Hostels are cheaper solutions for the most hardcore of travellers, and it's more often than not, a place where you stay for a fleeting amount of time while you go on an adventure in the city. Backpackers are hostels' biggest target, providing a cheaper option with less of the commodities you'd find at a chain hotel.

However, quite a few of those backpackers acknowledge the lack of comfort and commodities and take it up a notch, disregarding common sense and treating the hostels as nothing more than a dump. Here are some pictures that prove how a modern hostel can be turned into a messy nightmare with just a few things you should definitely avoid doing when staying in a hostel.

20 Cheaper Prices Don't Mean You Can Slack Off

Yes, hostels are cheaper options for every traveller, which means there is less comfort, such as common bedrooms and bathrooms, but that doesn't mean you can slack off. In fact, when you spend the night at a hotel, you have your own room, and in a hostel, you're set to sleep on a bunk bed in a room full of other travellers. Respect the space.

19 A Lot Of Teenagers, Too Many Bad Decisions

There are quite a lot of young travellers with a backpack and not a lot of money, so they are bound to stay in a hostel. However, the younger you are, the worse the decisions you make. Generally, you'll find that young backpackers are less concerned with cleaning and more with partying and socializing. This is not a good thing, especially for other travellers who have to get some sleep.

18 Even Prisoners Are Tidier Than This

No room should ever come close to this level of mess and trash, especially when you have to sleep in the same room as many other travellers. Leaving clothes hanging around on the floor, food and trash, is a big no when you're sharing a hostel with many other backpackers. Keep in mind just because you're in another country, doesn't mean you need to drop all manners.

17 Forgetting To Throw Out The Trash

Common rooms such as a lounge or kitchen are meant to be kept clean, but many don't follow those rules. In fact, many do the exact opposite, keeping common spots of the hostel filled with empty bottles of drinks, fast food leftovers, and others. This is everything you shouldn't do when you spend the night at a hostel.

16 No Room To Walk, No Room To Breathe

Listen, we get it, backpackers probably spend the entire journey living out of their backpacks, but that doesn't mean you can have everything laying around in the middle of the floor like it's your home. It's a shared space, people don't want to wake up and trip all over your bags.

15 Fights In Hostels Are Not That Uncommon

What happens when you have random strangers all together in one room with not a lot of comfort, too much trash and stress? Most of the time, drama ensues, whether it be over big problems or even over a french fry. Tension and stress can pile up and there have been actual physical fights in hostels before. Better keep this in mind before deciding on a hostel over a hotel.

14 Trashing The Entire Space

Having respect for a common space, shared between several people (even if strangers), is a must for any person. Didn't your mother teach you any manners? When going to a hostel, try not to trash the entire place, clean up after yourself, and your travelling adventures are bound to be less messy.

13 Not Doing Your Dishes Is A Big Disrespect

If you're going to use the common spaces, you should definitely clean after yourself. That's what you should do every time, no matter where you are, even at your own house, so why not do it when you're sharing a kitchen with plenty of other travellers? If you use the dishes, clean, it's not that hard.

12 A Dirty Hostel Nightmare

Staying in a hostel only to be surrounded by trash and dirty clothes is nothing short of a nightmare. How can people sleep in the middle of so much dirty and such a horrid smell? Many backpackers have to live in these conditions, sometimes not because of their own trash, but because of others. Keep that in mind: it's not just you in that room.

11 Disgusting Food Making The Rooms Smell Even Worse

If you're going to bring food into the hostel, make sure it's not raw fish and smelly food. As said before, you're not the only one in the room. Be mindful of others, especially when people are trying to sleep or eat something else. It's bad enough to let dirty and smelly clothes lying around. Yikes.

10 Dirty Clothes And Underwear Spread Everywhere

Come on, this is a no brainer. Why would you leave your dirty underwear and clothes lying around, hung on bunk bed stairs and lying on the floor? People will see it and definitely smell it. Keep your clothes packed until you can find somewhere to clean them or until you get back home. This isn't your permanent home, it's just a stop along the way.

9 Parties Go Too Far, Too Fast

Yes, hostel parties are a thing, especially considering the number of young backpackers staying in these places. Parties can go until late at night, not minding whoever wants to sleep, and it sometimes leads to lots of refreshments and loud music. Imagine how much dirtier the hostels get after these parties.

8 The Smell Is Almost Unbearable

Half-eaten food laying around, dirty and smelly clothes hanging on bunk beds, unwashed dishes, trash on the ground... the smell is almost unbearable but most backpackers don't seem to mind it, especially when they get to the hostel after a long day. The result? A messy hostel room like this one.

7 Ripping Apart Hostel Property

It's bad enough to leave trash and unwashed dishes around, but to completely destroy hostel property? That's a big no, especially because that's not something you'd do at a hotel. Why would you visit a new country or a new city and destroy the property of a hostel that is providing a cheaper option for you?

6 Watch Out, Not Everyone Treats Privacy With Respect

Hostels are great ways to meet new people from all over the world, but remember what your parents told you: "stranger danger". Unfortunately, not all people are kind and respectful. Be mindful of your belongings, not everyone is respectful of your privacy and property.

5 With Shared Bathrooms Comes A Common Problem

Shared bathrooms often mean a lack of hygiene as it is, but backpackers at hostels seem to make it even worse. Leaving underwear in sinks, hair laying around on the sinks and shower, as well as used shaving razors or unflushed toilets. It's making us itch just thinking about the filth.

4 A Smaller Space Is No Excuse For Poor Cleaning Skills

When staying at a hostel, the space you have for yourself is very narrow, mostly just the upper or lower half of a bunk bed. A smaller space, however, is no excuse to have everything messy. Keep your clothes packed in your backpack unless you need them immediately, and definitely throw your trash out, don't leave it for others to clean.

3 A Messy Room Reflects A Messy Mind

Travelling can be stressful. Most times things don't go as planned and it's hard to keep track of every change you face along the way, which may cause tension during an otherwise relaxing journey. However, if you keep your hostel space dirty, that turns your mind into an even bigger mess. Keep this in mind and keep your room clean.

2 Remember: It's Not A College Dorm

You can't just treat a hostel like a dorm, this isn't your assigned space for a whole year or more. You stay a few nights, if more than one, and you move on to the next city or adventure, and you're leaving behind trash and filth that show just how careless and immature you are. Be mindful that this isn't your space: you're paying to stay the night.

1 It's Not An Hotel, No One Will Make The Bed For You

In a hostel, you don't have the same commodities that you find at a hotel. Most importantly, no one is going to clean after you. During your travel adventure, it's time to find yourself and learn new things. Here's a tip: learn to clean after yourself and you'll have a wonderful time anywhere.