Traveling is definitely a lot of fun—jetting off to exotic locales, exploring different cultures and making memories that will without a doubt last a lifetime. No matter where you're heading off to, there are always so many beautiful places to explore and adventures to be had.

But getting to these destinations is another thing. Whether you love to fly or hate it—you will definitely come across some characters while soaring through the sky thousands of feet above the ground. It's bound to happen being in such a confined space with so many strangers, some of which could be ill, struggling with jet lag or just be a little bit odd.

The longer the flight, the more likely it is to witness some crazy, gross or just plain weird behavior from other passengers on board. While we get it's by no means easy to stay seated and get a good rest while being on a plane for such an extended period of time—it's still important to try to avoid doing any of the things listed here. Trust us, you just don't want to be that person.

If you're an avid traveler you've probably seen your fair share of weird passenger traits, from taking off their socks and shoes and extending their feet over the seats into the aisle to trying to perfect their yoga practice in the galley or right from their seat.

20 Taking Off Their Shoes

This is a big no-no. But yet, lots of passengers seem to think this is totally acceptable. The airplane is not your house and therefore you can't just take off your shoes and socks and make yourself feel right at home.

From sprawling across the rows and hanging your feet over the edge of the seat, to putting them up on the tray table—it's just plain wrong. If you're this person, never ever do it again. Your fellow passengers do not need to see (or smell) your feet while they're trying to have a peaceful flight.

19 Clipping Nails

You would think this would go without saying but some people seem to think being on a plane is the perfect time to take care of some personal hygiene.

We don't care if your nails are too long, they can wait until you get to your destination or you could trim them beforehand. Public nail trimmers are almost becoming an epidemic, with tons of people choosing to do this mundane task while on their everyday commutes, like the bus or train, too. If it's anywhere public, it's just wrong, and quite frankly—extremely gross.

18 Face Masks

We get it—your skin regimen is very important to you. But do you really need to do it while in the air? Wouldn't it be best to just wait until you're back home or at your hotel?

Not only will you look ridiculous but how do you wash it off adequately from your seat? Or do you need to constantly get up and down to visit the restroom to apply and take it off? It doesn't really matter—it's weird. And it's a totally unnecessary thing to do on a flight filled with other people.

17 Galley Yoga

Namaste—from the sky. Photos have been circling the Internet of passengers doing yoga poses at their seats, in the aisle and in the galley during flights.

All ways are equally as annoying to other passengers, although probably entertaining at the same time. A couple arm stretches from your seat or when walking to the washroom are totally fine, but full-on poses are a bit much and you're taking valuable space away from your fellow passengers.

16 Trying to join the exclusive club

Another awkward thing flight attendants say they see way too much of—is couples thinking they can get away with joining the club.

First of all, it's not sanitary and it's pretty obvious on a public flight what you're trying to do. So, it's a much better idea to just stay put in your seat and binge watch shows together instead, please! Your fellow passengers and flight staff will be very thankful you did and you'll avoid that awkward moment if you get caught.

15 Crying At Movies

Some airlines have an awesome selection of TV shows and movies to watch to help pass the time and keep you entertained throughout the duration of your flight.

But you should try to refrain from breaking out into tears right then and there though. It might make your neighbour feel a little bit awkward to have someone completely sobbing next to them because a movie character dies. With that being said, if something is really funny you shouldn't laugh as loudly as you would at home.

14 Talking Loudly

Sometimes people seem to forget that they're in a public place and that means they should have enough common sense to be respectful of the people around them at all times.

Talking loudly is distracting to those who are trying to work away quietly, sleep or just watch shows in peace. Especially if it's an evening flight, you should definitely try to keep your volume down and speak very softly, if at all.

13 Resting Your Head On A Stranger's Shoulder

This is one of the most awkward things someone can do on a flight. Unless you have a window seat where you can rest your head, it's a pretty common problem.

Lots of people fall asleep during flights and sleeping upright isn't the most natural position. So the probability of them leaning over your way even just a little bit is pretty likely and it makes for one super awkward and uncomfortable flight for you both.

12 Reclining All The Time

Reclining before you even take off is not cool and reclining for the entire flight is not cool either. So many people just think of themselves without even considering how it's affecting the person behind them and that's just wrong.

Especially if you notice the person behind you is already struggling to find enough leg room—losing an extra inch or two will really negatively impact their comfort level in a big way. Always try to be thoughtful and considerate when you're traveling.

