Some people prize their pets, some their private yachts, and others their super expensive luxury vehicle. In Dubai, a city known for the over the top lifestyles, it seems people really do follow the saying “if you love it let it go”. This must have been applied to the thousands of Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, Bentley's and Maybach’s left to be forgotten in the dust.

According to the newspaper GulfNews, at least 2000-3000 luxury vehicles are abandoned in Dubai’s deserts, airports, and even on the side of random streets every year. There’s actually a very good reason why this seemingly insane phenomenon is taking place out in the glitzy United Arab Emirates.

For some years now Dubai, the richest city in the United Arab Emirate has been dealing with financial disparity due to fluctuations in the market. On top of all that is Dubai’s strict Sharia Law, which outlines someone may be sent to jail for defaulting on any type of payment. Not paying your bills is pretty intense in Dubai as it’s even considered a criminal offence. For many people who bought cars they could not afford, fleeing the country and leaving their dream car behind was their only alternative to not paying their bills and loans.

You may wonder what happens to all the discarded luxury vehicles in Dubai and there’s a pretty exciting outcome to all of this. After being impounded by city officials, auctions are held annually where you can pick up your dream Rolls Royce or Mercedes-for a discounted price of course. Please just make sure you have the funds to finance your next BMW because it would be tragic for any other luxury supercar to be deserted.

20 1. Mercilessly Left Mercedes CLS 63 AMG

Left to the dust is the classy CLS 63 AMG designed and produced by the beloved German Mercedes Benz. Many of the luxury cars abandoned in Dubai still have the keys in the ignition, much like this AMG.

Unfortunately, this has left vehicles complete victims to looters who’ve pulled out valuable parts out from the interior rendering the supercars almost completely deteriorated. On top of that, these hundred-thousand dollar vehicles are prey to the harsh desert climate and elements. Some people have even been courageous enough to get in some luxury cars which have been left unlocked and take them for a spin around Dubai!

19 2. Forgotten Red Ferrari

The automotive superstar Enzo Ferrari has truly mastered the art of car making and design. Not only are Ferrari supercars made with utmost care and attention, but also passion for beauty combined with an unparalleled love of cars. This red Ferrari in particular looks as if it’s from another era completely and must have been quite the valuable supercar.

Many cars made from this time had a production team that worked mostly with their hands to put together this piece of art. We will probably never know or understand why this rare gem was left abandoned but what we do know is that money makes people do very irrational things!

18 3. Plundered Porsche Cayman

The charming little Porsche Cayman was first introduced in late 2005 and has the classic elements of a Porsche with its oversized headlamps and tiny hood. A cross between the second generation Porsche Boxster, the Cayman is a refined version although you would think they could be twin cars at a quick glance.

This German car is an ideal model for the sports car enthusiast while still having a sleek and compact design. Offered in two models, the Cayman is the standard while the Cayman S is made with a more powerful engine. Despite its beauty, this gem of a vehicle was rejected and left to decay.

17 4. Mr. Red BMW M6

Even covered in dirt and debris the BMW M6 is a sight to take in. This BMW must have been deserted for some time for locals to have scribbled all over the car, through the dust and everything. Yet despite the vandalism on this mighty red M6, the car is still striking in its extravagance.

Not only are these abandoned dream cars left to vandals and blowing dust, but also the extremely hot weather temperatures of Dubai… they are in the desert after all. Sometimes it’s so hot in Dubai the temperature remains at a solid 113 °F which sounds pretty scorching for humans and cars alike.

16 5. Lost Lamborghini Aventador

It appears a grey Lamborghini Aventador has been left to rot in a Dubai airport and it wouldn’t be the first time. It’s well known that after the grueling financial crisis in 2008 many foreigners ditched their cars at the airport before catching a flight back to their home country.

Apparently this Lambo even has a vanity license plate, which means its owner paid an extra hefty price to have a customized license plate. Again, these are all symbols of status and wealth yet this extravagant Aventador was left behind without any trace its owner will be coming back to claim it.

15 6. Unexplained Bentley Arnage and Porsche Panamera

It’s not every day you see a baby blue Bentley Arnage next to a Porsche Panamera on the side of the road. It’s obvious these cars are out in the sweltering heat of the desert but where on earth are its owners? The Arnage was a luxury vehicle manufactured by Bentley from the years 1998-2009 which was considered to be the twin sister to Rolls-Royce’s Silver Seraph.

