20 Outdoor Airports More Impressive Than The Actual Destination Itself

Many times, the saying that the journey is better than the destination just isn't true. This is especially the case when it comes to traveling by plane. The process of getting on a plane is bad enough, not to mention the fact that you are stuck in a tube elevated in the air for hours at a time. However, air travel doesn't have to be so bad. While they are still thinking of ways to make your time actually on the plane and in the air better, down back on Earth the airport scene is making large strides to better accommodate its guests. Many airports are making changes which include implementing the outdoors into their airports. Who wants to be stuck inside all day while waiting on your plane?

There are even some airports that are fully outdoors. These airports are usually located on tropical islands and give their guests the feeling of still being on vacation even inside the airport. Often times, the airport is the reminder that you are heading back to normal life and it can be a sad moment for all of us. However, airports like the San Cristobal Airport are making it easier to deal with the pain of leaving vacation and going back to everyday life.

20 San Cristobal Airport, Ecuador

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The San Cristobal airport is a smaller airport that is located on the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. This airport takes pride in it being mostly outdoor as it fits with the theme of nature on the Galapagos Islands. You have a chance to run into some of the island's natives like iguanas or tropical birds. You can't have an experience like that at LAX! The airport is a great place to greet people coming to the island, and the perfect place to bid farewell to an amazing adventure on the Galapagos Islands. You will likely not want to leave the island and that will partly have to do with this amazing airport.

19 Seymour Airport, Ecuador

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Another airport that you can take to and from the Galapagos Islands. The Seymour Airport is located in Ecuador and is on Baltra Island. The airport is currently being used as a naval base and it isn't technically part of the Galapagos Islands. However, you may still get to experience this wonderful airport on your travels to the islands. The airport is mostly inside, but the outside parts it does have will make you not want to leave the island. Similar to the San Cristobal airport, it is a great representation of your stay on the Galapagos islands.

18 Punta Cana International Airport, The Dominican Republic

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The Punta Cana International Airport offers a great introduction to your tropical island vacation. Located on the Dominican Republic, you will likely fly into the airport to get to one of the Dominican Republic's many amazing vacation destinations. The Punta Cana International Airport is unique in the fact that it doesn't have any walls. It simply has a roof and that's it. This allows people to enjoy great views around the airport and even soak in some of the wonderful weather. There are even outdoor lounges where you can grab a drink and a tan while you wait for your flight!

17 Koh Samui Airport, Thailand

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Koh Sumai is a popular tourist spot in Thailand as it is known for its amazing resorts. If you are looking for a fun-filled relaxing vacation, you should definitely consider Koh Sumai. The Koh Sumai Airport is very similar to how the island feels when you are on vacation. It has none of the stresses of typical airports as it is completely outdoors, allowing you to still enjoy Koh Sumai even while you are waiting on your plane to leave. You can even enjoy marvelous mountain views from where you will be seated waiting on your plane to leave the airport.

16 Zuerich Airport, Switzerland

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While the Zuerich Airport isn't technically an all outdoor airport, it does have a lounge that is mainly outside. This lounge is called the Aspire Lounge and features an amazing view of the airfield and Switzerland's horizon. People go into the Aspire Lounge to relax and watch the planes take off while they wait to board. There are many different types of seats in the Aspire Lounge and even a play area for children. The lounge even offers free food to those who visit it. While the weather may not be the most comfortable for being outdoors, it is a special treat while you wait!

15 John F. Kennedy International Airport, the USA

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The John F. Kennedy International Airport doesn't seem like the type of place that would be relaxing. While it obviously isn't an outdoor airport, it does have lounges that take place outside and it can be a very relaxing experience. With how many people are traveling through John F. Kennedy Airport you may need to take some time for yourself and enjoy the amazing views the airport has to offer. There is a 4,046 square foot rooftop terrace right outside of Terminal 5 that has many things like a children's play area and even an area to walk your dog!

14 Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands

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The Panorama Terrace offers a unique take on airport lounges. The Panorama Terrace is located at the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands. The Panorama Terrace is a large open area that lets everyone in the airport get a little breathing room. It also offers awesome views of the Netherlands' skyline. This is a great idea in reducing the crowds that can easily form in airports. The terrace even has restaurants on it if you get hungry. If you want to exercise while you wait you can use stationary bikes that will charge your phone the more you pedal!

13 Heathrow Airport, The UK

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The Heathrow Airport certainly is one of London's busiest airports, so it can be nice to break away from the crowds. If you want to achieve this then you should check out the Virgin Atlantic Heathrow Clubhouse which is something in which you have to become a member of the Virgin's Flying Club Gold program to join. This is definitely worth it if you fly a lot, especially through Heathrow airport. The perks of this program include spa treatments, delicious dining, great drinks, and even a large terrace on the roof in which you can get even more space in personal pods that make you feel even comfier.

12 Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, The USA

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The Austin-Bergstrom International Airport offers a unique relaxing area to its flyers. If you are flying out of the South Terminal then you will find yourself sitting in one of many outside terraces. There are food trucks set up, places to charge your phone, and an opportunity to stay warm in the hot Texas sun. There is even a place to walk your pets if you are traveling with them. The best part is that this all comes free with a ticket purchase so anyone can enjoy it at no extra cost. It definitely beats sitting in a normal boring airport waiting area.

