If anyone asks me what service they should use to find accommodation for an upcoming trip, there’s only one answer I can give. I always recommend Airbnb. There are a lot of reasons why I like it so much. First of all, given that most lodgings offered on Airbnb have kitchens or kitchenettes, guests can cook food by themselves and save money on eating out. Secondly, it's always more fun to interact with hosts than with hotel staff, because hosts usually don't have many guests and can communicate a lot, telling interesting stories about their country, city, town, or village. Thirdly, any person will find something to their taste and budget on Airbnb and have a memorable experience on their trip, whether they want to have a luxurious vacation or wish to just unplug from everything for some time. And finally, Airbnb offers a variety of one-of-a-kind houses and apartments that are impossible to find on any other resources out there on the web.

There are treehouses, mud houses, yurts, and even caves offered for rent. There are huge castles with all the possible modern conveniences, as well as cabins in remote locations with no Wi-Fi or even mobile connection. Each one of these places has its own special atmosphere that can turn any vacation into a real adventure.

So let's take a look at some of the most unique accommodations currently offered on Airbnb. But keep in mind that most of them sell like hot cakes, so it's better to book them way in advance!

20 California: It's a Real Malibu Dream!

This magnificent Malibu Dream Airstream is designed specifically for the people, who are tired of all the hectic city life. It is for those who want to unplug from absolutely everything (even mobile connection) and get back to nature.

The small house located on the cliff has a studio room and a cozy terrace that offers a marvelous view onto Santa Monica Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Even when I'm looking at the photo of this house, I already feel more relaxed, so I can only imagine how cool it feels to actually be there!

However, this pristine beauty comes with a price. Visitors are likely to hear owls and coyotes at night, as well as see some mice. But who cares about it, when they can gaze at the Milky Way and listen to the waves every night?

19 Oregon: Comfy Mud Hut, Anyone?

This cozy mud hut with bridge view is offered for rent in Portland, Oregon. It's a small hand-built house located at the back yard of the owner's family home. It is designed for those who like to live naturally, because it is lit by candles and heated by wood. No electricity!

Visitors of this unique place can find a lot of things to do. They can take walks along the garden or in parks located nearby; they can pick berries or even have a fire. Beer lovers will be especially be fond of this place, because the hosts brew their own beer.

Just imagine enjoying the rustic life and having casual chats with friendly hosts while overlooking the St. Johns Bridge... Ah, feels great!

18 China: Back To The Roots

This bed in a cave is designed for those who want to get back straight to the roots. It's not only about having a vacation in the natural setting, it is about living in a cave! Gee, it's safe to assume that it's going to be an ultimate experience for anyone who plans to visit Xi'an, China.

Keep in mind that it's not some kind of modern cave. It was dug by hand 300 years ago! How cool is it? The authenticity of atmosphere is added by the room setting - the rooms are equipped by traditional wooden furniture and carpets.

The only drawback of this house is the absence of shower facilities we're all used to. Just a simple camping style shower is offered and it's located in the courtyard.

17 Ireland: Spending A Night At A Real Castle

From rural (and extra rural) settings, we're moving to palatial splendour! Wilton Castle located in Bree, County Wexford, Ireland, is an actual castle, not just some big house that resembles a castle.

This castellated residence was built in the 19th century, and up to these days its elegance still amazes the guests. Both outside and inside the castle, visitors will feel like they are in the Downton Abbey!

Even though most guests will want to walk about the splendid rooms, the nature around the castle offers a lot to explore, too. After all, never forget how beautiful Ireland is.

Of course, since it's a castle, the price for this accommodation is quite big. But, since it can fit up to 14 people, who can split the night rate, it's not so much.

16 Arizona: Airplane House For Traveling Lovers

Ever wanted to live in an airplane? Well, it seems that any dream can come true today! Behold the airplane house located in Phoenix, Arizona!

In fact, it is a "tiny house built around a 1964 Piper PA-28 Cherokee airplane" that looks really awesome. The interior walls of the dwelling are painted on the very logical topic (hey, it's airplanes, of course). The house is really (I mean, really) small, and, for this reason, the host warns tall people to watch their heads while visiting.

According to the guest reviews, those who aren't afraid of tiny rooms and don't carry too much baggage with them will certainly appreciate the experience!

15 Costa Rica: Coolest Rancho Ever

This Rancho at Cielo Vanilla, Atenas, Costa Rica, is truly one-of-a-kind! It will appeal to those who love tropical style, birds, forests, and orchids and for those who want to see the authentic Costa Rica without crowds of tourists.

