20 Photos Of J-Lo On Vacation (That'll Make A-Rod Jealous)

Jennifer Lopez is one of the hottest celebrities of our generation, and it seems as if the 50-year-old isn't planning to slow down anytime soon.

Over the years Jen dated (and was married) to plenty of famous guys, but now she seems to have found her happiness with former professional baseball player Alex Rodriguez. And while the two seem to be doing great, we thought we'd take a trip down memory lane and dig up some pics of J-Lo that could make A-Rod a bit jealous.

In particular, we focused on Jen's vacation photos where she was either affectionate with another man, or she looked so good it should be a crime!Okay, here they are — 20 photos of Jennifer Lopez on vacation that will make Alex Rodriguez jealous!

20 Let's Start Off With This Pic Of Jen Posing On A Yacht

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Okay, we're certainly starting off with a banger — but how could we not! This might just be one of the most epic vacation pics we've ever seen, and we're not surprised that Jennifer Lopez is in it! The diva looks amazing, and we bet this photo makes A-Rod immediately check on what she's up to...

19 Here She Is Getting Cozy In The Water With Ex-Boyfriend Casper Smart

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According to Ranker, Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart dated from 2011 until 2014, and if you wondered how many vacations they went on together — this list will prove that there were plenty. In the pic above you can see Casper giving Jen a loving hug in the water.

18 And This Is Jen With Ex-Husband Marc Anthony In Italy

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Singer Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez got married back in 2004 and while they seemed to be happy enough to grow old together — their fairytale ended in 2011 when they decided to get a divorce. The two have adorable twins together — Emme and Maximilian!

17 How Stunning Is The Outfit That Jen Wore To St. Tropez?

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Honestly, Jennifer Lopez could probably wear a trash bag and still look like the gorgeous goddess that she is, but seeing her in outfits like the one above definitely makes us stare for a long time. It's okay, you can stay on the image for as long as you want — A-Rod won't know!

16 And Here's The Diva Sharing An Ice Cream With Marc

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Well, sharing ice cream with someone is definitely pretty romantic, which makes us think that Alex Rodriguez won't be too happy about us bringing this photo up. But hey, Jen and Marc were married back then, so seeing them share some desert while on vacation really isn't that strange!

15 Jen Knows Everything About Beach Fashion

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Well, this is quite obvious but we thought we'd still point it out — Jennifer Lopez does not do a beach look like we do (meaning we just put on our swimsuit), Jennifer Lopez makes sure to accessorize the look like the true fashion icon that she is!

14 And Here She Is With Casper And Her Daughter Emme

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While it seems as if Jen's kids had fun with all of Jen's boyfriends after her split from Marc Anthony, it certainly seems as if they had plenty of fun with Casper Smart in particular! Just look at how happy little Emme looks in the pics above!

13 In France, Jen And Marc Loved Going On Boats

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Since Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez were married for seven years, it is only natural that the two did a lot of traveling together. In the photos above you can see the couple enjoy some romantic time together while on a boat ride down the French coast.

12 And She Did That In Turkey With Casper As Well

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Judging from these vacation pics, it seems as if Jennifer Lopez loves spending her free time on boats — especially if the boats just so happen to be luxurious yachts. Yup, in the pic above you can see her with her ex-boyfriend Casper Smart on exactly one of those.

11 Here's Jen Serving Us Looks In A Gorgeous Green Beach Dress

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Most of us would look totally ridiculous showing up at a beach wearing one of these dramatic long cover-ups like J-Lo's, but she certainly looks like she was born to wear them. We have yet to see a bad photo of the 50-year-old diva!

10 And Here She Is Laughing At Marc's Joke At A Dock In Antibes, France

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Well, no man wants to see his woman genuinely laughing and flirting with another guy, but unfortunately for Alex Rodriguez, there's proof of Jen doing that — but luckily it happened before the J-Lo and A-Rod were ever an item. Whatever Marc said in the pics above had the diva crying from laughter!

9 We Bet A-Rod Doesn't Like Seeing These Pics

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Here's another photo of Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart getting all cozy in the water, and all we can look at is Jen's amazing set of abs. Seriously, the mother of two is in such ridiculously good shape that we're starting to think she must be superhuman!

8 Especially If Jen Looks Fire Next To Another Man

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We simply can't get over how seductive and sensual some of J-Lo's looks are. Nowadays she rocks them next to A-Rod, but back in the days she rocked them next to some of her ex-baes and in the pic above you can see her once again with Casper Smart.

7 Here She Is, Once Again With Marc, On A Fancy Yacht

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Well, we already brought up that Jennifer is all about that luxurious life — fancy yachts included. Both she and Marc Anthony look very pleased on this one, but we might also have to attribute the smile on their faces to the drinks in their hands!

6 And This Is Jen And Casper Arriving In Miami For A Vacation

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As we suspected, the diva travels in style, which means she gets picked up by private drivers while rocking some sky-high heels — even on vacation. The photos above show her and Casper Smart arriving in Miami, Florida for a short vacation back in 2012.

5 Even On Vacation, Jen Likes To Stick To Her Workout Routine

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Honestly, it's no wonder that the 50-year-old is in such amazing shape as she clearly sticks to a regular workout — even if she's on vacation. Most of us spend our vacations munching delicious food and gaining a few pounds, but Jen clearly knows better!

4 But She Also Likes To Keep Her Men Safe

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Okay, let's move on to another photo of Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart that Alex Rodriguez won't like seeing — this time it's his lady rubbing sunscreen onto another guy's back. Luckily, she does that to him now, so he has nothing to worry about.

3 Here's Jen In France Serving Looks While Taking Pics

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Just when we thought we couldn't see a hotter pic of Jen on vacation, she keeps on surprising us. Not many could rock a romper that short, but Jennifer Lopez — who works out even on vacation — certainly has the legs to pull it off!

2 And Here She Is Stealing Everyone's Show In This Bathing Suit

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That beautiful, crochet bathing suit was pretty much made for Jennifer Lopez and we honestly can't even think of anyone else who would look better in it than the diva. Alex Rodriguez is definitely one lucky guy, and we certainly hope that he knows that!

1 Lastly, Here Are Jen And Casper Having A Cute Moment With Her Kids

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To wrap the list up here are two pics of Jennifer Lopez and her children having fun with Casper Smart on a beach. Together they decided to bury a friend in the sand, and as you can tell — the kids were loving it while Jen was documenting the whole thing for the family's private album!

Source: ranker.com

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