20 Photos Of Men Jennifer Lawrence Has Been Spotted On Vacation With

Jennifer Lawrence is one of Hollywood’s sweethearts because aside from being a great actress, she also has a fantastic personality.

Many people love Lawrence because of how easygoing she is, and her reactions to certain situations are often natural and hilarious. She has a big fan base, which guarantees the paparazzi's interest in her, and they are often lurking around every corner trying to get a photo.

This includes the times that Lawrence has gone on vacation, and she’s been to several bucket list destinations, often with a great travel partner.

From a romantic trip in Rome with Cooke Maroney to a sunny break with her brothers on Maui, below are 20 photos of Jennifer Lawrence on trips with the men in her life.

20 Jennifer Lawrence And Her Man Have Enjoyed A Sweet, Candlelit Dinner Date

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Jennifer Lawrence is an avid traveler, but she didn’t need to go far to take some time out of her busy schedule, and according to Yahoo!, she was previously spotted enjoying a romantic dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown with her boyfriend (who is now her husband), Cooke Maroney.

19 Fans Of JLaw Will Know She Hasn’t Had Many Boyfriends, But Her Bodyguard Is Quite The Looker

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Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t have a long dating history, and there are very few men who fans have seen her spending time with. That said, she did have a particularly good-looking bodyguard, who according to HollywoodLife was named Greg Lenz — and the internet is in love with him!

18 She Has Spent Time In Rome With Cooke Maroney

Via E! News

Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney were also spotted in Rome, after around two months of dating, E! News reports. The couple was photographed holding hands as they explored the city, visiting a number of memorable places including the Villa Borghese gardens, the Galleria Borghese, and the Santa Maria Degli Angeli e dei Martiri church.

17 They’ve Also Been Spotted Strolling The Streets Of New York City

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Jennifer Lawrence was also spotted with Cooke Maroney in New York, and according to Daily Mail, the pair stopped at two cafes during their Sunday outing. They first visited Fanelli Cafe for something to eat, and then joined friends at cafe Smile (and they looked particularly loved up while doing so).

16 Jennifer Lawrence’s Ex-Boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult, Gave Her A Tour Of The West End

Via Daily Mail

Before Jennifer Lawrence met Cooke Maroney, she was in a longterm relationship with Nicholas Hoult. During their relationship, they were seen in London, and according to Daily Mail, Hoult was giving her a tour of the West End. The pair were also spotted when they attended a play.

15 The Former Couple Are Reported To Have Bought A House In London

Via Hello! magazine

There was a point in this relationship when the couple was obviously serious about each other, because according to Hello! magazine, they are reported to have purchased a house in London. The property in question was located in the posh St Johns Wood neighborhood, home to many other celebrities.

14 She Took A Very Special Trip To Rhode Island With Cooke For Their Wedding


Perhaps the most important trip Jennifer Lawrence has ever taken was when she jetted off to Rhode Island with her husband-to-be. According to TMZ, this was to be the destination of their wedding, and Lawrence and Cooke Maroney had many famous faces in attendance. Wedding guests included Kris Jenner, Adele, and Cameron Diaz.

13 Jennifer And Cooke Looked Incredibly Chic On An Adventure In Paris

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Paris is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities to travel to, especially with a loved one, and there are so many romantic places to visit. No doubt Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney had an amazing time when they traveled to the French capital in 2018.

12 It’s Not Just Romantic Interests She’s Traveled With, But Also Her Brother, Blaine

Via Daily Mail

It’s not just romantic interests that Jennifer Lawrence has jetted away with, but also her family. She was spotted enjoying the beach with her brother, Blaine (who also appears to have been blessed genetically). According to Daily Mail, the pair traveled to Maui, an island in Hawaii.

11 These Siblings Appear To Enjoy Hanging Out On The Beach

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During their trip, the siblings spent time at the beach, and according to Daily Mail, the trip took place in 2012, and this is how the family chose to celebrate Thanksgiving that year. Both Jennifer Lawrence and her brother looked incredibly relaxed during their beach adventure, as they were photographed strolling on the sandy shores.

