It's no secret that New York City is one of the biggest entertainment hubs in the world and is home to some of the most amazing architecture, restaurants and stars.

There's so much to see and do in the Big Apple, from visiting the Empire State Building to taking a leisurely stroll through the iconic Central Park. Maybe you want to visit the Statue of Liberty, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge or take in a Broadway show. You really can't go wrong, when in New York. Dig into street food at all hours or see where famous TV shows were filmed like Friends or Seinfeld.

But when you're planning a trip to NYC, a must-do bucket list item is riding on the subway. It seems simple but anyone who goes to New York will tell you this is the place to get a real grasp on the people that make up the city.

When riding the subway, you get a glimpse into everyday New Yorkers with all the 9 to 5 commuters and others who will just have you scratching your head wondering what is going on. You may witness some crazy fashion trends, some strange pets or even some outlandish costumes. One thing is for sure, if you ride the subway often enough, you will definitely see something out of the ordinary, and thanks to the age of mobile devices, we're able to see some pretty crazy things people do while simply taking transit from point A to B.

20 Sesame Street Takeover

It's unclear if it's Halloween here or just a typical Tuesday afternoon on the New York City subway. It seems like almost the entire gang from Sesame Street is trying to get somewhere very important, they're a busy group.

You've got Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch. We see Ernie but is that Bert beside him? We hope so because we don't need another feud between those two. Onlookers around them definitely seem confused as to what is happening here but one thing is for sure—it probably brightened up their day a bit and gave them some laughs.

19 Bring Your Pet To Work Day

This businessman clearly has a big day ahead of him. Maybe some important boardroom meetings or a big presentation are in store for him. So how could you possibly leave the house without your trusty...guinea pig? Hamster? After all, you need your pet for support.

Whatever the furry little rodent is surely is dressed for a day in the office. Maybe the man thought he'd blend in better in the corporate world if he had a tiny hat on or people would notice him more. We surely hope the little guy made it safely into the train though and didn't get stepped on.

18 Defying Gravity

From the very first glance it looks as though this guy on the subway is simply floating in the air. But for some reason he enjoys hanging from the handrails while listening to his tunes and scrolling through his Twitter feed. Because, why not? That seems like a totally logical thing to do, right?

Other passengers definitely are taking notice of his bizarre stance. But they don't even look like it's that out of the ordinary to be witnessing somebody doing this on the train, which is probably what makes it even more entertaining to look at.

17 Pikachu, I Choose You

Pokemon has been around for so many years and it's still as popular as ever. Remember the Pokemon Go app that swept the world? That only increased its popularity.

Well one person clearly really loves their Pokemon, in particular, Pikachu. It's no surprise really, he is the face of the whole brand so he should be the most popular. But we're just wondering—where exactly is Pikachu heading? Maybe it's a Pokemon-themed party or maybe he just felt like taking transit in costume—you do you, Pikachu. We won't judge.

16 Blood Rush, Anyone?

We can only wonder what caused this dapper dressed man to hang from the railings upside down to read. If you can't find a seat, you could just stand?

What is even more amusing is that not a single person is staring his way. It's completely normal to read this way on the subway, apparently. Or (the more likely reason) is it was specifically to take this photo and he only did it for a minute or so. Or else, he might have been not able to handle those bumpy tracks and fallen over.

15 A Babysitter Wherever You Go

What do you do when you see a baby crying loudly on the subway? Do you put your earbuds in? Or maybe you give dirty looks towards the clearly stressed-out mother? Or, if like this man you travel with a violin (or any other instrument), you can just break that out and bust out a tune.

This baby is clearly fascinated with the man who is putting on a show just for her. Much to the delight of her mother and other passengers, this man is the real MVP. We're not sure why he's wearing a sailor hat and track pants though.

14 Waiting For The Train Just Got Longer

Pro tip! You may not want to miss the train going to Brooklyn because you may just have to wait a whopping 1534 minutes before you can catch the next one. We just hope you have a good book with you to help pass the time.

Okay, this is probably just a typo, but how discouraging would it be to look up and see you can wait either an hour or just over a full day before getting to your destination? No, thanks.

13 Subtle, Real Subtle

We've got to give it to this guy. He's obviously pretty smooth with his not-so-subtle approach to meet women. It definitely must have captured some peoples attention.

A lot of the time while in transit we are constantly looking around so we're sure a fair share of people peeped his book cover and had a chuckle or two in the process. This may be a really cheesy way to get their attention or completely brilliant. You could always, however, just put the book down and say hello to the person sitting next to you. Just a thought.

12 Tomayto Or Tomahto

It's a bird, it's a plane—okay, it's just a giant tomato in place of someone's head. Maybe this person is a Subway promoter (the sandwich joint, not the transit system). Or maybe they just like dressing up as fruits, that's right, they're a fruit, not a vegetable.

It's unclear how this person can see or walk with such a large costume, but one thing is for sure, if their goal was to get noticed—mission accomplished. You'd be able to see this tomato from a mile away.

