With so many popular tourist places in the world, it is sometimes hard to choose where to travel to. There are many large cities with a lot to do in them because they are designed to cater to tourism. However, when cities do this they open themselves up to receiving thousands and potentially millions of people into their countries and cities every year. While most cities are equipped to deal with this large influx of people, some countries simply cannot afford the tourism that they are offering foreigners. These cities are already considered too densely populated, so why are they trying to add to the problem?

Overpopulation is something that the world as a whole suffers from, but it gets especially bad in certain cities and countries. Depending on the size of the city can also determine how dangerous an overpopulation problem can be. If you have a city like Tokyo that isn't very large there is definitely going to be an overpopulation problem when you have under 40 million people living in the city. This is just one example of a city with overpopulation issues. There are tons more and while strides are being taken to try and decrease overpopulation, it seems like a problem that won't be going away anytime soon.

20 Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo located in Japan is possibly the most popular place in Japan to visit. It is the main hub for tourists when visiting Japan and it gives an authentic look at Japanese culture. With the increase in tourism over the years it is no surprise that the city is quickly becoming one of the most overcrowded cities in the world. Since 2016 the city has a recorded 38,140,000 people living within it. That number is expected to drop in the coming years until 2020 but that doesn't mean that the city isn't experiencing overpopulation issues.

19 Delhi, India

Delhi is one of the largest cities in India and it is the second largest city in the world when you consider its population. The number of people living in Delhi is around 26,454,000 and that number is expected to go up by ten million in the next two decades. This is aiding in the overall overpopulation that the entire country of India is experiencing right now. The country has a large birth rate making it one of the smallest countries to have over a billion people living in it. This large overpopulation problem is only going to get worse in the future and it is affecting the country as a whole.

18 Shanghai, China

China is a fairly large country that has a lot of residents in its many cities. However, unlike India, overpopulation isn't a huge problem (yet) for the country as a whole but rather for the individual cities within the country. Shanghai is a huge contributor to the number of people who are living and visiting China. The large population in China has made it a large tourist spot which also harms the overpopulation within the city. There is a total of 24,484,000 living in Shanghai and that can be attributed to the fact that Shanghai is a large business district for China.

17 Mumbai, India

As mentioned in the previous entries, India has a large overpopulation problem. While it is a great country to visit the overpopulation may deter many from wanting to stay or possibly live in the country. Another one of the cities within India that is contributing to this overpopulation problem in Mumbai. If you have ever seen pictures of the public transportation system in Mumbai, then it is no surprise that India has an overpopulation problem. Mumbai is sitting at a whopping 23.5 Million as of 2017 according to indiapopulation2017.com. It is also one of the richest countries in India having over 200 billion dollars circulating through it.

16 São Paulo, Brazil

The city of São Paulo is one of the most populated cities in the Southern Hemisphere. Out of all the cities in the entire southern hemisphere, São Paulo is the most populated. That may seem crazy but when you consider the numbers it has then you won't be surprised. The city is boasting a large 22 million people inside its city limits. The city of São Paulo is very diverse and their industries and businesses benefit from this diversity. The city sees a lot of tourism from people visiting Brazil. If you are planning on visiting this tourist city in Brazil make sure to consider a large number of people roaming São Paulo's streets.

15 Beijing, China

Beijing is another city inside of China that is contributing to its massive population. The country of China has four large cities all which produce large numbers in the population you see when considering China's size. Beijing has 21,240,000 people and that number is expected to rise by six million in the next two decades. China is a great place to visit as it has many tourist spots inside of its four major cities. If you want to get out and see China's countryside it may be a bit better than checking out its major cities if you aren't a fan of large crowds of people.

14 Osaka, Japan

Despite Japan being a small country it still has some of the largest populations in the world. In Osaka alone, there are over 20 million people living there. Osaka is located in the Kensai or Kinki region and sees a decent bit of tourism despite being less popular than Tokyo. Osaka is a large business district for Japan so many families have moved there in seek of success. However, unlike most cities on the list, the city is expected to drop just under 20 million people in the overall population by the year 2030. That still isn't a small number regardless.

13 Cairo, Egypt

Egypt sees a lot of tourism as it is rich in history and culture. This adds to the already overpopulated cities in Egypt. With tourist attractions like the Giza pyramids, it is no surprise that Egypt is also experiencing a serious overpopulation problem. By far one of the most overpopulated cities in Egypt is Cairo. This is because the city has a lot of things that the rest of the country lacks. Cairo is home to many hospitals and schools. With all of these institutions, it also provides a lot of jobs in the city increasing people coming in search of jobs.

12 New York City, New York

America as a whole has a large population but due to its sheer size overpopulation isn't exactly a problem everywhere you look unlike in other smaller countries. However, to say that some American cities don't have an overpopulation problem is simply not true. A great example of this is New York City. New York City is by far one of the biggest tourist spots in the world which does contribute to the number of people in the city, but an average of 8 and a half million people live in the city alone. That is two-fifths of New York state's entire population in one city.

