20 Photos Of Lili Reinhart And Cole Sprouse On Exotic Beaches (They Wanted To Keep Private)

Riverdale's Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse do everything to keep their relationship private. Although they're not afraid to occasionally stoke the fire, fans mostly guess at the details of their romance. Sure, Cole tends to use Lili as his photography muse, but they don't flaunt their connection the way people like Justin Bieber and Haley Baldwin Beiber do. In short, they have class. So much class that you'll often find them taking in exotic beaches with all the glamour of classic Hollywood stars. Of course, not every adventure to the beach has been together, many have happened before they even knew each other. But in almost all cases, they both looked hot AF. Without further ado, here are 20 photos of Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse on exotic beaches that they wanted to keep private.

20 The Surprise Beach Photos That Announced Their Relationship


Lili and Cole kept quiet about the state of their relationship during the first season of Riverdale, these photos from their January 2018 trip to Hawaii pretty much confirmed things. Lili looked hot AF in her striped two-piece while Cole showed off his slender frame for all his thirsty fans. Both Popsugar and The Daily Mail reported these photos and the couple basically had no choice but to confirm their relationship.

19 Jughead Has A Getaway With Archie And We All Swoon


In January 2019, Cole and Archie himself, dream-boat KJ Apa, had a little male-bonding time when they took a trip to New Zealand. According to The Daily Mail, the two hunks stripped off and enjoyed the warm waters of Lake Wakatipu in the picturesque South Island. And while they enjoyed themselves, we all basically had a heart attack looking at these photos.

18 We Almost Didn't Know About Lili's Old Beach Photoshoot


Lili Reinhart is definitely not the type of starlet who shows a lot of skin. In short, she's no Bella Thorne. But she does have a few bikini pics from her past. Before she became a major CW star, she had these photos taken by J.C. Schroder in 2015. We're not entirely sure which beach they were taken at, but we can say that's probably in Los Angeles. After all, she moved there from Ohio when she was 18 to pursue her passion.

17 Getting A Little Rub-Down In Italy

Just Jared

Before Riverdale, Cole Sprouse was just the awkward teenager who was once the cute little kid from The Suite Life, Big Daddy, and Friends. Here we see him in 2014 with his twin Dylan Sprouse on vacation in Grosseto, Italy. The 21-year-olds were enjoying the sun, the warm waters, and Cole even got a bit of a rub down by one of the beach's physical therapists.

16 Not Quite James Bond But Close Enough

Just Jared

While enjoying the beaches of Grosseto, Italy, Cole and Dylan flexed their skinny bods for the paparazzi to enjoy. Sure, Cole and Dylan weren't yet the men that attracted Lili Reinhart and Barbara Palvin respectably, but they were on their way. We gotta cut them some slack. Surely the younger fans were all over these boys even back then.

15 Lili With The Sprouse Boys... We Hope She Could Tell Them Apart


We don't know which beach Lili enjoyed with the handsome Sprouse twins, but it looks like it was one in Malibu. After all, that's where she and Cole spend most of their time when they're not in Vancouver, B.C. filming Riverdale. Although Cole and Dylan had different hairstyles, they still looked remarkably similar. Hopefully, Lili could tell them apart.

14 Thirst Trap On A Beach In California


Cole has become an avid and talented photographer. But his most dedicated fans prefer when he's in front of the camera. Specifically, when he's shirtless and on an exotic beach somewhere. We're not sure where this photo was taken but we do know that when this photo was released it drove his fans totally wild. And we totally see why.

13 Models In Mexico

Harper's Bazaar

Vogue was happy to cover Cole Sprouse and model Saffron Vadher as they took some truly epic photos on a remote beach in Mexico's breathtaking Cuixmala and Eco Reserve. It looks like Cole was both behind the camera and in front of it. He rocked a Calvin Klein tank top and Toogood pants that was ultra-minimalist and cool as can be.

12 When All The Fans Spotted Jughead On Vacation With Betty


These photos were taken when Cole was secretly on vacation with Lili in Hawaii. But the press hadn't yet picked up on this fact. Still, the fans must have seen this CW hunk with his gorgeous woman enjoying the white-sanded beaches together. Yet, Cole was smart enough not to take photos with Lili as well. Unfortunately for him, the paparazzi eventually caught up with them.

