Dollar Tree. The best spot to find super cheap, affordable things, all for only a dollar. Many a time has this store come in handy to help out with parties, random snack cravings, and the occasional bottle-of-soda stop, but you know as well as we do that there are definitely some funky things hiding on these shelves. Behind the "everything's a dollar!" banners, random kitchen supplies, and party streamers, we've taken a trip around the country to bring you the weirdest, strangest, and most random items that you can find in your local dollar store. It hasn't always been pretty, sometimes things get weird, but you can't deny that these products are a riot.

Anything from home decor to food and everything in between has been covered with a few odds and ends thrown in for fun. The more strange items you see, the more you're inclined to believe that Dollar Tree is still working out its kinks as far as what works and what doesn't. Either that or they just love watching people's reactions when they pick up something like a "Yeti Pot". Yes, it exists, just like microwaveable shrimp egg rolls do. I know, we were just as surprised.

20 A Llama-what?

The Dollar Tree has some pretty wonky stuff and occasionally you can even find unique pieces of art that really stand apart from things in other stores. On the same token, though, you might run into some things that are a little...weird. It's not uncommon for people to have a love for animals that are cute and fluffy but based on this picture from a Dollar Tree in Virginia Beach, VA, llamas are so much more than cute farm animals. I'm left with a whole slew of questions regarding this mythical fluffball, such as who created such a thing? Why would you want to be one? Does the actual horn increase its spitting abilities so it can hit a target within a three-mile range?

19 Not So Fun Circus Peanuts

It's somewhat typical that you'd find giant bags of Circus Peanuts in a Dollar Tree located in Tampa, Florida because they do seem like a very down-South candy staple. The problem is that these things will outlive us all and probably take down the shelf-life of Twinkies while they're at it. There's nothing even close to pleasant about eating these pieces of styrofoam and between the neon orange food coloring and eight pounds of sugar in each peanut, you'd probably rather be chomping on actual packing peanuts. It's weird that these are even still around, but they're definitely keeping plenty of kids with cavities, that's for sure.

18 Wait A Minute, This Isn't Las Vegas

In Severna Park, Maryland, there's a Dollar Tree that's trying to bring a little bit of Vegas to the blue crab state. Maryland isn't really known for being a gambling party state, but hey, with these authentic casino "played" cards, you, too, can be a poker master. I'm not sure if it's the randomness of a specifically Vegas-themed playing deck or the grammatical error that makes this weird, but it might even be a combination of both. In a state that's known for beaches, the country's capital, and some really tasty seafood, anything having to do with the notorious casino strip in Nevada just doesn't make sense.

17 We'll Pass On The Microwave Seafood

I'll be the first to say that the Dollar Tree is great as far as saving some serious bucks and grabbing snacks that would easily cost three to five dollars elsewhere, but even I draw the line at anything with the words "shrimp" and "microwave" on the package. Dollar Tree has some choice frozen food options, but a shrimp egg roll that's already been precooked and resembles some sort of burrito just isn't something that's worth a dollar. Even the enticing use of "hand-rolled" doesn't win anyone over on this product; I'll take my chances and hit up the one-dollar burritos from Taco Bell down the street. Sorry, San Fransisco.

16 Introducing: Bork Lesner

I can't take credit for the funny in this one; this photo was posted to Yelp from San Fransisco with the caption, "Bork Lesner". Just reading it made me laugh out loud and the closer I studied this figurine, the more I could definitely get the sense that something was off... Like just about everything. Dollar Tree is a great, super affordable way to pick up some kick-around toys, but this figurine doesn't even have any defining features that would lead you to believe it's Brock Lesner. His fists are as big as his head, his hair looks like a yellow pancake, and his muscle outline is more like something out of Johnny Bravo. What's even weirder is the photo of the actual Brock Lesner on the display backing, just driving home how off these features are. Granted it's from the Dollar Tree, we just can't back this one.

15 The Keychain That Barks Back

Labradors are absolutely adorable and they're really a great family dog. They love everyone and, in turn, everyone loves them. Which is exactly why they shouldn't be made into keychains that exaggerate their features, give them flat noses, and make their snouts look like 2D pancakes. If you don't look too hard, this keychain is kind of cute, but we can't expect you to squint at it all day long. Rumor has it that these dog-themed keychains were also available in purse form so if carrying around a flat-faced dog design is your thing, then have at it. These are totally cute for kids but as an adult, I just can't help giggling a little bit at the oddity of it. Hats off to you, Queens, New York Dollar Tree.

