One of the primary sources of enjoyment for those who decide to travel over to Europe from around the world is the food and drink that they're able to sample. We have some of the finest dishes known to man over here and as a result, tourism numbers have been through the roof over the last few decades. That's probably not the only factor, but still.

Alas, while some people may not realise this, this idea works the other way around too. The people of America may be perceived as being very unhealthy courtesy of horrendous stereotypes, but when you put a pin in that and discover what kind of treats they have on offer, it's easy to see why there are so many USA-food shops and spin-offs located outside of the country itself.

Courtesy of allergies and personal preferences not all of you are going to be able to try out all 20 of these entries, but you should certainly give it your best shot. After all, the USA folk tend to try to make everything bigger and better over there, so you know that you're going to be in for a treat one way or another.

Some of these delicacies are desserts whereas others can be enjoyed as main courses, but one way or another, they're all relevant in the realm of US culture. So while you may not like their politics or some of their laws, you have to respect their food game.

SIDE NOTE: If we're talking liquids, then you truly haven't lived until you've had a bottle of Gatorade. Honestly, it's the best drink on the planet regardless of what flavour you try (although the blue one is pretty good).

20 Key Lime Pie - Deliciously Odd

We start off with an entry that we've actually adopted pretty quickly and effectively over here: Key lime pie. For those who don't know it's made up of Key lime juice, egg yolks and some condensed milk in a pie crust - and while that may not sound too extraordinary, the end result is remarkable if done right.

The texture needs to be perfect with this in order for it to be considered a success, but for the most part, Key lime pie serves as arguably one of the finest dessert pies out there today. There are plenty of good ones, sure, but the key to this entry is that it's unique.

19 Tater Tots - Simple Yet Effective

We're only at the second entry and we're already set to discuss something that's deep-fried, which shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone. Tater tots are small potatoes that tend to be served up as a side dish, with their crispy texture being one of its most appealing traits.

They're used in pretty much every walk of life over in the States, with folks both young and old enjoying them. They tend to be cooked and served quite hot, but the beauty of the tots is that you can eat them cold and nobody is going to judge you - kind of like pizza.

18 Buffalo Wings - Speaks For Itself

If we're talking stereotypical Super Bowl food, then Buffalo wings have to be in the conversation. These wings are unlike any other and are extremely popular, usually being deep-fried (shock) before a kind of sauce is served on top of them, dependant on your personal preference.

The sauce tends to be cayenne pepper hot sauce, which is probably why most people in America are immune to hot flavourings in the present day. As the name suggests they originated from Buffalo, and you could argue that the wings are Buffalo's most significant contribution to the USA. That's just an opinion, but come on, it's not like the Bills have all too much to celebrate.

17 Lobster Roll - New England Proud

When McDonald's decides to name a new sandwich after your product, then you know you've done something right.

Lobster rolls do what they say on the tin: they provide you with lobster meat served inside of a bun. However, as opposed to the opening being on the side it's actually on the top, which is probably done to allow for more meat to get in there.

The rolls were once almost exclusively served up in New England but over time, they've spread throughout a variety of different regions in the States - and abroad, too. If you want to get an authentic experience, though, then head over there and go down to the docks, find a nice restaurant, and ask for their finest lobster roll.

16 Philly Cheesesteak - A Necessity

We come to arguably the most iconic entry so far, and we don't say that lightly - the Philly cheesesteak. To say this a vital piece of USA cuisine would be a massive understatement, with the cheesesteak often being one of the primary reasons why people actually visit Philadelphia (besides the Rocky steps and outstanding sports teams, of course).

As the title suggests you get a sandwich that contains pieces of steak, alongside melted cheese that makes for one hell of a taste. Whilst some people enjoy having the steak pouring out of the roll, we prefer for it to be nice and concise to allow for maximum enjoyment.

15 S’mores - Odd Name, Great Delivery

What's wrong, would you like s'more?

