20 Of The Most Luxurious Ski Cabins Around The World

When you think about ski vacations and winter getaways, what comes to mind? The scene is probably of the pristine Alps in the morning sun, their peaks dusted white with fresh powder from the night before. You might imagine yourself cutting down the slopes, zig-zagging through pine trees, or zooming down the pisté as quick as you can.

After all that activity, though, you’re going to want somewhere to kick back and relax, so you can rest up for another exciting day of skiing or snowboarding. A chalet is just what the doctor ordered. You’re probably envisioning a cute log cabin with smoke billowing from the chimney as you approach after a long day on the slopes.

These 20 luxurious ski cabins don’t quite fit the mold, but they do offer up some of the absolute best in rest and relaxation anywhere in the world. With modern amenities, stunning architecture, and a variety of styles, these cabins will treat you to a decadent ski retreat wherever your next skiing adventure takes you.

Whether you want Old World charm and the extravagance of bygone ages or a much more modern flair, these properties offer a little something for every ski and snow bunny out there. Take a look through and earmark your favorites for a future winter getaway.

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20 This Cabin Is Conveniently Located In One Of The Best Alpine Ski Regions

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Sainte Foy isn’t quite as popular as Meribel or Val d’Isère, nor is it quite so high up in the Alps. Nonetheless, this charming Alpine town attracts its fair share of ski enthusiasts. Some of them enjoy a decadent stay at the Chalet Merlo.

This ski lodge brings new meaning to the words “all inclusive.” It comes with its own private chef and a host, as well as a chauffeur waiting to drive you on to fresh pistés in Tignes, Val d’Isère, Les Arcs, and La Rosiere. After a long day on the slopes, you can enjoy a private massage après ski. The cost is more reasonable than some of the other lodges on this list, at $13,000 per week.

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19 The Alpacas Are Only In The Name Of This Cabin

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Meribel, France, is renowned for ultra-modern getaways for the wealthy. Its slopes play host to some of Europe’s most famous sports stars and other celebrities. One spot they might like to stay would be the opulent Chalet Alpaca, which is much more than the average Alpine ski lodge.

This lodge has 6 bedrooms, each with its own en suite, and can accommodate up to 14 people. It comes equipped with its own outdoor pool and a hot tub, as well as a Turkish bath or hamam, massage room, and library. The gaming room contains vintage pinball machines along with other staples.

There’s even a climbing wall if you want to practice before you head out to conquer some nearby summits.

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18 Visit Lake Tahoe’s Mountain Masterpiece

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When we think of California, we think of palm trees and beaches. Travel far enough north, however, and you’ll find yourself amid the chains of the Rocky Mountains yet again as they travel southward down North America’s western coast.

Here, near Lake Tahoe, you’ll find a stunning property that’s been featured in Ski Magazine. Sometimes known as the Mountain Masterpiece cabin, this custom-designed beauty is almost as stunning as the landscape surrounding it. Its location in the Olympic Valley allows easy access to Lake Tahoe, Paige Meadows, and the Truckee River biking trails during the spring and summer. For winter vacationers, the Alpine Meadows Ski Resort is close at hand.

17 This Chalet Isn’t Called The Alpine Retreat For Nothing

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The Hotel Severin opened its new Alpine Retreat in late 2017, much to the delight of those looking for something new on the ski scene. Nestled in the Austrian Alps near Lech, the Alpine Retreat joins several other properties renowned for luxury.

The Alpine Retreat doesn’t disappoint either. There are 9 suites, and each comes with a fireplace and a terrace.

A Michelin-starred chef creates delectable meals for patrons, and original artwork by Roy Lichtenstein decorates the walls.

It’s not hard to see why prices start at $815 US per night. If you want real luxury, however, you’ll want to spring for the 4-bedroom private residence, which comes with its own hot tub and private cinema.


16 Invite Your Valentine To Chalet Valentine

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Another location in Meribel, France, is the Chalet Valentine. It’s a relatively new addition to Meribel’s scene, but that doesn’t stop it from claiming a spot as one of the most luxurious ski cabins in the world. You can ski in and ski out here, since the pisté is a scant 100 meters from your front door.

Seven rooms will sleep a party of up to 14. You can relax in the hot tub or the sauna after a long day of skiing. If you’re new to skiing, don’t worry. If you can scrounge up the $41,000 to rent the chalet fully catered for the week, you’ll get two days of instruction with a local ski school in addition.

15 Val d’Isère Is No Slouch When It Comes To Luxury

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A hop and a skip from Meribel is Val d’Isère, also located in the French Alps. Val d’Isère is a slightly more economical retreat for those planning an Alpine getaway, but that doesn’t mean its without its fair share of luxury cabins.

