Having explored a majestic waterfall is probably on everyone’s travel bucket list, and it certainly sounds like a breathtaking experience. Sometimes you have to walk or even hike for hours to see the threatening beauty and ear-deafening roar of a waterfall as it quenches down hundreds of gallons of water per milliseconds. Honestly, such thrilling moments bring us the closest to knowing nature’s astonishing beauty than we've ever been.

Surprisingly though, not all of these nature's wonders are easily located on a map or a trail guide, and that’s the real beauty of it. Instead, travellers and thrill-seekers will need to pull off to the side of the road and get off the beaten path for once.

These eye-popping waterfalls may come in various shapes and sizes, but the lovely impression they leave on others is quite identical. Interestingly, some of these waterfalls change their colors due to the rocks that lie underneath their swirling waters. The result is a stunning show of dancing colors that will surely bring sunshine to your days too.

From half-frozen waterfalls, nestled in glaciers, to plunging streams running over rock formations, today’s sheer variety of such natural wonders is genuinely spectacular.

20 The Waimoku Falls, Haleakala National Park Kipahulu, Maui, Hawaii

There's just something special about the Waimoku Falls that's totally worth the chase. You might have seen many beautiful places in your life, but you've hardly explored the famous bamboo forest in Hana, Maui.

Two trails lead to this giant waterfall, but if you're short on time, we'd love to suggest that you pick the one at the beginning of Hana. Other than that, both trails will lead you through the park's beautiful bamboo forests, past another series of waterfalls before dropping you nearby the beautiful Waimoku Falls.

This strikingly beautiful waterfall promises pleasant walks and hikes with marvelous views of the Waimoku Falls, nestled in the Haleakala National Park Kipahulu, Maui, Hawaii.

19 The McWay Falls, Big Sur, California

To those seeking an exceptionally different vacation spot regardless of the weather, we'd love to point to this dramatic waterfall that sits right in the heart of central California.

This spectacular McWay waterfall, situated in the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, flows year-round but it's not open to the public since it's forbidden to stand under the waterfall. Well, you can still enjoy strolling through Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park or opt for the hiking trails for an endless range of pleasant views of the lovely California coast and one of its most beautiful waterfalls.

18 The Silver Falls State Park, Sublimity, Oregon

From stunning waterfalls, jutting from tropical cliffs to gentle tumbles down the side of a breathtaking glacier, today's article is full of gorgeous falls where quality and quantity collide. An excellent example of that is this majestic waterfall, situated at Silver Falls State Park in Oregon. There's a 7.2-mile long trail that will take you around a dozen beautiful falls, among which is the fantastic South Falls too.

This surprisingly tall cascade boasts an almost ideal position that lets you walk past the waterfall. From there, visitors can take in splendid views of nature's verdant beauty as well.

17 The King Of The Falls: Visit The Majestic Niagara Falls

Speaking of such jaw-dropping and legendary waterfalls, there's one particular range of falls that cannot be left unmentioned. Although it's become quite a trivial tourist attraction, the supremacy of The Niagara Falls hasn't faded at all. This otherwise beautiful location may be bursting at the seams with nature enthusiasts from all around the world, but the Niagara Falls still seems to be holding the throne for being the King of America's most beautiful waterfalls.

Not one but three picturesque waterfalls mark the exact point where the waters of the Niagara River are hurled over the cliff's edge. Well, it's certainly worth the visit, isn't it?

16 The Tahquamenon Falls AKA "The Paradise"

If you genuinely want to know what paradise feels like, you've got to explore the Tahquamenon Falls in Michigan. Come here to explore nature's beauty at its best without feeling as if gasping for air in the center of another massive crowd.

As fantastic as they are, these waterfalls are divided into equally impressive halves, namely the Upper and Lower Falls. The Upper Falls are best known for their rust-colored cascades whereas the Lower Falls are more appreciated for their group of five more waterfalls running towards a freshwater island.

Nestled in the beautiful area of the Tahquamenon Fall State Park, these waterfalls also offer lots of outdoor activities, including many water sports.

15 The Wailua Falls, Lihue, Hawaii

This frothy cascade is located just a few steps from the main road, and it's one of the most charming sights you can ever see on Hawaiian soil. These spectacular waterfalls are, in fact, quite easily recognized due to a tv series. In the past, Wailua Falls served to be a filming set for the TV show "Fantasy Island" as they were also featured in numerous promotional materials as well. Despite the lack of proper hiking trails to the awe-inspiring cascade, Wailua Falls are still worth a quick pit stop. Besides, when was the last time you explored such a beautiful sight anyway?

