Some, and we stress the word some, tend to be pretty basic when it comes to demands prior to a show or performance. Usually the rich and famous opt for something light such as fruits and vegetables. However, not all celebs tend to be that basic. In this article we take a look at athletes, musicians, actors and actresses, featuring some of their wacky demands. You’ll be surprised at how far athletes go with their requests prior to a big match. In one specific case, a particular athlete gets his hair cut three times prior to a fight. The real kicker? Each cut costs $1,000 and the dude is bald!

That’s only the beginning. A couple of actors decided to keep in shape by any means necessary. One in particular decided to haul his 40,000 pound gym onto the set of his film in Vancouver. Another legendary actor demanded a private basketball court. Oh, the rich and famous, right!

Musicians tend to be the ones with the most bizarre requests on the list; from Lunchables to a 200-person entourage to pickles to a new toilet seat at every venue, prepare to be baffled by these outrageous celebrity requests. Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 20 of the most bizarre things celebs have requested while on tour. Let’s get started!

20 Dwayne Johnson – A Travelling Gym

Out of all the requests this one is definitely the heaviest one. When shooting a film Dwayne Johnson does not come alone. Among his personal requests is a traveling gym that he typically brings with him during a lengthy film project. What’s your excuse again?

According to Men’s Health he isn’t bringing just a couple of ropes and dumbbells, either. Rock is bringing the entire gym that weights over 40,000 pounds.

He’s up at 5 AM before the day starts, getting a workout in. Yes, he’s Hollywood’s hardest worker in more ways than one. He thanked his crew via Instagram for the gym hookup while shooting Skyscraper in Vancouver;

“My final day in Vancouver... sending a huge thank you to the hundreds of hard working crew responsible for always setting up my #IronParadise aka my traveling carnival in every location I film at. 40,000lbs of steal and iron. I can maintain and build upon an insane work schedule, but only due to having my anchor ready to go every morning at 5am. Grateful to the bone. Thank you guys. “

19 Conor McGregor – A New Car

This one is an old school tactic used by some of the very best. It seems like Conor McGregor is now a part of this as well. Just prior to a fight McGregor is known for requesting a fancy ride – he’ll either buy a new one or in most cases, rent it out. It isn’t uncommon for an athlete to follow this ritual.

Both Mike Tyson back in the 80s and 90s, along with Floyd Mayweather, are known for making expensive car rides just prior to a fight. Michael Jordan actually started the routine as an intimidation tactic against his opponents. He would drive to the arena in his Ferrari while puffing on a cigar. Clearly, his intention worked and you can argue the same for the others.

18 Katy Perry – Chauffeur Can’t Look Or Talk To Her

This is an odd request that kind of works the other way. Some celebrities enjoy some small talk with their drivers, however Katy Perry definitely isn’t one of those celebs. According to her personal demands Perry requests that the driver does not talk to her. Okay, that might be understandable on certain days, but all the time? That’s pretty darn harsh.

Making matters that much more bizarre Perry also requests that the driver doesn’t look at her! Now that’s just a little too much, wouldn’t you say? At that point maybe Perry should rent out her own car and drive it herself...

"Pepsi embraces creativity and understands that artists evolve," Bey said in a statement via The New York Times. "As a businesswoman, this allows me to work with a lifestyle brand with no compromise and without sacrificing my creativity." (Source:Billboard)

These are Beyonce’s comments partnering up with Pepsi. Such a sentiment might have been facilitated by the fact that she signed a $50 million deal with the company. When it comes to the entertainment business both Pepsi and Coca Cola continue to be among the more dominant names, spending millions on endorsements per year. Beyonce might have taken the partnership to the next level requesting that nothing Coca Cola related ever make it into her dressing room or while shooting any type of project. Pepsi only, please!

16 Justin Bieber – Three Person Massage

At a younger age, Bieber wasn’t the most demanding celebrity while on tour. However, as Bieber's fame began to grow, so did his demands over the years while on tour. He has some wacky requests; however it doesn’t get more bizarre than a three person massage just prior to a show. We can understand the relaxation factor prior to a stressful performance but seriously, three people?

The photo of the Biebs getting a triple massage got posted by one of his entourage members. So what were the three doing? One was working on his hands, the other his head and finally the third person was working on his feet. They needed to get one more in there for his torso...

