The US abounds with great places to visit during summer and many people spend their time in sunny beaches across the country. We might be familiar with famous destinations such as Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, Nantucket in Massachusetts, Kauna’oa Bay in Hawaii, or Clearwater Beach in Florida. These famous getaway spots have made it to the bucket list everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.

But many people often forget how naturally diverse the country is because of its enormous size. Most people would just stick to the common destination and not think that the US has secret swimming holes that are worth visiting. These destinations stretch from the coasts of California, traversing through the Canadian borders, and hops through every state along the way.

Offering the privacy and the picturesque scenery that goes beyond your normal expectations, these secluded and enigmatic destinations will surely make your vacation remarkable. These cool and extreme natural escapes are worth the adventure and fun every thrill seeker should visit.

Here are the top 20 secret swimming holes in America for every daring adventurer:

20 Northern California’s Richardson Grove

Located in the Humboldt County region in Northern California, Richardson Grove is one of the best places for swimming during summer. The unspoiled area is rich in giant redwood trees and the mountainside offers the scenery of every visitor needs for a tranquil and serene summer vacation.

The swimming hole has limited shade and is a perfect site to get tanned. Bringing a beach umbrella would prevent sunburn, but the cool spring waters can easily calm your aching body. The swimming hole also has a jumping rock and a deep pool that ranges from 5 to 20 feet.

19 Oak Creek in Las Vegas

Nevada may be known for its casinos, but behind the grandeur of the city lay preserved natural waterscapes that are worth visiting during summer. Oak Creek is one of the secret swimming holes in the city, located just a mile from the Oak Creek Trail in the Red Rock Canyon Reservation Area.

The natural spring only gets filled once the rainy season starts and snow melts from the canyon. The Oak Creek swimming hole is a great place to visit during the summer because the water is fresh and cool. Aside from swimming in the crystal clear waters of the spring, Oak Creek is also good for nature trailing and hiking.

18 Montana’s McDonald Creek

Known for their lush rainforest, Montana has several hidden swimming holes anyone can visit. One of the most scenic and worth-visiting is McDonald Creek located in the Glacier National Park just off the back trails of Essex County. The free flowing lake is highlighted by a waterfall with colors that is really a feast in the eye.

The Sacred Dancing Cascades and the McDonald falls can be a dangerous spot to swim as water cascades really fast. Finding a spot to swim is fairly easy as the area is huge. But beware because the water can be extremely cold, something worth a try, just for the adventurous.

17 The Rocky Brook Falls in Washington State

Washington has some of the most magnificent getaways including the Rocky Brook Falls located in Brinnon, Washington. The rocky ledge is easy to climb and a swimming hole can be found near the cascading water. Just a short walk from the parking space across the street, Rocky Brooks offers an enjoyable view and a perfect place to take a dip in the water.

There are also lots of things to do including hiking, camping, and taking advantage of the natural setting including fallen trees where your children can climb to catch some of the breathtaking mountains looming just around the corner.

16 New Mexico’s Blue Hole

A mix of sunny weather, mountainous, and arid landscape makes New Mexico popular for those who are looking for a quick environment shift. New Mexico also has some interesting nature escapes including the Blue Hole in Santa Rosa. The Blue Hole has deep blue water that almost looks like a gem bounded within the desert.

The Blue Lake is also called the Agua Negra Chiquita and is one of the seven water channels connected underground. The sink has been used by the nomadic tribes and cowboys as a watering hole in the past and it has recently been developed to be one of the State’s attractions. The Blue Hole is great for scuba diving and swimming as the depth goes below 81 feet.

15 The Golden Lake Recreation Area and Resort in North Dakota

Located in Hatton, North Dakota, the Golden Lake is an immense body of water with amenities that include a camping ground, public beach, and a playground. They offer seasonal accommodations and families can enjoy the lush sceneries and entertaining recreational areas.

