Chocolate is one of the most beloved foods in the world for good reason. The typically sweet item is used as a popular flavor for desserts. Most cakes, cookies, donuts and just about any other sweet treat is improved when you add chocolate to the mix. One wonderful thing about chocolate is that it is always available in your price range. Chocolate bars go for under a dollar at local grocery stores, but there is fancy chocolate available for those wanting a more luxurious eating experience. However, some people want to use chocolate in new foods instead of sticking to chocolate ice cream or chocolate chip cookies.

There are borderline bizarre food items selected to be part of the chocolate experiment all over the world. Most of these items aren’t things you’ll easily find at the grocery store or local restaurants, but they surely do exist somewhere out there. Some of these items surprisingly have positive reviews with people being shocked at how much they enjoyed them. Others have reputations for being gross and crossing the line with chocolate experimentation. Find out just how strange the foods to mix with chocolate have become. These are twenty of the strangest chocolate covered foods in the world.

20 Squid

Squid is one polarizing food option out there. Many people are addicted to ordering calamari at restaurants as the ultimate appetizer. Others think it is disgusting and will refuse to ever consider trying it for the first time.

The addition of chocolate is unlikely to convince the squid haters a reason to indulge. Chocolate covered squid is one of the foods hard to envision eating until actually trying it. The idea of chocolate merging with salty seafood is a tough sell. Bravery points should be awarded to anyone out there courageous enough to give this a try. Good luck if trying the combination of the salty and sweet items together.

19 Worms

Some of the weirdest chocolate covered foods out there are not things many people consider food. One of the strangest items one could eat covered in chocolate would be worms. The dirt crawling creatures apparently make for tasty chocolate treats to enough people wanting it made.

Quite a few places around the world attempt to sell the chocolate covered worms as a rare dessert. It certainly will take an adventurous soul to take the big step and try to eat it. Worms are not something served in too many dishes, but the chocolate specialty is one that sees it have a generally positive reception when folks try it for the first time.

18 Onions

A peculiar food item covered in chocolate at various places is the onion. Philadelphia candy shops specifically are known for having the chocolate covered onions as an option to purchase. The raw onion looks a little more appealing covered in chocolate, but that isn’t enough to add temptation.

Most people dislike the idea of eating a raw onion in general. Adding chocolate may appeal to some brave souls, but it likely will turn more people away unable to understand how both foods could be combined in any form. Onions are one food not enticing enough to get a big fan base wanting to eat it covered in chocolate.

17 Slim Jims

The processed beef sticks known as Slim Jims have been around for decades and still have a strong customer base. Many people prefer the Slim Jims over traditional beef jerky as it is available in many grocery stores.

Some people came up with the bright idea to experiment with the Slim Jim and chocolate. The chocolate covered Slim Jims have been met with mixed reaction from those to try it. Most people have a strong love for both if enjoying the combination of them together. It still is an odd idea that the average person would cringe when thinking about eating.

16 Lemons

Many fruits are offered with the chocolate covered options. Cherries and strawberries are among the most popular chocolate covered foods in the world. However, there are some other unique items in the food group that also have been served with chocolate.

Lemons stand out as the most bizarre fruit that has been made with the chocolate covered option in certain places. The bitter taste of a lemon already makes it tough to eat on its own. Adding chocolate could improve the taste of the lemon, but it likely hurts the chocolate experience when tasting bitterness in between the sweet outer bites.

15 Cheerios

There are many chocolate flavored cereals out there like Cocoa Pebbles, Cocoa Puffs and Cookie Crisp. Some folks however want to add chocolate to some of their other favorite cereals. This has led to the experimenting of chocolate covered Cheerios.

The beloved cereal has a new dynamic when adding the chocolate covering to each of them. It delivers a different snacking experience. The outer chocolate gives you the delicious sweet taste of the chocolate while you get the Cheerios on the inside with your bite. Chances are high that this unique idea is one of the tastier options on the list.

14 Chickpeas

Many people search for unique new recipes to improve the taste of healthy foods. Chickpeas are a great source of protein, especially for vegetarians looking to avoid meat. One way some folks have tried to improve is the addition of adding a chocolate coating.

There are quite a few recipes online with the chocolate covered chickpeas becoming more popular around the world. It is considered a genuine snack for those wanting to indulge in their favorite sweet but wanting the benefits of protein and fiber. While certainly unique and bold, the idea is at least worth giving a chance if you love chocolate and chickpeas.

13 Seaweed

Seaweed is another polarizing food option that many people would be against trying on their own. The addition of chocolate could improve the temptation to some loving the sweet treat, but others would think less of the meal due to the conflicting tastes of both.

Chocolate covered seaweed is sold in Korea as a snack enough people enjoy to get it sold in stores. Adventurous eaters would have to be the ones trying this and falling in love with it. Not many people out there have strong loves for both chocolate and seaweed to demand them uniting for one food.

12 Mushrooms

Mushrooms are generally loved as a food with quite a few dishes. It can range from fried to stuffed to many other alternatives when cooking with it. However, chocolate is not one item most would instantly think of being a good compliment to the mushrooms.

That didn’t stop it from becoming an experiment that people enjoyed enough to continue making. Toronto chef Justin Cournoyer swears by chocolate covered mushrooms being a great dish that compliment each other to great success. There are enough people out there that are impressed with the idea to make it on their own after finding recipes.

