20 Of The Most Artery-Clogging Fast Foods Around The World (5 From The US)

Go to any fast food joint and some of the menu items can be questionable. What exactly is in those chicken nuggets and is that all-beef patty really ALL beef? What about those “special sauces” and cheesy dips? Surely, no one is going to a fast food restaurant seeking a gourmet dinner. We go there for the convenience and our fill of greasy goodness. While most items are generally run-of-the-mill go-to's like burgers, fries, and pizza pies, some places, especially outside the U.S., have some rather funky fare on their menus.

Perhaps these odd options seem normal to those who’ve grown used to seeing them, but for the rest of us who think the seasonal Shamrock Shake is odd, these foods are far from everyday eats. Who knew fast food could be so adventurous? Just when you thought the McRib was rebellious, in comes a bunch of food menu choices from all over the planet that you’ll either think are bad or not so bad after all.

Take a look at this list of some of the weirdest fast food items from around the world, even some from the U.S. A “Happy Meal” or nothing to smile about? You be the judge. Let’s dig in…

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25 Dunkin’ Donuts Pork and Spicy Beef Floss – China

Image via: spoonuniversity.com

If you’ve been “runnin’ on Dunkin’” and can’t get enough of their eclairs and jelly-filled donuts, brace yourself for something, well, beefier. China has a donut flavor that would never show up in The States. Would you eat pork and spicy beef floss donut? Didn’t think so. What exactly is “beef floss” anyhow? Most people want their donuts sweet, so this savory style seems like a strange offering. Perhaps when you’ve had one too many powdered Munchkins, a porky pastry would be a nice change in flavor. But if someone really wants some meat, perhaps a trip to a steakhouse would be more satisfying.

24 Taco Bell Chocodilla – Central America, Spain, UK

Image via: simplemost.com

Well, this seems healthful. Taco Bell is known for their beef and cheese creations, so an all-chocolate menu option seems strange. That said, the Chocodilla is popular in Central America, Spain, and the UK. Stuffed with gooey chocolate, this sweet treat must be a diet-buster that no doctor would ever advise eating. But looking at that tempting chocolate is surely mouthwatering. When you’ve eaten enough refried beans to nearly regurgitate, a chocolate fix seems like a fine idea. So “run for the border” and fill your belly with your weekly allowance of cocoa. Can’t be any worse for you than anything else on the menu.

23 Starbucks Red Bean Green Tea Frappuccino – China, Asia Pacific

Image via: entrepreneur.com

When you can’t handle any more coffee but still want to get your Starbucks to fix, how about some red beans in your beverage? Sounds strange, but in China and the Asia Pacific, the Red Bean Green Tea Frappuccino is a fan favorite. It looks pretty weird, but apparently, this concoction goes down smoothly. Unless, of course, those red beans get stuck in the straw. This drink does seem better for you than a whipped cream-topped calorie-rich drink, but red beans seem out of place atop a Starbucks drink. When did we stop ordering our coffee with cream and sugar anyhow?

22 Taco Bell Tikka Masala Burrito – India

Image via: theindiaexpert.com

Taco Bell has gone gourmet…kinda. Well, in India, Taco Bell fanatics can order a Tikka Masala Burrito, something far fancier than what we find in The States. We only get seasoned ground beef and shredded cheese. Perhaps the fast food lovers of India wanted something more appealing, and the corporate folks over at Taco Bell realized they had to step it up. So, the Tikka Masala Burrito was born, filled with authentic spices and savory goodness. Maybe one day this creation will make its way to a Taco Bell near you. ‘Till then, saddle up to the counter and place an order for a Taco Pizza if you want to add a little flair to your fast food game.

21 Taco Bell Beefy Cheddar Cheetos Crunchwrap Slider – Canada

Image via: time.com

How about a “kitchen sink” sorta snack to sink your teeth into? Leave it to Taco Bell to add Cheetos to a menu option to make it even worse for your health. Over in Canada, the Beefy Cheddar Cheetos Crunchwrap Slider is a favorite, adding a kick to an already zesty creation. The Cheetos add that ‘certain something’ that only a snack food can, allowing Taco Bell lovers to bite down into a world of textures and flavors until they’ve finished slider #1. While these sliders look pretty plentiful, we all know that no one can stop at just one. P.S. – If your New Year’s resolution was to eat better, steer clear of this crunchy calorie-bomb.

