In today's day and age, we're so used to scrolling the feeds of our social media accounts and finding a plethora of selfies, typically from so-called 'influencers.'

It's almost become some kind of weird obsession, especially among the millennial crowd. They're always looking to get the ultimate shot that will garner the most 'likes' for their page. But this gets taken to a whole new extreme when people are traveling to new places or embarking on some more adventurous activities.

There are a fair share of thrill-seekers out there who are known to climb buildings and bridges all in the name of getting that perfect selfie and gaining more followers on IG (or wherever it may be). They try to make a name for themselves in the craziest way imaginable. While the images are without a doubt pretty cool to look at, they are obviously incredibly dangerous and not worth risking your life over. People have lost their lives while taking selfies in dangerous places so it's not your typical everyday hobby, and if it is, you should maybe rethink that.

These are some pretty epic selfies people have taken where they've scaled buildings, climbed on top of things they shouldn't have or taken a photo with a dangerous animal that may have no turned out so well.

They're all absolutely insane and just looking at some of these is enough to give anyone a bit of anxiety, especially if you're deathly afraid of heights.

20 London's Tower Bridge

So does this guy have a death wish or is he just really crazy? A popular YouTuber known as CassOnline is a stuntman always on the lookout for danger. He took this GoPro selfie in January 2017 after climbing on top of London's iconic Tower Bridge.

He took a whole video of the ordeal which he then posted to his account and blew up all over the Internet. He was detained and interviewed after his incredibly dangerous stunt but he was never arrested for it. At what point do you say enough is enough?

19 Highest Crane In Hong Kong

Couple goals or two kids just looking for trouble? A couple known for their daredevil stunts took things to new heights by climbing atop Hong Kong's highest crane. They had nothing on them except for a backpack and a selfie stick (obviously).

They filmed their climb hundreds of feet high to get this epic selfie, which very easily could have turned to tragedy. Angela Nikolau and boyfriend Ivan Beerkus seem to do this kind of thing a lot and probably won't stop anytime soon.

18 Jellyfish Lake in Palau Oceania

Whatever you do—don't get stung. Photographer Nadia Aly embarked on a scuba diving adventure of epic proportions in the magical Jellyfish Lake, which can be found in the beautiful Palau, Oceania.

Of course she just had to document her encounter with hundreds of jellyfish swimming around her by taking this selfie. The one right above her head is making us a little nervous but we're hoping she got through this unscathed.

17 A Selfie With Sharks

Leave it to an avid scuba diver and a professional photographer to attempt this crazy underwater selfie with none other than sharks. I mean, has he ever seen Jaws? Aaron Gekoski went on a dive trip with some of his best pals...oceanic blacktip sharks.

Of course, he documented the entire encounter by taking lots of shark selfies that will make your jaw drop. Because, if you didn't take a photo of it, did it even happen?

16 New Heights In Hong Kong

Leave it to Alexander Remnev to get another crazy shot. He's always on the hunt for insane locations to take selfies that will make you extremely anxious, just like this one.

This time he had a couple friends with him on top of a building with the Hong Kong skyline as the backdrop. The extremely small rooftop is making us pretty nervous, I mean how did they even get on top of there. And it really makes you wonder how they don't get dizzy looking down...or maybe the trick is not to.

15 Shenzhen, China

Another adventurer taking things to new heights. Daniel Lau has over 110k followers on IG with his crazy collection of photos on top of skyscrapers, bridges and towers.

It doesn't even look like he's holding on to anything in this shot in Shenzhen China where he's towering high above the ground. His lopsided selfie is not helping matters either, it looks like he is seconds away from falling. But sure enough, he was fine and continues to post similar images to his account regularly.

14 Moscow, Russia

Looking for a new hobby? You could always climb up this massive star in Moscow. Okay, maybe not. But that's what Kirill Oreshkin has done more than once.

The thrill-seeker often climbs crazy landmarks and then posts the photos on his IG account. He has quite the following and that seems to only grow more and more with all of the insane photos he posts, which is probably what motivates these people to keep pushing the boundaries and tackling new structures.

13 San Francisco - Watch that wind

When in San Francisco, California—you take duck lip selfies on top of buildings, obviously. At least, that's what Benjamin Wong does.

He's eerily close to the edge as he stands on top of a building and takes a classic selfie with the city views in the background. We don't want to think about what would have happened if it was a really windy day or if he lost his balance a bit. Yikes, that would not be a good fall.

12 The Storm Chasing Volcano Selfie

A Toronto-based storm chaser known as George Kourounis took an awesome selfie in front of this active volcano. We're glad he's at least wearing a protective mask and suit in front of the bubbling over lava.

He really is a storm chaser and this picture really proves that. We're glad he made it out safely and now he has one of the most wicked shots he could ever take for his social media profile pictures.