15 Vince McMahon – Turkey Sandwiches

He is the owner of the WWE and a successful billionaire. In his 70s these days McMahon continues to elevate his company financially. The WWE is more global than ever before and a lot of that has to do with the family-friendly product change. The company has seen their stock rise to unimaginable heights in 2018 thanks to McMahon and his vision.

So what does a successful billionaire request to eat while on tour? The answer might surprise you but among his common requests is a turkey sandwich with light mustard. According to Jim Cornette, one of McMahon’s former employees, the boss saw food as nothing more than fuel. He typically eats high protein meals with low fat and low carbohydrates. He also requests power bars or protein bars on the day of a show.

14 Madonna – New Toilet Seat

She’s a legend in the music industry. However becoming such a prominent name, and with so much longevity, one would expect Madonna to request an extra thing or two while on tour. Heck, she deserves it!

However some might argue she’s pushing those requests a little too far. Among the other bizarre requests include a 200-person entourage – because who doesn’t want 200 people by their side before a performance? According to Complex she also asks for 20 international phone lines... likely for her mammoth cast of friends. However the most bizarre of them all is a new toilet seat at every venue she visits.

13 Mariah Carey – Fried Chicken

When it comes to food requests most celebrities like to keep it simple. Whether it be smoothies, vegetables or heck, even a tuna sandwich request, stars like to keep their demands on the leaner and lighter side. However there’s an exception and it’s Mariah Carey.

A veteran in the game like Madonna, Mariah typically has a laundry list of demands. Among the most peculiar is Fried Chicken.

We hope she indulges after the show because eating that before just doesn’t sound right. She’s got a bunch of other requests, among the more notable ones; melon flavored Gatorade, sugarless gum (she needs to save the calories for the fried chicken) and a living room set up in the dressing room.

12 Eminem – Lunchables Snacks

Eminem is a pretty routine dude. His requests really aren’t that out of the ordinary – at least in comparison to some of the others on the list. Among his demands includes Red Bull and various fruits. However he does have a couple of wacky suggestions. It doesn’t get more bizarre than Lunchables. Eminem has specific tastes for the pack, he must have the turkey, ham and cheese set. Is anyone craving some Lunchables right about now?

Eminem also requests a CD player but one with the capabilities of playing a burned CD disc.

What better way to spend time before the show than listening to custom-made CDs while indulging on some Lunchables?

11 Lady Gaga – Smoothie Station

She doesn’t want pre-made juice from Jugo Juice. Lady Gaga requests an entire smoothie station with blenders and everything in between, such as various fruits and vegetables. Don’t insult her with a juice already conveniently made, she doesn’t want that sewage!

As you might expect Gaga has a bunch of other quirky demands. Among the more bizarre includes more fruits, because the smoothies just aren’t enough; unscented candles, because why evaporate the smell of a room littered with fruits? And hot dogs... but not regular hot dogs... veggie dogs!

10 Floyd Mayweather – Haircuts

This one is downright bizarre. Prior to fights Mayweather cuts his hair multiple times per week. The real kicker here is that the undefeated boxer has no hair on his head. And oh, the most baffling part about this all is the fact that he spends $1,000 per haircut - days leading up to a fight he’s known to get three haircuts during the week! Do the math, that’s more than most of us spend in an entire year.

Similar to McGregor, Mayweather isn’t shy about making an expensive purchase prior to a fight. Unlike Conor (who usually rents), Floyd buys an expensive ride prior to a fight.

9 Rihanna – Animal Print Rug

Rihanna doesn’t have the most outrageous requests when it comes to food or beverages. However we can’t say the same for her requests when it comes to the room decor. Don’t you dare try hanging up drapes that aren’t either blue or black – that’s unacceptable. The lighting must also be a relaxing one along with six candles from a specific brand.

The real kicker is her rug request. She must have animal print on it, among her favorite prints is leopard (she wore a leopard themed dress in the past as well). Of course the rug must be fully clean as she walks barefoot.

8 Drake – Candles and Incense Holders

We’ll get the obvious out of the way. Drake likes alcohol and he gets plenty of it prior to a show. Among his common requests are Hennessey and Grey Goose - because he has a lot of people to please... Jack Daniels, Patron Tequila and Heineken are among some of the other requests. He also gets cigars from time to time.

All those requests are pretty common and expected. However, what isn’t are candles and incense holders.

