20 Photos Of Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin's Lavish Getaways (That Will Make Selena Jealous)

Anyone who follows pop culture knows that 25-year-old singer Justin Bieber and 22-year-old model Hailey Baldwin got married last year, after being an on and off again couple since 2015.

And while the two certainly seem to have gone through a lot together, we couldn't help but notice that their favorite couples' activity is traveling. The two have been everywhere — from London to the Dominican Republic, and we have the pics to show it.

Yup, today's list is all about the luxurious vacation these two went on, and we are certainly hoping that Selena Gomez won't come across some of these pics — as they are quite PDA heavy.

Either way, let's jump right into it — here are 20 photos of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin on their lavish getaways!

20 Let's Start Off With These Pics Of Justin And Hailey In Italy

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We're pretty sure that this photo of singer Justin Bieber and model Hailey Baldwin cuddling on the deck of a luxurious yacht in Italy is probably something Selena Gomez doesn't want to see. They definitely seemed to have had a romantic moment right there, and the paparazzi managed to capture it!

19 Where The Two Seemed To Have Plenty Of Fun Together

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One thing that you will quickly notice about Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin is that the two always have plenty of fun together. In the pics above you can see them taking a walk while on vacation in Italy, and whatever it is that they were talking about — it kept cracking them up!

18 And They Enjoyed Swimming In The Mediterranean Sea

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Most of their Italy vacation the couple decided to spend swimming in the Mediterranean sea and tanning on their luxurious yacht. Of course, who could blame them — Italy is certainly a popular vacation spot for a reason, and Justin and Hailey seem to have liked it there a lot!

17 Seriously, How Stunning Is This Pic Of The Two

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Let's move on to this beautiful photo of the couple on their yacht — don't the two look like absolute couple goals? While they certainly seemed to have had their ups and downs over the years (they ever broke up at one point), they definitely look very happy nowadays!

16 And Here's One From Their Trip To Utah

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Okay, first of all — we have to mention that the sunset the two were witnessing looks absolutely incredible, the sky seems to have been on fire! And second of all, Justin and Hailey didn't post too many pics from this trip which makes us believe they simply enjoyed their surroundings and weren't using their phones too much!

15 Justin And Hailey Went Jet-Skiing Together In Miami

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Here's a pic of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin back in 2015 when nobody knew if the two were actually dating but there surely were plenty of rumors. Justin definitely seems like a pro at jet skiing and Hailey certainly looks like she had plenty of fun!

14 And They Took A Romantic Walk To The Park In London

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London definitely seems like a beautiful city to visit in the fall, which is exactly what Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin did. The two were spotted exploring the city with a warm cup of coffee in hand and embracing each other in London's beautiful parks!

13 Their London Trip Was Full Of Hugs

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Here's a photo fo Justin Bieber hugging Hailey Baldwin in London, while they're both wearing very comfy clothes and just enjoying the city. While Selena certainly seems to be over Justin, we do hope that she doesn't see pics like this too often because that could still hurt!

12 And Justin Even Serenaded Hailey In Front of the Buckingham Palace

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During the same walk, the two stopped by the Buckingham Palace where — as you can tell from the pics above — Justin grabbed a guitar and started serenading Hailey. As expected, fans quickly gathered around and started sharing the romantic gesture online for the whole world to see!

11 Here's Another Pic Of The Couple In Italy

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As we mentioned earlier, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin just can't seem to get enough of Italy which is why we had to include one more photo of them from there. This time it looks like they're headed to the beach for yet another refreshing dip in the sea!

10 The Two Love Exploring New Destinations Together

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As you can tell by now, we're halfway through the list and we still have plenty of vacation pics of the two to see. One thing we quickly learned about them is that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are all about exploring new destinations together!

9 And They Especially Enjoy Relaxing By The Beach

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It seems to us as if the beach is Justin and Hailey's happy place, as the two are frequently spotted relaxing there. In the pics above you can see them enjoy a chill afternoon on a towel by the water — and honestly, we're totally jealous!

8 One Thing Is Sure — They Still Seem Head Over Heels With Each Other

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Any time we see a new vacation photo of the two it seems as if they are just more and more in love — if that's even possible. the two are always very affectionate and aren't scared of showing everyone how much they care about each other!

7 Just Look At These Pics They Posted Of Their Romantic Picnic

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How cute are these pics of the two on a romantic beach picnic that Hailey Baldwin posted on her social media? As we mentioned, the beach is their go-to place for spending some quality time together, and it seems as if the two went all out this time — a cozy blanket and box full of snacks included!

6 And Here's The Couple Enjoying A Sunny Day In The Pool

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While it seems as if the two prefer taking a swim in the ocean, occasionally they do go for one in the hotel pool. Once again the two were all over each other, so we're hoping that Selena Gomez doesn't come across these pics either!

5 Judging From Their Smiles — They Loved The Bahamas

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The pics above were taken in the Bahamas, where the couple went for yet another romantic vacation. And yes, we do have to point out just how happy the two look because trust us — not every celeb couple looks like that when they're on vacation!

4 Honestly, Doesn't This Pic Scream 'Couple Goals'?

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Here's a pic of them boarding an adorable boat for a romantic ride and honestly, our hearts are exploding! While you can never know, we are truly hoping that their love lasts as the two are definitely one of the most adorable couples we've ever seen!

3 Here's The Two A Few Years Ago In Anguilla

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Here's another photo of Justin and Hailey from when they were just at the beginning of their relationship. As you can tell, the two have enjoyed traveling together pretty much from the start — as the two pics of them from above were taken in Anguilla.

2 Hailey And Justin Are All About That Beach Life

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Okay, this is our last photo of the two at a beach — we promise (well, to be fair we do only have one pic to go). Just seeing the two enjoy their time in the warm weather makes us want to book our next trip to a tropical destination immediately!

1 And We Can't Wait To See What Their Next Destination Will Be!

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To wrap our list up, we decided to go for these cute pics of the couple cuddling on a boat. One thing is sure — we haven't seen the last of these two travelers, and we can't wait to look at the pics from their next vacation!

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