11 Singing Out loud

We've all been there, sometimes without even realizing it. You've got your headphones in, your favourite song is blaring and you're just humming along or full-on singing the lyrics out loud without a care in the world.

As good as you think you may sound, your fellow passengers will probably not agree, so be aware of this. Also, unless you have noise cancelling earbuds, you may want to be aware how loud your music is playing and if it can be heard by other people.

10 Body Odor

One thing to remember is: shower before a flight, always. Especially if it's going to be a long one. Nobody wants to be sitting next to a smelly person the entire flight.

And you definitely don't want to be that person either. It's an awkward feeling having people bring up your body odor or seem to turn away from you in disgust. Avoid it all together by just making sure you're fresh and clean before you board the flight.

9 Eating Smelly Food

These people are just the worst. They bring their own food on board with them and of course it's always the smelliest food imaginable. Whether it's greasy fast food or some kind of fish dish—it's not pleasant for everyone else around you to have to smell what you're eating.

It's also terrible because you're in such a confined space and the smell will linger for a long time. Don't be this person, nobody will like you.

8 Sneezing Openly

People get sick, especially with colds while they're traveling to and from different places. It's almost impossible to not be in contact with other people's germs while flying and going through airports, as they're full of germs.

But if you're sneezing or coughing up a storm, at least have the decency to cover your mouth and use a tissue. Nobody wants to see your germs flying all over the place and it makes it an awkward and uncomfortable space for everyone around you trying to avoid you at all costs.

7 Kicking And Pushing Seats

If you want the person in front of you to feel really annoyed and extremely irritated with you, then by all means kick and push their seat repeatedly throughout the entire duration of the flight.

It really puts them in an awkward position because they'll really have no choice but to either confront you about it or just grin and bear the annoyance you are creating for them. Both scenarios can be easily avoided if you just act like a respectful passenger.

6 Leaving Dirty Diapers In Seat Pocket

The things flight attendants find in the seat pockets will haunt your dreams. And apparently, some have even found dirty diapers tucked away in there.

When traveling with an infant you have to be even more aware of your actions during a flight and respectful to those around you. Disposing of baby diapers should be done properly and no one should ever find trash in the pockets regardless, seeing as they come by to collect it fairly often. This is not only awkward, but unsanitary and disgusting.

5 In-Flight Workouts

Sure there's galley yoga, but there's also just the people who try to get any work out in while they're up in the air. We know you want to make the most of your time and get in a good sweat, but just no. Don't do it.

Some people have reported seeing a man doing push-ups in the galley or a woman doing lunges while walking down the aisles. People—do your exercises pre and post flight, never during. It's annoying and will get you noticed, but for the wrong reasons. Don't be this awkward person.

4 Making A Mess

Making a huge mess while flying is just not cool and it's extremely disrespectful. It's easy enough to clean up after yourself and if you don't then you'll probably be getting some bad looks from those sitting near you, and the staff members.

As you should though. If you live in a messy home that's all fine, but when in a public space you need to be respectful of the other people around you and just keep things tidy. The flight attendants aren't your parents, and getting called out would be pretty embarrassing, although justified.

3 People Behind You Trying To Get Off Plane First

This one is just awkward and flat out rude. Whenever the plane lands, everyone is always in such a huge rush. They want to be the first one off because they've got so much to do and lots of places to see. But in natural plane etiquette, it goes by each individual row until it gets to you.

Unless someone purposely stays seated longer because they want more time to gather their belongings—you shouldn't be trying to pass them to get out of the plane first. Have some patience.

2 Snoring Loudly

It's inevitable to go on a long flight and not be seated next to someone who is asleep for most of it. It's going to happen every time so be prepared.

But it's the worst when they're an extremely loud snorer. Sure, you can try to drown it out with your earbuds, but if they're really loud, sometimes that doesn't even do the trick. It's awkward for the people around them because they don't know whether they should casually wake them up or mention it, or just try to get through the flight without completely losing their mind in the process.

1 Putting On Make-Up

It's an airplane, not your bathroom vanity back at home. You can read a book, watch a movie or listen to music—the opportunities are endless. Putting on makeup is unnecessary and just plain messy.

No matter how careful you are with it, you'll be spilling stuff all over the place and while it may be a fun process for you—guaranteed no one around you will appreciate it. Plus, you're traveling. Do you really need to get all glam for the flight? It's an airplane, not a spa and it's just going to make everyone feel awkward.

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