14 Gotta Have My Biscuits & Gravy Fix With A Side Of Larry

Oh no, Palm Harbor, Florida. As if the "git-r-done grub" catchphrase wasn't enough to have you cringing just a little bit, this food is sponsored by Larry the Cable Guy... And really, that's weird enough. Let's get one thing straight: If there's anything that Southerners love, it's their biscuits and sausage gravy. If there's anything they love done right, it's also their biscuits and sausage gravy. While the photo on the front of the package looks delish, we're betting that this is nothing like traditional, homemade, from scratch biscuits 'n gravy. We're going to pretend this was never found and move on.

13 Bald Heads Need Love Too

Excuse me, what? I have never, in my life, seen something so strange and brilliant at the same time. I can't tell if this is a toy (my guess is yes since it's flanked on either side by a baby bottle and a puzzle) or a legitimate way to come sideburns. Only in Dollar Tree would you find an item like this, specifically Los Angeles. The odd contraption consists of a headphone-like headband with two combs on either side, perfect for slicking back those unruly side hairs when you're completely bald on top. I'm not sure what's worse, the fact that this seems like a toy for kids or the fact that the artwork on the package features a man with enough hair in his eyebrows to cover his bald spot.

12 Saul Goodman: Giving Solid Advice At Dollar Trees Everywhere

The SNL star took to the television screen once again with the show Breaking Bad before starring in his own storyline show, Better Call Saul. Both have been highly successful so there's no wonder why a book exists educating people on how not to go to jail, however, Dollar Tree is an unusual spot for this literature. Those to live in Las Vegas can feel free to go to their local store and pick this one up -- We're sure it's just as salacious and sarcastic as both TV shows were. Anything with Saul Goodman is a hoot because "it's Saul good, man."

11 This Bikini Top Isn't Covering Much Of Anything

Well, I've gotta hand it to you Las Vegas... You really know how to party. When it comes to tropical luaus and beach vibes, though, it works much better to have some kind of bikini that actually fits. Aside from the fact that this clamshell looks hella uncomfortable, we're guessing those nylon strings won't last too long. In fact, they probably won't support much of anything, let alone hula dancing or, well, walking or standing or sitting, period. It's times like these when I just have to shake my head because although the Dollar Tree tries, sometimes it's glaringly obvious that they just fail miserably in some areas. Clamshell bikini: Cute in theory, horrible in execution.

10 That's Okay, I Didn't Really Want To Be Happy Anyway

Leave it to every Dollar Tree in Las Vegas to remind you that regardless of whether or not you've just tripled your earnings at the roulette table, you should still only have a goal of feeling "meh". In fact, you should only ever feel "meh", and in the event that you ended up losing your earnings rather than winning, let this tote bag be a solid reminder that you suck and shouldn't be happy. While "Meh" is actually a character from The Emoji Movie, the translation just comes across poorly when it's scrawled across the front of this tote bag.  Even the character himself posing next to the type adds an air of "you're 'meh', oh well" to the overall design. What a sad, sad shopping bag.

9 Because Golfing Yoga Is So Much Different From Actual Yoga

Thank you, Katherine Roberts and Dollar Trees based out of, you guessed it, Las Vegas, Nevada. Without this DVD we never would have realized that golfing yoga is completely different from any other forms of yoga (there are quite a few) or that our gold game can be drastically improved by stretching first. If you're keen on increasing your power and distance then this instructive video must be on your list. In fact, make it a stocking stuffer and hand it out to all of your family for the holidays. Before you know it, you'll be the most zen Tiger Woods anyone on the green has ever seen.

8 Cows On Cows On Cows... On Cows

To be completely honest, I am a lover of cows in any shape, size, and color. They're my favorite animal and I'll hang pictures of them anywhere. However, I am a bit of an odd person who enjoys odd things, which is why the fact that I find this artwork normal is a definite red flag to other perfectly sane people. Last but not least in the long list of Vegas's Dollar Tree finds is this stunning sketch work of towering cows. Not only is it weird and eye-catching in a highly artistic sense, but it's also colorless and filled with plenty of blank space for that random spot on the wall you can never seem to fill.