We apologise for that horrendous dad joke, but in all seriousness, s'mores completely changed the dessert game over in North America. With a fire-roasted marshmallow in the middle alongside some chocolate and two graham crackers, this is arguably the most American treat of all-time.

Some people will try and have these in their everyday lives, but if you want to experience them to the fullest, then you're better off waiting until you're by a campfire or hanging around with your friends. One taste of a s'more will send dozens of memories flooding back to USA expats all over the globe, and that's a fact.

14 BLT - Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato

It's not often that a sandwich is so special that it receives its own abbreviation, but in this instance, we can't help but think that it's only being done to save yourself listing the ingredients out loud. With that being said, a BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato & bread) sandwich is one of the most efficient and tasty sandwiches you could ever dream of having.

This is something that you can easily make in your own home and in our mind, that's one of the primary things that makes a meal so useful. As opposed to ordering one of the other 19 entries in a restaurant, with BLTs, all you have to do is find a handful of ingredients and get to work. Simple.

13 Twinkies - Think Zombieland

The Zombieland movie alone probably enticed thousands upon thousands of dessert lovers all around the world regarding Twinkies, but trust us, they're better than you could ever imagine - even after hearing Tallahassee describing them.

It feels like Twinkies have been around since the beginning of time, and we wouldn't question anyone who considers providing proof of that. The golden sponge cake has a cream-filling, and while it may sound incredibly simple, that's what makes it so great.

Sure, you may prefer a Ding Dong or Sno Balls, but we can almost guarantee they won't provide you with the same level of overall satisfaction or joy. Period.

12 Pot Roast - A Revolutionary Dish

Beef is one of the primary meats in every sense of the word, and as a result, it's used on quite a few different main courses, as you've probably guessed by now. One of the main examples that people around America enjoy, however, is the Pot roast.

The beef dish is created by browning a roast-sized piece of the meat prior to a slow cook, and it can also include vegetables with a sauce. This is the kind of meal that you'd have on a sleepy Sunday afternoon when you're either recovering from a party or you're just trying to enjoy your last few hours of freedom before heading back to work on Monday.

11 Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich - It’s PB And J Time

Try and get Stewie Griffin out of your head for just a moment, and think about just how nice this would taste. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches have become a lunchtime tradition for the majority of US families, with most kids eating hundreds of them before they end up finishing school.

The combination of the two sharp flavours seems to make for an incredible delicacy, with the majority of adults also enjoying one from time to time. Sure, it can be a little bit messy if you don't know what you're doing, but the trial and error of making this sandwich allows for a lot of joy.

10 Biscuits & Gravy - So Weird And So Wonderful

No, we aren't suggesting that you have Sunday roast gravy with a Hob Nob - just hear us out. Biscuits and gravy is a traditional Southern dish in the United States of America, and whilst it may sound horrible at first and it has the potential to look horrible too, it's actually really enjoyable.

Soft dough biscuits are lathered in meat gravy, but don't let the colour throw you off, because it's equally as delicious as any normal gravy. Small pieces of pork sausage, beef and bacon are put int the mixture too, with a flavouring of black pepper to really round things off nicely.

9 Meatloaf - No, Not The Band

We aren't talking about the band: we're talking about one of, arguably, the most notable dishes yet. As odd as it may look and as apprehensive as you may be, there's absolutely no need. Essentially, you've got some ground meat that is mixed in with other bits and bobs before being formed into a loaf, which can either be done manually or automatically by a pan.

You can use seafood, pork, lamb and so much more in your meatloaf if you don't fancy using the traditional beef, which is probably why it's so popular over there. With so many incarnations and variations available to people, it allows for a wider range of customers.

8 Chicago-Style Pizza - A Whole New Experience

We're so used to talking about deep-dish pizza that we rarely get the opportunity to stop and appreciate the fact that it comes from the great city of Chicago in Illinois. In terms of a location-specific meal, you could argue that this is the most notable entry from throughout the entire United States.