20 McDonald’s McSpaghetti – Philippines

Image via: travellingmcds.com

Italians are shaking their collective heads at the idea that McDonald’s serves spaghetti…in the Philippines, no less. Why a burger joint would want to get into the pasta-making business is beyond understanding, but they decided to give it a shot. Maybe the people of the Philippines can’t get a plate of decent spaghetti anywhere, so this fast food version is the best they’ve had. A never-ending bowl from the Olive Garden is gourmet in comparison to spaghetti that comes in a paper tray. We only wonder if a side of meatballs is an option. Surely, they’d be as good as the pasta.

19 McDonald’s Mushroom Cream Soup – Philippines

Image via: travellingmcds.com

“I could really go for a cup of fast food mushroom cream soup,” said no one, ever. But McDonald’s decided to bless the people of the Philippines with the stuff, perhaps to go along with their sticky spaghetti. This viscous and greyish glop looks anything but appetizing, yet McDonald’s is proud to ladle it up and serve it piping hot. It looks bad, and it probably is. But when you’re not quite hungry enough for a cheeseburger, and fries aren’t on your diet plan, the next best choice must be the soup. Does it at least come with crackers?

18 Pizza Hut Frankfurter BBQ – Indonesia

Image via: eatinguntildiee.blogspot.com

Well, isn’t this something special? When a plain cheese pizza is far too boring for your foodie friends (and you happen to live in Indonesia), order up the Pizza Hut Frankfurter BBQ pie. We can only guess how high in sodium even one slice of this pizza pie must have, and the calorie count must be through the roof. But if none of this is of any concern to you, a slice of this pie may just hit the spot. Sure, you’ll have “the runs” for a week, but it’ll be worth it, no? So many flavors and textures in every bite makes for an interesting meal. Acid reflux may kick in come morning, but there’s medication for that.

17 McDonald’s Parmesan Garlic Poutine – Canada

Image via: mtlblog.com

Poutine is a popular dish in Canada and it’s catching on in other parts of the world as well. But true poutine lovers must be pissed that the potato dish has made its way to McDonald’s. Even if their fries are fabulous, there’s something iffy about turning fast food into something that’s supposed to be far better. And these are parmesan garlic flavored, and we all know that the “flavors” must be artificial. Why not order the regular fries at McDonald’s and save the poutine for a nicer restaurant instead? By the time you go through the drive-thru and open the bag at home, this poutine will be a hot mess. Actually, more like lukewarm.

16 Wendy’s Lobster Surf & Turf Burger (and Caviar & Lobster) – Japan

Image via: kawaiikakkoiisugoi.com

Fancy fast food? Why not just get the good stuff someplace a little more upscale? Who on Earth would go to a fast food place like Wendy’s for lobster or caviar? Apparently, Japanese people would. They can order the Lobster Surf & Turf or the Caviar & Lobster sandwich at their local Wendy’s fast food joint. While the people in The States don’t get to experience such elegance on a bun, the folks in Japan are paying up for this high-class creation. Wendy must have a sophisticated palate. Too bad she doesn’t think Americans share her level culinary creativity.

15 McDonald’s McCurrywurst – Germany

Image via: hiveminer.com

Germans can have their McCurrywurst and eat it too. That’s probably because no one else wants this mess on the menu at their nearby McDonald’s. Smothered in sticky sauce and chopped up carelessly, the McCurrywurst looks like it was prepared by a first-grader who has never set foot in a kitchen. Let’s hope this dish at least tastes good because the looks of it are less-than-appetizing. Does it come with bread for dipping or a side of fries? If anything, a giant soda would be needed to wash this down, endless refills required. Whenever you think you’ve grown bored of burgers, think of the McCurrywurst and you’ll never tire of the tried-and-true fast-food staple again.

14 Pizza Hut Cheeseburger Crust Pizza – Middle East

Image via: delish.com

When you can’t decide between a burger or a slice of pizza, the Pizza Hut Cheeseburger Crust Pizza will be just what satisfies your hunger. That’s if you live in the Middle East where this pizza is available for delivery or pick-up. This creative concoction looks quite plentiful, with a mini-burger tucked into every slice. While vegetarians will have to skip out on this savory snack, meat-eaters can enjoy a crust that’s juicy and flavorful. What will Pizza Hut think of next? Perhaps meat blended in with the dough? Double cheeseburgers all around, buns included? Over-the-top ideas are never too outrageous for fast food fanatics.