Take, for example, the Chalet Husky.

The lodge comes with a sauna, an infinity waterfall, a hamam, and a swimming pool that doubles as a disco.

A private chef will create delicious meals while you’re out on the slopes working up an appetite. Afterwards, you can settle into one of the cozy bedrooms or head over to the wellness area for additional feel-good vibes.

14 Spain’s Sierra Nevada Offers Alpine Luxury Without The Alpine Prices

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This ski cabin in Granada’s Sierra Nevada is literally called “the lodge.” And, given its dedication to top-end luxury, we think it’s probably earned the right to call itself that. No other lodge in Spain compares. It even gives some of the Alpine lodges a run for their money.

Rooms on the third floor of El Lodge come with private hot tubs and vast mountain views. Another claim to fame for El Lodge is that its restaurant serves up the world’s only organic caviar. At just $390 US per night, El Lodge and the Sierra Nevada is an absolute steal for those of you who love winter sports.

13 This Is The World’s Most Expensive Chalet

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We’ll hop back to Lech, Austria, to pay a visit to one of the world’s most expensive (and luxurious) ski cabins.

With prices starting at $248,000 per week, you may need to take out a small mortgage to afford your stay here, but it will be worth every penny.

Chalet N is known as the world’s most expensive ski chalet, so what does that price tag include? One entire floor is dedicated to a spa and the pool features its own underwater sound system. The chalet boasts its own wine-tasting cellar and a fondue room. It also includes access to Lech’s world-famous slopes. With 10 suites, you’ll want to share this experience with some of your besties.

12 Delight Your Senses With A Residence In Courchevel, France

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As mentioned, Courchevel, France, is renowned for luxury properties. The Six Senses Residences are just some of those properties. Ranging in size from 2 to 5 bedrooms, they can accommodate family vacations or larger parties of skiers.

Modern decadence is on full display here, as each residence comes equipped with iPads, Apple TV, access to a full-service spa, and a selection of top-notch products to fully stock the pantry before your arrival. You’ll also have the option of flying in a personal chef from Six Senses’ list, to cook a meal for you. At $2,650 per night during the high season, we think it’s likely worth it.

11 This Japanese Resort Combines Decadence With Understatement

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When you think of luxurious ski cabins, your mind likely conjures images of the Alps and cozy log cabins nestled near their icy peaks. Of course, the Alps aren’t the only mountains in the world, and they’re certainly not the only place you can go to find luxury ski cabins.

Take a look at Hakuchozan, in Niseko, Japan. Located on the snowy northern island of Hokkaido, this cabin offers easy access to the looming Mount Yotei. An outdoor hot tub, a bar, and a games room bring après ski to Japan. The town of Niseko is also known for its amazing seafood, so don’t forget to strike out and try some of the local cuisine.

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10 There’s More To Colorado Than Aspen

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If we say Colorado, you’ll probably say “Aspen.” While Aspen is renowned around the world, there are plenty of other great ski spots in the Rocky Mountains. In fact, you’ll find one of the world’s most luxurious ski cabins in the former mining town of Crested Butte, Colorado.

The Scarp Ridge Lodge boasts all of the decadence and amenities of its Alpine cousins in the Old World.

The $17,000 per night price tag includes a personal chef, a concierge service, and a special oxygen system to help you and 19 of your friends acclimate to the thinner air at this altitude.

Access to a private catski and a 1,000-acre enclave in the Elk Mountains are also included.

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9 See A New Side Of The Matterhorn From Chalet Grace

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This next stop takes us to Zermatt, Switzerland, the home of one of the most famed peaks in the entire Swiss Alps. Book the Chalet Grace and you’ll be able to take in the iconic Matterhorn through banks of floor-to-ceiling windows. Picturesque Zermatt lays in the valley below, rounding out the idyllic scene.

Chalet Grace features many of the staples of Alpine ski cabin luxury, including a wellness center, massage service, sauna, and hot tub. You’ll also find a fully equipped games room, a private cinema, and a bar. No matter what your Alpine adventure, Chalet Grace is an excellent choice for your home away from home.

8 The Lodge Has A Simple Name, But Splendor Is Its Game

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Sir Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Records, has some creative ideas, to say the least. He saved some for the property known as The Lodge in Verbier, Switzerland.

This Virgin Limited Edition property is just minutes from the Medran lift, but you wouldn’t know it, thanks to its forest surroundings.