7 First We Brought You Llama-Corn, Now We Bring You Sheep-Pig

Is it a sheep? A pig? A strange hybrid? Is that a pig hatching out of a colored egg next to it? The world has entered into madness in this Dollar Tree based out of Houston, Texas, and while these figurines are perfect for Easter if you don't stare too hard at them, they're also what nightmares are made out of. Just looking at these gives me serious Animal Farm vibes, and that is one George Orwell storyline I'd rather not live out in my own home. These piggy banks are cute for someone to throw a few quarters in, I'm sure, but in general, their beady eyes tend to freak me out. Not safe for kids under the age of six, I'm thinking.

6 Welcome To Virginia, Home Of The 18-Carton Of Eggs

They're breaking all the rules in Chesapeake with these eggs that completely blow your mind and include an extra six more than your typical dozen. For one dollar this is an excellent deal, we're just not sure why they variated from the typical 12 or even smaller, mini-sized six-carton. Either way, these would be perfect for Easter, family gatherings filled with deviled eggs, or to finally egg that annoying neighbor's car. And hey, if you miss a few times, don't worry -- You've still got over 15 eggs to choose from. You could even egg all the cars on your block if you wanted and still have some left over for an omelet the next morning.

5 Is This For Humans Or The Show Finding Bigfoot?

There truly are no words to express both the hilarity and terror that just seem to exude from this product's display packaging, spotted in New York. Not only is this called a "Yeti" Pot (which is so obviously a play on a Neti Pot), but it's featured actors leave something to be desired. Not only are they dressed up as an urban legend that has yet to be proven despite all of the History Channel shows devoted to finding its existence, but their noses... Goodness gracious, those noses. If you've ever seen that episode of the Twilight Zone where a man is flying in a plane and keeps seeing a gremlin ripping apart the plane's wing, then you know exactly where the idea for this marketing look came from. Yikes, Carle Place.

4 It's Only About The Size Of Your Palm But It Is A Dollar

The one dollar ribeye steak deal at Dollar Tree is akin to everything in America that comes at virtually no price. The thing to consider is that those super-affordable things usually come with a tiny disclaimer that makes clear how horrific the quality is, in addition to the size. You might think you're getting a full-on steak but instead, the meal placed in front of you is a piece of cardboard that consists of two bites -- maybe three if you throw some mashed potatoes on top. The ribeye steak isn't necessarily something I would lose my mind over at the Dollar Store but to each their own and who knows, maybe it'll provide a starting point for significant portion control... Or just make people hangry.

3 Pizza Lovers, Rejoice

Now You can have your pizza and eat it too. Lovers of the delicious, cheesy food will be absolutely delighted to find that you can find this tantalizing pizza puzzle in Pheonix, Arizona Dollar Trees. Now, let's talk about why this puzzle is a horrible idea Not only is the photo on the front unusually stellar quality for a dollar product, but it's also destined to leave you starving. However, since you'll be so focused on completing this (outrageous 500-piece puzzle), you'll be too distracted to actually eat. Therefore, this puzzle is basically one giant topping-filled recipe for a hangry disaster. Don't say we didn't warn you. Brb, going to grab a pie.

2 It Leaves Your Fingers Smelling Like Freshly-Picked Strawberries

While it's initially a very exciting thought to know that your fingers won't be left smelling like acetone when it's time to remove your nail polish, it's also kind of strange. L.A. Colors is famous for their Dollar Tree products and this one comes to us from Oregon. While the strawberry on the front is enticing, I'm not sure how to feel about the fact that not only does this nail polish remover smell like a berry, but it will also inevitably make me hungry in the process. I guess it's a good thing you'll be removing your nail polish and not painting it on because we highly suggest not trying this out as a snack, no matter how fruity delicious it smells.

1 That's A Lot Of Hair Curlers

We now present you with a behind-the-scenes look at all the extra hair products from the set of Grease. We're all for curly hair and the tools that go with it, but dang, Dollar Tree, do you think you have enough? This photo from The Woodlands, Texas, reads almost like a Dr. Suess book: One curler, two curlers, pink curler, blue curler. Curlers of all different shapes and sizes, so many curlers, you could use them as prizes. I could go on and on about all the various styling rollers in this photo, but I digress. At least if you happen to be caught in a flood, you know where to pick up plenty of affordable floating devices to build a raft.