Go Pro cameras are amazing pieces of technology that allow for great quality looking film to be recorded on small cameras. These cameras can be placed almost everywhere and allow for hands-free comfortable filming. This is why a lot of times people will simply attach them to themselves doing their everyday activities and sometimes these small cameras capture something strange. Whether it be people riding bikes or hiking Go Pro cameras have caught some of the most convincing evidence of the paranormal.

Go Pro cameras also film in high definition which is something you can get with security cameras and other small cameras as small as Go Pros. They have revolutionized how things are filmed for the better and sometimes for the worst. Go Pros are typically used to document different adventurous activities but some of the items on this list probably aren't what the creators of Go Pro had in mind. Urban explorers will often always bring at least one Go Pro with them to help them capture things that could easily be missed by other point and shoot cameras. Go Pros have definitely helped out the paranormal side of things in ways no other cameras can.

20 Mystery Man

This video shows a group of urban explorers navigating through an abandoned building. Throughout the video, it doesn't look like much is going to happen until they turn the corner into a room and start to hear shouting. There are two people across the room threatening them. After things calm down the group confronts the two people and they start to say the group is trespassing and that they own the property. Without documenting any trespassing signs the group finds this suspicious but didn't want to start anything up so they left and never went back. It is unknown if the people owned the place or were just squatters but it shows one of the many dangers of urban exploring.

19 Giant Great White Shark

This footage shows someone cliff diving into what appears to be a large body of water. After the person in the video turns on their camera and dives we can only see the murky waters until he resurfaces. As soon as the camera person resurfaces from their dive we can hear their friend behind them yelling inaudibly at them. The diver then turns around and dives back under for a glimpse at what their friend was yelling at. It was a great white shark that had snuck up on the person as they were regaining their bearings. Luckily the person swam to safety but not without absolutely freaking out and we can't blame them.

18 Exploring A Haunted House

GoPro has become one of the best cameras to use when urban exploring. Most of the time the cameras are hands-free and so small you can barely notice them. However, this also means that they can pick some things up that many may not have seen in person. This happened for a group of urban explorers who were exploring an unnamed house. The exploration seemed to be going slow and nothing was really happening. That is until they turned the corner and was met with a large shadow figure in a room they entered. The camera crew didn't notice the figure at first but it was very clear that something didn't feel right to them upon entering the room.

17 Lost In The Ocean

Jacob Childs' story is one of the best and meaningful when it comes to diving. Jacob was documenting what he thought would just be another routine swim. Everything was going well until he resurfaced and realized that the current had pulled him far away from his boat and gear. After swimming in what he thought was the right direction Jacob became hopeless. He decided to conserve his energy and call for rescue. After a few hours of floating, Jacob decided to pull out his Go Pro and film what he thought to be the final moments of his life. The sun was setting and it looked like Jacob's luck ran out. That is until a rescue plane saw a piece of his rescue equipment and was able to get Jacob back home safely.

16 Dodging Trains In Tunnels

This is probably one of the dumbest ideas you will come across on the internet. Thrill seekers are a group of people who aren't satisfied with every day to day boring things so they go out of their way to try and find things to peak their interest. Apparently one of these things is the act of going into subway tunnels and dodging trains. This is extremely dangerous and we wouldn't recommend anyone try this. Luckily for us (or unluckily) these thrill seekers have documented their adventures on Go Pro's and uploaded them to YouTube for our enjoyment.

15 Exploring A Shipwreck

A Go Pro video showing a normal diving trip turns into something amazing when the camera person stumbles upon what appears to be a very old shipwreck. After exploring the ship for a bit nothing really turns up but the ship itself is amazing in it's design and with the amount of coral all over the ship it is obvious the ship has been sunken for a while. Ship dives can be dangerous and the camera person doesn't spend too long investigating the shipwreck before resurfacing and publishing the video. The origins of the ship are unknown.

14 Facing A Jellyfish

Speaking of being afraid of the ocean! This is another GoPro clip that comes from a thrillseeker that loves the deep blue sea. The video shows someone diving into the ocean and swimming around a bit until the camera jerks around and this large jellyfish is now in the frame. While the jellyfish may not look harmful to some the sheer size of its tentacles is proof of just how dangerous this thing is. The camera person had a near miss with the tentacles and got really lucky. This footage is held in high regard for being one of the most detailed videos of this type of jellyfish.

13 Jumping Onto Moving Trains

Go Pro and thrillseekers have a thing in common if you haven't noticed. This footage comes from someone who probably isn't content with train dodging so they have to actually hop on the trains themselves. Much like hitchhiking in the back of a car this hobby (if you can call it that) has people hopping on backs of trains and riding them to different destinations. They sometimes even change trains mid-ride making it extra risky. One wrong move and these videos could take a dark turn. Luckily most videos are shot by professionals and they all seem to be in good health.

12 Watching A Car Crash As It Happens

Rarely do people get to witness a car accident in real life, right? Even rarer do people get to witness a car accident from the inside of a car. This video gives people an inside look as to what getting hit by another car looks like. A group of people is filming what seems to be a casual vlog when all of the sudden the person in the passenger seat looks over and half a second later they are hit by another car. Luckily neither car was going very fast and the ordeal left no one injured. However, the look on the group's face afterward really puts into perspective how scary car crashes can be.

