20 Photos Of The Kardashians On Private Jets

If you thought you couldn't be any more jealous of the Kardashian family and their luxurious lifestyle, wait 'til you see how these ladies fly.

Most of us dislike traveling by airplanes because the tickets are expensive, you have to be at the airport hours in advance, and once you're on the flight you're bound to spend hours sitting in an uncomfortable seat with minimum leg space.

But of course, once you're rich and famous like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, you get to have a king-sized bed on your private jet. Yup, we're not joking.

So if you ever wondered what it looks like for the Kardashians to travel, keep on scrolling to see Kris, Kendall, Khloe and Co. live their best private jet life.

Here are photos of the Kardashian/Jenners flaunting their private jets!

20 Let's Start Off With Kendall Lookin' Hella Cool 

Via: instagram.com

Honestly, Kendall on a private jet wearing PJ pants and cool shades is definitely a vibe! The 24-year-old tends to fly a lot for work, as she walks fashion shows all over the globe — which is why Kendall knows that rocking a comfy look while flying is key.

19 Here Are Khloe And Kylie Being The Best Possible Advertisement For Popeye's

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In case you're not from North America and haven't heard of Popeye's, it's a famous fast-food chain that the Kardashians seem to be all about — especially when they're about to fly off on their private jet. And the pic above of Khloe and Kylie is probably the best advertisement Popeye's ever had!

18 Which Seems To Be A Flying Tradition For The Girls

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Here's a pic of Kourtney and Khloe chilling in their private jet beds while munching on some yummy Popeye's which, honestly, is kind of cool. Like, they're super-rich, flying with a private jet and could definitely afford to eat caviar on board, yet they choose the same food as us regular folks.

17 And Look At Kim And North Spending Some Quality Mother-Daughter Time Together

Via: instagram.com

North West has probably never flown on a commercial flight, which is why the 6-year-old must think that everyone flies around in their private jets. Kim and North clearly always have plenty of fun on board, and honestly — the inside of that private jet looks way better than most of our bedrooms!

16 Kylie Is Always Insta-Ready — Even High Up In The Sky

Via: instagram.com

Kylie Jenner is one of the most-followed people on IG, so we're not surprised that the 22-year-old uses every opportunity she gets to have a cool pic of her taken. Obviously, a private jet is the perfect spot to show off her wealthy lifestyle to everyone!

15 Kim's Kids Certainly Seem Used To The Private Jet Life

Via: instagram.com

As we already mentioned, North West must think that flying with a private jet is normal, and her siblings Saint and Chicago are probably the same. In the pic above you can see them posing with their parents Kim and Kanye high up in the sky!

14 Here's A Pic Of Kourtney And Scott Chilling On A Wing

Via: instagram.com

Kourtney and Scott, who have split in 2015, managed to remain good friends and still frequently travel together with their children. Now, how cool is this pic of the two chilling on the wing of a private jet? Seriously — we will never get to do that!

13 And How Boss Do Kylie And Kris Look Here?

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Kris and Kylie Jenner definitely look like they're a force not to be reckoned with, as the two ladies sit on board their private jet while rocking matching black looks. We're not sure where the two are headed, but we're pretty sure that they have some business to attend to!

12 Here's Kim Using The Jet As Her Photo Backdrop

Via: instagram.com

You know that struggle when you're looking hella cute but you can't find a good backdrop for your Insta photo? Yeah, well Kim Kardashian doesn't have that problem, as the 39-year-old usually has a villa, yacht, or private jet to serve as the background in her photo!

11 How Hilarious Is This Pic Of True With Kris Napping In The Background?

Via: instagram.com

First of all, Khloe Kardashian's daughter True Thompson is definitely one adorable baby girl — seriously, just look at that cutie-pie smile! But second of all, we can't get over Kris Jenner napping in the background — the mother of six certainly seems to be quite exhausted.

10 And Here's Kourtney All Cozy And Munching On A Plane 

Via: instagram.com

Honestly, it must be really nice to fly in your own private jet, wear your comfy PJs and have whatever food you love served to you whenever you feel like it! Kourtney Kardashian can even put her bare feet up and there's nobody who will complain about it!

9 It Seems As If The Fam Always Has Plenty Of Fun While In The Air

Via: instagram.com

Whenever we see pics of the family hanging out on their private jet we can't help but wonder what they do on a really long flight. Of course, it must be really easy to fall asleep when one has a proper bed on the plane!

8 Kylie Even Had A Customized Private Jet For A Girls Trip

Via: instagram.com

When Kylie launched Kylie Skin earlier this year, the star decided to take her closest friends (and her daughter Stormi) on a fancy little trip to celebrate. And as you can tell from the pic above — the aircraft itself was customized to fit the occasion!

7 Here's Kim Showing Off All That Leg Space

Via: instagram.com

Well, most of us know that stretching on an airplane is pretty much impossible and enough leg space is unheard of. But of course, those are problems that Kim Kardashian probably never had to experience as she always has plenty of space on her private jet!

6 And Here Are North And Penelope In The Cockpit

Via: instagram.com

Most people who have flown in an aircraft have never been lucky enough to actually get to see the cockpit, but Kim's daughter North and Kourtney's daughter Penelope have done that even before turning seven! That's definitely a childhood memory a majority of us don't have!

5 Khloe Loves Celebrating 30,000 Feet Up In The Air

Via: instagram.com

Here's Khloe, ready to pop the bottle open and have some fun while up high in the air. If this pic doesn't sum up what luxury looks like then we really don't know. All we do know is that we're not lucky enough to ever experience this!

4 Meanwhile Kim And North Love A Big Cozy Bed

Via: instagram.com

Seriously, can you believe this huge bed is actually on a private jet? The bed is probably bigger than what most of us sleep in every night and it's what Kim and North sleep in only while they're traveling! We don't know about you but that seems pretty unfair...

3 Here's Everyone Once Again Indulging In Some Yummy Popeye's

Via: instagram.com

In case you were still wondering if all the Kardashian/Jenners love to eat Popeye's — here's another pic to prove it! It seems as if the ladies rarely go on a flight without getting their favorite order first. We bet Popeye's got way more popular after these pics hit the internet!

2 And Here's Kim Playing With North And True

Via: instagram.com

Here's another photo of North West and True Thompson on board, this time they're both hanging out with Kim. Considering that North is already rocking her swimsuit, the pic must have been taken while the family was going to one of their iconic summer vacations!

1 Lastly, Here's Momager Kris Showing Us Her Private Jet Dance While Kim Is Faceplaming In The Back

Via: instagram.com

To wrap our list up here's a pic of Kris Jenner being Kris Jenner. The momager — as her kids like to call her — was showing off her best dance moves onboard, but judging from Kim Kardashian's facepalm in the background the whole thing was quite embarrassing.

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