20 Of The Most Attractive Women Leonardo DiCaprio Has Been Spotted In The Tropics With

When it comes to Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio, we're pretty used to seeing him with young and pretty ladies. Hey, who can blame the guy — he has a type and he sticks to it!

Today we thought we would take a look at just how many of his pretty ladies Leo took on a vacation to some warm, tropical destination. And not to spoil too much, but our list is very Victoria's Secret model heavy. Clearly, Leo knows what he likes, and that's gorgeous ladies.

There is an occasional actress in there like Blake Lively, but mostly this list is about models such as Gisele Bündchen, Bar Rafaeli, and Leo's current girl Camila Morrone!

Alright, here they are — 20 of the most attractive women that Leonardo DiCaprio has been spotted in the tropics with!

20 Let's Start With Actress Blake Lively

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To kick our list of here are Leonardo DiCaprio and a beautiful actress getting cozy on a yacht. Yup, according to Harper's Bazaar, back in 2011 Leo dated Blake Lively for five months, and during those, the two were spotted vacationing together! While Leo mostly dates models, Blake certainly still fits into his type!

19 Who Was Spotted On Yachts With Leo A Couple Of Times

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Here's another photo of Blake and Leo relaxing together on a yacht. As we all know, once the two broke up, Blake moved on to another Hollywood actor whom she even ended up marrying — yes, we're talking about Ryan Reynolds. Leo however, is still very much in the dating game!

18 Then There's Bar Refaeli

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The next famous lady on our list is model Bar Refaeli. The two were quite serious as they dated from 2005 'til 2011. According to Harper's Bazaar, the couple met at a Sports Illustrated model at a party in Las Vegas which Leo, obviously, had to attend!

17 Who Spent Some Time With Leo In Cabo, Mexico

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Over the six years of their relationship, the couple was often spotted on vacation and their favorite go-to place seemed to have been Cabo, Mexico. Honestly, we can't blame them — after seeing plenty of celebs vacation there we can with certainty say that the place looks like paradise!

16 Of Course, We Can't Forget Gisele Bündchen

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Before there was Bar Refaeli, there was Gisele Bündchen. the two started dating in 2000 and it seemed as if Leo had finally found a woman to build a future with — at least that's what we were all hoping for. Hey, he even took Gisele as his date to the Oscars, which is a pretty big deal!

15 One Of Leo's Longest Relationships

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Unfortunately, Gisele and Leo ended up going their separate ways in 2005, and as we know, Leo moved on to Bar Rafaeli while Gisele found her happiness with American football player Tom Brady. We do have to say that these pics of Leo and Gisele on vacation are giving us all the feels!

14 Then There's His Latest Girl Camila Morrone

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Alright, let's move on to 2019 and Leo's current girl, Camila Morrone. The two were first spotted together in 2018, and all throughout 2019, we would see the two love birds going out for dinner dates, romantic bike rides, and fun tropical vacations!

13 Whom He Vacationed With This Summer

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One thing you might notice is that Camila is pretty much the only brunette on our list as the rest of the ladies Leonardo DiCaprio dates are usually blondes. Hey, perhaps this was the change that Leo needed, and maybe this brunette is the one!

12 Leo Also Dated Model Nina Agdal

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As you can tell, almost all of the ladies on our list are models — with the exception of actresses Blake Lively and Kelly Rohrbach who honestly, also look like models. It's pretty safe to say that models are Leo's type, and Nina Agdal was a perfect fit!

11 And Here's The Two Having Fun In The Water In Miami

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According to Harper's Bazaar, Leo and Nina were dating back in 2016, and while nobody ever confirmed anything, judging from the photos above of them getting close in the water, it's pretty safe to say that something was going on between the two stars!

10 Then There Was Also Toni Garrn

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Let's move on to the German model Toni Garn, whom Leo dated from 2013 'til 2014. In the pics above you can see the couple on their vacation in Cabo, Mexico where they enjoyed the incredibly blue water — seriously, look at those waves!

9 Whom Leo Even Rocked A Partner Look With 

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While we're not sure whether this was planned, we have to say it's kind of cute to see Leo rock a partner look with someone. The Hollywood star and Toni were spotted grabbing lunch in Cabo while rocking blue shorts, a white tee, and some cool shades.

8 Kelly Rohrbach Is Yet Another Blonde The Actor Was Seen With

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It's time to move on to the second actress on our list — Kelly Rohrbach. She was spotted getting cozy with Leo back in 2015, and while they even went on a fun vacation to St. Tropez together, their love didn't last for long — the two split in 2016.

7 And Here's The Two Living The Luxurious Life In St. Tropez

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Leo seems to travel to tropical and warm destinations quite a lot, and every single time he brings a pretty lady along. In the pics above you can see him and Kelly Rohrbach on the way back to the yacht after a fun afternoon of shopping!

6 Model Erin Heatherton Also Needs To Be Mentioned

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Another model on our list is Erin Heatherton, whom, according to Harper's Bazaar, Leo dated for a year between 2011 and 2012. During that time the two were, of course, spotted at a beautiful tropical location where Leo made sure his girl wouldn't get sunburnt.

5 As A Victoria's Secret Model Is Definitely Leo's Type 

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By now you probably also noticed that Leo loves Victoria's Secret models, as more than half of our list is them. There was Gisele Bündchen, Bar Refaeli, Camila Morrone, Nina Agdal, Toni Garrn and now Erin Heatherton. Not to spoil much, but there's still one more Victoria's Secret model to go!

4 Then There Was Aferdita Dreshaj

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Out of all the ladies on our list, Aferdita Dreshaj is definitely the least famous one. Aferdita is an Albanian-Kosovar who, according to Daily Mail, briefly dated Leo in 2013. In the pics above you can see them relaxing next to a pool in Miami.

3 Who Seemed To Crack Leo Up

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In the photos above you can see Leo hanging out with Aferdita on a balcony and the model certainly put Leo in a pretty good mood. As with most of Leo's girls, nothing was ever made official, and a couple of months later Leo moved on to the next one.

2 Lastly, There Was Also Anne Vyalitsyna

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Yup, Victoria's Secret model Anne Vyalitsyna is the last lady on our list. Leo was dating her back in 2009 when the two were spotted getting cozy on a vacation, and judging from the pics above they definitely enjoyed their time together.

1 Who Is Known For Her 10-Consecutive-Year Appearances In Sports Illustrated 

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Besides being a Victoria's Secret model, Anne Vyalitsyna is also known for her 10-consecutive-year appearances in Sports Illustrated which is certainly a plus in Leo's book. Either way, there you have it — those were the pretty ladies the Hollywood star took on vacation!

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