The Golden Lake has a swimming beach perfect to get a sun tan for summer and the dock is also an excellent site to go fishing. The ambiance and the setting of the resort are ideal for families who would like to escape from city living because of the tranquil site and serene environment. The recreation area will keep your children busy during your stay.

14 Long Pine Creek in Long Pine, Nebraska

If you are looking for a spot to float, splash and paddle, Long Pine Creek near Long Pine, Nebraska offers the perfect getaway for your family. The waters are crystal clear and shallow for family members to enjoy. Swimming is unlikely to happen because you can do nothing more than slide in the waters.

Long Pine Creek can be a great adventure for your kids as the depth of the water is safe enough for them to sprawl around. Adults can enjoy the scenery and lounge under the sun for a good tan and relaxation or you can rent a tube and buoy in the water.

13 The Dells of the Eau Claire Park in Aniwa, Wisconsin

Created by volcanic rocks millions of years ago, the estuary was formed by the Eau Claire River. It has the appearance of beautifully carved clasts of phenocryst and other rock formations. The scenic waterway has waterfalls and rapids dangerous for swimming, but there are calm spots for swimming and relaxing.

Specifically located in the Aniwa region, the Dells of the Eau Claire can be reached through County Highway Y. The reservoir is also a good site for other activities including camping, hiking, picnics, and nature trailing. The tilted and vertical rocks are great sights to enjoy while swimming in the cool and crystal clear waters.

12 Kansas’ Prairie Lake

Located in the Holton county region, Prairie Lake is a small body of water that sits right within the northeast region. The place is relatively unknown except for the locals who frequent the area for a party getaway or an occasional bonfire experience.

Prairie Lake is a great site for camping, fishing, and picnic. It is also one of the most convenient places for swimming as the waters are clean and lake side is not crowded with visitors. Experiencing the bike trail is also one of the best things about Prairie Lake aside from the warm water to swim in.

11 Kayak Morris in the Illinois River

If you want to experience endless swimming and other boundless activities to do, Kayak Morris in Illinois offers the most interesting fun for the whole family. The place is not only great for splashing in the water, but kayaking is one of the best things to do around the river.

Kayak Morris offers three waterways to explore with coves and canals around the bend. Camping on the banks of the river is also a great experience as it allows you to spot eagles flying in and around the forest. The campsites are very spacious and equipped with grill-fire pits for the perfect bonfire experience.

10 The Quince in Camp Wood, Texas

If you want something out of the ordinary, the Quince in Camp Wood, is known as the best place to experience swimming with the paranormal. Its isolated location makes the perfect getaway for a scary night out with your friends and the perfect site to explore the unknown.

The Quince has been rumored to be the dumping site of bodies committed by a serial killer during the 70s. People visiting the area reported seeing the disjointed apparition of the female victim. The ghoulish place is great to visit with your friends for a thrilling adventure.

9 Oklahoma’s Blue Hole Park

Oklahoma also has a blue hole visited by locals and tourists alike. It is not really a secret swimming hole, but the place does not get too crowded compared to prominent beaches in and around the Southern states. There are plenty of activities to do and young swimmers can enjoy the shallow waters around.

Located between the counties of Kenwood and Salina, Blue Hole Park is the perfect swimming getaway for the whole family. The surround area offers plenty of wildlife and visitors can enjoy catching crawfish in the crystal clear waters. Tents, cabins, and RVs can be rented for an overnight stay.

8 Cheaha Creek in Chinnabee Silent Trail, Alabama

Considered as the highest point in Alabama, Mt. Cheacha in the Talladega National Forest offers a great escapade with various activities to do. It has a flowing stream perfect for swimming and rocky outcrops for nature trailing. The waterfall is also a good place to see as the picturesque mountainside becomes visible from every angle.

Taking a dip during mid-summer is ideal as the waters can be frigid because of its altitude. There are lots of locals during the summer and a picnic lunch or a relaxing hammock can make the visit worth the effort of getting to the ridges and valleys.