10 But Jennifer Lawrence Doesn’t Need To Travel Far From Home To Have A Good Time

Via Us Weekly

Sure, Jennifer Lawrence has seen stunning places in the world and explored cities rich in culture and history, but she doesn’t need to go far from home to have a good time. Lawrence and Cooke Maroney have been photographed stateside together multiple times, including attending a New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden, Us Weekly reports.

9 She's Been Photographed Hanging Out In Koreatown

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Most of the men that Jennifer Lawrence has been spotted with are well-known to the media, but in 2016 rumors swirled about her and the guy pictured. Daily Mail called him a “mystery man,” and commented on them being spotted together in the Koreatown district of Los Angeles. They later mentioned that the man was a DJ named Steve Ternosky, who was engaged to one of Lawrence’s friends.

8 She Had A Gorgeous Bodyguard To Help Her Get Through The Crowds At LAX

Via The Independent

The most important job for Jennifer Lawrence’s bodyguard is to keep her safe, but the internet certainly doesn’t complain when the man helping out their favorite celebrity is gorgeous. According to The Independent, this bodyguard is Justin Riblet, a retired military man who joined the private sector at the end of his service.

7 Before Jennifer Lawrence Became A Married Woman, She Was Photographed In Germany With Nicholas

Via Daily Mail

During their relationship, Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult were spotted together in many different cities, including Cologne, Germany, Daily Mail reports. Although the couple split for good in 2014, Elle notes that they continued to work together on the X-Men films (an impressive achievement for these exes).

6 They Also Attend A Fancy Event Together In Monaco

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Jennifer Lawrence has traveled on many flights, and she knows better than most how boring flying can be (especially long-haul, like a trip to Monaco), so she decided to surprise passengers on a Delta flight from New Orleans to Los Angeles by making an announcement on the loudspeaker. According to People, a passenger told them that her stunt was met with cheers.

5 She Couldn’t Stop Smiling At Nicolas Hoult During A North London Trip

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Jennifer Lawrence has been on several long-haul flights, and she has a few tips for making travel more comfortable. Who What Wear has noted some of the travel items she favors and these include a Jet & Bo 100 percent Cashmere Travel Set, a Pendleton cosmetic case, Apple Airpods, and a Kindle Paperwhite.

4 JLaw Looked Stunning Celebrating Her Engagement Party To Cooke

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Jennifer Lawrence is required to attend many press interviews and prestigious events, but she has also filmed at various set locations. According to Who What Wear, her Amazon wedding gift registry acknowledged that she travels a lot for work, and some of the items she listed were included to help her “arrive feeling refreshed and ready to explore.”

3 She’s Gone Sightseeing With Her Good Pal, Aziz Ansari, In Italy

Via New York Daily News

Aziz Ansari and Jennifer Lawrence took a trip to Monteriggioni, Italy, in 2016, New York Daily News reports. The friends spent time sightseeing in the area before attending a mutual friend’s wedding. Things between Ansari and Lawrence were platonic, but we imagine they had a fantastic time considering they are both exceptionally entertaining and have a great sense of humor.

2 Perhaps Not A Vacation, But Certainly A Good Night Out! Jennifer Lawrence Attended The Oscars With Many Famous People

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The Oscars may not exactly be a vacation, but the awards show does appear to be a good party and an event that is not to be missed. Especially if you’re Jennifer Lawrence and you’re friends with some of Hollywood’s hottest talents. May we also point out that some of the world’s best-looking men are in attendance!

1 And She’s Had More Than A Few Local Outings With Her Man

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Jennifer Lawrence has to travel often for work, and when she does have free time, she’s explored cities far from home. But she’s also taken short, romantic breaks with a man she loves, Cooke Maroney. The couple has been spotted in New York together multiple times, proving that Lawrence doesn’t need to go far from home to hit the reset button.

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