Heading out on a cruise? You're in for the time of your life! Cruise ships can be one of the best (moving) vacation destinations. There are literally hundreds of things to do on-board, from experiencing the amazing food creations available to tanning by the pool and even playing arcade games. You can wake up as early as you want or sleep in and hangout at your ship's many bars late into the night. Plus, once you get to the port, you'll have the opportunity to experience a whole new atmosphere while still having the comfort of your ship.

Many first-time cruisers don't know what to expect, but soon come to love the thrill of vacationing on a boat. If this is your first time cruising, don't worry: you're more than likely going to have a great time! There are certain things you should know before you depart, whether this is your first cruise or you're a cruise ship veteran. Some of the most important things you need to be aware of (that can make or break your trip) are the things you shouldn't do while on-board. Some of these are simply annoying to your neighbors, while doing other activities can actually get you in a lot of trouble with the crew.

Check out these top no-nos for cruising and be sure to avoid them in order to have a wonderful vacation!

20 20. Don't Throw Anything Overboard: You Can Get in Big Trouble

Some people think that throwing something overboard on a cruise isn't a big deal. If it's just food or something disposable, what's the harm? After all, you've probably thrown the end of a soggy sandwich or other food you didn't want overboard if you've been on a smaller personal boat. On a cruise ship, the rules are very different.

Not only will you be intensely scolded by the crew if you toss something over the rails, but if you throw something that would cause a hazard to fish in the ocean (such as plastic), you can actually get put in cruise ship "jail," which is basically in the hold.

19 19. Don't Forget to Wash Your Hands: Stay Healthy!

A cruise ship is a breeding ground for germs. It might seem counter-intuitive because you'll spend so much time outside, but when thousands of people are cramped on the same ship, use the same facilities every day, and come and go from foreign countries at port, it's very easy to get sick. Washing your hands consistently can help keep germs at bay.

Especially dirty areas of the ship include the pool area (despite the massive amounts of chlorine used), the buffet, and any indoor gaming or gambling facilities. Quickly washing your hands with warm water and soap after being at any of these areas will keep you healthy and happy during your cruise!

18 18. Don't Tell Others If You Get a Cold: You'll Be Put Away

Did you manage to contract a cold despite diligent hand-washing or come aboard feeling a little under the weather? Your best bet is to keep that information to yourself. Some cruise experts even recommend that you tell others that you're simply seasick or have allergies if you get asked. Why? If others find out you're sick, at best you'll be avoided, and at worst you can actually be put in confinement on the ship until you recover.

You're really at the jurisdiction of the captain and the crew when you're on the ship, but the last thing you want to do is be stuck in a foreign room hoping to make a rapid recovery. You're better off keeping your illness to yourself and staying in your own room if you're really sick.

17 17. Don't Reserve Deck Chairs: It's Against the Code

At some resorts or hotels, reserving pool and beach chairs is a common practice. You'll wake up super early, leave a bunch of towels and items on the chairs, and then come back around 11am to get your tan on. On a cruise, the rules are very different. You can get in a lot of trouble if you try to reserve chairs, so it's best to just get up early and tan or resign yourself to hunting for a spot later in the day.

Some cruise ship passengers have actually gotten in physical fights over chairs! Because of this, most cruise ships have a policy stating that you can't reserve a chair unless you're actually going to lay on it.

16 16. Don't Smoke On Your Balcony: Your Neighbors Can Smell It

Most cruise ships are smoke-free, and for good reason: a fire can sink a ship! Additionally, there really isn't anywhere you can go to smoke that other passengers won't smell it. Even ships that aren't smoke-free usually have a dedicated smoking area that you'll be recommended to go to if you need to smoke.

On these ships, you're technically allowed to smoke on your balcony, but you can quickly make enemies of your neighbors. This isn't a great way to start off a trip, especially if you'll be on board for longer than a few days.

15 15. Don't Skip the Muster Drill Before Departure: It's Mandatory

No one likes the muster drill. Before you depart, you have to put on a life jacket, be corralled to a certain area, and stand silently while you watch the crew demonstrate safety tips. Unfortunately, this drill is 100% mandatory, and the crew takes it really seriously so your best bet is to go and follow the rules.