11 More Than A Little Creepy

We're really not sure how this man is remaining so calm and just casually on his phone while sitting next to this duo.

All dressed in black with dark make-up is totally fine. Add a pet crow to the mix, we're suddenly feeling a little uneasy here. And that's no regular crow, that bird is massive. Is it an emotional support crow? Because maybe then it'd be alright. Otherwise, we're feeling a little uncomfortable about this one and have no idea what exactly is going on in this photo. Let's just move on.

10 Does The Beast Know Where You're Going?

Belle, is that you? Of course it is. She's got the hair, the dress, the basket, the stance and even a book in hand to top it all off. We all know how much she loves to read.

But where oh where is she off to now? We all know the Beast doesn't like when she just runs off on her own. In reality though, it's either a very realistic Halloween costume or this young woman is an actress on her way to a play and practicing her scenes. We give her props for staying in character even in the subway station though. A true professional.

9 Do Not Pass Go

Oh Monopoly, one of the greatest, if not the greatest board game of all time. It has forged the friendships of many and may have even ended some over a heated game during a family holiday.

But this is new. While we support kids playing real-life games over being on their phones all the time—we're not sure how long this trio is planning to be on the train for. Monopoly can take hours to complete, what will you do when you get to your stop? More importantly, how do you keep all the pieces in place on a moving train? So many questions, so little answers.

8 Oh Madeline!

What do you get when a nun and six people dressed up as Madeline hop onto a train? This very confusing photo.

Madeline is a classic character loved by many so we don't blame people for taking it to a whole new level and making multiple versions of her. We just didn't expect to see quite so many of her all in one photo. The classic blue dress and yellow hat are iconic and probably captured the attention of many during the entire duration of their trip. Kudos, you pulled it off. Props to the Madeline on the right for pulling off the beard, too.

7 Clown, Why The Frown?

You're used to seeing them at the circus or a carnival all happy as can be, making kids laugh and building balloon animals galore. Well news flash, clowns; they're just like us.

They ponder life during train rides too and who can blame them? They can't always be going around making jokes. This clown is clearly doing some deep thinking while riding the subway and that's okay. Even clowns need breaks, just don't turn into an evil clown like Pennywise in It. That's all we ask.

6 Man (Or Woman's) Best Friend

When told you can't bring your dog on the subway unless it fits in a bag, the people of New York got really creative.

As they should. How can we expect them to always leave their four-legged BFFs back at home? This man managed to successfully fit his husky in his gym bag. Hats off to you sir. We're impressed at his determination to bring his pooch along for the ride. And technically, his dog does fit in a bag so it's totally fine. Maybe next time they should specify how big the bag should be though before putting a ban in place.

5 Please Do Stop The Music

Sometimes people forget that the subway is a public place and other people may not want to hear you. Maybe you're good at an instrument or maybe you're just not...but with the reaction of the man next to him we're betting he just wants the music to stop altogether.

Hunched over and a hand on his head, this guy could not be any more obvious about how annoyed he is while looking directly at the musician. Too bad he's too focused on his instrument to even notice. Maybe the annoyed man just has a headache from the night before or it is from the music on his commute—it's hard to tell.

4 Catching Up On Some Z's

Now we do love a good juxtaposition. This man is sleeping on the train, which really isn't weird or crazy at all. A lot of people can fall asleep while on the subway. At least he's resting his head on the wall and not another passenger he doesn't know (now, that's a problem).

But what makes this picture so funny is the McDonald's advertisement behind him. If only this man had just stopped by McDonald's and picked up an iced coffee before embarking on his trip—maybe then he wouldn't be so tired.

3 Maybe We Won't Board The Train After All

Okay if you saw this creepy face looking right at you before you board, would you get on the train? I don't think so. Yes, we get it's a mask and it's probably just for Halloween, a costume party or a typical Friday night in NYC.

But we're not getting on this train. We can wait. The mask is too realistic and it looks as though his eyes are peering right into our souls. Yeah, we'll take the next one, thanks.

2 The Chicken Crossed The Road

Apparently a lot can happen when a chicken crosses the road, like in this case, it builds its own band. This duo is not joking around. They've got legitimate instruments and are actually selling an EP right there in the subway station.

With a name of Xylopholks—they've clearly already established some kind of following or fan base. Maybe they're onto something. Maybe the secret to getting more people to notice your music and buy albums is to dress up in ridiculous animal costumes and play at terminals. It's definitely a good way to get noticed.

1 Okay, What?

We really don't even know what is happening here. This man has a very unique costume where it looks as though he's riding a dinosaur like a horse. He's dressed somewhat like a confused cowboy with his hat but then it's furry so that throws us off a bit.

Plus he's just wearing a casual shirt and vest like it's a regular day out on the town for him. Albeit confusing, we bet there's a great story behind it and that he's off to some fabulous cowboy dinosaur party of epic proportions.

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