The deep-dish pizzas allow for extra room in the base, where more tomato sauce, cheese and other ingredients are stored. If you ever decide to head over there then we certainly wouldn't judge you for almost exclusively eating Chicago-style pizzas, because let's face it, how could you not?

7 Apple Pie - comfort food to the max

If you want comfort food, then you won't find many things better than Apple pie. Whether you decide to serve it with cheese, cream or on its own, there's no real way in which to deny that this is one of the best 'sweet' pies out there on the market today.

The double-crust pie is extremely popular in the States and is served as a dessert by most families around the nation, and we can't exactly blame them for that. The warm texture brings a whole new meaning to the fruit, and when you consider how long apples have been consumed for, that's a pretty impressive feat.

6 Thanksgiving Dinner - It’s Tradition

Across Europe the biggest day for eating lots of food and having lots of family celebrations tends to be Christmas Day - but in the States, and in Canada to an extent, that honour is reserved for Thanksgiving.

The holiday itself is exceedingly popular but beyond that, the food is always great, too. There are a series of stereotypical treats on offer throughout most homes such as the centrepiece turkey, stuffing, cranberry source, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and so much more.

It's a day to be thankful, and the meals on offer almost always live up to the hype. Trust us on that!

5 Clam Chowder - Wait, What?

We're heading back off to New England now for another highly popular dish from the North East: Clam chowder. Whilst it may initially look like soup that's gone off, trust us when we say that it'll be better than you can possibly imagine.

The soup contains broth and, obviously, clams, with onions, potatoes and several other possibilities sprinkled in as well. It's used as a great alternative to things like tomato and chicken soup, and as the years go on, it's gradually becoming more and more popular amongst folks from different parts of the country. Who knew chowder could be so good?

4 Sloppy Joe’s - Messy Magnificence

Don't let the image put you off, because this burger (or sandwich if you want to be specific) is absolutely remarkable, and serves as the perfect cheat meal for those of us who are desperately trying to get into shape.

From the Worcestershire sauce to the pork, onions and beef, there are so many things to like about this from a junk food perspective - and it isn't even that bad for you in comparison to some of the other options we've listed. It's a fairly new addition to the diets of locals up and down the country, but clearly, it's been a resounding success.

3 Beef Jerky - Always A Fun Treat

Jerky, or beef jerky specifically, is one of those items that you say out loud and it just *sounds* like something from America, you know? Essentially it's trimmed pieces of meat that dry out, making for a hard texture - kind of like bacon, but with any kind of lean meat that you want.

Beef jerky tends to be the most popular version but there are a series of alternatives to be found in restaurants, marketplaces and supermarkets in the USA. The best thing about jerky is that it's such a great option for those of us who just want to be lazy, and aren't interested in spending hours on end preparing a meal or a snack.

2 Cornbread - Yes, Please

Reinventing or redefining what it means to eat bread can be a pretty difficult task, but that certainly isn't the case where cornbread is concerned. It's quick, it's easy, and most importantly of all - it stems from the always popular cornmeal.

It can even be formed into a muffin type of shape, too, with a series of different versions being available. Natives were the ones who created the idea, with it being used as a way to avoid buying wheat flour which tends to be more expensive.

It may not look like much, but it's enjoyable for what it is and does what it says on the tin.

1 Jambalaya - There’s So Much Going On

Welcome to Louisiana, folks.

Jambalaya sums up the state of Louisiana perfectly: it's fun, it's colourful, and there's just so much going on. It was initially inspired by dishes over in Europe, and in the simplest of terms, it's a dish that features a whole host of different vegetables and meats that are mixed in together with rice.

The meat tends to include some kind of sausage as one of the focal points but aside from that, it's up to you. A lot of families have perfected their own recipes over the course of many generations, and most of the time, they all taste great regardless of what's in there.

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