Passengers can get yelled at for doing things like standing out of line or being on their phones, and if it's clear that you're really not paying attention, the crew has the jurisdiction to make you come to another (more private) showing to be sure that you've heard the information. And if you try to skip it by staying in your cabin? The crew usually checks each room, so they'll most likely find you.

14 14. Don't Only Eat at the Main Dining Room: Branch Out!

Everyone knows that the food at the main dining room on a cruise ship is absolutely delicious. There are completely different options every night and they're all equally as good. While it's fun to have a routine dinner, you may be missing out on some of the many other restaurants on your ship.

The average Carnival ship has 8 restaurants and bars, all serving different cuisines and some even being completely themed once you walk in! It's worth branching out a bit, even if you just try lunch or an early dinner at the other restaurants and cafes, or grab an appetizer before dinner.

13 13. Don't Forget to Plan for No Internet Access: Be Ready to Disconnect

Did you realize that you won't have any internet or cell service access while you're out on the water? Sure, your ship may offer internet, but it very often doesn't work and if it does it'll be spotty. Make sure that you plan ahead even if you think you'll have access. Talk to your cell phone provider and learn what kind of international rates your plan has.

Additionally, don't just set your phone on airplane mode to avoid using data: there have been too many occurrences of passengers doing this, but their phones kept trying to pick up a signal and they end up being charged over $2,000! Instead, turn your roaming off completely, and only connect to WiFi on the ship when it's actually working.

12 12. Don't Skip Out on Shore Excursions: Get the Authentic Experience

You can have so much fun on your cruise ship that it might seem tedious to get off the boat and go explore the port, but you'll be missing out if you don't at least try an excursion or two. The ones you book directly through your cruise ship may not offer as many options as you'd like, so check out sites like Expedia or even AirBnB to find truly cultural day excursions that you'll really enjoy.

Even if excursions aren't your thing, it's definitely worth your time to explore the port on your own and get a feel for the local culture. You'll get sick of your cruise ship eventually if you spend too much time on it and don't want to regret not having every experience possible!

11 11. Don't Book a Spa Treatment When You First Get On Board: Wait For Deals

Many people board their cruise ship and immediately run to the spa to book a time before all of the slots are full, but what they don't realize is that the spa almost never completely books up. Sure, you might love to spend your first day on board relaxing and being pampered, but if you're willing to wait a few days, you may get deals up to 50% off.

Because cruise ship spas are usually large and many people don't utilize the paid services, it's almost inevitable that the spa will offer some sort of deal. When the services are so pricey, you can end up saving a lot of money!

10 10. Don't Leave Your Children Unattended: The Ship Won't Watch Them

Are you taking a family friendly cruise? That's great, but don't expect the cruise ship to be your babysitter. Children should never be left alone in any area of the ship! Not only are there the more obvious dangers (like falling overboard) but there are also thousands of people on the ship. Consider the cruise ship like a mall: would you leave your child roaming alone in the halls of a mall?

If you do want some time to yourself, there's usually babysitting services that you can utilize, especially if you plan ahead and book some times just in case.

9 9. Don't Forget to Check Your Onboard Banking Account: More Fun = More Funds

When you first board, you'll usually connect your cruise card to your credit card, and you can either fill it with unlimited credit or put a limited amount of funds on the card. Whichever you choose, make sure to monitor it throughout your cruise. It's very easy to rack up a huge bill that you'll be stuck with as you depart!

There's no worse feeling than ending a vacation in debt. Be especially careful of the casinos on board as well as the shopping centers. It's easy to lose track of what you're spending, but there are usually areas where you can check your funds and stay on top of your spending.

8 8. Don't Flirt With the Staff: It's Against the Rules

For some reason, many passengers go aboard a cruise ship with the intention of flirting with the staff. While this may seem all romantic in theory, it's actually a very bad idea. Most crew members are strictly prohibited from flirting or engaging in romantic relationships with guests, and you could get yelled at for being out of line.