11 Bacon

Bacon is a unique food item to be paired with chocolate, but it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. People love bacon enough to combine it with most other foods out there. It only makes sense that some places would experiment with two of the most beloved guilty pleasure foods in general.

Many people adore the chocolate covered bacon as one of the top unique food items offered. The drastically different tastes blending together may not be for everyone, but it certainly has a crowd vouching for it. Don’t be surprised if chocolate covered bacon becomes more popular moving forward.

10 Carrots

Many people still hate vegetables despite learning how beneficial they can be for one’s health. Despite carrots being one of the best foods for you, it doesn’t necessarily entice those looking for a fun snack. This led to the experimentation of chocolate covered carrots being created.

Carrots do have a sweeter taste than most veggies which makes it a better fit to be paired with chocolate. The tastes blend together for a unique snack that allows some people to enjoy carrots more with the chocolate coating. It isn’t the craziest idea, but chocolate covered carrots are not an item everyone would want to taste.

9 Scorpions

The idea of eating a scorpion can be terrifying on its own. In fact, many people are already afraid of being around scorpions at all. One way to make it a less intimidating meal is by adding the chocolate coating over it.

Various places all over the world serve chocolate covered scorpions as an odd snack. One must either be adventurous or love the taste of chocolate to make this an item they try out. It certainly would make for a more enticing option to try it with chocolate than on its own. Many positive experiences of folks enjoying the chocolate covered scorpions could ease one’s mind into trying it.

8 Edamame

Young soybeans have become a hit appetizer or snack known as edamame. Many restaurants will offer it as an appetizer while brand stores are even carrying them for those wanting a healthier snack option. Naturally, we find ways to make healthy snacks less healthy by experimenting with other tasty foods.

Chocolate covered edamame has become a snack that many people love to indulge in. The positives of eating edamame are not completely killed by the addition of the chocolate, so it is still worth trying. Not to mention the tastes do seem like they would blend well together for a unique snacking experience.

7 Pickles

If you assumed the fried option would be the furthest we’d take the pickle, you were wrong. Pickles have been a part of many unique recipes through the years. One of the newest ones has seen people trying to make chocolate covered pickles the next big snack.

The pickles are typically on a stick while dipped into chocolate and covered with sprinkles. It is basically the vinegar version of a frozen chocolate banana. The tastes don’t sound like they would blend together well, but there are enough recipes online to suggest many people love to try them. Maybe one day chocolate covered pickles will be in every grocery store.

6 Potato chips

Chocolate and potato chips are each among the most beloved guilty pleasure snacks out there. However, very few people would ever suggest putting them together. That didn’t stop some minds from trying to experiment with both delicious foods.

Many people to try this snack vouch for it being tasty. It doesn’t seem like the most ridiculous idea out there, but the idea may be enough to scare many from trying it. The combination of salty and sweet tastes can be a hit or miss. If you’re looking for the ideal combination of each in one unique meal, chocolate potato chips may be the unique snack for you.

5 Crickets

The idea of eating crickets already grossed you out even when looking at the chocolate covered version. Many people believe crickets are a great source of protein more sustainable than beef or pork. One way to make the crickets look a bit more appealing is by coating them in chocolate.

People all over the world have tried to give chocolate covered crickets a chance as a snack. Results are mixed as some chocolate lovers believe the crickets taste as gross as they expected. Others believe it’s not that bad and has a unique taste that blends well with chocolate. The only thing certain is that it’s a truly unique chocolate concept.

4 Broccoli

Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables out there. Most parents want their children to start eating it at a young age to avoid any early health issues. Even adults want to eat it often but fall into the same issue as children. Most folks dislike the taste of broccoli and long for cool ways to improve it.

One unique idea that has become somewhat popular is coating it with tastier items. While some folks go with cheese or hot sauce, a wild one is adding chocolate to the mix. The chocolate covered broccoli improves the overall eating experience while getting both a good taste and healthy broccoli. It’s technically tainted since you’re indulging in chocolate, but no one is judging here.

3 Cheetos

The cheese flavored snacks known as Cheetos are among the tastiest options in the potato chips section of your supermarket. Many people would argue there’s no true way to improve such a unique and delicious snack loved by millions all over the world.

However, some have experimented with various fun additions to the Cheetos. Chocolate coating is one option that enough people have enjoyed to share the recipe online. This is certainly a hit or miss idea that more will dislike than enjoy. There still should be some creativity points awarded to the person to first go forward with trying this concept.

2 Jalapenos

Most diners don’t want to have an extremely spicy taste when eating any chocolate covered items. However, the idea was put out there for people to start making chocolate covered jalapeno peppers. That’s right – the spicy pepper coated in chocolate is a thing many folks have indulged in.

A combination of a super spicy item and a super sweet item could lead to a horrible result. On the flip side, some people have taste buds that crave unique blends like the chocolate covered jalapeno peppers would offer. Only the boldest of chocolate lovers could ever even consider trying a food so off the wall.

1 Corndogs

Corndogs are considered the most popular food item at carnivals and fairs. It will never pass the hot dog in normal life, but folks at such fun events tend to go for the corndog on the stick. One unique idea likely created at a fair featured people giving a chance to the chocolate covered corndogs.

The corndogs do have a somewhat sweet taste that can see chocolate blending with it in some ways. However, the meat being beneath both coatings would lead to a very bizarre eating experience. Chocolate covered corndogs are definitely a food item you must be in a fun environment to take the risk of trying out.

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