11 Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore

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Many of the outdoor areas in airports all share similar characteristics. Many have restaurants, a terrace, and gift shops. However, the Singapore Changi Airport offers something unique. There is a pool inside the airport. That's right if you are expecting a long layover make sure to pack your swimming wear. The pool is located at Terminal 1 in the Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel and it offers more than just a pool. There are a jacuzzi and even a poolside bar. The best part is this is all outside. That means you can even get a tan in one of the many tanning chairs set up beside the pool.

10 Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong

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The Hong Kong International Airport sets a new record for extra things to do in an airport. There is a small museum located in the airport called the Aviation Discovery Center and through there is a SkyDeck. This is all located at Terminal 2, level 6. The museum has a short history of Hong Kong's history in aviation. The best part has to be the observation deck as it is higher up off the ground giving you a longer viewing range. You can see nearby cities and if you are flying out at the right time you can see a beautiful sunset or sunrise.

9 Frankfurt Airport, Germany

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Many of the airports so far have accommodated the guests with amazing outdoor terraces. However, at the Frankfurt Airport in Germany, there is an observation deck for visitors. This is mainly used for people to see their friend or family member fly off in a comfortable setting. However, if you are a fan of planes this could be a good area to view the planes. However, the observation deck is located before the security check so you won't be able to visit it inside the airport. It is, however, located near the food court so it is a great place to take food and eat outside.

8 Trat Airport, Thailand

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The Trat Airport is more of an exclusive members-only airport as it is owned by a particular airline, and if you aren't flying with them you won't get access to this airport. Make sure to fly with Bankok Airways to get the best experience. The main reason you are flying out of Trat Airport is to visit the Trat Islands, and while you are waiting for your flight the fun will already start at the airport. There are many gardens to walk through, and the warm air around the airport will make you stress-free while waiting on your flight. There are even bushes that are carved to look like baby elephants. How can you not like Trat Airport?

7 Kona International Airport, The USA

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If you want a great introduction to your stay in Hawaii, then the Kona International Airport is a great airport to fly into. This warm and comforting outside the airport will make you want to stay and soak up the atmosphere. The same can be said for when you are leaving the airport and heading back home. The airport's inside areas are designed to resemble huts and bungalows that you can see on the different islands of Hawaii. Don't worry, if you do need to go inside for any reason most of the buildings are open to the outside, so you won't be missing the amazing weather.

6 Sydney International Airport, Australia

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There is a great terrace located in Sydney International Airport's Terminal 1 that will allow you to look out at plane's taking off and landing. Not only that but you will be able to soak up Australia's sun a bit more before you have to bid farewell. There are several places to grab a snack or coffee and those include The Terrace Bar, Bistro, and Café. There is even a bar that has a wide variety of flowers to get lost looking at. Overall, the Sydney International Airport's observation deck accommodates guests perfectly and allows them to take a break from the stresses of the airport itself.

5 Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, The USA

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The Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport located in Atlanta Georgia is the largest airport in the world. This means that they should have a wide variety of places where guests can get out of the craziness of the airport. Luckily they do and it is part of the  Delta's Sky Club. If you are a member of this club you can enjoy one of many outdoor lounges that have accommodations like WiFi, an outdoor bar, electrical outlets, comfortable chairs, and even heaters if you are traveling during the winter months. The best terrace to visit is the one located at Concourse F as it doesn't get to busy there and the views are the best there.

4 Long Beach Airport, The USA

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As we have already mentioned before, California is a great place to have an outdoor area to your airport. This is no exception at the Long Beach Airport in California. There are over 22,000 square feet worth of space outdoors inside the Long Beach Airport. Breezeways that are lined with palm trees will give you a very tropical and beach vibe as you are heading to or from Long Beach. There are several restaurants and even a wine bar next to a fire pit. It is the perfect place to watch the sun go down as you are waiting to board your next flight.

3 Palm Springs International Airport, The USA

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If you want a relaxing airport experience, look no further than the Palm Spring International Airport. SmarterTravel claims it is one of the most stress-free airport experiences you can have in the United States. The airport is both indoor and outdoor, however, you will likely be spending most of your time outside because of the amazing views it has. You can wait for your flight while looking at the mountains that litter the California skyline. If you are flying into the Palm Springs Airport, then it is the perfect first impression of California. You know your trip will be sun-filled and relaxing from there on out.

2 Los Angeles International Airport, The USA

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LAX is one of the largest and busiest airports in the world. People in the airport are constantly scrambling around and stressing about finding their next flight. However, there is a way to escape the stress inside of Los Angeles International Airport. There is an exclusive lounge located near the Tom Bradley International Terminal. The lounge is called the Star Alliance Lounge. You can access the lounge by being a business class flyer or being part of the Star Alliance Gold member club. If you do get access to this wonderful lounge you will be treated with a nice outdoor lounge area where you can get amazing views of the Hollywood Hills.

1 Rahadi Osman Airport, Indonesia

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If you are looking to go on a hike through a rainforest or simply enjoy mother nature in Indonesia, chances are you will be passing through the Rahadi Soman Airport. The main place the airport takes you is Borneo which is a large island off the coast of Indonesia. The Rahadi Osman Airport is the perfect place to prepare you for your trip to Borneo. This is because most of the airport is located outside allowing you to feel and breathe the air that you will be enjoying during your time in Borneo. There is a lot of vegetation present at the Rahadi Osman Airport that will make you feel like you are on a tropical vacation.

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