Tourist attractions around the world are typically the same type of thing. Some may be a simple restaurant that is only located there or perhaps it is something larger like an amusement park. Some smaller towns will have some strange things that make them stand out amongst other small towns. However, in the world, there are several strange attractions that leave many scratching their heads. These attractions lead to a lot of business due to how strange they are and they attract many tourists some just traveling to see a strange attraction.

Sometimes this could be something as simple as a sculpture on the side of the road with some strange origin story. Or it could be something along the lines of a whole art museum that only features bad art. Whatever the case these attractions around the world are super strange and totally out of left field. Most of the attractions are open to the public and can be visited by anyone. However, many of them you may be wondering why anyone would want to visit them. Attractions will always be a great driving force for tourism and it seems the stranger the better! But sometimes it might be a little TOO strange.

20 The Fremont Troll Sculpture In Washington, the United States

This may be the creepiest tourist spot on this list. This giant humanoid statue is located in Washington and was made as a sculpture for people passing underneath Aurora Bridge in Seattle. The sculpture is mostly made of concrete but has a few more intricate parts to it that can't be seen unless close enough. The troll sculpture has been under the Aurora Bridge since the early 1900's and ever since then has been a place for many to stop and take pictures of. Often times you can see families and kids climbing on the sculpture to capture just how big the sculpture is.

19 The Gnome Reserve Of Devon, England

The gnome reserve is exactly what it sounds like. It is a bunch of garden gnomes that are set out on display in a large area. It's said that the reserve holds approximately 2,000 garden gnomes on the property. Visitors are even given small hats as to not embarrass the gnomes. While visitors may find themselves spending a lot of time around the garden gnomes there is also a garden on the property as well. This garden features many wildflowers and is very beautiful. Much more beautiful than the gnomes will be anyway.

18 Cano's Castle In Colorado, the United States

Cano's Castle located in Colorado may be one of the best uses anyone has ever got out of old cans and other aluminum. Everything from wire, hubcaps, grills, screen doors to window casements make up the majority of this site. There are five different buildings in the area. There is a main tower a shed, garage, and a few more buildings located at the base of the property. The property owner is hard to find as an interview with Roadside revealed. It is said that he lives off the property but still visits the property to keep trespassers off his property.

17 The Giant Pineapple Building Of South Africa

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob right? So who lives in this giant pineapple located in South Africa. Nobody apparently as it is considered an attraction to the area. The building is just under 60 feet tall and is considered the largest pineapple building in the world if not the only one. The building was built as a monument to the fruit that is pineapple for bringing the farmers in nearby areas good fortune when nothing else was growing or selling. Now the pineapple is an attraction and it can be visited and climbed.

16 The Sewer Museum In Paris, France

If Paris is known for anything it's its underground system. If it isn't the Paris Catacombs you'll want to visit then it is the Sewer Museum that showcases the cities underground sewer system. This may sound extremely boring but when you know how vast the underground of Paris is the museum can become quite an adventure. The novel Les Miserables also had an iconic scene in the Sewer museum. The museum sees a surprising number of tourists every year whether it is those who are interested in it because of Les Miserables or because they are simply interested in plumbing.

15 Avanos Hair Museum In Turkey

This one many may find disturbing. A museum of hair sounds like a strange thing to have a museum of but it exists and it is located in Turkey. The origin story of this strange museum starts with a kind-hearted story. Two friends were separating for a time being and one asked the other for a memento. Not thinking too much about it the friend decided to give a lock of hair as a memento. Somehow one thing led to another and now there are over 16,000 different kinds of hair in the museum. This may not be on everyone's want to visit list and we can't blame anyone.

14 Hakone Kowakien Yunessun Spa Resort In Tokyo

This spa may not seem that strange from a glance but it gets much stranger. This is seen as an amusement park more than a spa however the main attractions are a different kind of spa activities. The main draw to the resort is what makes up the water in the spa. Two separate rooms in the spa contain pools filled with unlikely substances. One is filled with wine (not really but it is filled with red colored water) and the other is filled with coffee. The coffee bath is made with real coffee beans so if you want a wake me up then head to the Hakone Kowakien Yunessun Spa!

13 Prada Marfa In Texas, the United States

This may seem like a strange location for a Prada store and it definitely is. However, this isn't an official Prada store. It isn't even an abandoned one no matter how it looks from the outside. This store in the middle of nowhere in Texas is actually an art piece. The art piece still stands there as the government has declared it an official museum even though the doors can't be opened. Inside you can see a darkened room with a mock setup of what a typical Prada store would look like in a mall. The store was threatened to be taken down as it was almost seen as an advertisement but that fell through after it became a museum.

12 The Duck Parade In Tennessee, the United States

Ducks seem like a strange thing to hold a parade for but this hotel in Tennessee has been participating in it since the 1940's. The tradition started when the two founders of the parade came back from a hunting trip and thought it would be funny to put the ducks they had as live decoys into the Peabody fountain. This strangely became a tradition and now people all over the state of Tennessee come to the Peabody Hotel to see the ducks march down the red carpet in a parade designed just for them.

