When you think of Dubai, images of lavish, over-the-top decadence probably come to mind. With good reason too. Pop culture has portrayed the city in a way that magnifies its penchant for catering to the rich, the famous, and the powerful. It is not uncommon to see the city’s streets full of half million dollar cars driving to their homes set in high rise lofts overlooking the city and the ocean.

Ever since Dubai set out to make a name for itself by building the tallest skyscraper in the world, it immediately became synonymous with the idea of outdoing every other city when it came to pretty much anything and everything – tallest building, largest mall, largest indoor theme park, manmade sand islands in the shape of a giant palm tree and another island as a map of the world. The list goes on and on. Dubai does not have a shortage of things to do and see.

With so much going on, it’s no wonder that the city attracts tourists from around the world, but most notably, tourists that are part of the top 1%. With so many wealthy visitors, it stands to reason that the city is going to have its fair share of top-notch hotels. In fact, Dubai is home to some of the world’s most expensive hotel suites. Some of these hotel suites can get so lavish, that it’s hard to fathom that they’re real. Here’s a look at Dubai’s most expensive hotel suite -the Royal Bridge Suite at Atlantis The Palm - that’ll make us all a bit envious of those who get to book it for even just one night.

20 It Has Its Own Island

Before we even introduce ourselves to the suite, we have to understand the hotel itself. The hotel is called Atlantis The Palm. It’s an upscale hotel that quite literally sits on its own manmade island out in the ocean. To be exact, it sits on the outermost island in a series of islands that form a gigantic palm tree. The hotel is situated on the island furthest from Dubai, which gives it a superior vantage point when it comes to views.

You can see all of the islands and the city’s magnificent skyline on one side while having an unobstructed view of the ocean’s endless blue on the other side.

19 Here's An Even Better View of the Island and The Series It's Part Of

To truly give you a clear picture of the hotel’s location, this stunning aerial view highlights the magnitude of the islands that compose the palm tree-shaped, manmade sand structures that Atlantis The Palm sits on. Breathtaking in its beauty and awe-inspiring in its size, the islands provide the hotel truly unmatched real estate, far out into the ocean, giving visitors a sense of exclusivity and privacy, while overlooking one of the most beautiful city skylines in the world.

18 The Hotel Has an Underwater Sea Theme

The hotel’s theme is that of the sea, underwater, and what’s found in the ocean. Although the theme might seem playful and light, the hotel still manages to mix that jovial demeanor with one of sophistication and elegance, still keeping its high-class status intact.

In this picture, you can see the hotel’s lobby keeping in standing with the underwater theme with the columns covered in giant seashells, the ocean-centric paintings and the main art décor forming a striking water whirlpool sculpture.

17 An Entrance Fit for Royalty

Now that we have gotten to see the grand hotel and its exclusive location, we can take a peek into one of the most coveted hotel suites in all of Dubai – the Royal Bridge Suite.

At well over $30,000 a night, this suite gives you everything you could want. The price can balloon to over $35,000 per night, depending on the day of week and events taking place throughout the city.

As you first walk into the suite, after stepping out of your own private elevator, this is your view down the elegant hallway. The entrance immediately sets the tone of your stay. Did we mention the entrance also has its own guards to ensure your security?

16 The Master Bedroom is Sophistication and Grandeur

Before walking down the hall to explore the entire suite, immediately upon entering, the master bedroom is off to the side for easy access. In a room for the world’s wealthiest, you’re bound to find luxury unlike any other.

The bedroom features a beautiful and spacious bed that has welcomed celebrities like Kim Kardashian. The theme moves away from the lighthearted sea theme and takes on one of grandeur and elegance as can be seen in the image above.

15 A Master Bath Only the Rich Can Afford

Before exiting the master bedroom and touring the rest of the suite, the master bath is something to behold. Full of luxury and any amenity you not only need, but can think of, the bathroom features high ceilings, a standing shower, and a spa tub. All of these are to be expected in a suite of this cost, but the hotel doesn’t disappoint.

It offers soap made from 14k gold. It might be seen as unnecessarily extravagant, but it is a luxury that is truly only for the richest travelers.

14 Bedroom Number 2 Is Still Better Than Your Average Hotel Room

As you exit the master bedroom and begin your journey into the suite, you will find the second bedroom adjacent to the master. As you enter the bedroom, you will find two full-size beds with the same style and design as the master room’s bed.

Although considered one of the smaller rooms in the suite, it is essentially the room most folks get at an upscale hotel, only more luxurious. The room has its own bathroom and private access to a balcony that gives unmatched views.

13 Ensuite Bathroom With a View

The second bedroom has its own ensuite bathroom and it doesn’t disappoint. With as much luxury as the master bathroom, this one is just as impressive. It offers its own spa tub that is very spacious, perfect for the ultimate relaxation.

The best feature of the bathroom is its location. Situated right by a window that overlooks the ocean, the view is breathtaking and serene.

