There are many places in the world that many people want to have a chance to visit. Throughout many different countries, there are just as many cities that are waiting to be discovered and explored by the adventurer inside us all. However, these adventurers should keep something in mind. Most of these places are large cities with large populations. Sometimes the populations in these cities are so large that it can discourage the average tourist. Be wary of these 20 cities when you decide to go on vacation next time. You could find yourself stuck in a large crowd of people you weren't expecting when you chose to vacation there.

Overpopulation is a problem that many different places all throughout the world suffer from. This is due to many reasons but most of all is the number of people being born. Many countries have a problem maintaining the population and there have been many attempts made by different governments to try and slow down the rapidly growing population issue. However, it seems that most of these places on this list will keep growing and growing and many won't be able to maintain the number of people they have inside them. For now, it should still be okay to take a trip to these places, just be wary of the crowds.

20 Tokyo Japan Has Over 38 Million People

Tokyo, Japan is one of the most popular places to visit when considering a trip to Japan. It is one of the most well-known places in Japan and is often a tourist hot spot for many people traveling to or through Japan. The city itself is growing rapidly and is getting to a point of overcrowding. As recorded in 2016 Tokyo has a recorded number of 38,140,000. It is recorded that this number will drop to a total of 37,190,000 people by 2030. However, this will still mean it is the most densely populated cities in the world.

19 Delhi's Population In India Is Growing Rapidly

Dehli is one of India's largest cities. It is also the second largest city in the world population wise. Reports say that the city is housing 26,454,000 people as of 2016. This number is expected to grow by ten million people by the year 2030. India itself is already suffering from overpopulation. It is estimated from a census in 2011 that India's population has reached over a billion people. Delhi is one of the largest contributors to this huge number and it is only expected to contribute more in the future. This rate of population growth is likely due to a large birth rate in the country.

18 Shanghai, China Is A Huge Tourist Attraction

China is a large country in of itself so that means that the country would be suffering from overpopulation. While all of the country itself isn't overpopulated like India, China's overpopulation problem can be pinpointed to their major cities. Shanghai is China's most populated city, therefore, it is a hotspot for most tourists. Besides being one area that every tourist has to hit up when they visit China, Shanghai is also home to a large portion of China's financial and business districts. While it isn't the most populated city in the world it is definitely ranked in the top 10 with a whopping 24,484,000 people in Shanghai, China.

17 Mumbai, India Has Over 21 Million People Living In It

As mentioned before India has a large overpopulation problem. This shouldn't drive anyone away from visiting the beautiful country, however. The country itself has a lot of great cities with cultures unlike any other. One of these cities is called Mumbai. When looking at photos of Mumbai's public transportation like the one pictured above it is obvious as to why Mumbai is suffering from an overpopulation problem. Next, to be one of the largest cities in India it is also the richest with the total net amount equaling $280 billion when converted to the United States dollar amount.

16 São Paulo, Brazil Has The Largest Population In The Southern Hemisphere

You read that right. Out of all of the southern hemisphere cities, São Paulo is the most populated. The city has almost 22 million people inside it and is one of the most populated cities in the country. The city is multicultural therefore it has several industries which benefit from its vast diversity among cultures. This means the city is a huge financial driving force for Brazil. The city itself is also a huge tourist spot for people traveling to Brazil or to South America in general. The city itself is known for its beautiful architecture with the vast array of buildings that can be found in the city.

15 Beijing, China Is One Of The Most Populated Cities In China

As mentioned before China is one of largest countries when it comes to having the most amount of people. Similarly to Shanghai Beijing also has a high population rate. Overall China has four different cities and this is why China is one of the highest populated countries in the world. Right now Beijing, China has a total of 21,240,000 and this number is only expected to grow by around 6 million by 2030. China is a great country to visit as it has several cities all of which are all huge tourist spots. However, if you are planning a trip to China anytime soon make sure you prepare for large crowds, just about everywhere you go.

14 Mexico City, Mexico Is Home To Many Different Cultures

Mexico City in Mexico has a large blending of cultures. It also has a unique blend of old and new industries making it a large financial sector for the country. This means that the city also hosts a lot of jobs for people in the surrounding area. Most people in the city decide to move their family to Mexico City as to be closer to work and find more success. Mexico City is also a large historical site offering many portals into the past with the older buildings and districts throughout the city. This also makes it a large tourist spot for people traveling through Mexico.

13 Osaka, Japan Has A Population Of Over 20 Million

Japan is a rather small country but still boasts several large cities which have some of the highest population rates in the world. One of these cities includes Osaka, Japan which is in the Kensai or Kinki region. Osaka isn't the most popular city in Japan but it still does see it's fair share of tourism. It is also a huge business sector for the country making many families able to be successful in the city. However, unlike most populated cities Osaka is predicted to have a decline in population by 2030. It is predicted that the population will decrease to a little under 20 million at 19,976,000.

12 Cairo Is The City With The Largest Population In Egypt

Egypt has a lot of cultures and along with that it also has a lot of history. It is home to the famous Giza pyramids which brings in a lot of tourists who want to take a portal into ancient Egypt and visit the pyramids. However, Cairo is also a large city with a lot of opportunity for success. It has the largest business sector in Egypt and offers people there a chance to make a living. The city itself has the largest population in the country. This is also due in part to it having several hospitals and schools inside the city.

