Flying on an airplane is all kinds of awkward, to begin with. From taking your shoes off at security to being patted down to sharing stale air with strangers, it's all weird.

But what's worse is people who act weird on the plane. It might be a kid who's out of control or just someone who doesn't understand airline etiquette, but these people are making every flight a hundred times more unsettling just with their mere presence.

While it's understandable that people want to be comfortable while flying through the clouds, there's a limit to how cozy you can get. And it seems like some people seriously don't understand how flights work, or what exactly they're paying for when they purchase a plane ticket.

After all, you don't own the plane just because you've paid for a seat... But these 20 pics prove that not everyone is the ideal passenger...

18 Sky-High Selfies Are, Unfortunately, A Thing

Even when you really have to go to the bathroom, the airplane toilet is really the last place anyone wants to be. And yet, tons of people are taking awkward selfies in them. From ladies like this who post up to guys who can't stand up straight because they're too tall for the cramped quarters, these are a whole new level of awkward selfie.

17 Hope You Don't Plan On In-Flight Entertainment

Another oblivious passenger doesn't seem to realize that she hasn't also reserved the seat behind her. Hopefully the person seated behind her doesn't decide they want to see what's playing on the on-screen entertainment. What's with people not respecting personal space?

16 Airline Breakups Shouldn't Be Broadcast

This next image is awkward for another reason. Us Magazine reported that a woman who shared a flight with the couple pictured live-tweeted their apparent breakup. According to Kelly Keegs, the story ended just as awkwardly as it began; the couple wound up smooching and sharing adult beverages later in the flight.

15 Flight Attendants Are Doing Awkward Acrobatics

We could see how posing in the overhead bins might be a cute photo op for flight attendants. But one flight attendant surprised boarding passengers from the bin, making it an awkward start to what was hopefully a brief flight. Southwest Airlines said it was an attempt at humor, Travel and Leisure reported. But it was super awkward for passengers.

14 A Lack Of Context Makes This Snap Unsettling

This man evidently paid for a seat for his doll, which is admittedly awkward in the first place. What adult carries a doll around as their personal item on a flight? Wouldn't checking a bag be cheaper? Or maybe he just didn't want any seatmates?

13 Etiquette Is Beyond This Lady's Abilities

Most people understand it's not cool to go barefoot on a plane... Especially when you're rubbing your feet all over the seat in front of you. But this lady was clearly unfazed by other passengers' reactions to her awkward behavior. And where are her shoes?

12 Maybe This Turkey's On A Special Holiday Trip

If this turkey is on his last trip before Thanksgiving, we get it. After all, you've gotta make the most of the time you have left... But really? A turkey on the plane? A live one? This is just a little awkward... Especially if the owner paid for his ticket.

11 Whose Kid Is This?!

It's tough for kids to sit still on flights, sure. But climbing on other passengers' armrests mid-flight? Not cool... Where are the parents? And why aren't they doing anything about their kid's acrobatics? And see the beverage cart coming? That's a disaster waiting to happen, too.

10 Someone's Watching You

While the photographer here was kind enough to blur out the face of this 'demon child' from their flight, they shouldn't have to worry about tiny people creeping them out mid-flight. It's the ultimate in awkward situations because you literally can't go anywhere to get away from this kid.

9 At Least He Brought His Sweater?

People have all kinds of emotional support animals, and we get it... But an anteater? In the cabin? In a seat? Well, as awkward as this furry passenger is, at least he brought his sweater, so he's doing better than the rest of us at preparing for his flight.

8 Smelly Feet Are Only Part Of The Problem

Judging by the expression on this gal's face, we can assume she's not happy about being photographed... But at the same time, we can assume that the passenger whose headrest her dirty socks are resting on has already asked her to remove her tootsies from their spot... And clearly, she did not appreciate the intrusion.

7 Oxygen Is No Joke

It's understandable that people want to document their flight experiences. But when the oxygen masks drop from the plane, is that really the time for selfies? In this guy's defense, no one else appears to be freaking out or putting their masks on... But what if it really is an emergency? This is not the time for selfies, man!

6 Flight Attendants Are Multi-Talented These Days

If you thought the flight attendants in the overhead bins were awkward, how about this pose? It's become a trend for flight staff to pose in unique ways for social media posts, but what about the passengers on board? Hopefully this one was taken in an empty plane, otherwise... Awkward...

5 Snoozing During The Flight Always Has Awkward Potential

There's really no way around it: falling asleep on an airplane is always awkward. Whether you snooze with your chin in your hands and facing your seatmate or you slump over with your mouth open, everyone around you is guaranteed to feel uncomfortable.

4 This News Outlet's In-Flight Tips Lost Us

CNN seriously sent a journalist on a flight with instructions to try out yoga while sitting in her seat... Um, how about no? It's bad enough that people are flying with their shoes off and their body parts in our personal space. We don't need to be kicked in the head with some yogi's shoes, too.

3 Empty Seats Aren't For Your Yoga Routine

Well, we hope the seatbelt light was off for this lady's sake. She decided to do some yoga in a row of empty seats, and we're not sure what to think. She's got the right attire, sure, but is an airplane really the right place for the downward dog? We don't think so.

2 There's Nothing To See Here, Folks

A passenger who was clearly seated near the airplane bathroom must have been paying close attention to who was using the restroom and for how long. He snapped a selfie that featured this couple leaving the bathroom together... Awkward...

1 Nap Time Pics For Posterity

At least when Chris Evans falls asleep on his flight, he's got Scarlett Johansson on hand to memorialize the moment. It must have been awkward to be napping among all those guys in uniform, but hey, when you're a celeb, you can get away with it.