14 The Cumberland Falls, Corbin, Kentucky

How about exploring another gorgeous waterfall that shares the scale and majesty of the Niagara Falls? Well, this place definitely exists and is located in the Cumberland Falls State Resort Park, Corbin, Kentucky. This beautiful waterfall is dubbed the "Niagara of the South" and is quite easily accessed from the park's viewing platforms. No wonder why tourists flock here to explore this wide vail of the gushing waterfall.

Besides, the park is situated just off the main road making it an ideal location for nature enthusiasts, hikers, and cyclists. Explore the beauty of Cumberland Falls on a full moon for the chance to enjoy a moonbow as well.

13 The Akaka Falls Park, Hilo, Hawaii

Another splendid waterfall that excites tourists with its excessive charm is the Hawaiian Akaka Falls and Kahuna Falls. Take the considerably easy hike down a well-preserved trail, and you'll soon reach the beautiful Akakak and Kahuna Falls, nestled amid the tropical landscape of Hilo, Hawaii. The walk down the paved path is less than half a mile, so it doesn't take any special preparation to explore its exotic features.

As you walk along the paved trail, do pay attention to the beautiful wild orchids, drooping banana trees and viewing platforms that you'll soon see on your way to the Akaka Falls and Kahuna Falls.

12 The Bridalveil Fall, Yosemite, California

Bridalveil Fall is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic sights in the entire Yosemite National Park. We're not only dealing with a stunning and famous waterfall but what we've got here is a favorite spot for professional photographers as well. This fantastic waterfall tumbles over 600 feet down to the base, and it's only accessible via a paved path starting from the parking lot for visitors.

As a legendary location in the Yosemite National Park, Bridalveil Fall boasts an age-defying beauty that's even more impressive in winter due to its delicate yellow glow in the snow.

11 The Nugget Falls, Juneau, Alaska

We've all got a favorite place that we'd love to explore one day, and if yours happens to be Alaska, then you've got your reason to celebrate the moment. This stunning place is not only perfect to explore dazzlingly white glaciers and half-frozen lakes, but Alaska is also home to the area's biggest tourist attraction, namely the famous Nugget Falls.

Formed from a frozen creek, these waterfalls are now famous for their ideal position right at the tail end of the beautiful Mendenhall Glacier. Although the Nugget Falls are quite easily accessible, tourists often include them as part of their boat trip along the Juneau shore.

10 The Havasu Falls, Supai, Arizona

Visiting Havasu Falls is like arriving at an unexpectedly beautiful oasis of azure waters flanked by the Grand Canyon's mile-high walls. This unique waterfall is not only a beautiful sight to see, but it should be on any traveler's bucket list.

As you walk along the trail to the falls, stop for a second to take in the stunning views of the deep canyons, orange sandstones and crystal clear waters of the Havasu Falls.

Another curious detail is that the region of Havasupai is also home to an Indian tribe. Well, it looks like Havasu Falls has just landed on your travel bucket list as well, right?

9  The Gullfoss Falls, Iceland

Gullfoss Falls is one of Iceland's best treasures, and that's hardly a coincidence. Interestingly, Gullfoss Falls is known as the Golden Falls, and it perfectly matches its majestic appearance. This exotic beauty, nestled in the southern parts of Iceland, runs through the country's Hvita River and boasts spectacular rainbows floating in clouds of mist just above the Gullfoss waterfalls. As iconic as it promises to be, the waters of the Gulfoss originate from the melting of the Icelandic Langiokull glacier. The water cascades over 30 meters down a rough canyon. This magnificent waterfall can also be seen on the traditional Golden Circle Tour.

8 The Kilt Rock Waterfall, Scotland

Scotland has long captured the heart and mind of the thrill-seekers with its lush landscapes and beautiful waterfalls. Lucky are those who've already explored this specific location in Northern Scotland.

Admittedly, this fantastic waterfall has probably inspired many movies with its dramatic cliffs, stones and rock formations that create a beautiful pattern similar to the traditional Scottish kilt. The so-called Kilt Rock Waterfall runs through a range of rugged cliffs and boasts basalt columns that form unusual pleats. All of this really sounds like a surreal adventure through Scotland's best tourist locations. But before you get there, make sure to bring your HD camera for a string of selfies. Indeed, this place is truly fantastic!