Reports say that these two stunning supercars were in a minor accident and left abandoned off a Dubai highway. Perhaps they were racing, or the drivers succumbed to poor visibility due to sandstorms which are quite common in Dubai. Either way, regardless of the reason the Arnage and Panamera abandoned side by side is truly a sight to take in.

14 7. Rusty Range Rover AWD Sport

You can easily spot Range Rovers amongst Rolls Royce's’ and BMW’s in countless of Dubai’s impound lots. Other than just a symbol of status and wealth, Range Rover’s are quite the practical vehicle if you’re driving around the rocky desert terrain of Dubai. Land and Range Rovers offer the utmost luxury while at the same time providing utility for the harshest of driving conditions.

The Range Rover featured above is a sports edition with a 5.0 liter V8 supercharged engine which can reach up to 375 horsepower. There are countless reasons why the owner abandoned this prized Range Rover, the bright side is someone can pick it up at a discounted price and re-home this supercar.

13 8. Aging Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

We know Rolls-Royce vehicles as the most extravagant and top of the line luxury cars out there and the epitome of success. You may or may not have wondered at one point where does the name Rolls-Royce come from? It was engineer Henry Royce and car dealership owner Charles Rolls who partnered and created the Rolls-Royce line at the beginning of the 20th century.

Now I’m sure Mr. Royce and Mr. Rolls wouldn’t be too impressed to see one of the rare Rolls-Royce Silver Shadows simply abandoned and left for nothing, covered in what looks like paint and dust in one of Dubai’s impounded lots.

12 9. Ditched Delorean MC 12

This DMC red DeLorean isn’t the fastest or most powerful car but still deserves a mention on this list because of its infamous status among car and cinema enthusiasts. This specific model was manufactured from 1981-1983 and wasn’t very popular at this time. Interestingly enough, only after production came to a halt did the DeLorean MC-12 become a hot car.

It was in the Back To The Future trilogy that the DeLorean had its claim to fame. The series featured a one of a kind DeLorean automobile time travel device. Car and cinema fans around the globe still attempt to get their hands on one of the rare DeLoreans left in the world. Perhaps they should check out car auctions in Dubai.

11 10. A Once Sold Out BMW Z3

The Z3 comes with two very sad stories. The first is this lovable BMW was discontinued, and second that this rare jewel was left to rot on one of the roads nearby Dubai’s International airport. The Z3 was made and distributed from 1995-2002 where after the BMW Z4 superseded the stylish two-seater Z3. This sports car was actually BMW’s first modern roadster which was manufactured in masse.

The Z3 convertible handles beautifully and is definitely worth a look at even today in 2018. A Z3 fun fact is in 1995 it was showcased in a Christmas catalog as the perfect gift and then set a record for being the first model to be sold-out before even reaching the showroom.

10 11. Rival To Ferrari: The Acura NSX

The first-generation of Acura/Honda NSX’s is recognized as the greatest sports car to come out of the 1990’s. First created by Honda in the late 1980’s as a competitor to some of the Ferrari supercars, the NSX was carefully designed and manufactured with the help of Formula-1 techniques and secrets.

This powerful and vibrant car was found on a roadside on what appears to be the outskirts of Dubai surrounded by seemingly empty desolate buildings. The NSX is a legendary car and anyone who is lucky enough to come across one, even this poor yellow NSX should definitely consider pampering and revamping it!

9 12. 1 Of Only 350 Ferrari Enzo's

Of course, you’ve heard of the beloved Ferrari Enzo. With only 350 of them in the world, it only makes it more puzzling why this red Ferrari was left desolate and alone in a Dubai airport.

The Enzo is one of the most sought out vehicles that’s been abandoned in Dubai and comes with one of the most expensive price tags. Named after the engineer and mechanic himself Enzo Ferrari, this red Enzo which has been forlorn and forgotten for some time probably cost its owner about $650,000. It must have been really hard for the owner of this classic Ferrari to have jumped on a plane while trying to catch one last hopeful glimpse of the red beauty from the plane window.

8 13. One Sad Jaguar XK8

Not quite a sports car but rather more of a top-of-the-line luxury car is the Jaguar XK8. You’d think a Jaguar vehicle would be fast and furious just like a real Jaguar, but in fact this Jaguar XK8 only has a horsepower of 290. The XK8 first came out in 1996, and the two-door grand touring was loved so much it was in production until 2014.

