19 Mistakes Every Fitness Enthusiast Makes While On Vacation

What drives people to get in the best shape of their life? For some it is the simple thought of taking a trip. Who doesn’t want to look their very best while hitting the beach? However once that time comes lots of fit fanatics struggle away from their routines. Whether it be lack of gym location or different eating habits, the mind tends to wonder when one is away from that easy-to-follow daily routine.

Taking a trip doesn’t mean all progress will be lost. In most cases water weight elevates one’s overall number and that can get back to normal after just a couple of cardio sessions. In this article we look at some easy ways to avoid common mistakes we see far too often. Things like feeling bloated will be discussed in this article, as well as the easy things to avoid not to fall into such a problem. We also examine other mistakes such as overworking the body while on vacation, along with under-eating. Remember folks, vacation is all about giving the body a break!

From water intake to bubbly consumption, we touch base on 19 mistakes every fitness enthusiast makes while on vacation. Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a fellow traveller. Be sure to look at this list before taking a trip in order to ensure your well-being!

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19 Not Drinking Enough Water


Dehydration is the easiest way to develop lots of bodily problems while on vacation. Signs travelers are not drinking enough water include headaches and that terrible bloated feeling we hate to have while on the beach. Drinking water regularly causes lots of goodness and that includes increased energy, a boosting of the immune system and can prevent toxins, along with sprains and cramps. Especially for the trainees out there that experience regular muscle fatigue, having a bottle of water by your side at all times is absolutely essential.

We recommend purchasing a massive empty jug and filling it up regularly over the course of a trip.

18 'Less Is More' Approach

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Eating less just doesn’t work, especially due to the fact that a traveler will only slow down the metabolic rate internally. A lack of nutrients won’t do much in burning body fat, instead it’ll burn muscle that you are trying to sustain.

Eating less is something lots of travelers resort to. That’s especially true for fitness enthusiasts. This is counterproductive. Given all the calories already getting burned while travelling and staying active it is essential that you properly fuel the body with the right fuels. Eating less will only slow you down mentally along with causing exhaustion. It’ll lead to burning muscle as opposed to fat. Be smart, eat right!

17 Going For The 'Low' Cal Option

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If going out to restaurants isn’t your thing, then buying some food at a local supermarket is likely the plan of action. However be aware, just because a certain food or snack says “healthy” or “reduced calories” doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best option. Branding can fool lots of us. It is important that you read the nutritional label and not just the fancy writing on the front of the box.

Some “healthy alternatives” can contain lots of chemicals or even added sugars. This can result in the feeling of being bloated. The same goes for foods that contain added sodium. Just because it is less than 100 calories doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll make you feel good.

16 Whole Foods

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If you visited a vacation area in the United States, chances are you fell into the Whole Foods trap. The Whole Foods Market is a tremendous grocery store. It is filled with top of the line fruits and vegetables along with great organic choices. However the problem is that it’ll cost you a lot of money to shop there. If you’re on a budget then Whole Foods isn’t a smart destination.

A local market likely has the same type of produce for half the price. Don’t be mesmerized by the organic foods at the massive retail store. The same type of alternatives exist and you’ll save lots of money taking this intelligent route.

15 Soft Drink Intake


A silent issue when taking a trip is beverage selection. You can eat very little but still feel gassy and bloated. A lot of that has to do with the choice of beverage. Take a refreshing vacation beverage like a Fanta for example, although it tastes great it contains an absurd amount of sugar. In just 12 oz you can find 44 grams of sugar, along with 44 grams of carbohydrates.

Not to worry though, there are lots of ways to get by this. Various healthy diet drink alternatives exist and in truth they taste just as good. Be smart with your choice of fuels and don’t let a beverage leave you in regret.

14 Not Easing Up On The Cardio

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We applaud a fitness enthusiast that is committed to staying in shape while on a trip. However at times doing too much can have detrimental effects. As we discussed earlier in the article travelling alone can result in lots more calories being burned than just a regular day sitting down at work. That mixed in with sightseeing results in lots of movement.

The last thing you want to be doing is continuing on with lots of cardio while on vacation. This can lead to a catabolic state which does little to burn fat and instead eats at your muscle. Be smart, slow down and limit the amount of conditioning while on vacation.

13 No Weights Equals To No Workout


Has this ever happened to anyone? You get to the resort or hotel you reserved at only to find out that there is no gym or any type of fitness center. Instead of finding an alternative you sulk and don’t get anything done in terms of muscle activation. That’s the wrong way to go.

You can still activate various muscle groups with lots of bodyweight exercises. You can also increase the pace by performing circuit types of workouts with limited breaks in between. Try doing sets of push ups, an abdominal spider crawl and plank consecutively, it’ll get those muscle fibers going in no time! You can also perform a variety of stretches that can improve one’s mobility and flexibility.

12 The Unlimited Binge

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This happens more often than not. You diet for 12 to 16 weeks only to let loose for a week-long vacation. Of course being able to eat what you want on a trip is part of the fun, however eating and going on an unlimited binge shouldn’t be the way to go. It’ll cause your body more harm than good going from lower calories to an elevated level of fat and carbohydrates. This can result in lots of bodily issues as well.

In order to overcome this we advise that you eat whole foods. It is also important to slow down while eating meals. Take your time and enjoy it but most of all, know when to stop. It isn’t worth throwing away all your progress for a trip lasting only a couple of days.