7 The Wekiwa Spring State Park in Central Florida

Once occupied by the Timucua Indian tribe, Wekiwa Spring State Park is the perfect getaway destination for the whole family. The swimming spring is a safe spot for kids and adults because it only goes up to the depth of five feet. The cold and picture perfect spring can be the highlight of your visit as there are various other activities offered.

The hiking trail goes for as long as 13 miles and there are spots for canoeing and kayaking. The park though becomes loaded with visitors but the swimming spring is something to look forward to after a tiring adventure in the mountain.

6 Little Stoney Creek Falls in Scott County, Virginia

Located in the Jefferson National Forest, Little Stoney National Recreation Trail offers an exciting adventure to thrill seekers. The area is the base waterfall of the Upper Little Stoney Falls which can only be reached by going to the recreation trail. Water in the pool is very shallow and safe for the whole family.

The fresh clear waters and the green surroundings make Little Stoney Creek an ideal place to visit during summer. A bridge is also located within the area to give visitors a full glimpse of the whole span of the falls. The cool waters and relaxing scenery can be inviting for a cool dip.

5 The Powder Hole in Pennsylvania

Just known through word of mouth, the Powder Hole is located in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. The place was once inhabited by the local Indian tribe of Shawnee and was developed by the early settlers by harnessing energy from the river using blasting powder.

If you opt to have an exciting adventure, the Powder Hole has a forty-two foot jumping ledge which springs you right into the river. Water depths vary per location and the riverbed is dotted with huge boulders. Calculating the depths of the water level before swimming will keep you safe. And choosing the spot for a dive carefully will give you a safe water entry.

4 Jacob's Well Natural Area

Texas is one of the states in America that doesn't falls short of swimming holes. One of most beautiful there is, is the Jacob's Well Natural Area. It comprises of long underwater caves. In ancient times, Native Americans used to go to this place to participate in sacred meetings.

And though Jacob's Well is a beauty to die for, be careful when hiking just to the swimming hole as your trail could be rough and tough. To advantage of your trip, be sure to take a tour of the preserve. You’ll get a chance to dive its notorious floods.

3 Pecks Falls in Adams, Massachusetts

Adams, Massachusetts has several falls worthy of visit. One of the most scenic is Pecks Falls which is comprised of several cascades within the area. Waterfalls vary per level and they range from a 50-footer down to a 12-footer waterfall. Most locals recommend dipping in the waters of the pool close to the upper falls because of the crystal clear water and the picturesque view.

It’s also easy to find yourself jumping from one waterfall level to the next as the area has lots of cascades to choose from. Pecks Falls is also ideal for a picnic getaway or simply for passing time.

2 Lake Marcia in High Point State Park Sussex, New Jersey

Located at an altitude of 1,803 above sea level, Lake Marcia is a perfect place when you have kids around. It offers a majestic view of the farmlands below and the lush forest is ideal to sprawl around. Lake Marcia gets its waters from the nearby springs making the water clean and cool for swimming. The beach also offers many amenities including a bathhouse, food concessionaires, and various activities for the whole family.

High Point is a huge protected rainforest with a trail that extends for 50 miles. The place with camping and picnic grounds within the gathering area is convenient for the whole family.

1 Enfield Falls in the Robert H. Treman State Park, New York

New York may be a bustling city everyone thinks of, but it has the highlight of the most unknown swimming holes in the country. One of the highlights within the list is Enfield Falls located in the Robert H. Treman State Park in Ithaca. The swimming hole can be reached through trail walking and seeing the magnificent place can be worth the efforts.

The cascading convex-shaped water makes is the most relaxing feature of the whole scenery. Jumping into the water or sunbathing is allowed and visitors can also explore the area. But be also cautious as the whole area is laden with gorges and dangerous ravines. The Lucifer Falls is also an attraction, but takes you to deadly slopes and crevices, something an adventurous explorer would never want to miss.