20 Of The Worst Things Flight Attendants Have Ever Seen

There are always jobs that make us wonder what really happens. Jobs that make us wish we could be a fly on the wall for part of their day. But we don’t tend to think immediately of Flight Attendant. However, we should be.

Being a flight attendant means you get to fly all over the world, it means you are responsible for the safety of a lot of people at one time, and it also means customer service. When you have any job that involves a lot of customer service, there are bound to be interesting stories.

People do some odd things, and if you work with them long enough you will have enough stories to last a lifetime and to share with friends over some drinks.

Flight attendants come across some really odd things while they are flying thousands of feet up in the air. Here are 20 of them.

20 What’s That Smell?


It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but babies travel. And while you might expect to be set up for a flight of crying and screaming, you don't expect this.

According to businessinsider.com, a flight attendant was cleaning out the plane and found a dirty diaper shoved into the seatback pocket. There are garbage cans on the plane.

19 A Strange Support Animal


Animals are allowed on planes, but they usually have to be crated and booked in properly. Service animals are usually the only exception to being allowed on the actual plane with passengers.

According to businessinsider.com, one flight attendant came across a very unique emotional support animal; a kangaroo. We wonder what type of paperwork this passenger had to get.

18 Bathroom Problems


No one enjoys using the bathroom on a plane, but flights are long, and you can’t hold it forever. However, if you are going to use the bathroom then you better use it properly.

According to businessinsider.com, a flight attendant was horrified when a passenger decided to stand on top of the closed toilet and do his business.

17 It Does Take Forever To Get Off A Plane


If you have ever flown on a plane and had a seat in the back, you know that it can take forever to get off the plane.

According to businessinsider.com, a passenger on a China Eastern Airlines plane was impatient so he deployed the emergency slide, which cost about $16,000 in damage.

16 They Can’t Be Afraid Of Spiders


It’s assumed that a flight attendant can not be afraid of flying, or they wouldn’t be able to do their jobs. It turns out that they also can not be afraid of spiders.

According to businessinsider.com, a flight attendant had to help out some passengers when a tarantula was spotted climbing the walls of the plane.

15 Requested Items


We already said that flight attendants are there to take care of the customer. But according to businessinsider.com, flight attendants get some pretty odd requests.

On one flight, someone requested a pair of tweezers to pull thorns out of another passenger. Another asked for a pen to clean out their ears.

14 The Airway Is Not Free Air


The PA system in the plane is usually reserved for emergency and important announcements. However, what is considered an emergency is apparently subjective.

According to businessinsider.com, one passenger asked the flight attendant to make a pretty unusual announcement. He asked the flight attendant to please let whoever in the plane that was passing gas know to cut it out.

13 Animals Just Left On The Plane


This one is both shocking and a little sad. People travel with their pets all the time, and they are normally crated and boarded appropriately and then picked up when the flight is over.

According to businessinsider.com, this doesn’t always happen. There have been numerous animals abandoned by their owners, like a falcon, frog, and a parrot.

12 Don’t Ask For Plane Water


Plane food is not always the best food, so some people like to try and bring their own food on the plane.

According to businessinsider.com, one passenger brought instant soup on the plane and was demanding hot water. She explained that this was not a good idea because the water lines never get cleaned. He still insisted. Yummy.

11 Just Garbage


A flight attendant expects to clean up a bit of a mess after all of the passengers have departed from the plane.

And according to businessinsider.com, when the passengers left one plane someone left behind a few newspapers. But they also crumpled up each individual page and threw them on the floor.

10 Mom’s Arms Got Tired


Babies on a plane can be hard for passengers, but it can also be hard on mom. It means holding your baby for an extended period of time with little to no relief.

According to businessinsider.com, a woman decided to lay her baby down in the middle of the aisle when her arms needed a break. Um, what?

9 What A Cute Baby … That’s Not A Baby!


It may appear like this one is another one about a baby, but it’s not.

According to businessinsider.com, a flight attendant was just about to comment on a woman’s baby, when she realized it was a cat. What made it even worse is that the woman appeared to be nursing her cat.

8 You Are Not At Home


Sometimes, you can be on a plane so long that it starts to feel like your home. However, it is not your home and should never really be treated as such.

According to businessinsider.com, one person decided this was the best time to get caught up on laundry and was hanging wet clothes across their seat to dry.

7 Some People Are Just That Scared


There are a lot of people who are severely afraid of flying, and part of a flight attendant’s job is to try and make them as calm and comfortable as they possibly can.

According to businessinsider.com, one flight attendant found a worried passenger in the closet of the plane, in the fetal position and sucking her thumb.

6 No Pants? No Plane!


Just like many stores and establishments, no pants equal no service. However, this happens more than you would think, according to businessinsider.com.

A flight attendant, who had 40 years of experience, told a story about the time she saw a passenger attempt to board a plane in just a raincoat with no pants on underneath.

5 This Is A Plane, Not A Gym


If your plan trip is more than a day long, that may mean you miss your day's workout, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and get it in on the plane.

According to businessinsider.com, one flight attendant saw a gentleman doing some push-ups at the back of the plane. Hopefully the seatbelt sign was off?

4 Stolen Sandwich


Some flight attendants bring their own food on the plane, and they usually don’t have to worry about anyone eating it, unless you are this flight attendant.

According to businessinsider.com, a flight attendant brought a sandwich on the plane. When she returned to eat, it had been eaten by one of the passengers on the plane.

3 Keep Your Feet Down


This one happens all the time, but it is still just as gross and needs to be stopped. We need to get the awareness out there.

According to businessinsider.com, there is still a huge problem with people putting their bare feet on the seats ahead of them. This is a breeding-ground for bacteria and fungal problems.

2 Carry On Luggage Woes


According to businessinsider.com, there is a flight attendant who tells the story of a nightmare that occurred on her flight.

Customers were complaining about a red substance dripping from the storage cabins above their head. It turns out that someone was trying to bring a goat’s head home from the Caribbean.

1 Impressive Headstand


A plane is not that big, so there is no reason to make it your own personal playground. We know it gets boring and long, but your bottom should always stay in your seat.

According to businessinsider.com, one passenger was caught doing an impressive handstand in their seat. Probably not really safe for flying.

Source: businessinsider.com

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