20 Photos Of PK Subban And Lindsey Vonn On Vacation That'll Make Every Guy Jealous

PK Subban and Lindsey Vonn are a match made in sporty, athletic heaven. The NHL defenseman and alpine ski racer (who is now retired) have been romantically linked since June 2018 and news of their engagement broke this past summer.

The lovebirds always look adorable and happy together, no matter where they are. And as it turns out, they have quite the wanderlust between them as they are often photographed in warm, sunny places. People quoted Lindsey Vonn saying, “I can’t wait to go skiing with my kids one day." She continued, We have to plan it out, but I mean I’m 34, so we’re thinking about it."

We can't wait to see photos of what is sure to be an amazing wedding and any family pictures that follow. But in the meantime, here are 20 photos of the famous couple on vacation that would make any guy jealous.

20 The Attractive Couple Spent Some Time In Miami

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Miami is always a great place to head to when you want sun, sand, and to walk around in a bathing suit all day long. Lindsey Vonn and PK Subban have been photographed in the Florida location quite a few times. They couldn't possibly look more attractive in this photo, with Lindsey in a white one-piece and PK wearing awesome pink shorts.

19 The Pair Are In Love In Capri

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Capri is a beautiful place with stunning turquoise water, and it wouldn't be too shabby of a location for a destination wedding or honeymoon, either.

We love this photo of the famous, sporty couple as Lindsey is adorably kissing PK on the cheek. The big grin on his face proves that they are totally and completely in love. Awww.

18 Nowhere Is As Romantic As Italy

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Here's another great pic of the couple in Italy. Even though they're famous athletes, it's pretty cool to see a photo of them in such casual clothes. Stars, they're just like us, and they also wear shorts and tank tops and flip-flops when they're on a vacation somewhere warm and full of sunshine.

17 They're Adorable In Matching Fourth Of July Swimsuits

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The couple that matches swimwear stays together. Okay, so that's not how the saying goes, but it totally could be.

According to OK Magazine, Lindsey and PK wore the same bikini for the Fourth of July this past summer. And for the Fourth Of July in 2018, they wore these one-piece bathing suits, pictured here.

16 Love On The Beach

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The look of love on PK's face is just too sweet. It's really no wonder that the pair recently got engaged. From any of the photos on this list, we can tell that they are really meant to be together.

We love the vacation vibes of this photo since they're both sporting sunglasses.

15 The Couple Is Getting Sporty On The Water In Sardinia

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Some people like to go on vacation and just veg on the beach, perhaps with a good book. Others are all about getting active and seeing the sights.

It looks like PK and Lindsey are the latter. In this pic, we see them getting sporty on the beautiful blue water in Sardinia.

14 Lindsey's A Dream In Purple

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As Lindsey touches PK's cheek, she is giving off all kinds of loving vibes, proving that they are the cutest couple ever. The gorgeous water behind them is the best backdrop, but we're too focused on how amazing Lindsey looks in this purple jumpsuit. While not everyone can pull off purple, she really does.

13 Now She Looks Gorgeous In Green

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By now, we can say that every color looks awesome on Lindsey. She seriously wears clothing so well.

We love this photo of the couple and they seem to be having a pretty serious conversation. While we'll never know what they were talking about, we can say one thing for sure: she looks gorgeous in her green outfit.

12 Bikini Babe

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That turquoise water is pretty and is a seriously bright color, but it's no match for Lindsey Vonn in a bikini. She looks great in this peach-colored bathing suit, and her hair is the kind of messy bun that always looks flawless. Any guy would be jealous, that's for sure.

11 A Sweet Hug On The Beach

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Lindsey and PK are holding on tight in this photo. If we didn't know that they were already engaged, we would take one look at this pic and say that wedding bells were absolutely in their future. They just look so in tune and connected. We bet that their wedding photos are going to be awesome.

10 Italy Is Definitely Their Place

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Here's another adorable photo of Lindsey and PK in Italy. They say that this is one of the most romantic places ever, as you can walk the gorgeous streets, dine on pasta and pizza under the stars, and of course, the language is beautiful as well.

The couple is basically glowing in this pic and we can't get enough.

9 Another Miami Getaway For The Good-Looking Couple

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Of all the places that PK and Lindsey go, there seem to be the most pictures of them in Italy and also in Miami. This is a really amazing photo since it not only features them looking super attractive but PK's also holding onto a really adorable dog (who looks like he's having the best time ever).

8 Showing Off Her Sporty Swimsuit In Sardinia

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Guys would totally be envious of PK Subban here too, as Lindsey Vonn is rocking a really great one-piece.

The cut of this swimsuit is fairly sporty, which fits Lindsey's personality since she definitely loves getting active in the water when she goes on vacation, judging by some of these photos.

7 A South Of France Handstand

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In another pic that guys would be super jealous of, Lindsey Vonn is doing an incredible handstand. The fact that she's doing it in a bikini near the water in the South of France? That's definitely even more impressive. Her form is amazing, and she looks awesome in her bright red bathing suit.

6 Life's Good On This Beautiful Yacht

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We can be grateful for what we have and think that we live pretty well... and then we see pics of famous people on vacation. When we see this photo of Lindsey on a yacht with sparkling water near her, we can't help but be a little envious... and we know that every guy is feeling that way too.

5 She Even Works Out On Vacay

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Just like there are people who love to relax on vacation and others who like to seize the day, there are those who love to exercise when they go away and those who would rather not.

Of course, it's no surprise that Lindsey likes to work out even when she heads somewhere fabulous. It's seriously impressive.

4 A Capri Getaway

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Another pic of the duo in Capri, PK is grinning super wide, and Lindsey is sporting a cool white hat. Now we're inspired to get a similar hat for our next beach or tropical getaway.

The cool thing about this pic? We would never know they were so famous. They truly look like another regular and in love couple.

3 Some Romance At The French Open

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PK and Lindsey are a fabulous couple, so of course, some of their getaways include the French Open. The rest of us have date nights on the couch with pizza but, hey, we can dream...

This couple is so stylish, and we love PK's bright blue pants and Lindsey's gorgeous dress.

2 Cleaning Up The Beach

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There are two great things about this photo: Lindsey's not only wearing a really pretty peach bikini but she's also cleaning up the beach.

There's nothing more attractive than when someone is kind and has a good heart. That definitely seems to sum up Lindsey. She cares about the environment and we love that.

1 A Goddess In Greece

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Finally, there's this picture of Lindsey Vonn where she is literally sparkling. Could anyone look like more of a goddess? We don't think so... and to make things even better, she was photographed in Greece. We love her braids and soft makeup and think that she looks incredible and so happy.

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