7 The Wallaman Falls, Australia

This Australian beauty is located in the famous Girringun National Park and is one of the area's biggest tourist attractions. By the way, this gorgeous Wallaman Falls is the country's largest one-drop waterfall. Its massive scale and awe-inspiring characteristics make it an oddly beautiful place to visit this summer. Additionally, Wallaman Falls is included in Australia's Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, and it's not hard to see why.

Here, at the Girringun National Park, visitors can explore the world's most ancient rainforests alongside the beautiful flora and fauna which are critically endangered. So, if you're planning a visit to Australia, do not miss out on exploring this beauty.

6 The Plitvice National Park, Croatia

What makes this gorgeous waterfall stand out from the others is its sparkling mint-green colored lakes. The country's Plitvice National Park has long been a deeply appreciated location for its calm lakes while the rambling waterfall offers a dazzling contrast to the picture. The area is also home to a few attractive-looking caves, so make sure to visit them as well.

This stunning park stretches across 73,000 acres making it one of the most beautiful and extensive nature preserves in Europe. Thanks to the beautiful waterfalls, lakes, and rivers, the park receives over 1.2 million visitors on an annual basis.

5 The Angel Falls, Venezuela

The country's magnificent Angel Falls are, in fact, the world's largest uninterrupted waterfalls, cascading from an eerie tabletop mountain that's nestled into the deep Venezuelan rainforest.

Sending a single drop at 2650 ft, the country's beautiful falls are regularly covered in clouds except for unusually bright days with clear skies when visitors can catch marvelous views of the falls. If they're lucky enough, travelers may even spot a tiny rainbow in the sky. As stunning as they are, these Angel Falls are surprisingly easy to access by boat once you've reached the Canaima National Park.

4 The Burney Falls, California

Ideally situated in the McArthur Burney Falls Memorial State Park, Burney Falls gushes water from an underground spring. This naturally beautiful fall sits inside the grassy confines of McArthur's park and offers a constant flow with over a hundred million gallons of water per day, and this number remains the same even in dry summers. This 129-foot waterfall is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful tourist attractions and a unique Californian gem. So, if you're indeed interested in exploring such wild locations, the Burley Falls in McArthur Burney Falls Memorial State Park definitely wins the day.

3 The Detian Falls (Between China and Vietnam)

Did you know that Detian Falls is also known as "The Virtuous Paradise"? Admittedly, this practically says it all about this surreal waterfall that lies on the Vietnamese border. Detian Falls proudly shows off the breathtaking beauty of the Asian landscape that's comprising of endless rice paddies, emerald green fields, and rock formations.

Additionally, these Virtuous Heaven Falls, situated on the China-Vietnam border, create a beautiful, almost dreamy mist falling gently over the local Quy Xuan River. Although this waterfall is hardly the most famous one on today's list, it's certainly no less majestic or unique.

2 The Manawaiopuna Falls, Kauai

This magnificent waterfall is like a shout-out to all the Jurassic World fans out there. It's true - the famous Manawaiopuna Falls happen to be the exact location where this legendary franchise was filmed. As picturesque as it seems to be, this 360-feet waterfall is nestled on the Kauai island and is one of the most exceptional things you've ever seen. Although it was once another well-kept secret by Mother Nature, all of this changed after the movie was finally released. This magical place has since been a dreamed location for a vast number of travelers and thrill-seekers who cannot wait to descend upon the waterfalls to witness its majesty and grandeur in person.

1 The Grand Victoria Falls (Between Zimbabwe And Zambia)

Best known as the world's largest waterfall, Victoria Falls is today's icing on the cake, and it's non-skippable. This magnificent fall rests on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia and plunges through a vast basalt plateau.

This gorgeous waterfall is also dubbed the "Thundering Smoke" because of its almost threatening flow that runs into the gorge where visitors can enjoy an endless string of stunning sights. Also, the mighty river has been gradually cutting through the same plateau for millions of years.

Today Victoria Falls is like the Queen of Zimbabwe's beautiful landscape. If you're fond of exploring such romantic places, this waterfall provides the superb backdrop for emotional moments and romantic photos as well.

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