20 Photos Of Kaley Cuoco On Vacation (The Cast Of Big Bang Theory Wouldn't Want Us To See)

When she’s not working on a TV show or filming something new, Kaley takes the opportunity to get away, usually to someplace sunny and warm.

Kaley always looks amazing when she’s frolicking on the beach, and it’s evident that she works hard to keep her body looking fit and fabulous. She loves to trot around in stylish bikinis, so she has to be confident in her own skin.

Her vacations are surely expensive, but Kaley’s got plenty of dough to zip off to some of the splashiest spots on the globe. The water is crystal clear, the amenities are endless, and her accommodations are surely five-star all the way.

Here are 20 pics of the TV actress that her co-stars may not want anyone to see. From her skimpy style to her love of letting loose, they wouldn’t want anyone to get the wrong impression.

20 Black And White Beachwear

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Kaley looks cute in her black and white bikini. The style is unique, and the low-slung bottoms show off the actress’s abs. Her companion is color-coordinated, with trunks that match quite well. These two are having fun in the sun, making the most of their time away while the rest of the world has to work.

19 Sipping Under The Sun

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There’s nothing like a cold drink on a hot summer day. Kaley is enjoying her pink beverage while she walks along the sand. Perhaps hers is made for adults, with a splash of something special to give it that extra kick. The fruit flavor is refreshing and keeps Kaley well-hydrated too.

18 Time For A Toast

Via: thehollywoodgossip.com

Kaley and her man are having a fun time posing for a pic with their drinks in hand. The weather looks lovely and they are surely having a great time together. With nothing to worry about while away, these two can toss their troubles to the curb and focus on the fabulous things life has to offer.

17 Screaming And Being Silly

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A trip to Disney isn’t only for the wee ones. Adults have plenty of fun there too, and Kaley and her man are unleashing their energy on a ride at the park. The excitement is almost too much for Kaley to handle, and she screams with delight and a dose of dread. Her mate is mocking her, but it’s all in good fun.

16 Fun Floating

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Cooling off in the pool is always relaxing, and Kaley and some girlfriends are splashing around under the sun. Kaley is protecting her eyes and face from the UV rays, something she must pay attention to so she doesn’t get skin damage. As an actress, wrinkles won’t help her land the roles she’s after. At least not at this age.

15 Quacked Up

Via: mirror.co.uk

A giant floating duck is something that adds an extra dose of fun while folks are frolicking in the pool. Kaley is making the most of her “rubber duckie,” and she’s holding on while someone snaps her pic. She looks adorable, and the duck’s not bad either!

14 Some Alone Time In The Sand

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Kaley looks tanned and toned as she sits on the sand and looks out onto the ocean. Her trip seems like it’s going well, and the actress is taking some time to sit solo as she reflects on her good fortune. As a big star, Kaley barely gets a moment to be herself. She’s always surrounded by strangers who want to take a selfie.

13 Splashing Around

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Kaley and her special guy are cooling off in the ocean. They are enjoying the time away and the moments they can spend side by side. The weather is beautiful and the atmosphere seems splendid. There’s nothing better than being away without a care in the world.

12 Sweet Selfie

Via: katesarahcumming.wordpress.com

Romance is in the air, and Kaley is canoodling with her fella as he falls back into her arms. She’s either snapping a selfie of the two of them, or she’s scrolling through her social media. Either way, they are relaxing and enjoying their vacation, keeping close all the while.

11 Cute Cut-Offs

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When Kaley isn’t in her bikini, she slips into some cut-off jean shorts for a casual look that’s perfect for achieving that vacation vibe. Perhaps she has already gone swimming, so she needed to put on clothing before heading to lunch. Some resorts require some covering up before chow time.

10 Beachside Bliss

Via: stylebistro.com

Kaley is getting some time in the shade, and her man is making his way towards her. Too much sun can be draining, so the actress is allowing herself to cool down and protect her skin in the process. She’ll be out by the ocean soon enough, but for now, she’s unwinding under an umbrella.

9 Fringe Benefits

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Kaley looks adorable in her mix-and-match bikini, and the fun fringe is super flattering. Her wavy hair is beachy and beautiful, and her relaxed vibe is perfect for vacation. Kaley’s figure looks great as she shows off lots of skin, and her body language reveals a good deal of self-confidence.

8 Paddling Like A Pro

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Getting in some activity is always a plus, and Kaley is testing her talents on the water. She’s maintaining her balance well, and has lots of concentration as she keeps at it. Surely, she must have fallen a few times, but the more she practices, the better she’ll become.

7 Happy Hour With Her Honey

Via: calgarysun.com

The hotel bar is always a hot spot, and Kaley and her fella are ready to grab a few drinks before dinner. He’s enjoying a glass of red, but we’re not sure what Kaley will order. The two will clink their glasses and toast to an excellent vacation, with hopes for many more in the future. We’ll drink to that!

6 Beauty In Blue

Via: abcnews.go.com

Kaley is soaking up the hot rays of the summer sun while wearing something special from her vacation wardrobe. The bright blue form-fitting top is stunning, and her high-waisted pants are super flattering too. Fans love Kaley’s cropped hair, and her bronzed supple skin screams summer.

5 Belly-Baring

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Kaley and her tall travel partner are posing together for a cute pic, both showing off their abs and the awesome area behind them. There is so much to enjoy while taking time off, and these two are living in the moment as they soak in every second.

4 Working Out While Away

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Kaley fits in a workout even though she’s on vacation. She can’t let herself go, because she has roles to film when she gets back. Actresses are under pressure to keep in shape, so Kaley works up a sweat to firm up her muscles and get rid of any excess fat.

3 Being Away Means No Alarm Clock

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Sleeping in is one of the many perks of being on vacation. Kaley won’t be bothered by a buzzing alarm clock to ruin her beauty rest, so she snoozes until she wakes up naturally. The beach will be there whenever she finally opens her eyes, so she doesn’t mind if she misses breakfast.

2 Vacation Vibes

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Kaley is in the mood to make the most of her time away from work. She’s looking dazzling in her red pants, and the star pattern is particularly cute. Her cropped top shows off her enviable six-pack and those dark shades are stylish. Kaley always looks great, no matter where she is on the planet.

1 Hot Night At The Hotel

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When the sun sets and everyone has had enough of the beach, things move along inside the hotel for some evening entertainment. Kaley is dressed to delight, in a sparkly dress that lights up the room. Her energy is at a high point, and she’s ready to dine, dance, and do whatever else she’s in the mood for.

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