Singer John Legend and supermodel Chrissy Teigen are definitely a celebrity couple who love exploring new and exciting destinations together, and we have the pics to prove it.

Yup, today's list is all about the stunning locations that Chrissy and John visited over the years, and let us tell you — if you keep scrolling your wanderlust will definitely be awakened! The two always bring their adorable children Luna and Miles along, and while they enjoy the privacy of a luxurious vacation — they also tend to share a lot of it on their social media accounts, which is something we thank them for.

Okay, now keep scrolling to see 20 of the most exclusive vacation destinations that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have been spotted at!

20 Let's Start Off With Chrissy And John In Sardinia, Italy

Honestly, the two seem like such a fun couple to go on vacation with, as they love seeing beautiful places all over the world but they're also always down for some fun activities — especially if they're water-related. In the pics above you can see the couple paddleboarding!

19 Where They, Obviously, Had Their Own Yacht 

One thing is for sure — Chrissy and John can afford the luxurious life and, judging from their vacation photos, they certainly do. In the photos above you can see them go for a little swim after which they just climb onto their stunning private yacht.

18 Here's The Fam All Fashionable In Paris

Paris, the city of love, is obviously another one of the family's favorites. And while they are in Paris you can totally tell that they tend to dress more sophisticated and chic — as the city calls for it! What a gorgeous, fashionable family they are!

17 Where Chrissy And John Attended A Wedding At Versailles

How amazing are these photos of Chrissy and John attending a wedding at the famous Château de Versailles a.k.a the Palace of Versailles? Just look at that gorgeous architecture and Chrissy's stunning gown! What it must feel like to get invited to a wedding at such a luxurious location!

16 Bali Seems To Be Another Common Family Vacation Destination For Them

Over the years the family has shared many photos of them at tropical destinations, and Bali is a common spot they've visited multiple times. It seems as if their daughter Luna and son Miles love playing around in warm places that are close to the water!

15 And You Bet Their Kids Have The Time Of Their Lives There

Honestly, that looks like paradise, and judging from Luna's smile she is loving it there! She even gets to be carried around on daddy's shoulders which is pretty much every kid's definition of vacation. As far as we go, all we can do is live vicariously through the family!

14 And Of Course, Chrissy Always Reminds Us Of The Importance Of Sunscreen

Both Chrissy and John are quite active on social media and they tend to share a lot of pics from their vacations with their fans. As you can tell from the pic above Chrissy also always makes sure to let everyone know how important sun protection is!

13 Here Are Some Pics Of The Family In Portofino, Italy

Another family favorite for traveling seems to be Italy, where the four tend to go at least once a year. In the photos above you can see (a color-coordinated) Chrissy and John swing their daughter Luna who, honestly, just looks like the happiest little girl ever!

12 Where They Also Had Their Own Yacht

Of course, are we even the slightest bit surprised that they, once again, have their own private yacht? If there's water Chrissy and John will make sure that there is also a yacht, as it seems that the two love spending their time on the water!

11 How Cute Is This Family Portrait?

If you ask us, they might just be one of the cutest families ever — and there's certainly plenty of photos to prove that. Chrissy and John always look perfectly trendy, and little Luna and Miles couldn't be any more adorable! We just can't get enough of their family portraits, especially if they're taken at beautiful locations like this one!

10 Let's Move On To Thailand, Where They Vacationed This Year

Another tropical destination that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are quite familiar with is Thailand — where the family went on vacation this year. Obviously, as expected, the photos they took there were perfection and it seemed like the whole fam had an amazing time!

9 And You Bet Chrissy Rocked Some Traditional Gowns

It seems as if Chrissy and John are all about exploring the cultures of the places they travel to — as they often try local food and, as you can tell from the pics above, even dress in traditional clothing. One thing is for sure — Chrissy definitely pulls the look off!

8 Here Are A Few Pics From Another Trip To Bali They Took

Back when Miles was pretty much just a tiny newborn, the whole fam packed up and went on another trip to Bali — one that Miles probably won't remember much of. Regardless, there are always these amazing photos his parents can show him once he's older!

7 This Might Be The Best Pic We've Ever Seen Of The Family

How amazing are these two pics of the family posing with a bearcat? Yes, not a bear or a cat — but a bearcat (trust us, we researched it). While some might even get scared, John and Chrissy just completely laughed it off, which makes these photos even more precious!

6 John And Chrissy Definitely Seem To Be Fans Of Tropical Destinations

It seems as if most of the time the family enjoys traveling to warm places such as Thailand, Bali, and Italy. Honestly, we absolutely can't blame them — all three of those locations look like paradise and we're pretty grateful that the two at least share photos of them with us!

5 But They Also Always Come Back To Italy

Chrissy and John have a special relationship with Italy, as the couple even got married there back in 2013. We bet we will see plenty more pics of them vacationing there in the future, as their children seem to be loving it there as well!

4 Here They Are Visiting a Farmer's Market In Sienna

We already mentioned it, but Chrissy and John love exploring local food, and what better way to do that than to visit a local farmer's market. Besides, anyone who follows Chrissy knows she loves to cook and has even released two very successful cookbooks!

3 And Obviously, The Kids Always Get To Have Some Italian Gelato

You can't go to Italy and not try their super famous ice cream — that's just wrong. Obviously, as true Italy experts, Chrissy and John already know that, which is why they let their Luna and Miles indulge in some yummy Italian ice cream whenever they want!

2 Meanwhile, The Parents Learn How To Make Pasta

We're not surprised that John and Chrissy decided to take a pasta-making class, as that seems right up their alley! And while mom and dad are trying to learn how to make delicious pasta the traditional way, little Luna seems to be following along as well!

1 Lastly, Here's A Pic Of Them At Lake Como — Their Wedding Location

To wrap our list up we decided to go for these pics of the family at Lake Como, where Chrissy and John got married on September 14, 2013. That's certainly a place the family is always happy to visit again, and we can totally see why!