20 Photos Of Jason Momoa On The Beach We Can't Stop Staring At

Ever since he starred on the popular HBO drama Game Of Thrones as Khal Drogo, Jason Momoa has been a household name. Besides his talent in the acting world, he's also known for his good looks, including his super long hair.

Although Jason and Lisa Bonet, an actress, have been together since 2005, the two tied the knot in October of 2017. And in the past few years, the actor has been photographed on the beach quite a lot.

Whether he's swimming, surfing, sneaking up on people enjoying a nice afternoon by the shore, or just hanging out, he's having a good time with the sun, sand, and ocean.

Here are 20 photos of Jason Momoa on the beach that we can't stop staring at.

20 Jason Momoa's A Cool Surfer Dude In This Pic

via Pinterest

It's always cool to find out the hobbies and passions that stars have. It seems like for Jason Momoa, surfing is one of his favorite things to do, and there are tons of photos of him catching some waves. This is a great photo of him, carrying a surfboard and wearing a casual outfit with his hair tied back in a ponytail.


19 This Lucky Bride Met Jason On The Beach, And We Love His Scruffy Beard

via The Independent

Here's another bride who got to meet Jason while she was having a nice beach day. Again, we're so envious, and we think it's so cool that he'll walk up to people and chat with them.

Jason's beard looks incredible in this photo. There's something special about how scruffy and adorable it is.

18 Now Jason's In Italy, Looking Gorgeous

via Page Six

Whenever we see a photo of a celebrity in Italy, it looks like the most wonderful, lavish vacay ever. Of course, Italy is so beautiful that it wouldn't be possible not to have a magical time there.

Jason's time in Italy is no exception and he looks really great in this photo. His tattoo is pretty cool, too.

17 And Here, Jason Looks Strong And Fit

via Pinterest

Here's another photo of Jason with his surfboard, and this time, it looks like he's just finished up catching some waves.

If we've ever wanted to learn to surf, we're feeling pretty inspired right about now. Or maybe we just wish that he could give us some surfing lessons. Then we could ask him some questions about Game Of Thrones. That would be a lot of fun.

16 He's Having Some Fun With A Just Married Couple On The Beach


Jason clearly has an awesome sense of humor, and that's something that we really appreciate in a celebrity. It makes us feel like we could actually spend time with them.

In this awesome pic, Jason's sneaking up on a couple who got married. How much do we wish that happened to us?!

15 He Rescued His Cell Phone (And Looked Amazing)

via TMZ

There's nothing worse than getting water on your cell phone when you're on vacation, whether you're sitting by the pool or on the beach. Of course, you know that you shouldn't have your phone near water... but it can be hard to resist.

Jason's just like us and he totally lost his cell phone in the ocean... but he rescued it, too.

14 The Actor Went For A Dip In The Ocean

via Pinterest

We could literally stare at photos of Jason Momoa on the beach all day. This is one of his best ones.

There are two types of people in the world: those who love to actually swim in the ocean and those who like to sit and read or stare at the ocean and suntan. We can totally tell which one Jason is.

13 The View Is Great (And The Ocean Isn't Bad, Either)

via PopSugar

When he's photographed on vacation, especially on a beach vacation, Jason either looks like he's having the best time ever... or he looks super serious, as he does here.

We're happy to look at any picture of the star, no matter how cheerful or serious he looks. We do wonder what he was thinking about here, though.

12 The 'Game Of Thrones' Star Is Off On A Peaceful Bike Ride

via Twitter

Okay, so we thought that seeing Jason Momoa surfing on the beach was an awesome sight. But now we've seen him riding a bike on the beach and he looks so peaceful and like he's having so much fun that this might be our new favorite photo of him. Look at the way that the wind is waving his hair around.

11 Heres Another Hawaii Meet-And-Greet With A Big Fan

via CBC

We would be grinning from ear to ear if we ran into Jason Momoa on the beach. We can only imagine how super excited this fan was to find him in Hawaii. She looks happy but a bit surprised, and we can't say that we blame her. This would be the coolest moment ever.

10 Here He Is In Queensland, Rocking His Casual, Hipster Look

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Jason's also been spotted in Queensland, and he's got his casual, hipster, cool look going strong in this photo, too.

This is also an amazing photo because it allows his fans to get an up-close-and-personal look at the tattoo on his left arm. We really dig this pattern and think that it looks really great.

9 Jason's Going For A Swim (Twice)

via American Way and Daily Mail

These photos are a really great study in contrasts. On the left, you have Jason posing for what seems to be a professional photoshoot. He's smiling for the camera and his trademark long hair looks as amazing as it always does. On the right, he's surfing, and looks chill and at ease. We love them both.

8 Another Awesome Pic Of Jason

via Pinterest

When this photo was taken, the actor, husband, and dad pulled his hair back into his typical ponytail, and he looks incredible.

It looks like he got some highlights in his hair as the bottom part is blonder than the rest. He honestly has the most perfect, epic hair ever.

7 We're Swooning Over This Beachy Photo Shoot

via American Airlines Magazine

If a star is going to pose for a photoshoot, we totally think that it should take place on the beach. The ocean is always going to be a gorgeous backdrop.

Jason looks amazing and we love that he's wearing a casual but cool outfit of jeans and a vest. His long hair looks epic, too, but we knew that would be the case.

6 He Gave An 'Aquaman' Interview With His Gorgeous Long Hair

via The Atlanta Business Journal and Daily Mail

When Jason starred in Aquaman in 2018, fans were really excited to see what he would bring to the role. In these photos, the star is getting interviewed about the movie on the beach, and his rugged style and long hair are still going strong. We think that his beard looks great, too.

5 It Looks Like Hawaii Totally Agrees With The Star

via Daily Mail

Have we ever seen Jason Momoa look so totally relaxed and at ease? The actor might as well have "good vibes only" on his shirt as that's the kind of thing that he seems to be thinking. He looks like he's having an amazing time hanging out at the beach (and he looks as good as ever).

4 He's A Family Man And It's Super Sweet

both images are via Pinterest

Jason and his wife, Lisa, have two children, Lola and Nakoa-Wolf, and from these two pictures, we can see that he really loves being around his kids.

People always say that having a family is so rewarding. We can totally see that's the case based on how happy Jason looks.

3 Jason's Enjoying A Nice Swim

via Jason Momoa News

We're not sure why Jason kept his shirt on when he went swimming, but this is another amazing photo that we could stare at all day long, so we're not going to complain. He seems like one of those people who finds a lot of happiness when they're around water.

2 Just Another Day At The Beach

via Daily Mail

By now, we can tell one thing about Jason Momoa (besides how good his hair looks no matter what day it is): he loves to surf. And whether he's literally on his board catching some waves, or he's carrying the board around, he looks so in control that we bet he could win any surfing competition.

1 He Looks Great In A Tank Top And Board Shorts


Finally, we have another picture of Jason Momoa that is definitely making us swoon, as he walks out of the ocean wearing a tank top and board shorts.

From the way that he's running his hand through his long hair, it's almost like he can tell that he has the most magical hair ever. (Okay, we're sure that he knows.)

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