In today’s day and age, hopping on an airplane can get us across the state, country or globe in a quick and efficient way. This is a very popular method of transportation, and it has come a long way.

And while traveling can come with its own set of stressors, this is a pretty nice way to take a trip… usually… for the most part.

Down below, there are 20 photos that show how airlines, airports, and airplanes can sometimes disappoint us. They can sometimes fall far below our expectations. And they can sometimes, honestly, just cheap out completely, resulting in images like these sad and bad ones.

Pro Tip: Maybe don’t look at these right before taking a flight… just in case it ruins everything.

20 Don’t Drink The Bathroom Water

The restrooms on planes can be a bit stressful to go into, as they are very small and not always super clean. And while some may want to fill up their water bottles here, don’t! Tests of the water have shown off bacteria, salmonella, and even insect eggs.

19 And Try Not To Touch Anything

Furthermore, these rooms may not be cleaned in the way that some people would want or expect them to be. In between flights, these professionals must make the whole plane look presentable, get new snacks/drinks ready and greet a different set of fliers… That’s a lot and maybe too much.

18 The Food Is Sometimes Questionable

Airlines, at times, cheap out with the food. It may sound quite yummy on the menu, but it could come out looking like this. Food shouldn't float, we're just saying.

17 Or There Are No Free Snacks/Drinks At All

Furthermore, a flight may not offer any complimentary snacks or drinks at all, making guests even pay for water! After being on a plane that has lots of free goodies, this is always a real drag.

16 People May Just Think It Tastes Okay

Those who like airplane food may have been tricked. There could be substitute ingredients in them, preservatives that are supposed to keep things fresh and lots of extra salt and such, which may add flavor but which also end up being unhealthy.

15 Or They May Actually Be Eating A Roach

What is worse than all of this food-related news? Well, ending up with a roach in a plate on an airplane would be pretty bad. But it has happened… so please be careful!

14 Plus, Most Of This Waste May Not Get Recycled

Flights can produce a great deal of waste, and studies have shown that all of this may not even get recycled. Keep that in mind next time an attendant is handing out napkins, bottles, cans, packages, straws, and pamphlets.

13 There’s No Time To Clean The Dirtiest Parts

As mentioned, these teams have a lot to do and a short amount of time to get it all done. Therefore, deep cleaning may get skipped… like cleaning that could get rid of all the germs on that headrest that has seen and touched a lot today and over the years.

12 Which Are Very, Very Dirty

A picture is worth a thousand words, and pictures like this go to show just how gross planes can be. Think of everything that touches the seat and the tray… or try not to maybe!

11 There Are Cramped Aisles

It surely takes a good deal of money to build an airplane, but can these folks not afford to add in a couple of inches? Walking down the aisle, especially when carrying a bag and when there are already people sitting down, is almost impossible.

10 And Even More Cramped Seats

Speaking of those seats… This is another area that is cheaped out on, and everyone agrees that they are too small! Forget trying to recline or even get comfy, because there is not enough room for that.

9 Can They Not Afford To Build A Longer Ramp?

Sometimes, images show off unique airports and runways, where planes must take off/land in strange places. When construction was happening here, did they not think this ramp seemed a bit short? Yikes.

8 Are These Real?

An additional aspect that belongs on this list would be flight attendant uniforms. None of them are cute. Some of them look uncomfortable and itchy. And others are way too short and tight.

7 Will Overhead Bins Ever Be Big Enough?

Can airlines not make overhead bins bigger? Is that not discussed when budgeting? Do the existing rules on these areas make sense right now? And will these spots ever truly be big enough for everyone who is flying?

6 When A Huge Fee Is Owed For A Carry-On Bag

Yes, the overhead bin is for the carry-on bags, and each flight is different. Many allow everyone to bring one on for free, but some charge a fee for that and for luggage and for luggage that ways too much!

5 When The Wait Is Worse Than Ever

As mentioned, traveling comes with its own issues and possible struggles, and there is lots of waiting involved. So when an airport has a less-than-desirable area of chairs, where people are supposed to sit and wait, it is not good.

4 This Is Wrong

There have been times over the years where airlines seemed to have cheaped out when building the actual planes, from materials that were not suitable and seats that were not comfortable to shapes like this that just don’t make sense.

3 This Is Gross

There are messes that get made on flights. There are areas that deserve extra attention from attendants. And there are pics like these that make people never want to step foot on an airplane again.

2 It Is 2019, People

When thinking about where airlines spend money, their kiosks must be mentioned. It is 2019, yet some of these give off dial-up vibes. They are not intuitive, they take forever to load, and when they crash, that is a whole different story!

1 Get With The Program!

Last but not least, there are planes that have television sets on the back of chairs… and there are planes that do not. This is a big area where it seems some lines have truly cheaped out and made quite the mistake.