11 Trembling Selfies

Wu Yongning was known for his absolutely insane photos and videos of himself on top of skyscrapers.

During an unfortunate incident, the 26-year-old fell to his demise in November 2017 after from a 62-story building (not this one) in Changsha, China. He always posted video footage doing crazy stunts and hanging off the edge of buildings with no safety gear whatsoever. In his final moments he was trying to pull himself off up the ledge but lost his grip in the process.

He is proof that no matter how often you practice a stunt, it can end very badly.

10 Thorsmork, Iceland - On top of the world

Iceland's Valley of Thor is a breathtaking sight to see that should definitely be on your bucket list. But traveler and adventurer Max Rive took it one step further and got this risky shot standing right on the edge.

That would not be a gentle tumble down so we're glad he kept his balance and didn't fall. The southern Iceland nature reserve is nestled between three glaciers—it's a must when visiting the area. But don't stand right on the edge.

9 Antarctica - Have you not seen titanic?

Has this guy not seen Titanic? While this is definitely something you need to see in Antarctica, it's maybe not the best idea to risk falling into the ice cold water. Even with spiked hiking boots, it's really slippery and dangerous.

It does make for a stunning photograph though so props to him. If you haven't made a trip to Antarctica yet then you definitely should—just take safe selfies.

8 Detroit, Michigan - Don't slip

This seems even more dangerous because it's snowy and likely very cold and icy when he climbed up here. Joe Gall is also known to do this on more than one occasion, because well, like the rest he's a little bit crazy.

How he's managing to take this photo with a DSLR camera and his other hand extended all while balancing on a weird triangular pointed rooftop is beyond us. We must say the view of all the lights in the distance is pretty, but can't you just use a drone for that?!

7 On The Edge In Hong Kong

Here's another incredible shot from Alexander Remnev. This one shows him standing on a very thin railing located stories high above the city of Hong Kong. A lot of thrill-seekers seem to love getting their shots at the top of Hong Kong buildings. Are they hoping to feel like King Kong?

This photo gives you a unique birds-eye view of the city below which is really cool. But just looking at this photo is making us dizzy so we have no idea how he can stand there calmly and take photos.

6 Winding Streets Of Hong Kong

Yet another Hong Kong shot featuring some brightly-colored shoes, an extremely narrow platform and a massive drop. This photo gives you an epic view of the winding roads and traffic below, as well as a swimming pool.

But we're okay just looking at the photo and not seeing this view from their perspective. Way too risky. I mean, how did they even get up there?

5 Beautiful Austria

When climbing a steep roof, you must take a selfie. Okay, maybe not. But, Benjamin Wong sure did though.

What makes this shot even more dangerous is that his body is completely turning away to look at the view. We get it, Austria is absolutely breathtaking, but maybe you could wait till you're on a more sturdy surface to check out the views. Just a thought. But all jokes aside, the sky, mountains and vast fields of lush greenery make for some stunning scenery.

4 Selfie With Jesus

A few years ago, the founder of travel company 'The Flash Pack' Lee Thompson was able to persuade the Brazilian tourism board to climb its renowned Christ the Redeemer statue. How he persuaded them, we have no clue—it seems like a pretty dangerous and bad idea. But nonetheless that's exactly what he did.

He then wrote a blog on it, calling it "Christ, this is one epic selfie." That it sure is, at 124-feet-high overlooking the serene scenery—this one is hard to beat.

3 Hello, Brooklyn

Victor Thomas is the man behind this epic selfie that is showing Brooklyn from high above. Like most of the others, he has a big following and is always pushing the boundaries on what he posts next.

This New York selfie shows all the buildings and lights of the bustling city below—making it a magical photograph with lots going on. It also gives us a completely new perspective and what it might feel like to look down on Brooklyn without having to climb up there ourselves.

2 Roof Topper In Hong Kong

This shot depicts once again Wu Yongning, the young man who's legacy as a 'roof topper' outlasted him. It's pretty self-explanatory, but a roof topper is someone who gets adrenaline and thrills out of climbing to the top of high buildings and structures (while of course documenting it).

While this shot is definitely one of his craziest stunts, it's not the one that cost him his life. He was one of the most well-known roof toppers there are in the world.

1 Kiev, Ukraine

Just looking at this one is making us feel extremely dizzy. These two may just be the craziest yet. While the girl lays on the top platform of the bridge, the guy is standing on top of it to get the most dramatic shot yet. The railing he's standing on is not even as wide as his feet are. No, thanks.

How both of them were able to get up and down from here safely is astounding. We see the drop, the traffic rushing below, and the entire architecture of the bridge all in one photo. While the image is without a doubt breathtaking, we can't imagine there are people out there brave (and crazy) enough to even attempt to capture this moment.

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