Perhaps if Drake was a 90-year-old nun on tour we would understand. Replicas with Drake’s face have been made on the incense holders, we wonder if he’s ever requested those specifically...

7 Triple H - Starbucks Cold Beverage 

A protein shake? What about a dry piece of skinless chicken breast? This is what you might expect from a WWE star. However the pre-show atmosphere usually comes with a catering section to meet the wrestlers' demands. Aside from specific props for the show, rarely does any of the talent make special requests unless they’re a legend from the past or higher up in the company, such as Triple H.

Hunter doesn’t have any crazy requests. However he usually has a Starbucks cold beverage while producing behind the scenes for his developmental brand: NXT. It’s all about high energy in the producer role. Mixing that in with live television during PPV events, he needs lots of energy – caffeine and Starbucks isn’t a bad combo.

6 Justin Timberlake – An Entire Hotel Floor

We can understand a celebrity booking extra security while staying at a hotel following a gig. However booking an entire floor might be overkill, wouldn’t you say? Not to Justin, he typically reserves an entire floor that also includes security as well.

He’s got another weird hotel request and that’s taking the elevator all by his lonesome. Maybe he gives himself a motivational pep talk? Maybe he moonwalks and doesn’t want the world to see? Whatever the case might be his hotel requests in general aren’t the most conventional.

5 Will Ferrell – Mobility Scooter

Would you expect anything less? While on a promotional tour for the 2008 flick Semi-Pro, the comedy actor took his demands to the next level. According to his tour rider Will had some wacky requests. Among the most bizarre includes a Janet Jackson-like headset with a microphone attached to it. As if that wasn’t wacky enough he asked for a mobility scooter. Yes, that’s right. We really can’t even think of anything funny to add to that – you win, Will.

As for his food needs he tends to be low maintenance. His favorite item to snack on tends to be a peanut butter flavored protein bar.

4 Selena Gomez – Pickles

“I keep things pretty simple [backstage],” she said. “Plenty of water and pickles.” Who doesn’t love pickles…seriously?! She changes things up when it comes to eating on her tour bus, though. “Hot Cheetos and chocolate are staples.” (Source: Hollywood Life)

Wait a minute, did she say pickles? We can understand the Cheetos and chocolate but where on earth do the pickles come from? For whatever reason Gomez seems to have this item on lockdown ever since her earlier days on tour. However don’t get it wrong, despite the snacking Gomez keeps things healthy in her everyday life. Among the foods she typically eats include chicken pot pie – it’s her guilty pleasure and an acceptable one according to her trainer. Pie and trainer in the same sentence? That's a first...

3 Marilyn Manson – Kool-Aid & Gummy Bears

Given Marilyn Manson’s genre, he no doubt needs as much energy as possible prior to a performance. Perhaps the night that he melted down on stage in front of the New York crowd there was a shortage of both Kool-Aid and Gummy Bears? Okay, we’re just speculating but something went wrong that night...

Among the musician’s requests are both Kool-Aid and Gummy Bears. Talk about getting hyped before a show, huh? Both these items are loaded with sugar – without a doubt his carbohydrate intake spikes before a show. Again that isn’t a bad thing before he hits the stage. Gummy Bears and Kool-Aid? That’s a life we all want to live.

2 George Clooney – Basketball Court

While shooting a film Clooney exercises the fact that he is in fact George Clooney by basically asking for anything and getting it.

Among his requests; a private garden, a beach hut and hot-tub. And oh, he asked for this all at once while shooting a film in London, Gravity.

The complete ensemble cost a total of $100,000. However that wasn’t entirely it. The weirdest request had to be a private basketball court in order to shoot some hoops. He’s been spotted at local basketball courts in the past, however in some instances he just wants to play in pure peace and quiet.

1 Jennifer Lopez – A White Dressing Room

In Jenn’s ideal world an entire room might turn white at the snap of her fingers. Although she doesn’t have those kinds of magical powers, she does come close to achieving this nonetheless. Lopez requests her entire dressing room covered in a white theme.

From the drapes, candles, couches, tables and darn tablecloths, everything must be white! Don’t even dare add some red to the room with roses, as flowers must also be white.

Entering such a room with the white theme along with J-Lo in it must be the closest thing to heaven... all she’s missing is the Last Supper table and she’s golden.