20 Photos Of The Friends Cast On Vacation

The hit television series 'Friends' is as popular now as it once was back in the 90s and early 2000s. The show, which starred cast members David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Matt Leblanc, Lisa Kudrow, Courtney Cox and Matthew Perry, followed the lives of six fictional characters living in New York City.

The show was an instant smash hit and has since become an even bigger phenomenon with its release on Netflix. With the show appealing to a newer and younger audience, it is safe to say that the cast is definitely making more money than they could have ever imagined.

Not only does the cast have the freedom to travel and vacation just about anywhere they want, they certainly have the luxury and means to do it! The cast has been on numerous trips during the filming of the show, and have since been spotted getting in a little rest and relaxation. Here are 20 photos of the 'Friends' cast on vacation.

20 Entire Cast - Las Vegas, 1994

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Before the show even aired, the creators insisted on taking the cast on a trip to none other than Las Vegas! All six cast members flew on a private plane to sin city for what was mentioned as the "perfect bonding experience". Little did they know they'd all be able to fly privately with their successes from the show.

19 Triple David - Turks & Caicos

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If you never thought you'd see David Schwimmer, David Beckham and David Walliams in the same photo, you thought wrong! The triple David found themselves vacationing at the same resort in Turks & Caicos. Schwimmer looks quite good with some salt and pepper stubble and baseball cap, very low-key if you'd ask us.

18 Riding The Wave - Courtney Cox In The Bahamas

Via: PurePeople.com

Courtney Cox, who played the incomparable Monica Geller, was caught riding the waves in the Bahamas! Cox frequents the Bahamas quite often, on trips by herself, with friends or with her daughter, Coco Arquette. Although it is safe to say we'd never see Monica on a surfboard, it appears Courtney is absolutely killing it.

17 Matt Leblanc & Matthew Perry - London, England

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If you are a fan of the show, then you'd know that the entire cast made a trip over to the United Kingdom for multiple episodes back in Season 4. The trip to London, which was used to film Ross Geller's marriage to British fiancée, Emily Waltham, was definitely one for the books! Numerous shots were taken of the actors in the city, one of which shows Matt and Matthew stood by a souvenir stand.

16 Lisa Kudrow & Courtney Cox - Malibu

Via metro.co.uk

During the show's massive success on-air, cast members would take time off after wrapping up a season and head off for a little relaxation. Lisa Kudrow and Courtney Cox snapped this shot of the two of them during a trip over to Malibu, where they can be seen soaking up the sun by the beach.

15 Jennifer Aniston - Lake Como, Italy

Via comingsoon.net

Jennifer Aniston has starred in countless films since retiring the role of Rachel Green. One flick the actress starred in recently was 'Murder Mystery'. The film shot in the South of France and Italian Riviera, where Aniston can be seen posing for pics on the beautiful Lake Como.

14 Courtney, Matt & Matthew - Leo Carillo State Park

Via friends.fandom.com

When Monica gets stung by a jellyfish at this Malibu beach, there is really only one thing to do! Despite many fans believing the show was filmed in New York City, it was, in fact, all shot in California. The cast would travel occasionally to film for the show, particularly for this iconic beach scene at Leo Carillo State Park.

13 Matt Leblanc - Bikin' Around

Via DailyMail

Matt Leblanc was spotted with actress Ali Larter back in 2015. The two both starred in the film 'Lovesick' together and were seen out and about in California biking it up. We must admit that we love a good tandem bike, but love seeing Leblanc living his best life more.

12 Courtney & Coco - Miami, Florida

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As mentioned, Courtney will often travel with her 14-year-old daughter, Coco Arquette. In this shot, posted to Cox's Instagram, she and Coco travelled to Miami, Florida for a lovely family vacation. According to Ocean Reef Resorts, Cox owns property in Florida, where she is often spotted vacationing when she has the time.

11 Lisa Kudrow - Blackpool, England

Via blackpoolgazzette.co.uk

Lisa Kudrow ventured off to Blackpool, England, which is oftentimes referred to as the "Atlantic City of the UK", says The Independent. Kudrow is posing with comedian Mae Martin on a special the two filmed together. Kudrow looks ravishing in her pink ensemble standing on the Blackpool boardwalk.

10 David Schwimmer -  Turks & Caicos

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David Schwimmer appears to really love the ocean and David Walliams! The two are posing in the Turks and Caicos submerged in the crystal clear waters. David, who played the notorious Ross Geller on the show, has taken on more of a behind the scenes role in the industry, making fans miss his on-screen roles just a tad!

9 Jennifer Aniston - Paris Paparazzi

Via telegraph.co.uk

Jennifer Aniston and ex-hubby Justin Theroux took a trip to the beautiful city of Paris, France last year. The two were spotted out and about on the streets of Paris while being photographed by the French paparazzi. Despite Aniston being a frequent traveller to Europe, she still can't escape the photographers.

8 Matthew Perry - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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Matthew Perry is yet another member of the cast of 'Friends' who we haven't seen too much of since the show ended back in 2004. Although he has starred in some movies such as '17 Again' and 'The Odd Couple', it appears Perry has been spending his time in Cabo, where he was seen jet-skiing back in 2015.

7 Matt Leblanc - Malibu Mermaid

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On the cast trip to Malibu, where several beach-side episodes were filmed for season 4, Joey, played by Matt Leblanc, was transformed into a gorgeous sand mermaid. If there is anyone who can truly pull off a look as intricate as this, it's definitely Leblanc.

6 Jennifer Aniston - Eiffel Tower, Paris

Via mirror.co.uk

It appears Jennifer Aniston sure does have a love for Paris! Although we aren't totally sure when this photo was taken, Aniston's digital camera and Blackberry are hinting at not so recently. Despite the timeframe, Aniston looks absolutely ravishing looking at the Parisian view as she dined at the Eiffel Tower restaurant.

5 Lisa Kudrow - Dublin, Ireland

Via chron.com

Lisa Kudrow ventured off to Dublin, Ireland and other nearby Irish cities to film the 2007 movie 'P.S I Love You'. Kudrow has starred in quite a lot of films and television shows since 'Friends' ended, and we love seeing her in foreign cities having the time of her life.

4 Matt Leblanc - Dubai, U.A.E

Via bbcamerica.com

If you haven't been tuning into what Matt Leblanc has been up to, the actor hosted Top Gear for several seasons since 2012. The show has taken Leblanc to countless extraordinary places, including his trip to none other than Dubai!

3 Matt, Matthew & The Duchess of York - London, England

Via glamour.com

As mentioned previously, the cast took a trip to London, England for a few season 4 and 5 episodes. Whilst there, former Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, made an appearance! In the shot above you can see Matt and Matthew posing with the former princess in front of Westminster Abbey.

2 Jennifer Aniston - The Louvre, Paris

Via dailymail.co.uk

During Aniston's trip to Paris, the actress and Justin Theroux visited the famous French museum, The Louvre. Several shots were posted to Theroux's social media, including this one of the two posing in front of a ceiling mirror surrounded by images of what appears to be the Mona Lisa.

1 Matt Leblanc - Kazahkstan

Via telegraph.co.uk

During Matt Leblanc's stint on 'Top Gear', the actor visited numerous exciting places! In one episode, the star found himself in Kazahkstan. Leblanc looks like he is having the time of his life with fellow crew members of the show, all while embracing the cold winter.

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