13 Burger King Kuro Pearl Burger – Japan

Image via: bustle.com

Do not adjust your screen. Yes, this bun is black and so is the cheese. Is that cheese? Head to Japan if your town’s Burger King is too “blah” for you. Because in Japan, Burger King is serving up the Kuro Pearl Burger…and it’s primarily black. Nothing about this looks appealing. Black cheese seems like something you should throw out immediately. Unless you’ve secretly wanted to know what a hockey puck tastes like, ordering this isn’t advised. Naturally, there are the adventurous types who always want to sample something weird, but for fast food eaters who aren’t quite up for anything, the Kuro Pearl Burger isn’t a safe choice. Stick to a simple cheeseburger, on a regular bun, with yellow(ish) cheese. It may not be all that interesting, but at least you know it’s not made of coal.

12 Starbucks Pink Medley Tea Latte – Japan

Image via: hellogiggles.com

This Starbucks drink sure looks pretty, but how does it taste? Hello Kitty fans would go nuts for this pastel creation, but die-hard coffee and tea drinkers would puke at the site of pink. That said, if you live in Japan, you can go to your local Starbucks and place an order for their Pink Medley Tea Latte. It’s feminine and unique, probably super-sweet, fun, and frothy. This may not be your usual Starbucks order, but when you’re feeling lively and looking for something new, pick pink and drink up. Who needs an espresso when a cup of cotton candy is calling your name?

11 McDonald’s Halloween Choco Potato - Japan

Image via: youtube.com

Is this a trick or a treat? Come Halloween time, Japanese McDonald’s lovers can pull up to the drive-thru window and grab a Halloween snack – the Choco Potato. Sounds gross and it probably is. The sweet-salty mix looks like a mess, and the longer the car ride home, the worse this side dish is going to get. That orange and chocolate topping is sure to harden and stick like glue to the fries, resulting in a glob of dining disgustingness that is sure to ruin the holiday. If you want chocolate, grab a Hershey’s Bar. Want fries? Get ‘em as they come. Halloween is scary enough, why add another element of eeriness?

10 McDonald’s Potato Rosti Burger - Canada

Image via: youtube.com

If you love potatoes so much that a side of fries just won’t satisfy your cravings, then the Potato Rosti Burger, available in Canada, will be the burger you’ve been longing for. A cheeseburger is topped with a breaded potato hash brown, covered in a creamy sauce, and finished off with some onions. It doesn’t look great and it’s probably not. Meat and potatoes aren’t anything new, and this creation doesn’t seem all that interesting, so it’s an unnecessary addition to the Canadian McDonald’s menu. If people want potatoes on top of their burger, they can stuff a few French fries between the bun and burger. It’s probably more cost-effective and likely tastes better anyway.

9 KFC Zinger Double Down – Korea

Image via: thedailymeal.com

Fattening doesn’t even come close to describing this crazy concoction. Two greasy breaded and fried chicken breasts are the “bun” for a burger covered in two types of sauces…plus a few slices of bacon. If a having a heart attack is on your “bucket list,” order the KFC Zinger Double Down (available in Korea) and see how long it takes your ambulance to arrive. Of course, as they say, “everything in moderation,” but whoever came up with that notion probably never heard of the Zinger. We don’t doubt this sandwich is delicious, but the love handles and saddlebags that start to form as you sink your teeth into this calorie-bomb are sure to be a buzzkill. This is not a good choice for those on a low-carb diet. You’d probably fare better polishing off a loaf of bread.

8 McDonald’s Nutella Burger – Italy

Image via: ftw.usatoday.com

Apparently, McDonald’s uses the term “burger” loosely. Their Nutella Burger surely looks yummy, but as far as it is a burger? That’s questionable. The Nutella Burger is available in Italy, and it seems like nothing more than a hamburger bun with creamy Nutella spread inside. Simple and straightforward, this chocolate sandwich is really more like a dessert, and Nutella lovers likely lick their fingers after their last bite. Perhaps McDonald’s is offering this as a vegetarian option, but this is not exactly health food. Then again, it’s hard to resist the richness of Nutella. This must sell like hotcakes.

