Traveling by car can be a great way to get around whether you are going somewhere near or far. There are many ways to travel by car. You can travel by side roads or on highways and interstates. Generally, interstates are faster and are used more for commercial use. Therefore there are a bunch of highways in the world all connecting several cities, states, and countries together. Sometimes these highways and roads can be a little more dangerous than your average highway. This is usually because of the area the roads are built in aren't suitable to sustain a road. However, there were roads placed there anyway.

There are many great drivers in the world and many not so great drivers, but when tasked with crossing one of these scary highways it doesn't really matter your skill level. Most people will agree that these roads are some of the scariest and most people will take their time trying to make it to the other side alive. Whether it is high up on a mountainside or a road that barely counts as a two-lane road, these are some of the riskiest and sketchiest roads in the world!

20 Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

Would you have ever thought that technology would allow us to travel over water without the use of boats and sails? Well, now you can by taking the Atlantic Ocean Road located in Norway. This treacherous road is mainly one large bridge to the other side of the land with a few small patches of land in between. The dangers aren't just the fear of driving off into the Atlantic Ocean but also extend to how the ocean affects the road. Several pictures have been taken of cars and trucks driving down the highway while a large wave splashes onto the highway and into several cars. If the sea level gets high enough it can present a real problem to drivers on the road.

19 Caucasus Road, Russia

The Caucasus Road is a road that splits into the side of a mountain and is fairly narrow. This road can barely be considered a two-lane road as many times when two cars pass each other they must drive slowly to ensure one doesn't tumble off the side of the cliff. It also doesn't help that the road isn't well paved. If there was anywhere to have a great paved road it would be on the side of a mountain. The view from the road, however, is fairly breathtaking. Even so, it probably wouldn't be a great idea to admire the view while trying to drive down the road.

18 Apache Trail Scenic Drive, Arizona, United States

The Apache Trail Drive can be one of the most beautiful roads in America, but it can also present just as much danger. Similar to how you don't want to take your eyes off the road when staring off the side of the Caucasus Road cliff in Russia you won't want to divert your eyes too much from the Apache Trail Drive in Arizona. There are many things that make up the dangers this road presents such as lack of guardrails and other drivers becoming distracted by the scenery. This road will require drivers to use everything they know about driving and more to make it to the other side.

17 Khardung La Pass, India

This road is known as the Khardung La Pass in India and presents a more natural disaster type of danger than most other roads on the list. The main danger comes from the possibility of rock slides while driving on the road. The rocks that are precariously teetering on the side of the cliff fall randomly all the time often blocking the road and sometimes causing bigger problems for other drivers. Mix the chances of being hit by a rockslide and the sheer height of the road makes for a very dangerous venture. To make matters worse the road isn't even paved.

16 Guoliang Tunnel, China

Other roads on this list are simply on a mountainside, however, this road in China is literally carved into the side of a large mountain. This road is known as the Guoliang Tunnel and is mostly made up of small indentions in the mountainside where the road will be. It is called a tunnel due to the long spans of the road that travels underneath the mountain. These areas are known to be immensely dark. If it isn't the darkness that will cause a crash, then it is the fact that the roads don't have any guardrails keeping drivers from falling off the side.

15 Dalton Highway, Alaska, the United States

Dalton Highway may be one of the least used roads in the world. This is one of the reasons why it is considered to be so dangerous. Without constant cars and trucks using the roads, it allows snow and ice to build upon its surface making it difficult to traverse. The road is extremely prone to ice and there isn't a chance you can cross the road without the proper snow tires. There is also the worry of snowstorms happening while on the road. The road is so isolated that it would be difficult to get a rescue team out during a snow storm.

14 Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan

This bridge located in Japan is one of the steepest and highest bridges in the world. It was built to help ships cross underneath without worry of crashing into the bridge, however, it seems the builders may have overcompensated a bit. The Eshima Ohashi Bridge is the largest bridge in Japan and the third largest in the world. The steep angles at which cars have to drive on are the main dangers here. You will likely have to kick it into the highest gear possible to make it to the top of this bridge then make sure that on the way back down you take it nice and slow.

13 Yungas Road, Bolivia

The numbers don't lie when it comes to determining how dangerous a road can be. Statistics say that the Yungas Road in Bolivia sees upwards of 200-300 accidents per year. This is mainly due to the height of the road and how precariously placed it is on the side of this large mountain. It can also be chocked up to the fact that the area receives dense fog at different points in the day. This is one of the main reasons the road is so dangerous and it takes a lot of concentration not to accidentally drive off the side of the cliff during a particularly foggy morning.

12 The Trans-Siberian Highway, Russia

The Trans-Siberian Highway is a household name when discussing sketchy roads and highways. The Trans-Siberian Highway is located in Russia and is one of the longest highways in the world. This isn't why its dangerous per say. The main danger is the fact that the highway is unpaved. It is made up of deep layers of dirt, mud, and sand. After a rainy day, many drivers can find themselves either skidding across puddles of water or getting their cars stuck in the mud. This isn't the best way to travel to Russia by any means.