Probably, the most unique part of this accommodation is its bathroom. Its floor and walls are made of stone, and the walls are partly covered with black lava rock from Arenal Volcano. A huge wooden bathtub, stone shower stall, and tree twigs perking here and there will amaze anyone who sees this extraordinary restroom!

Unfortunately, travelers with little kids can't stay at this picturesque location, because it's not safe for children.

14 Great Britain: Here Be Dragons...

Fans of Game of Thrones, behold and tremble with awe! If you ever visit Westhall, Great Britain, now you know where to stop for a night or two!

The owners of this house decided to follow the medieval practice of placing a dragon onto an uncharted and unexplored place on a map. But since so many people want to explore this "unknown" place now, hosts give it for rent only for a limited period of time (only 1-3 nights per person). So book in advance to get the ultimate Game of Thrones experience!

Even though the accommodation itself is worth being called a sightseeing, there is still a lot to see around it. The dunes, marshes, and waters of the Suffolk coast will amaze even experienced travelers.

13 Spain: Geodesic Dome With Magnificent Views

Are you tired of living in habitual rectangular-shaped houses? Ever dreamed of spending your time in a round dome? The host of this Geodesic Dome, who lives in Facinas, Spain, offers a chance to try how it feels to live in a house without any corners.

This igloo-looking house is small and cozy, and its guests can enjoy the magnificent views of this secluded place, not even leaving their bed. This experience will certainly be unlike everything else! I can imagine how lovely it is to wake up there and hear the birds singing every morning...

The host has a guesthouse located not far from the dome, as well as a number of other houses. Each one of them has its unique style, as well.

12 Germany: Afghani Yurt For An Eastern Fairytale

Seeing the photo of this house, you can think that it's located in an Eastern country, like Afghanistan, for example. However - Surprise! - this yurt is offered to visitors in Nuremberg, Germany. Besides, it's not just some kind of replica. According to the hosts, it's an original Afghani yurt!

Evidently, the hosts are active travelers, because they say that everything in this house has been brought from their trips to different countries. I'm sure that their guests find it fun to chat with them and ask about their travels.

There is one detail in this accommodation that still makes it different to the yurts where Afghani nomads lived. There is a swimming-pool, where guests can freshen up on a hot day, and I'm not sure that nomads had such a luxury!

11 Georgia: Secluded Treehouse For Nature Lovers

Take a look at the photo above and imagine yourself lying on this bed of this treehouse. It's early morning, the sun rises, and birds begin to sign. You open your eyes and see the magnificent scenery around. Fresh air, light breeze, and greenery all around... How wonderful it is to wake up to it?

Besides, even though it's a secluded area, it's actually located minutes from downtown Atlanta!

If you ask me, it's my dream to spend a night or two at a similar location. I'd only be worrying about mosquitoes flying all around at night, but the reviewers say that it's not a problem there. So it seems that this place is true paradise on earth.

But if you want to book this treehouse, do it way in advance, because it's currently the most wished for property on Airbnb!

10 South Africa: Tent With A... Giraffe View

Yep, you read it right. Some hosts offer houses with mountain view, ocean view, or forest view, but this one offers a giraffe view!

The Zebra Safari Tent is located in a natural reserve in South Africa, so there are a lot of wild animals going around it. Reviewers claim that they saw giraffes, zebras, gnus, horses, and other natural dwellers of African lands just walking around their tent and minding their own business.

I'm sure that the experience of staying at this accommodation is unforgettable. We're all used to seeing wild animals in zoos, so seeing them living their life right in front of you should be unique.

9 Mexico: Awesome White Seashell House

As a huge lover of the color white, I can tell that this accommodation is my favorite from this list! Not only is it purely white, but it also has the shape of a seashell, and its swimming-pool area offers a wonderful ocean view. So when I come to Mexico, I know where I'm going to stay!

The Seashell House (or Casa Caracol in Spanish) is located on Isla Mujeres, Mexico. It's an ideal place for those who'd like to visit Mexican beaches, but don't like crowds and would like to live in a peaceful area.

It's fun that the host warns those who are afraid of little geckos not to book the place. I mean, who doesn't like these cute creatures??