11 One Of The Biggest Tourist Attractions, New York City

America as a country is known to have a vast population, but unlike other countries, the population is spread across several states which in their own right could be considered countries. That is except for some states which have some of the most popular cities such as New York. New York City houses over 18 and a half million people in it. New York City is also one of the biggest tourist traps on this list. New York City has several attractions inside the city which brings tourists daily such as Times Square. It is estimated that two-fifths of New York's population lives in New York City.

10 Dhaka, Bangladesh Has 44,500 People Per Square Kilometer

Dhaka Bangladesh was recorded as being the most densely populated city in the world with an average of 44,500 people per square kilometer. The city itself is home to the central government of Bangladesh. It also houses several places to trade and has endless amounts of culture all through it. It has a lot of history present there as well. There are several century-old mosques present. It is still one of Bangladesh's largest growing cities in business and in culture. Many statistics say to solve Dhaka's overpopulation problem they will need to expand their businesses and relocate them to the outer skirts of the city where it is less densely populated.

9 Karachi, Pakistan Will Have Over 24 Million People By 2030

Karachi is the main place for Pakistan's industrial and economic districts and acts as a capital. Karachi also has several ports located in the city itself, therefore, the city has a huge trade industry within it. Currently, Karachi has a little over 17 million people and their population is expected to skyrocket to 24 million by 2030. The main problem with the overpopulation includes a 27 to every thousandth person is being born while the death rate is only at 7 per thousandth person. There is also a large immigration scene in Karachi which adds more and more people to the overall population.

8 Buenos Aires The Capital Of Argentina

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and brings in the most people out of anywhere else in the country. The city is also home to many of Argentina's industries which include tourism (obviously), financing and manufacturing. The population is steadily growing and is expected to gain another million in its overall population by 2030. However, birth rates have been at an all-time low which is why the predictions seem to be a bit lower than what they have been in recent years. Statically it is said that Buenos Aires is the second most visited city in Southern America right behind the aforementioned Mexico City.

7 Kolkata India Has Over 14 Million People

This eastern India city houses a total of 14,980,000 people in it. The city is known to house around 14 universities that are all run by the government. There is a huge student population in the city and it runs mostly off of its education system. The many universities provide jobs to many people and most people have relocated to the city of Kolkata because it provides a great education for kids and a chance for success. As mentioned before India has a large overpopulation issue and Kolkata is contributing to this with over 14 million people inhabiting it.

6 Istanbul, Turkey Is A Huge Tourist Hub

Istanbul is a huge place for tourists to hit up. The city itself is also the central economy for Turkey housing most of its government buildings. This year in 2018 it's expected the amount of population will go up even higher because of the introduction of the Istanbul New Airport which should finish construction soon. The city itself sees around 14,365,000 people in it on average. The city itself has a lot of religious history within it with structures that resemble old Christian mosaics. Istanbul was also known to be a place that featured many chariot races back in the Roman era.

5 Chongqing, China Has A Large Population Reaching Over 13 Million

While many people may not look at Chongqing as a place to visit when traveling through China it is the closest city to the Yangtze River. The city itself serves as a port city of sorts and serves as a large industrial district for China. The city produces many materials for the rest of the country like steel, coal, and natural gasses. This draws many people into work from all over. Many workers simply stay in the city and work within it to go home to live in the city as well. When the city was first established it brought many people in, in search of success.

4 Lagos, Nigeria Is One Of The Fastest Growing Cities In Africa

Lagos is one of Africa's largest commercial city. The city is the largest city present in Nigeria with a population of around 13 million. The city is also located near a coast which brings in tourists and lovers of the beach life. Lagos is a great place to visit if you want to enjoy a nice beach vacation or find the perfect resort to stay at. However, the large population may draw some people away from the idea. The city also has several museums that are worth visiting that are rich with some of Nigeria's and Africa's history.

3 Manila, Philippines Is The Home Of The Country's Shipping Supply

Manila is the capital of the Philippines and offers a large banking and commerce for the Philippines. The port in Manila is also the largest port in the country of the Philippines and offers a large profit for the city and the country. This has brought in a lot of people looking for work. Manila is beautiful with mixing modern day skyscrapers with older more architecturally savvy designs of buildings. The city also has a lot of history to present with several museums and military memorials. Overall Manila is a bustling city and a place to visit if you are traveling to the Philippines, however, be wary of its work district because that is where it is most densely populated.

2 Guangzhou, China Is The Third Largest City In China

That is right, China is on the list for the third time. We promise this is the last time. Guangzhou is the third largest city in China and boasts a population of 13,070,000 people. The city is located just north of Hong Kong and has a larger population despite Hong Kong being more well known. It is likely because Hong Kong is more touristy while Guangzhou is more of a commercial city. The city itself is a large manufacturing center. This is one of the largest work savvy cities in China and brings in workers from everywhere in China.

1 Rio de Janeiro In Brazil Is A Huge Tourist Location

Rio de Janeiro is a huge tourist area presenting great weather year round. This presents many tourists wanting to check out Rio de Janeiro's beaches. Every month of the year you would be hard-pressed to find the city without a lot of people in it. It is most popular in its summer months because it is located near a coast and has beautiful beaches. The above photo was taken during the peak season and shows just how crowded the beaches are much less the city itself. The city also offers a lot of tourist attractions during its winter months making it crowded year round.