20 Photos Of Selena Gomez On Vacation (That'll Make Justin Bieber Jealous)

Ah, young love... There is the joy, the excitement, and then, of course, the sorrow. And the pining. And sometimes the regret. And oh, also the jealousy. And imagine getting to experience all of this, perhaps for the first (exciting, rollercoaster ride of a) time in the public eye, with millions of people following each move, and reading a thousand things into every glance, outing, and rendezvous...

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have certainly moved on (and on, and on) by now since their time together. And they are of course both still very much in the public eye, with Bieber starring alongside his lady in a sizzling new Calvin Klein underwear campaign and Gomez continuing to be fabulous — and jet-setting around the world with beautiful companions.

That’s why we really have to wonder how the Biebs feels when he sees his former flame traveling to fab places and savoring all that life has to offer, often in gorgeous couture clothing.

20 Gomez Gettin' REAL Comfy


Okay, so there are some people you might see in sweats and not really look twice. Or maybe you would look longer sort of like it’s hard not to look when there’s an accident. And then there’s Selena caught on camera wearing Hollywood-ready shades and looking so, so comfy for travel. That pastel sweatsuit makes us think about snuggling.

19 Looking So Chic In Stunner Shades


Gomez has become known for her travels lately, going to South America, Europe, and more, and the singer was actually following another musician that she was seeing, the singer from The Weeknd. Elle reported that they’d been in 10 different countries together all over the globe.

18 So L.A. Right Now (And Kinda Alba-esque...)


Selena Gomez’s travel outfits are better than yours. Okay, probably. Here she is at LAX airport on July 10, 2016, and I had to look twice or even three or four times, personally, because to me, she has some serious Jessica Alba vibes (circa Sin City, which are my very favorite type of Jessica Alba vibes, TBH).

17 Sleek, Sexy Hair, Jeans Barely There


Selena spent Valentines not with her old BF Bieber the year this was taken, but instead with her bestie Samantha Droke, and we love everything about this Valentine’s ensemble. They even snuggled up together on their way to London, and she looked cool as can be with a casual yet chic look.

16 Close For Comfort


Look at the expression on her face: We think it’s love, to be sure. Up in Toronto on March 2017, the starlet got snuggly with her then-bf, The Weeknd, whom Harper’s Bazaar reported in March 2018 was very likely talking about his since-lost lover on a since-released album. Why can’t love last forever??

15 Hey, Birthday Girl!


Gomez spent was maid-of-honor for her cousin Priscilla DeLeon's wedding. That was over in Texas. But then it was off for more travels to celebrate her 27th birthday in Italy! She was spotted looking comfortably fab in Rome, wearing a loose green dress with tiers. Her posse is similarly chic and stylish, and Elle covered her outfits extensively.

14 Summery Selena Shows What She's Got


In the same 27th birthday trip, Selena was photographed every day wearing soft and summery outfits such as this one. Pastels were featured heavily, and this linen and ruffles look made headlines. Did it make it to Justin's eyes, do you suppose? With a lovely bag and shoes to complete the look, Gomez looked comfortable and calm.

13 The Stuff of '90s Rocker Chick Dreams

E! News

Raise your hand if this is your very favorite look on this list? (cue me typing in that emoji). She’s fun, she’s young and look at that happy smile. The singer rocked a hat and glasses with a look so denim and so ‘90s it’s almost impossible not to love, and kind of want for yourself.

12 Roman Holiday In The Heat

Grazia Australia

Let's talk about this eye-catching orange swimsuit, people. Do you think it caught ex Bieber's eye at all? The singer, still on her Italian extravaganza of a birthday celebration, went yachting on over to Capri with this side-slit jean skirt and oversized jacket on, and of course the same fashionable bag and chunky heels.

11 Con Companion

Grazia Australia

I would personally like to know what brand all these flowing linen looks are from because it sort of seems like Selena went on a shopping spree ahead of her Italian birthday vacation and wound up with comfortable looks perfect for travel — and for catching eyes. What a great look for a Roman Holiday!

10 New U


We didn't include a lot of selfies on this list, and we did that intentionally because we know readers want to see all the fabulous places Selena has visited and all the adorbs outfits she wore while doing so, but this one was featured when the singer spoke about mental health and body image while recovering from Lupus health problems.

9 Fresh-Faced And Fabulous As F

The Mirror

This look, from the tightly tucked bodysuit to the trendy AF jean shorts with unfinished hems to the western style (double-buckle!!!) black leather belt has us dreaming of all things '90s, fashion-forward, fit, and fabulous. The singer looked confident and comfortable with a patterned coat draped over her shoulders.

8 Doing Paris in PJs


Apparently, Selena has a history of wearing PJs in public or so reports HawtCelebs.com. What we really adore here are the stunning red satin heels peeking out from underneath those baggy navy blue pajama pants. It's so bold that it just might work. Do you think Justin misses seeing her so dressed down?

7 L.A., Baby


LAX is a place that those of us from California, okay probably more like many people from all over the world, have been at least once while traveling, and it may have even been easy to overlook that this was Selena Fricking Gomez if you happened to be there on the same day. She has that mysterious incognito look that we LOVE.

6 Flaunting Alllll the Fashions


There's that smile! She looks like she feels fabulous in this one, and what was widely reported about this travel look, actually, is just HOW MANY outfits the lovely singer rocked during a single Monday out and about. This one certainly had sass and drew onlookers' eyes.

5 LBD and Stunning Rouge Pout


It takes a bold personality and a LOT of confidence to rock a bold red lip like this, especially when it's alongside a form-fitting black ensemble and dark, smoky eyes. Here's what I think this look tells the world: "I've got it, I know it, and I'm ready to show it." Get it, girl.

4 Stilletos And... More Pajamas

Radar Online

"Sad-Looking Selena Spotted In Pajamas" read the headline at Radar Online, which showcased this candid shot of the starlet from a distance, out on the town in... none other than a flawlessly matching pair of pajamas and flowing duster of a sweater... or is that a robe? Like what you wear while chillin' at home?

3 Caught On Camera At Departure Time

Celebs Place

Okay, someone tell us where we can get this flowing sheer top with lacy embellishment because we want to wear it while jet setting all over the world, too. Celebs Place featured this of the lovely starlet ready to roll out seemingly noticing she's being photographed behind luggage as she fixes her dark, straightened hair.

2 How About That Arm Candy?

Glamour UK

Okay, I think I just decided that I need a bodyguard, as well. Perhaps this exact one. Anyone else on board with this idea? Sure, the protection aspect is probably important at times, such as when you're out late at night or are a super-famous celeb, but what about how good he looks on her arm?

1 Ladies Love Loafers, Bro

Harper's Bazaar

Selena is so fit, slim, chic, and put together here that she is totally channeling Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's, and what, my dear friends and readers, is not to love about that? From the shiny patent leather loafers on up to the sleek parted hair, we love the mixed and modern style that this look — and Selena — embrace.

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