There’s something so captivating when it comes to an area that was left behind. Photographers, in particular, have a fascination when it comes to an abandoned area. Seeing nature run its course on a certain area is something to behold. This tends to happen more times than not when a resort is completely abandoned.

In this article, we highlight resorts that were left behind all over the world. These days, the resorts look unrecognizable compared to their prime days. Reasons for abandonment vary throughout the article. In some cases, a natural disaster like a Hurricane caused the destruction of the location. However, we also have examples of when costs run too high and those in charge can no longer maintain the location. Sadly, this leads its abandonment with investors looking elsewhere.

We’ll feature various locations in the article. We include warmer destinations such as Cuba and Mexico. However, we’ll also feature spots that were at one time attractive destinations such as Egypt. Due to the touristic downfall, it has led to so many places being completely left behind.

From abandoned UFO-like resort structures in Taiwan to a forgotten ski resort in South Korea, we feature 20 photos of resorts that were sadly left behind. Enjoy the article and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started!

19 Grossinger’s Catskill Resort Hotel In New York

Despite its complete and utter abandonment, photos of this resort might make a traveler want to make this trip regardless. Especially for those that love photos, the current state of this forgotten resort is a truly surreal one and definitely picture worthy.

The entire location looks completely unrecognizable today. The pool area itself seems to be covered in spray paint and grass. Some of the areas of the hotel also have vegetation coming out of the foundation. It closed in 1986 and clearly, hasn’t been maintained ever since. Surreal to see that such a resort was left to rot for three decades. According to recent news, the location is set for complete demolishment.

18 Abandoned Ski Resort In South Korea

South Korea invested lots of funny money during the recent Olympic Games. However, certain areas didn’t get the renovations they needed at that includes a certain ski resort that was completely abandoned and forgotten about.

Photos of the town are truly surreal. The ski lift seems to be totally rusted and unmaintained. The resort on the inside might be worse, everything seems to be completely rusted and absolutely destroyed. Given the costs required to fix all of these problems, demolishing the area might be the best way to go. However, for now, onlookers can continue to enjoy the surreal photos of the area nowadays, completely abandoned.

17 Forgotten Resort Location In Poland

When we think of resorts, Poland isn’t the first country most travelers think of. That might be the exact reason for this resort’s demise. The area looks completely unrecognizable on both the outside and inside. These days, tourists can take photos of what used to be a fine resort.

Windows are completely shattered, rust and mold exist everywhere and the vegetation on the outside if slowly starting to take over, that tends to be the case when maintenance isn’t met. The resort area looks real eerie these days and one most wouldn’t want to visit, unlike its prime days.

16 Forgotten Resort In Cuba

Cuba is a popular hot spot for both resorts and hotels. Of course, the country makes most of its money off tourism. Travelers love Cuba particularly for the stunning beaches and watercolor, it is among the very best.

As some might expect, not every resort makes it. Some fall short of expectations and it results in one of the two scenarios. One being, it transforms into another hotel under a different ownership team. The second is complete abandonment which tends to be such a shame. Unfortunately, that’s the case with this hotel resort, one that was completely left behind.

15 St. Martin Resort Take A Huge Hit

Back in the summer of 2017, Hurricane Irma caused some serious havoc on the St. Martin island. A year later, sadly, so many residents in St. Martin continue to struggle following the devastating effects.

The result wasn’t a pretty one with several resorts and hotel completely damaged from head-to-toe. Some were lucky enough to repair the issues while others weren’t as they needed to shut down completely and abandon their resort due the damage inflicted. This is just one of the many locations to suffer because of the hurricane.

14 Abandoned Pool at Forgotten Egypt Resort

A pool with no water followed by archers of deserted land, that appears to be the case for this abandoned resort over in Egypt. Unfortunately, Egypt seems to be a country trending in the opposite direction when it comes to tourism.

This used to be a sought-after destination back in the 90s and it was the country’s main source of income. However, in the 2000s, the area has seen a huge drop-off and it has led to the demise of various hotels and resorts, similar to the one shown in the photo above.

13 Hachijo Royal Hotel Resort, Tokyo

During the 1960s, when Japan issued various traveling sanctions, they attempted to create vacation spots in the country for their very own people. According to Ridgelines Images, the goal of this resort was to create a type of Hawaii atmosphere in Japan.

It worked for a little while. However, once the travel sanctions lessened, so did the tourism. As of 2006, the massive resort was forced to completely shut down. These days, the area looks unrecognizable with grass up to your knees on the outside. The inside hasn’t been preserved any better with mold and rust all over the place.

12 Harmony House Resort Unmaintained

There’s nothing harmonious about this area nowadays. In truth, it looks like a haunted house from a strange horror flick. The resort is completely left behind these days with actual vegetation growing out of the foundation on the inside. Heck, the main area is no longer covered in concrete but instead actual grass and earth.

That appears to be the theme throughout the location. The roof is also in tough condition as it appears to be almost falling off in most of the rooms. Although it looks fascinating in photos, most of us wouldn’t step into this abandoned resort due to its troubling conditions.

11 Hit By A Hurricane Iniki - Kuhio, Hawaii

Back in this resort’s prime, Elvis actually shot a movie at the Coco Palms Resort. So how did it end up like this you ask? Simple, Hurricane Iniki back in 1992. It was a bad storm and one that caused a near $2 billion worth of damages to the area. Coco Palms was one of the locations affected by the storm. Unfortunately, because of the high amount of damages, it was forced into staying that way for good.