11 Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico is a large mixing pot when it comes to cultures. That is why it is no surprise that the city is a tad overpopulated. This culture mix is a major supporter of the industrial and business side of Mexico City making it one of Mexico's largest business districts. Despite there being many jobs for people to take in Mexico City, it is also a large tourist city. It is also a large historical district in Mexico bringing many tourists to learn about Mexico's history. Many of the older buildings in the central city are decades old and hold a lot of history and culture.

10 Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka located in Bangladesh is known to be so overpopulated that there is an average of 44,500 people per square kilometer. The government of Bangladesh is located in Dhaka and the city offers many people jobs. That is why so many people have flocked to the city making it so densely populated. There is a lot to see in Dhaka as it holds a lot of Bangladesh's history along with having a great presence of religion in the city with several mosques located around the city. There have been attempts to expand Dhaka's city limits and expand the city as far as living quarters are concerned.

9 Karachi, Pakistan

Karachi has a huge economic presence in Pakistan, therefore, it makes sense that it would be one of the most populated cities in the country. The country also has many ports so it offers great business opportunities with trading. Karachi's population is just under 15 million people, however, it is expected to go up a few million by 2030. The ratio that is messing things up for the overpopulation problem is the fact that 27 people to every thousandth person are being born while only 7 people to every thousand are dying.

8 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Being the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires sees a lot of tourists and people searching for work. The city is also a huge tourist location and even offers jobs in the business and financial sectors of Argentina's economy. A little under 3 million people live in Buenos Aires currently and that number is expected to stay stagnant for a few years. This is because the birth rate in Buenos Aires has been at an all-time low. Buenos Aires is the second most visited city in Southern America right next to Mexico City. All of these factors explain the overpopulation problem and hopefully, it won't get any worse in the future.

7 Kolkata, India

Yet another city in India proving just how much a problem overpopulation is in India. Kolkata has just under 15 million people in it. Kolkata has a large student presence as it is home to 14 universities. This means that there is a large opportunity for people to get jobs and obtain an education. There are around 24,000 people per square kilometer in the city and it officially qualifies as a megacity. With this large number, it is only expected to grow right? Not necessarily, the job opportunities have lessened meaning that fewer people are moving into Kolkata in search of jobs.

6 Istanbul, Turkey

With its rich history and culture, Istanbul is a famous tourist spot for Turkey. This contributes to the overall population along with most of Turkey's government being located in Istanbul. There is expected to be an even higher population spike with the introduction of Istanbul New Airport which will make it easier for tourists to get in and out of the city. There is a lot of history in Istanbul with several of the buildings in the city resembling that of mosque type architecture. There is a lot to see in Istanbul and that is why it is one of the most crowded cities on Earth.

5 Chongqing, China

Chongqing may be the last place most people will try and visit when visiting China. When there are bigger cities like Hong Kong and Beijing, Chongqing doesn't seem that exciting. However, the city of Chongqing does contribute a lot to China's overpopulation problem. The city is a large producer of minerals such as steel, coal, and natural gasses. There are many jobs in the city that people have flocked to adding to it being so crowded in the city. There are also loads of conventions whether they are leisure or business in the city making it a popular tourist spot. There are around 30 million people living in Chongqing alone.

4 Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos is one of the largest commercial cities in Nigeria. It is also one of the fastest growing cities in Nigeria. The city is near the coast which brings in tourists looking for a tropical vacation. With all of this, the total population reaches to be 21 million in Lagos. The city is beautiful in an already beautiful country, but there are much better places to plan your vacation than in Lagos. Trust us there are just as many beaches in Nigeria that are worth it. The city also contains much of Nigeria's history through things like museums built throughout the city.

3 Manila, Philippines

Manila is a huge force when it comes to commerce in the Philippines. This is likely why it is the capital of the Philippines. Of course, with the city being such a large contributor to the Philippines economy that means that there are a lot of people who work and live in the city. The city is a beautiful sight as the buildings are built with diversity. There are large skyscrapers and also small more architecturally unique designs to buildings. Manila is definitely worth the visit as long as you avoid going out during rush hours. There are just under 12 million people living and working in Manila.

2 Guangzhou, China

Yet another entry featuring a city in China. The overpopulation in China is a very serious issue and it seems like it keeps getting worse in the major cities. Guangzhou has over 13 million people living in the city and it is more densely populated than Hong Kong despite Hong Kong being much more popular with tourists. The city has a large manufacturing presence and most of the people in the city work there and live there. Guangzhou is the largest city within the Guangdong province. That doesn't mean, however, that there is enough room for everyone in the city as there are around 2,000 people per square kilometer.

1 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

If you can't tell from the picture above, Rio De Janeiro is quite possibly the worst offender on the list as far as tourism is concerned. Rio De Janeiro is a large tourist area receiving millions of people every year from all around the world to crowd at their amazing beaches. Being a coastal city the city peaks in the summer months when tourists crowd to their beaches. With situations like in the above picture, it may be best to try and find a beach that isn't as popular. It is almost impossible to even move around on the beach much less try and swim or get a tan.