7 Taco Bell Kimchi Quesadilla – South Korea

Image via: foodbeast.com

When one thinks of kimchi, Taco Bell is not the first thing that comes to mind. It probably never comes to mind. Well, not anymore. Now that the Taco Bell locations in South Korea are selling the Kimchi Quesadilla, kimchi and tacos go together like peanut butter and jelly. This unusual pairing won’t likely make it to The States, but the folks in South Korea can sink their teeth into this strange snack. Fast food is forever changing, so who knows what may show up next at a Taco Bell near you. It may not be kimchi, but it’s sure to be just as odd.

6 Taco Bell Chocomarsh Wrap – Spain

Image via: foodbeast.com

Marshmallows and chocolate go together wonderfully, so why not stick ‘em inside a soft taco? That’s what the good folks at Taco Bell thought, so they created the Chocomarsh Wrap, available in Spain. Pillowy pink marshmallows and creamy chocolate fill a soft taco shell, all wrapped up and ready to order. This “meal” must make kids smile, but their parents are probably worried about their Taco Bell teeth as cavities start coming in. But who could skip out on such sweetness? When your sweet tooth comes calling, the Chocomarsh has got you covered. “Run for the border”…then run to the dentist.

5 KFC Pickle Fried Chicken – USA

Image via: eater.com

If you can’t get seem to get enough pickles in your diet, you can thank the folks at KFC for infusing their fried chicken with pickle goodness. Plus some extra pickles on top…or on the bottom in this case. The Pickle Fried Chicken sandwich is available in America, providing a briny bite for pickle lovers from coast to coast. Pickles are certainly popular, but an entire sandwich devoted to them is something of a strange idea. While this menu item may not be around forever, giving it a chance wouldn’t be the worst idea. At least it’s not the aforementioned Zinger.

4 Burger King Pretzel Chicken Fries – USA

Image via: businessinsider.com

Are they fries or are they chicken? Lucky for us, they’re both! Burger King has created the Pretzel Chicken Fries, adding a hint of pretzel flavor to the breading and a fry-like shape that’s perfect for dipping. No, these aren’t very healthful, but they must be super fun to eat. Kids must adore them since they’re easy to handle and delightfully dippable. And for those who think tenders are too much, these thinner “fries” are just the right size for a snack. Get ‘em in the good old U.S.A. and don’t forget to grab a Burger King crown on the way out.

3 Shake Shack ‘Shroom Burger – USA

Image via: muslimeater.com

Shake Shack is known for their yummy burgers and their signature shakes. What they are not known for are mushrooms. Perhaps they are trying to change their image by offering the ‘Shroom Burger in America. For those who don’t eat meat, this burger can satisfy their hunger, but all that greasy breading doesn’t seem very healthful. But who’s going for good health when they hit up a place called Shake Shack anyhow? ‘Shrooms can be tasty, especially when they’re fried, smothered in cheese, and served on a super soft bun. Maybe everyone will go meatless and see how good ‘shrooms can be

2 McDonald’s Saimin and Haupia Pie – USA (Hawaii)

Image via: tastyislandhawaii.com

McDonald’s has created two very special menu items for our friends in Hawaii. Saimin – a soup, and Haupia Pie – a coconut-based treat. Both seem interesting and unlike what the other American-based McDonald’s locations are offering. Maybe the folks in Hawaii weren’t into burgers and fries, so sales were low. Perhaps all that time spent in swimsuits means fewer fries and more soup. But how can we rationalize the pie? It’s all about balance, we’d guess. Stay slim with soup, then pig out on the pie. Sounds like a fast food fantasy. Now when will this pie make it to the rest of the country? We could live without the Saimin.

1 McDonald’s Biscuits and Gravy – USA

Image via: yelp.com

Breakfast anyone? When you’re not in the mood for an Egg McMuffin, how ‘bout an order of McDonald’s Biscuits and Gravy? It looks gloppy and gooey, but that’s the way this dish was meant to be. Keep in mind, if you order this menu item through the drive-thru, be sure to hold the bag upright, or else you’ll open your Styrofoam and find a sloppy mess waiting inside. This isn’t something you can eat on-the-go, as this is a knife and fork situation, so hold off ‘till there’s a table in front of you. When you want to fill up with something hearty, go for Biscuits and Gravy and the grumbling will go away.

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