Nine exquisite suites await you and your friends, and a dedicated staff of 15 people will cater to your every whim. Michelin-trained chefs will craft meals tailored to your tastes, while a chauffeur will accompany you to the local pistés. Afterwards, a message therapist will help you work out the kinks so you can tackle the slopes or challenge yourself to a curling match on the property’s mini-ice rink.

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7 Go Heliskiing In Revelstoke (And Stay At This Chalet)

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Chalet Bighorn has a lot to live up to. Nestled in prime heliskiing country, this Revelstoke, British Columbia, property has been named the best chalet in the world not once, not twice, but an astounding four times.

A trip to the mountain mansion will show you why. The lodge evokes bygone eras with its log fire and the extravagance of the great room. Afternoon tea and a traditional Canadian breakfast may make you wonder if you’ve traveled back in time. A sauna, hot tub, private helipad, and access to a world-class ski resort will reassure you that you’re still in the modern era.

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6 This Luxury Cabin Is For The Modernist Skier

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If you want modernity, check out this luxury cabin in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Far from the archetype of a Swiss Alpine retreat, Over The Edge cabin boasts the best of modern luxury and modern architecture.

An in-house spa, a movie theater, a personal concierge, pool tables, and shuffleboard will keep you busy, entertained, and relaxed during your sojourn here.

Ski-in, ski-out access to nearby Rocky Mountain trails offers you access to some of the best skiing in North America, while the heated private roof deck will allow you to take in the jaw-dropping views of the mountain vistas that surround you.

5 Ski The Salzburg Region And Experience Alpine Charm

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The Austrian Alps are world-famous, although perhaps not quite as iconic as some of the peaks in France and Switzerland. Nonetheless, the Salzburg region of Austria is a popular ski destination, offering up challenging pistés and climbs for the most experienced skiers and hikers, and breathtaking beauty for everyone.

Chaletdorf Auszeit, in Grossarl, blends the charm of the region with modern luxury. Unique architecture complements almost unreal-views. Inside, top-notch appliances are nestled among a post-and-beam structure, and wooden accents that recall the Alpine heritage of the region. This is an excellent place to call “home” during your skiing vacation to the Salzburg region.

4 Chalet Edelweiss Is Elegance Done Right

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Courchevel, France, is another name for modern decadence, and Courchevel 1850 is just one of the several properties that maintain this reputation. Considered a benchmark of luxury getaways even within the Alps, Courchevel 1850 brings its particular brand of extravagance to each and every property it operates.

The Chalet Edelweiss is not an exception here, and the chalet exudes opulence. You’d be hard-pressed to find more robust spa services, which include both a Jacuzzi and a sauna here, among other amenities. The ski room itself opens up directly onto a pisté, allowing you to ski in and ski out whenever you please.

3 This Lodge In The Dolomites Offers Up A Traditional Feel

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The Italian Alps don’t always get the love they deserve. The Dolomites are particularly stunning, and have long been a favorite skiing getaway among the European elite. Travel to South Tyrol to see these truly majestic peaks.

If you’re looking for accommodation recommendations, allow us to suggest the boutique Pine Lodge Dolomites. Created by an Italian hotelier and a British interior designer, Pine Lodge is amazing getaway any time of the year. Even in the summer, it exudes Alpine charm. Perhaps its most appealing feature is that it’s located just a few meters away from a ski lift, making it easy to hit the slopes early in the morning or later in the evening.


2 Lake Vista Has Something For Everyone

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Jackson Hole, Wyoming, may not sound like the most appealing place to travel to, but those in the know love this North American skiing retreat. They also talk highly of the exclusive Lake Vista property.

Vaulted ceilings, stone detailing, and rustic décor make this the ultimate winter getaway.

A theater, a games room, an outdoor hot tub, and several fireplaces round out the amenities in this gem. There’s plenty to do, even after you and your 10 guests have packed up the skis for the day. Whether you want to sit and sip cocoa, watch a movie, or play, there’s something for everyone here.

1 Experience The True North In Whistler, BC

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If you think of skiing in Canada, one name will likely come to mind: Whistler. Whistler Mountain, located in British Columbia, is all but synonymous with the best powder and most challenging runs the Canadian Rockies have to offer.

Akasha is located on the mountain itself, which makes it easy to access. Its fir beams and slate tiles speak volumes about classic Canadiana. A resistance pool, steam room, hot tub, and private cinema give it the modern amenities you need for a relaxing ski getaway. Invite 14 of your closest friends to stay with you and enjoy. Luxury doesn’t come cheap, but at $3,500 per night on average, Akasha is worth every penny.

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