number two is known for the pristine surfing beaches. Hopping on horses and strolling along where the ocean meets the jungle is a perfect way to bond.

10 Spending Time With Friends

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Generally speaking, The Bradys seem to keep to themselves while relaxing in the tiny town of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Family comes before all here, but that is not to say that they don't also spend some of those precious moments with friends. Here they hang on the beach along with pals and kids.

9 Careful On Those Rocks

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While the beaches of Santa Teresa are pretty perfectly sandy, there are some tide pools that serve as rocky areas of marine exploration. Gisele, Tom, and their little one seem to have found something interesting as they climb around on the jagged beached. We wonder what it is they spy?

8 Color Us Jealous

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For the most part, the Bradys seem perfectly content to hang out at their Costa Rican home and on the beaches below, but sometimes you have to switch things up and head out into the blue waters on a giant, pricey boat. The Brady boys look like they are as relaxed as can be out there in the sea.

7 Downward Facing Baby

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Gisele is a huge lover of yoga, and even when the family is down in the jungle, yoga is a regular part of Mama Brady's routine. Here she teaches little Vivian a bit of downward facing dog before they start their day. (Sidenote: Gisele and Tom's Costa Rican abode contains a private yoga studio overlooking the sea. How amazing is that?!)

6 Heading Home For A Midday Siesta

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After the family spends a full day at the beach, they likely head back to their spacious compound to catch a midday nap. The family home is the perfect combination of indoor/outdoor living, allowing for warm breezes to lull the little ones to sleep. Man, we are jealous of how well they must sleep.

5 Pura Vida!

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The family that rides together stays together, or something like that. This gorgeous gang looks nothing but happy to be together and on horseback. Check out those mountains in the distance. Even away from the beaches, they manage to have the best time. Can we please be a Brady for the day?

4 Daddy Daughter Time

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Tom and Gisele have one little princess, and she has stolen her daddy's heart. Tom seems torn between wanting to focus on his surf lessons and play with his baby girl in the sand. His solution, of course, was to concentrate on his skills with his baby close by. Whatever works, Tom.

3 Quiet Moments With Mom

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Gisele is a master model and walks the runway like no one else on this planet, but that is not her only talent. She seems to also be getting into playing instruments and singing. There is something about the freeness in Costa Rica that agree with Gisele. Even little Vivian gets in on the action.

2 Quiet Moments At Home

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Riding horses as a family is pretty impressive, and so is surfing and playing in the sand, but sometimes nothing beats quiet moments at home, exploring the little ponds on the property. Vivian and her little pal seem to have discovered something. Maybe it's a frog or a lizard?

1 One Big Happy Family

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The Bradys surely have their low moments. With several kids and demanding schedules, how can things NOT get tense every now and again? It seems that no matter what they are going through, everything falls away when they are in Costa Rica. This family is their best selves when spending time together down their jungle paradise.

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