12 A Living Room Unlike Any Other

As you exit the second bedroom and walk down the hallway again, you will finally reach the living room. Here, you’ll find a sprawling room that opens up into a space that offers size and style. Incorporating the sea theme again, it can be seen in the columns and the décor. It manages to keep its elegance and sophistication as can be seen in the image above.

The living room also connects to several other spaces that offer guests incredible amenities like a lounge, a game room, a massage room and a private library. One of the best features of the living room is the beautiful view.

11 A Space for Fun and Relaxation

Immediately adjacent to the magnificent living room is the suite’s game room. Here, there are all kinds of activities to do including lounging, watching TV, playing chess, using the telescope to take in the views, or perusing the antique looking private library found in the suite.

It’s one of the more relaxed rooms in the nearly 10,000 square foot suite that offers guests plenty of fun.

10 More Fun to Be Had

In the same game room, there’s a pool table that ties in the theme of accommodating luxury and sophistication. Nothing says adult fun like some pool and some cocktails which can be served in the private bar found in the same room.

One of the best perks of renting out this suite is that it comes with 24-hour butler service. When called upon, they'll serve whatever you desire while you’re relaxing and playing billiards.

9 Private Balconies with Views Throughout

As you finish your game of pool, you can move over to one of the many balconies that the suite offers to take in the panoramic views. With private balconies on each side of the suite, one facing the city of Dubai and another facing the endless ocean, you can essentially enjoy 360 degrees worth of views.

Situated in the most ideal location of the hotel, the suite stands above the rest, high in the air which gives guests a vantage point unlike any other.

8 The Suite is Basically a Bridge

Speaking of the suite’s ideal location within the hotel’s property, it essentially serves as the connecting structure between the hotel’s two buildings. It’s quite literally a sky bridge between the two towers, only for your own private use as a guest.

In the image above, the suite would be the structure connecting the two buildings with the balconies wrapping around the room. This room is a statement to the rest of the hotel patrons – you are the number one guest.

7 A Lounge for Relaxing in Grand Style

Once you are done relaxing on one of the private balconies and taking in the sprawling views, you can go back inside and do some more lounging in the lounge/common area adjacent to the living room and game room.

Here, you’ll find seating areas and TVs in an open space with impressive high ceilings. The standout here is the beautiful décor, open concept, massive size and even more views.

6 More Grandeur as You Tour

As you exit the common area, you can continue down another magnificent hallway through the suite toward the last few rooms left to explore (the third and last bedroom and the dining room).

The hallway, like the first, is overwhelming in size and its style simply radiates elegance and grandeur. With entryways to the massage room, closets, and the last remaining rooms, it is filled with all of the small amenities and decorations that give the suite its aesthetic superiority.

5 Dining in Luxury

As you walk down the second hallway, you will find the dining room on your right. As you enter, you will be taken back by its size and its style. Although the décor focuses on giving guests a feeling of luxury and sophistication, punctuated by the chandeliers and candleholders, it still manages to tie in and maintain the underwater sea theme through the aquatic blue color found in the chairs.

Enough to seat 16 guests, no one will go hungry, especially when you consider quite possibly the best feature of the entire suite – you get your own personal chef throughout your stay!

4 Underwater Sea Theme Taken to the Extreme

Throughout the entire hotel suite, you will find that the staff has done an incredible job of incorporating their theme in countless details. The oceanic theme can be found in the carpeting, the drapes, the tile, the columns, the wall art, the ceiling paintings and more.

The colors of the sea are also included throughout the suite in a way that livens up the demeanor of each room, while still being relaxing and sophisticated. The image above is an example of the theme being used in a beautiful and grand way, making the chandelier in the dining room resemble a jellyfish while still adding class.

3 The Last Bedroom is Pure Sophistication

In the third and final bedroom of the suite, you will find that the room has a sophisticated feel, toning down the theme, while focusing on high-end luxury. Situated on the far end of the suite, opposite the first two rooms, this bedroom features a king size bed and sleeps 2 (or more depending on how comfortable guests are with one another).

With its own private balcony and bathroom, like the others, no expenses are spared.

2 The Bathroom Flows with The Room

The bathroom attached to the final bedroom does a great job of keeping the same feel of the room intact. Matching the décor and colors, the final bathroom is grand in size and offers more breathtaking views of the ocean.

With a suite as big as the Royal Bridge, each room and bathroom will be overwhelming in size. This one is no different. Of course, every soap, shampoo and amenity you can possibly think of will be at your disposal

1 A Suite as Grand as Dubai

As you exit your stay and leave the premises, one final look at the Atlantis The Palm in Dubai will confirm its grandeur. A hotel, not only massive in size, but in its pursuit of excellence, offers the most expensive suite in a city that focuses on excess.

With complimentary chefs, security, butlers, airport transportation, massages and excursions such as swimming with dolphins, it’s no wonder that this is one of the most coveted suites in not just the city, but in the world.

Sitting atop the hotel in between its two towers, the Royal Bridge is sure to make us all jealous, even if its visitors have to pay well over $30k per night.

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