If a crew member does flirt back with you, you're risking his or her job as the rules are very strict. It's best to steer clear of crew members and simply be polite and friendly rather than overly flirty.

7 7. Don't Believe that Ports are Always as Safe as the Cruise Ship: Stay Alert and Be Cautious

Most ports that you'll stop at will be international, but there's a huge range; you could be visiting a European city like Venice or seeing a Latin country. Whatever the case, don't assume that the port is safe.

You'll have the same amount of safety that you'd have if you had flown into the country. For some reason, many cruise ship passengers feel safe on a ship and think that this extends to the port, but the captain and crew really have no authority as soon as you get off the ship. Be smart, stay in well-lit areas, and don't wander too far away if you don't know your way around.

6 6. Don't Bring a Drone: Stick to the Rules

One of the things you absolutely can't bring on a cruise ship is a drone. Even though you could get some really amazing videos or photos, the rules make it very clear that this isn't allowed because it could be hazardous to other guests. Additionally, the ship is going really fast so you're likely to lose your drone if you try to keep up.

Some guests manage to sneak a drone through security but if you try to actually use it, you could be in a lot of trouble, and can even get put in the hold. For this trip, keep your drone safe at home and content yourself with some good old smartphone photos to capture the memories.

5 5. Don't Buy Something If It's Not On Sale: Bide Your Time

Did you know that a cruise ship is one of the best places to get some really great deals? If you're willing to wait at least a few days, many things will start to go on sale. If you see something you like, don't buy it right away. Almost everything for sale on a cruise ship will be up to 50% off at some point!

The ship's stores want to get rid of almost everything they have each cruise so that they can fully restock, which means that deals will start popping up randomly. There's no system to time when you can expect a sale since they aren't always at the end of the trip, so your best bet is to keep your eye out for any deals.

4 4. Don't Eat Late at Night: Avoid Daytime Sickness

Did you know that late-night eats can actually contribute to seasickness? This might be a tough pill to swallow because cruise ships have really amazing late night eats such as make your own pizzas or even full midnight buffets, but you're better off not eating after 10 or 11pm in order to fully enjoy the following day.

For some reason, guests find that they're much more likely to get heartburn and indigestion on a cruise ship than on land, and eating late at night can make this a lot worse. Instead, eat a hearty dinner to fill up and turn in a little earlier than usual: you'll thank yourself the next day when you're off doing activities!

3 3. Don't Drink Too Much on a Rough Day at Sea: It's a Recipe For Disaster

There's a similar motto for drinking too much, especially when it's a rough day at sea. One initial drink can make passengers feel better, but only at first. If you consume too many beverages, you'll quickly find that you're far more seasick than you were before. Once you've hit this point, it's hard to come back from it, and dry land may not be accessible for hundreds of miles.

When the sea is rough and you're on the boat for a full day, you're better off taking it easy and exploring the ship or even getting some much-needed rest. If nothing else, fresh air always feels good!

2 2. Don't Avoid Seasickness Remedies: Utilize Them If You Need Them

Let's say you're seasick and absolutely nothing you've done has helped. You've eaten all the right foods, curbed your drinking, and have gotten as much fresh air as possible. Unfortunately, some people will get seasick regardless. The trick here is to not refuse medication. Instead of struggling through seasickness, look into the many different options available to help you.

There are natural ginger-based medications available as well as heavier doses of over-the-counter pills such as Dramamine. Some of these may make you really sleepy, but you might not mind if the seasickness is bad enough. Do some research before you depart and come prepared for the worst!

1 1. Cause Problems With Other Passengers: The Worst Thing You Can Do

One of the absolute worst things you can do on a cruise ship is to cause problems with other passengers. Like it or not, the crew is in charge, and they'll usually decide what to do with you. At best, you'll create a rift that makes the rest of the cruise pretty terrible when you have to avoid someone the entire time. After all, a ship isn't as big as you'd think.

At worst, you'll actually engage in a physical fight and can be sent to cruise ship jail, or the hold. The crew isn't scared to isolate someone who could cause problems. Above all, they have to keep order, so make sure that you steer clear of any type of altercation and allow yourself to have a relaxing trip.

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