11 Le Passage Du Gois, France

The Le Passage Du Gois located in France is another highway that presents the danger of water. Similar to the Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway, the Le Passage Du Gois' main danger is the fact that the water could splash into cars traveling down the highway. However, there is also another greater danger and that is flooding. Due to the road being so close to the water, the road can easily be flooded if you are traveling at the wrong time. The highway is quite long as well and it can be unpredictable in its dangers.

10 Hana, Hawaii, the United States

This road in Hawaii is another amazing scenic view as it takes drivers through some of the best parts Hawaii has to offer. However, the road has many dangers that accompany its beautiful views. The possibility of landslides is fairly common here. These can block off certain parts of the road or do damage to cars traveling along the road. This road is a popular tourist area to visit even though most people traveling there are aware of the dangers that await them on the road. Many people believe that the scenic view is worth the risk of a landslide.

9 Stelvio Pass Road, Italy

This road in Italy is known as the most winding road in the world. This means that around every corner drivers must drive extra slow to make sure they don't go off the edge of the cliff. While the cliff the road is on isn't that steep, it still presents dangers to drivers especially when it snows. If you are going downhill then you will need to practice great caution and go very slow as you need to have the right speed to make certain turns. The road in all reaches to be around 2 miles long and through all of the two miles, you'll be wishing you were on the other side of it.

8 A44, the United Kingdom

This road known as A44 located in the United Kingdom connects Oxford and Aberystwyth. Therefore it sees a decent bit of traffic. While from pictures the road may seem like any average road it certainly presents a unique form of danger. Sure the road isn't on the side of a mountain or above a body of water but A44 is a bit tricky. At a certain point, the road switches the sides that drivers drive on causing mass confusion to many first timers who drive on the road. This obviously causes many accidents and head-on collisions. The road itself doesn't do a great job informing drivers of the switch either.

7 Sichuan-Tibet Highway, China

The Sichuan-Tibet Highway has record-breaking statistics on vehicle accidents and the number is increasing every year. It is reported that 82,000 accidents are caused on the highway every year. This is mostly due to a similar case with the Stelvio Pass Road in Italy. The road presents many twists and turns. Not to mention the road also sees its fair share of blizzards, avalanches and even rock slides. Combine this with slow-moving cars and you have yourself one of the most dangerous roads in the world. This highway is best avoided if possible.

6 US Route 431, the United States

This road is known as "the highway to hell" and no that isn't a homage to ACDC. It is named that due to the many dangers it presents drivers. US Route 431 is one of the most dangerous highways in America and stretches to be around 550 miles long. It travels through Kentucky to Alabama and it may not seem like a dangerous road until you actually get on it and see it for yourself. The main danger that is presented on this road is the other drivers on it. Many drivers will force you into driving faster and if you aren't experienced enough it may present some dangers.

5 Luxor-al-Hurghada Road, Egypt

This road is one of the few on the list where the danger presented isn't due to the road itself but the people on the road. The Luxor-al-Hurghada is known to have some of the highest robbery rates than any road in the world. There are several camps of bandits along the highway that will stop cars and rob them before sending them on their way. Drivers who frequent the road have learned and have started to turn their headlights off at night which cause even more accidents with other drivers. It is probably best to avoid this road altogether if possible.

4 The Road to Fairy Meadows, Pakistan

This road leads to a mountain nicknamed "killer mountain". If that isn't enough information to tell you the dangers of this road then here are some more. The road is very thin and will only allow for mostly one lane roads. The road is approximately 6 miles long but will feel like an eternity due to how slow you have to drive while on it. The road also isn't paved and has many small rocks that make up the road. Many say the view from atop the mountain is beautiful and worth the trip but others say it isn't worth the risk of falling off the road.

3 Ruta 5, Arica to Iquique Road, Chile

This road isn't dangerous due to heights or bandits, but it is dangerous due to how boring it is. That is right, this road doesn't present any actual tangible danger, it is just super boring to the point where drivers will often zone out or even fall asleep at the wheel due to how little they need to pay attention while driving. The road is mostly in open flat land and sticks to a straight line most of the way. The drive is very under stimulating and if you don't have something to distract yourself with you could find yourself zoning out for sure.

2 Transfăgărășan, DN7C, Romania

This highway in Romania is the highest road in Romania and has very scenic views along the way. However, the views presented along this journey can cause accidents as tourists aren't prepared for the dangers. The road sees a high amount of snowfall and is even closed for half the year. From November until June the road cannot be used due to the immense amount of snowfall the area receives. The area does reward drivers with some of the most breathtaking views in the world. If it seems worth it to you there are certain precautions to take when deciding to drive on the highway such as what time of the year you visit. Summer is probably your best bet.

1 Cotopaxi Volcano Road, Ecuador

The Cotopaxi Volcano Road is one of the longest roads on the list spanning upwards of 25 miles. Parts of the road are paved but most of the road is either dirt or poorly managed with large amounts of potholes plaguing the area. The road leads from the Cotopaxi Volcano National Park to the Pan American highway. The slippery conditions due to the weather in the are is one of the main dangers when traveling on this highway. The highway is also long and treacherous so drivers need to make sure to be paying attention at all times.