11 The Glass Slipper Church In Taiwan

This may seem like your average giant random sculpture but it actually houses a church. The Taiwan government erected the giant glass slipper to mimic the glass slipper from the fairytale Cinderella in hopes that it would attract more women to their religion. The architecture on the shoe is stunning and it is blue as the one in Cinderella was said to be. The inside of the church isn't very large but just large enough to fit a small church inside. We can imagine that the inside of the church gets rather hot on certain days due to the whole thing being made out of glass.

10 The Gum Wall In Washington, the United States

This is probably one of the grossest entries on the list as it contains one of the worst things to find stuck under a table gum. This wall in Washington state has been the placement place for over a thousand pieces of gum. This strange Washington tradition has been going on for over 20 years and has no reason to stop any time soon other than it being highly unhygienic. The tradition began when people were waiting to enter the Market Theatre and after a while, the gum started building up enough to where Washington made it an official attraction.

9 Carhenge In Nebraska, the United States

If you thought Stonehenge was a mysterious place wait until you find out Carhenge is a thing. Now that you have this information it is almost impossible not to want to visit. Carhenge is located in Nebraska and was made by someone who had many spare cars and was an enthusiast for Stonehenge. The area is free to visit however the owner recommends donating to Carhenge so it can grow. There is even a small gift shop at Carhenge so you can always remember your trip to a glorified junkyard. Also worth mentioning there is no overnight stays at Carhenge.

8 The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum In Japan

If you thought Japan was weird with their culture wait until you see the Instant Ramen Museum. The museum can be closely related to the Coke museum in the US where it is more than every instant noodle cup ever made there are different areas to do different things. For example, there are a few different types of rooms like the chicken ramen factory where you can make your own chicken ramen including making the noodles. There is even a place where you can create your own original ramen flavor. The strangest part by far is the theatre where you are walked through the steps of being a noodle made into ramen.

7 The Corn Palace Of South Dakota, the United States

Corn seems like a strange thing to celebrate. However, if you live in a place like South Dakota corn may be one of the only things to celebrate. The corn palace is located in one of South Dakota's small towns Mitchell and it is the only thing you will probably go to Mitchell to see. The exhibit has been in business since the early 1800's and hasn't shown any signs of slowing down. According to the palace's website, the palace receives over 500 thousand tourists each year to see the corn exhibits. The most recent renovations were in 2015 where the palace modernized some of their exhibits.

6 The Museum of Bad Art In Boston, the United States

If you think art museums are pretentious this may be the place for you. Or if you are just bad at art this may also be the place for you. A museum in Boston specializes in presenting the world with bad art. The museum cycles out different pieces so overtime you go you may see something new. It is said that in total the museum has over 600 art pieces and they switch out the art for every 50 pieces. Each art piece also features a small blurb about the piece or the person who made it. It can't feel that great to have something hanging in the museum of bad art but it is better than not having anything on display!

5 Miniatur Wunderland In Hamburg, Germany

If you think Lego Land is an awesome time imagine seeing the actual world but much smaller than we normally see it. This attraction in Hamburg, Germany allows you to do just that. It is basically a recreation of the world featuring different cities. It features the largest model railway in the world. There are several miniature cities and they even included the Appalachian Mountains. The model is still growing and it is predicted that by 2020 the model will be so large that it will feature over half a million lights.

4 The Giant Lobster Of Australia

This giant lobster was made to promote the great seafood that Australia has to offer. It was constructed in 1979 and stands at around 60 feet high. The lobster is more than just a sculpture as it features a restaurant and a gift shop at the base of the lobster. If you are traveling through Australia and want to pay your respects to Larry the Lobster it is worth the trip plus you can get great food out of it. To clarify Larry the Lobster is the official name of the lobster.

3 World's Largest Chest of Drawers In North Carolina, USA

This entry is fairly straightforward. They say everything is bigger in Texas that is except for drawers apparently because North Carolina has them beat on that. The giant sculpture of drawers was constructed in 1926 and was later renovated in the 90's. Now it stands at 40 feet tall is there to remind people of the town they're in. The town is known to be "Home Furniture Capital of the World". The giant sculpture also features two giant socks that stick out of one of the drawers. The amount of detail on the sculpture is amazing and it is worth seeing if you are in North Carolina.

2 Shwe Inn Thein In Shan State, Myanmar

This site is said to have been made in the 17th or 18th century and features hundreds of pagodas. According to many sources, it is believed that in the center of the Shwe Inn Thein group there is a shrine dedicated to Buddha. The shrine is said to have been made by King Ashoka and features a golden Buddha shrine. The area is open to the public and is an area with a lot of history and religion. However, you wouldn't be wrong in thinking that the sculptures that make up the Shwe Inn Thein are a bit strange. Especially considering there are so many.

1 The Elf Academy In Rovaniemi, Finland

If you or your child has ever wanted to know if elves actually exist you can travel to Rovaniemi in Finland and find out the truth! The Elf Academy truly is the place to go if you want to get into the Christmas spirit. The location is only 1600 miles from the North Pole where it is said Santa operates. There are several things to do at the Elf Academy. Some include seeing the Northern Lights which are fully visible at certain times and because of The Elf Academy's location you can't get any better of a view than in Rovaniemi, Finland.