Worldwide, there are many water slides, but not all are created equal. Furthermore, not all of them can have us shaking in our boots... Or, more specifically, our bathing suits.

When it comes to a real thrill, we're looking for the biggest, the baddest, and the best in water-sliding adventure. Modern technology combining with brilliant engineering has brought to life some incredible park rides, and we're here for it all.

From live sharks to sheer drops that shouldn't even be legal, these parks will check every box on our 'to-do' list. They're full of thrills and amazing scenery, and you're going to want to add them all to your bucket list.

We can't guarantee that these water slides won't bring on an anxiety attack, but we can guarantee that they're nothing like we've ever witnessed before.

20 Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas: Leap Of Faith

When it comes to daring, many of us aren't about to jump into a pool filled with sharks. However, the Leap of Faith water slide at Atlantis Paradise Island allows us to do just that, no shark cage necessary. After this insane drop, thrill-seekers will be plunged underwater and slid through a transparent tube in a pool filled with live sharks.

19 Ixtapan Parque Acuatico, Mexico: Aqualoop

The Aqualoop may not look safe, but it's fully functioning at the Ixtapan Parque Acautico in Mexico. Visitors will get a real feel for zipping through slippery inner tubes on this ride. A transparent tube that flows into a full upside-down turn is available for the most daring of park-goers... not for the faint of heart, we'd say.

18 Chimelong Water Park, Guangzhou, China: Behemoth Bowl

The Behemoth Bowl at Chimelong Water Park is one water-rafting ride that should not be missed. Gravity comes into play when it comes to many of these rides and this one is no exception. Between centrifugal force and the intentional placement of water spouts, park-goers will be delighted to spin around this 'bowl' as if they're about to be flushed down a toilet.

17 Beach Park, Brazil: Insano

There are water slides, and then there's Insano. We're not even sure how this sheer drop works except that it takes a serious stomach and some guts to slide down this thing. With little to nothing between you and the open air, Insano sends riders down a significant drop with no other intention than to send your stomach into your throat.

16 Maxx Royal Belek Golf & Spa, Turkey: King Cobra

The King Cobra probably looks scarier than it is, but we're also not one-hundred percent sure of that. While this vibrantly-colored ride is one of the only to stare back at riders, it also sends you down on a floaty tube that doesn't look like it has any intention of stopping. Riders are slid back and forth, getting hit with geysers from this cobra's fangs each time.

15 Daemyung Resort Vivaldi Park, South Korea: Super S Slide

The Super S Slide sure is super fun - see what we did there? Jokes aside, this ride will have groups of people speed-sliding through tunnels at intense angles until finally landing in a pool of calm water. Between its speed and curving tunnels, it's tough to get your bearings.

14 Aldeia das Águas Park Resort, Brazil: Kilimanjaro

Similar to Insano, Kilimanjaro stands alone (literally) in its massive drop to the bottom. This height is made even more clear by rocky walls at the bottom that give the illusion that it's much higher than it seems. Who are we kidding, this slide is the stuff height-nightmares are made out of, illusion or no illusion.

13 Norwegian Cruise Line: Epic Plunge

While the Epic Plunge isn't really any different than other extreme slides out there, it does sit atop a cruise liner, so that's something. While you're taking the push down a giant waterslide, you can also know that you're doing it in the middle of the ocean. That thought is either exhilarating or fear-inducing, and we're not quite sure which it is.

12 Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari: Wildebeest

Wildebeest has earned its name simply due to all the crazy ups and downs this ride provides throughout. Despite the fact that you're on a raft with three other people, this ride is about as close as you can feel to white river rafting without all the rocks. Be prepared, because those handles are in place for a reason.

11 Schlitterbahn Water Parks: Cliffhanger And Screaming Serpents

What's more fun than one insane water slide? Two, of course! Cliffhanger and Screaming Serpents make up one crazy ride at Schlitterbahn water park, and riders have the chance to experience both. These slides wind together to create something of a scream-session in tandem, sending the rider around curves and bends with only water pressure to propel them.

10 Wet 'N Wild: Bomb Bay

Wet 'n Wild is one of the water parks that everyone knows about, but Bomb Bay is a ride that can be experienced in the Orlando park specifically. These straight-down slide drops aren't everyone's thing but if you're a thrill-seeker, you'll be happy to know that this one might give you g-forces (kidding... we hope).

9 Noah’s Ark Waterpark: Scorpion's Tale

Scorpion's Tale, similar to Aqualoop, works with the magic of physics to create a water slide that shouldn't even make sense, but it does. Combined with the velocity at which riders are sent down the slide and the perfectly-constructed curve of the tube, riders are propelled almost upside-down to the end.

8 Rapids Water Park: Big Thunder

Big Thunder is adequately named for a reason. Whether it's sliding upside-down or side to side, those who love rafting rides love them for the sheer thrill of being momentarily out of control. Big Thunder provides that in a big way, shooting groups of riders around a massive inner tube.

7 Action Park Mountain Creek: Zero-G

Do we even need to explain this one? Here's a clue about water slides: If the ride requires you to cross your arms and plank in a vertical position while going down, it's probably one that's going to give you those weird stomach butterflies. If heights and speed aren't your thing, cross this one off your list.

6 Dubai: Master Blaster Water Coasters

Well, if you want to be master-blasted, this ride is probably the one to do it on. If you couldn't tell from the picture, this slide sends two-seated rider rafts through a range of curves, including through a covered tube. While your path is pretty straight-forward, we can't make any promises about remaining upright.

5 Oregon: Boeing 747

This slide-duo might not be as epic as the others, but it is pretty cool and worth noting. This water slide, appropriately named the Boeing 747, does allow riders to slide out of an actual plane. The slide sits atop the building which adds a bit of a thrill as riders are pushed out of the cockpit door.

4 Beijing: Bulletbowl

There's something about the thrill you get from sliding around an oversized bowl that simply can't be matched. This is a group raft ride that sends riders down a chute first to gather speed, then allows bystanders to view the insanity as each raft spirals around the 'bowl' before spitting out each raft into a shallow pool.

3 Wet N Wild in Orlando, Florida: Brain Wash

Brain Wash is known especially for its trippy effects that occur while riders are being shot through its tunnels. This one provides a bit of a mental thrill as well as a physical one; all of these trippy effects help to disorient riders as they make their way around curves and up walls.

2 Sonnentherme Thermal Spa in Austria: Twister And Speedy

In Austria, water slide enthusiasts have a chance at a ride that offers the best of both worlds: Speed and dramatic turns. This ride, appropriately named Twister and Speedy, offers two water slides that are just as equal in their chaos. Down a dark chute you go, whether you choose velocity over direction is your choice.

1 Citta Del Mare Holiday Village in Italy: Toboggan

Have we possibly saved the best for last? This water slide isn't one that's owned by a major park, but it can be found on the Holiday Village coast in Italy. Rather than being sent down into a controlled water pool, riders who attempt this tame-looking slide will be sent straight into the open sea instead.