11 Jumping Off A Zipline

Ziplining is nothing new but it is typically done with safety and trained professionals there to help you if anything goes wrong. This Go Pro footage shows a zipliner attempting to zip line what appears to be an old but sturdy rope. Everything seems to be going well until the person comes across a knot in the rope preventing them from going further. Therefore the person does the next logical thing anyone would do and jumps off the zip line into the canyon below. That made it sound worse than it actually was. The zipliner, of course, had a parachute and was trained but the footage really makes it seem scarier than it actually turned out to be.

10 Motorcycle Off The Cliff

As if cars weren't dangerous enough there are motorcycles and fast ones at that! This video shows a set of three motorcyclists driving through the mountainside. They are going pretty fast and upon making the turn around the corner one of the motorcyclists goes flying off the edge of a pretty steep slope. The motorcyclist's friends (including the guy wearing the Go Pro) go to his aid and find him at the bottom of the hill stuck in a bush. He is unarmed and is just a little dazed miraculously. His friends call for an ambulance to check him out just in case. This event could have been much worse and shows the dangers of motorcycles.

9 Mysterious Monkey Creature

This video comes from a man who is biking down a pathway and it seems like a calm biking video. That is until he rides across a bridge under an underpass and something jumps out to him from the left. This causes him to veer off the trail a little and stop his bike to investigate. After not finding the strange creature he reviews his Go Pro footage and finds a large monkey-like humanoid jumping out in front of his bike. He seems taken back and confused as to what the creature could be. There is still no real answer to what the creature is.

8 Slipping Off The Mountain

In this footage, we can see someone ice climbing. They are climbing up a pretty steep cliff when we can see a large piece of ice careening toward the person filming. The person is hit by the piece of ice causing them to lose their balance and tumble down the mountain they just climbed. Luckily they weren't that hurt when they hit the bottom as much of the snow protected them from the rocks. However, the person filming did suffer from some bruises and shock after the event. They are just lucky that it was a small piece of ice and not a large avalanche.

7 Being Chased By A Bear

Another bike riding Go Pro video appears in this list and it is a similar case. Except for this time, the creature is chasing the person filming and the creature is a bear. The biker is riding along through a forest when suddenly out of nowhere a grizzly bear runs up to the right of the person and is charging at them. The person is ever so slightly faster than the bear on a bike and as they are peddling away they constantly turn around to see if the bear is still chasing them and it is. Luckily the biker gets away and hides in the trees waiting for the bears to give up and leave him alone.

6 Traveling Through Dark Tunnels

This footage is very dark an eery right off the bat. With little explanation, the person filming explains that this cave supposedly leads to the end of the Earth. It is definitely a long cave and it is nearly impossible to see the other end. As the person is walking they keep hearing banging in front and behind them. They also hear weird voices at one point in their journey. The person finds a stick for a weapon just in case anything is in there with them. The video ends with no real explanation and we can assume the person gave up on their journey out of fear.

5 The Ontake Eruption

The Ontake Mountain erupted one afternoon on September 27, 2014. There were several hikers walking the trail at the time and everyone was quick to try and escape. Mount Ontake is a volcano that is located on the island of Honshu in Japan. Nobody predicted the eruption to be on that day and many hikers decided to go out on a hike because the weather was particularly nice that day. As the eruption happens we can see hikers stare at the smoke then soon realize how fast it is coming for them. Most people escaped without any real harm but the idea of being on an active volcano while it explodes is scary.

4 Bridge Collapse

A group of hikers is walking through a normal forest when they come across a suspension bridge that is pretty high up. As the hikers get onto the bridge it starts to creak which they thought to be normal so they carried on. That is until the bridge suddenly collapsed underneath their feet and sent them careening to the waters below. The hikers panicked but all got to the shore and were safe albeit a few scratches and bruises. The camera person then pans back up to the bridge to reveal just how far they'd fallen and how lucky they are that the fall wasn't much worse.

3 Mountain Lion Encounter

Yet we see another biker running into something potentially dangerous. The moral of the story here is to never go biking. Anyways this biker is biking through a forest in Canada when they notice one of the paths is blocked by a decently sized animal. This animal is revealed to be a mountain lion. The creature looks like it doesn't want to be messed with and the biker keeps their distance but continues to film. The person was trained in knowing how to shoo the mountain lion away by keeping eye contact and shouting at it. Eventually, the mountain lion lost interest.

2 The Rattlesnake Pit

This video shows the true potential of what Go Pro can do. A person can be seen investigating a small pit with their Go Pro camera and they end up finding quite a few rattlesnakes living in the pit. For a few minutes, the man is just casually filming them until one of the rattlesnakes takes interest in the camera and starts to jab at it. Eventually, the snake manages to knock the Go Pro off its handle and the camera falls down into the pit of snakes while it is still recording. Any normal person would have left their Go Pro behind and go buy a new one. However, this person decides to go into the snake pit and retrieve it. Luckily they got it out and now we have this awesome footage of a rattlesnake pit.

1 Crash Landing

This Go Pro video is shot in the cabin of a commercial airplane when the captain reports that the plane will be forced to make an emergency landing in the water down below. The person filming is obviously very worried as are the other passengers. The footage shows the window of the plane and shows the impact into the water. The plane jolts and lands safely in the water but the cabin quickly begins to fill with water. Everyone begins to make their way to the emergency exits and attaches life vests. There weren't many people on board the plane and all but one made it out alive.