If its owner happens to ever come back to Dubai for their Jaguar, they should ensure they’ve paid all their debts off before returning to the UAE. The UAE is pretty serious about unpaid debts and may detain you at the airport if you’re arriving and have unpaid bills.

7 14.  Baby Blue Lambo

It’s not every day you spot a Lamborghini ditched on the side of a used-car market. Covered in a dirty tarp, the owner of this beauty must have been thinking they would use the tarp to cover their prized possession until they had enough money to pay for its bill (hopefully).

Even if that was their thought process, there’s a specific way to go about properly storing a car in the desert and a single tarp is no way to go about it. If ever you need to leave behind your dream car as you flee unpaid bills, just make sure you’re properly storing your car at least to prevent or prolong complete deterioration.

6 15.  Seemingly Still New Black Mercedes CL550

Just like that, we have another forgotten Mercedes in one of Dubai’s indoor airport parking lots.

The Black CL Benz is a member of the Mercedes Benz C-class which is a full line of luxury grand-tourers which are mostly turbocharged vehicles. Definitely a car reserved for the elite, the CL550 is not for sports car enthusiasts but true lovers of luxury and a smooth cruise.

The interior features piano wood with a chrome trim all with an elegant finish. Its owner must have been pretty desperate to leave this German luxury ride behind to succumb to isolation and vandalism.

5 16. Black And Dusty Caddy

Why ditch your massive Escalade in the Dubai Airport when you can road-trip through the desert and drive away from your money problems? If only it was that simple for thousands trying to pay their bills during the financial crisis in the United Arab Emirates. The black Cadillac Escalade SUV featured above is just one of many large vehicles which actually caused congestion and traffic problems in residential and business districts throughout the city.

In fact, huge luxury vehicles such as the Escalade often times blocked major roadways so much that locals had trouble getting around the city and blamed irresponsible expatriates for the overflow of unpaid abandoned cars.

4 17. Movie Famous Nissan Skyline R34 GTR

The Nissan Skyline R34 GTR is admired across the globe by car enthusiasts and it’s pretty rare you’ll see one on the road on your daily drive to work. The Japanese manufacturer only produced this sporty looking all-wheel drive vehicle from 1999-2002. It’s also significantly difficult to legally own one of these bad boys in the U.S. due to the strict restrictions by the federal government. This only makes it that much more expensive to purchase and own a Skyline if you’re ever in the market.

Your best bet if your heart is set on a Nissan Skyline is to scour the car auctions in Dubai that have picked up abandoned vehicles such as this one.

3 18. Silver Mercedes Benz AMG

This attractive Mercedes AMG was probably bought at an auction after police seized it from the inside of another Dubai airport. This Mercedes 4-door sedan is large but surprisingly swift and sleek with its 6.2-liter V8 gas powered engine.

With air-conditioned plush leather seats and shaded windows, this extravagant Mercedes sounds perfect for cruising through Dubai’s scorching desert. Included is a built-in navigation system and top of the line sound-system to blast your favorite tracks whether you’re running errands or on a business trip. You can have all these features along with the AMG package and more for approximately $108,900 MSRP.

2 19. Rare Jaguar XJ 220

This extremely rare and exotic Jag is built with its engine in the center, right behind the driver’s seat! The XJ220 above rocks a stunning deep blue color and sleek exterior which makes it almost incomprehensible that its owner would leave it behind! The British manufacturer released the two-seater XJ220 from 1992-1994, however, there were some bumps along the way.

At the beginning of its production, Jaguar was unable to get the all-wheel-drive aspect of the vehicle down-pact and some buyers were unhappy to receive their rear-wheel-drive XJ220. What resulted in an eventual lawsuit actually left Jaguar off the hook for this blunder!

1 20. White Porsche Boxster Owned By Project Manager Andy Blair

The curious case with this deserted Porsche is that it belonged to project manager Andy Blair (as we can clearly see written all over the car). In 2009, like many others in Dubai at the time, Mr. Blair received a call from his boss with the news that he just lost his job. In order to avoid the fate similar to the abandoned luxury vehicles in Dubai, Andy Blair had an innovative idea to leave his car parked and use it as a billboard to advertise work he can provide.

Surprisingly, this worked for the project manager who actually received local and international job offers and even media attention! Mr. Blair got to keep his car and avoided possible jail time… a small price to pay for the black scribbles on the white Porsche.