These days, the same location looks completely unrecognizable. The damage remains with the caution tape still all over the place on the inside.

10 Forgotten Resort For The Higher Class In Russia

Similar to Poland, Russia has a lot of abandoned resort locations. A lot of that had to do with trying to keep their population within the country. However, it wouldn’t last and it would lead to the demise of so many resorts and hotels.

The one above is an example and according to the backstory, this was once a resort for those that were involved in organized crime projects. These days, it isn’t serving any kind of purpose, completely abandoned. The grass seems to be almost chest high. It looks like an area nobody wants to be caught in during the night or daytime.

9 Great Keppel Island, Australia

This island in Australia was actually booming back in the 90s and a really popular resort. It would taper off in the years to come and eventually, it was completely abandoned. Just sitting there untouched for ten years, several investors attempted to revive the location but it just wasn’t meant to be.

Unfortunately, just months ago, the area was completely demolished due to all the decay and problems. That happens when it stays untouched for 10 years! The property is up for grabs. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll see another resort built in its place.

8 Abandoned Belvedere Coastal Resort - Dubrovnik, Croatia

“After squeezing through the hole in the wall, I started walking carefully. Hallways were cluttered with building material, rods were sticking out of the walls, the floor was getting weaker and seemed unstable. Smashed bathrooms, uprooted tubs, shattered mirrors. The history was silent.”

This is what Ivan Kralj of the Pipe Away experienced when entering this abandoned hotel in Dubrovnik. Despite its abandonment, it is still breathtaking to see this location given its place by the water. However, on the inside, the place is eerie and chilling with the foundation completely falling apart.

7 Playa Giron, Cuba Resort Swimming Pool

Another resort in Cuba left to look totally unrecognizable these days. From the pool to the structures that are still barely standing, this location continues to be neglected over the years.

It seems unfortunate as the area might have the potential to restructure and rebuild. However, nowadays, it appears to be far too late for that to take place. The only way to restore this area in Cuba is to completely eliminate everything and start from scratch. Given all the land available in Cuba, investors might be more inclined to find a spot elsewhere, without having the hassle of breaking everything down.

6 Fallside Inn, Devoured On The Inside

During its prime, this hotel resort had a massive population. It wasn’t just a hotel but also a hot spot for conference events. It led to the hotel’s boom at one point in time, however clearly, those days are gone.

Located in Niagara Falls, NY, not only is the hotel abandoned but judging by the decor on the inside, it also looks heavily outdated. From the main rooms to the dining area to the conference rooms, the hotel looks eerily similar to something spooky coming out of the 70s or 80s.

5 A Forgotten Cozumel, Mexico Resort

Mexico is another travel spot that tourists love to visit yearly. The location has beautiful weather along with tremendous food. For that reason, time and time again, Mexico continues to be the desired location.

However similar to Cuba, it does have resorts that failed to make it. This one, in particular, can be found in Cozumel, Mexico. These days it resembles anything but a resort. The pool looks dirty while the structures in the background are barely staying afloat these days. It remains a private property and one nobody wants to visit. How sad.

4 Abandoned Resort in The Poconos

“For nearly two decades, the resorts nestled in the Poconos Mountains made this region the “Honeymoon Capital of the World.” Today, it is a landscape dotted with abandoned resorts.”

Travel Addicts perfectly sums up this resort and numerous abandoned resorts in the Poconos area. They were at one-time hot spots for love but these days, they’re the hot spots for absolutely nothing. A big reason for the demise has to do with lack of travelers along with maintenance costs. With the travel market on the decline in the area, owners were unable to keep their resorts up-to-date. That’s a failing recipe and what caused so many resorts to close.

3 The Aspotogan Spa Resort

Despite its downfall and abandonment, the resort still looks quite beautiful from a distance these days. Things weren’t the same on the inside of this Nova Scotia hotel as it was left all alone for years. Despite so much promise, ownership ran out of money and that caused the closure of the hotel.

Sadly, it wasn’t saved despite numerous attempts. It was demolished back in 2016. According to the most recent developments, private properties are to be built in the area. Given the beauty of the location, it isn’t a bad idea.

2 The Smoky Mountains, Tennessee Resort Cabins

Dusty, rusted and products still left in the fridge, this Tennessee cabin resort clearly remains unmaintained for years now. Most of the cabins remain in bad shape both on the outside and inside.

Surrounded by forestry, it isn’t a place travelers want to be caught in at night. However, during the day, the forestry is still quite beautiful to look at. Given the beauty of this location, it is such a shame that these cabins were poorly maintained to the point of being irreplaceable.

1 Resort Town Left Behind In Taiwan

We’re not entirely sure what the thinking was behind this idea, however, those in Taiwan thought it would be a clever idea to create buildings that resembled UFOs or flying saucers. The result was a catastrophic one, only when the buildings became abandoned did they get minor recognition.

Back in 2008, the buildings were to be destroyed. However thanks to a petition, they were preserved with plans of a hotel and beach facilities nearby. This would be the case, however, with a new resort opening up, by 2010 the UFO houses were forced into demolishment to make way for the new locations.

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