8 The Netherlands: Mind Altering Cube House

When I look at the photos of this Cube House, it seems that something's going on with my mind state. These weirdly shaped roofs and walls that seem to be reclining downwards, as if they're looking for something on the floor... I mean, did I eat something that made me see it like this? But actually I didn't - this is the way the house really looks like!

This house located in Rotterdam, Netherlands, is unique both outside and inside. On the inside, I especially like the oddly shaped windows and reclining walls. It'd definitely feel great to spend some time in there and get a unique experience of living in a cube house!

7 Iceland: Pyramids Are Not Only Found In Egypt

This beautiful pyramid-shaped cottage is located close to Geysir, Iceland. It's a relatively new one, because it was built in 2010. According to the host, it was constructed "to reflect the Icelandic landscape and complement the small vegetation of moss and trees in the old lava-field."

It's also worth noting that the cottage is completely sustainable. Geothermal waters running through the pipes in the floor keep it warm and cozy at all seasons. All water is taken from springs - warm water comes from hot springs and, logically, cold one comes from cold springs. Geothermal energy also allows guests to use electricity.

6 Great Britain: Sweetest Ambiance Ever

Those who'd like to live in a secluded peaceful place, but still be close to the civilization will certainly like this one-of-a-kind cottage. It's made to look like a Romany caravan and even though it seems to be funny on the outside, it has everything a modern person needs on the inside. Lights, TV, electric stove, and tea making facilities are all there.

It seems that this accommodation will be perfect for those who like to spend a lot of time in the nature, because guests will only sleep in the cabin and spend the rest of the day outside. Magnificent views and fresh air, as well as friendly hosts will certainly make the stay in the caravan unforgettable.

5 Great Britain: Who Loves Windmills? Come Here!

Another unique house in Great Britain is located in Kent, so be sure to visit it, as well, if you are there! It is an Old Smock Windmill that, according to the host, offers a peaceful and romantic atmosphere, as well as beautiful views.

The facilities offered in the house allow guests to stay there for a long time, because there is everything they might need, from a well laid-out kitchen to central heating and all kinds of lounging areas both inside and outside.

But if you decide to book this place for your vacation in England, be careful - former guests say that once you get there it's hard to leave!

4 Canada: House With A Rock Concert Stage

This house located in the Blue Mountains, Ontario, Canada, resembles a castle. It's magnificent and it's huge. The price might seem to be too big, but remember that it can accommodate over 16 people. So if you gather a crowd of friends to go there altogether, your vacation will be both fun and inexpensive.

The special appeal of this house is its indoor swimming-pool that looks totally like a concert stage. It's very likely that it's the place where guests spend most of their evenings. I mean, who doesn't like to feel like they're a rock star giving a concert, while everyone else is cheering like their fans??

3 Finland: "Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway"

If you feel like you're Elsa from Frozen and can live in cold areas and feel comfortable, perhaps this snow igloo offered for rent in Pelkosenniemi, Finland, is made for you!

Personally, when I look at this photo, I don't see anything but a huge pile of snow and a splendid view. But it's only because I've never actually seen a real igloo, let alone visited one. And when I take a look at the photos of its interior, I understand that it's actually rather nice and comfy, so I'd be happy to try and spend a night there.

Be sure to take a good sleeping bag with you, as well as a camera, because you can see the Northern Lights and make awesome photos!

2 Wyoming: Tiny House And Gorgeous View

My dear readers, behold the Heward's Fully Restored 1920's Sheep Wagon! If you ever visit Shirley Basin, Wyoming, this is the best place to stay, especially if you are a fan of Western movies and always wanted to feel like a character of one of them.

The sheep wagon that is offered for rent belonged to the host's family and was used at their ranch from the 1920 till the 1970s. So it's not some kind of fake wagon bought to make it into a house. It's an original wagon that preserved the atmosphere of the middle of the past century!

If you stay at this wagon, you can spend your daytime sightseeing (there's a lot to see in the area) and gaze the starry skies at night.

1 Greece: Fisherman's Cave

This Fisherman's Cave (in Oia, Greece), can offer its guests a lot of things. Its interior is stylish and cozy and it has a wonderful terrace with Jacuzzi that offers a breathtaking view onto the Aegean Sea from the Caldera cliff.

This setting is perfect for spending warm and breezy evenings, looking at the boats roaming by, listening to the waves and breathing in the fresh air. Guests can do it either sitting at the table with a cup of tea, or just relaxing in a Jacuzzi with their eyes closed. And, of course, with a peaceful smile on their face, because one can't be unhappy in paradise.