11 Lili And Cole Skip Coachella For A Private Resort In Mexico


Cosmo was one of the many publications that covered Lili and Cole's private getaway to Mexico during a time when most of their peers went to Palm Springs, California, for Coachella. Instead of partying with celebrities, the two went to a resort in Cuixmala on the west coast of Mexico to take in the sights and get all romantic with one another.

10 Escaping To Malibu Beach With Friends And Family


We don't know who this friend is, but we do know that Lili was spotted taking in the sun with her at a beach outside of Los Angeles back in 2018. It also looks like she was accompanied by family. Whatever the case may be, we think we can all agree that Lili looked pretty glamorous in her sunnies and massive floppy hat.

9 Cole's Back In New Zealand

Just Jared

This is another photo of Cole Sprouse while he was on vacation with his co-star, KJ Apa, in the South Island of New Zealand. The two took a tiny plane over the picturesque lakes and mountains and embarked on a photography treck through the natural landscape, only to take a little dip together in the lake. It sounds like the set-up for some steamy fanfiction.

8 Yeah... They Weren't Exactly The Coolest Preteens, Were They?

Just Jared

Thank God for puberty... Seriously. Look at Cole and Dylan Sprouse now compared to when they were in Hawaii back in 2009. While Dylan has gone through a more drastic physical transformation, Cole isn't too far behind. These photos are so uncomfortably awkward that it's almost laugh-out-loud hilarious. Still, we all go through this stage.

7 Lili Smolders On The White Hot Sands Of California


These smoldering beach photos of the unbearably attractive Lili Reinhart are from her 2015 photoshoot with J.C. Schroder. They prove that Lili could have gone a different way with her career and easily become a pin-up girl on the walls of every teenage boy's bedroom in the U.S. and Canada. She's easily hot enough to be. Instead, she chose to pursue a more respectable career in acting.

6 Getting All The Girls In Malibu


The girls absolutely go crazy for Cole Sprouse. He's the epitome of the bad boy next door that everyone wants for themselves. As we can see, his fans are mostly female and they're thrilled to be able to take photos with him at the beach in Malibu, especially when he's shirtless. We're sure a part of them wishes they could use the opportunity to win his heart, but it seems like that completely belongs to Lili.

5 When The Sprouse Twins Were REALLY Uncool With Gorgeous Women In Italy

Just Jared

It definitely took a while for Cole and Dylan to build the confidence and cool to pull women like Lili Reinhart and Barbara Palvin. Back in 2014, while on vacation in Grosseto, Italy, it was clear that neither of them had the ability to flirt. Just look at how uncomfortable they both appear in the presence of a beautiful young woman.

4 Lili Lifts On The Beach


Beaches in California, particularly in Santa Monica, tend to be filled with macho men and women lifting for everyone to see. They're show-offs, to be honest. Clearly Lili is a lifter too, only she's nowhere near as pompous nor does she pump iron in public. Instead, she lifts her young friend up in the air to give her the full Lion King-experience.

3 Let's Hope That Bird Went To The Bathroom Before Taking This Pic

Just Jared

We sure hope that this parrot relieved himself before sitting on top of Cole Sprouse's head in Hawaii back in 2009. Otherwise, things could've gotten pretty messy. It would have totally cramped what little style Cole had back then. Nowadays, an event like that would just add to how down-to-Earth and cool he seems.

2 Monkey Man On Malibu Beach


Here's another photo of Cole enjoying a beach in Malibu. Only this time he's entertaining a young male fan who was clearly thrilled to have the opportunity to snap a photo with Jughead himself. There's no doubt that the surrounding fans, as thirsty as they always are, were craving the opportunity to make Cole their very own monkey man.

1 Lili And Cole Are Found At Unflattering Angles


Not every photo taken of Lili and Cole are hot AF, including the ones that confirmed their romance. The paparazzi managed to find the wrong angles of both of these attractive young stars while they were vacationing together in Hawaii back in January 2018. This proves that they aren't gods, they're regular people just like the rest of us.

Sources: Popsugar, Just Jared, Daily Mail

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