11 Salads Only


The opposite can also be true. Limiting yourself to just salad is another classic mistake made by fitness travelers. Back to a common theme in this article, you are burning a lot during trips which means you need the proper foods to restore the body’s bodily functions. Most of all that means that you need an adequate amount of protein.

Protein is crucial in properly building and repairing the body after a rigorous day. Without it you’ll feel drained and a lot slower. Get a variety of foods in the diet particularly those that contain healthy fats and a good amount of protein. Not only are they good for your well-being but they’ll also fill you up.

10 Energy Drinks

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Instead of grabbing a coffee lots of travellers opt for an energy type of drink. In truth these beverages work great in giving us a short-term boost. However in some cases it can also lead to an energy crash. Calorie counts are pretty brutal as well with lots of sugars included in the likes of Red Bull and Monster. You need to be smart when picking a proper energy drink and read the labels.

Low calorie options do exist and they give you just as big of a boost without the bloated or tired feeling hours later. You can consume an energy drink, just don’t make it a habit. Caffeine overdoes can result in high blood pressure, nausea and palpitations. That’s not what you want during a trip.

9 Neglecting Muscle Memory

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If you think that you’ll lose all your strength and size in just a week long trip then think again. In fact, it takes the body three to six months to lose that muscle size. Muscle memory is crucial when coming back to the gym. It takes a couple of weeks or even days to get back that strength and even shape depending on how much you indulged during the trip.

In most cases however, the muscle memory allows for a speedy way back to the physique you had before your trip. Keep that in mind while you’re gone and don’t panic if you’re away from the weights. If anything a break will do your body some good in terms of the mental game and physical recovery.

8 Abs Everyday

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Like every other muscle, the abdominals need a break every now and then. Keep in mind that when you’re building the muscle you are causing damage. That means the abs need some extra time to recuperate following an intense workout. Doing abs everyday will just damage the area and cause slower growth in the long run.

If there is a body part most fitness enthusiasts work on while at a beach it’s the abdominals. However there is no point in hitting them every single day. We recommend you instead opt for ab movement every other day if need be. Make sure to fuel the abs properly following a workout with an efficient amount of protein.

7 Avoiding Your Fruits and Vegetables


Fitness enthusiasts use a vacation as a type of free pass from both fruits and vegetables. This should not be the case. Both offer a plethora of goodness to the body such as vitamins, fiber and minerals. Fruits and veggies also contain strong antioxidants that can be the difference in someone getting sick or staying in positive health while on a trip. Letting go completely of both fruits and vegetables can lower the immune response and welcome in unwanted bacteria.

Make it a purpose to get at least two to three servings of fruits and vegetables during a trip. It can be during a meal or just as a healthy snack throughout the day. Resort hotels are usually filled with both.

6 Eating Huge Meals


Entering a trip on a caloric deficit you need to be careful when choosing the meals that are right for you. Eating a massive meal might cause a huge digestion problem and that’s especially true for fitness enthusiasts that enter a trip fresh off of a diet. We instead recommend that you start off with smaller meals and slowly progress. The metabolism can get overwhelmed and in order to keep it going it requires the intake of smaller meals.

There is going to be added pressure to eat a lot especially after such a long beach diet. Make sure to fight off these cravings for your well-being or at least space it out.

5 Low Protein Intake


Let’s get real for a second. While on vacation our insulin levels get spiked due to the elevated amounts of both carbohydrates and fats. It is only normal. During a diet one of the two is lowered while protein stays at a per pound ratio. Again, come vacation time protein usually gets neglected.

This can cause lots of problems. With a lack of protein the body doesn’t have anything to transport the nutrients and deliver them in the proper areas of the body. In order to remedy this and avoid the other symptoms such as headaches and nausea we recommend bringing an added protein supplement or opting for a protein dish with a decent amount of protein per meal.

4 Avoiding Carbohydrates

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We have seen this time and time again; fitness enthusiasts that are scared to touch a carbohydrate even come vacation time. With a big loss of water due to humidity (if you visit a hot place), the body needs water to replenish itself. Enter carbohydrates that not only provide water to the body but can also act as an energy source.

If you’re a perfectionist-type of fitness enthusiast then maybe you can lower the fats while opting for a little more carbohydrates while on vacation. Strong carbohydrate sources include brown rice, sweet potato and oatmeal.

3 Long Workouts

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If you plan on working out while on vacation make sure the exercise routines are quick and to the point. Most fitness enthusiasts opt for full body workouts. On a week-long vacation we recommend three full body workouts no longer than 40 minutes each. Especially in a hot climate, long workout sessions can cause exhaustion and the result can have the body looking worse. Instead you need to fuel properly while cutting back on the workout time.

In terms of intensity be sure to drop the weight-lifting significantly. Keep it simple and if anything, up the rep scheme and tempo.

2 Not Giving Your Body Proper Rest


A recovery day can be just as important as a training day. Although leaning out is great visually, you need to keep in mind that you are damaging the body at the same time. Giving yourself proper rest not only helps the mind but it also aids the bones and muscle tissues given the proper amount of time to fully recover.

Getting the proper amount of rest will make you feel brand new when you return to the gym. The last thing you want to do is go so much that it turns into a burden. Taking a week off during vacation can make all the different especially in terms of longevity mentally and physically.

1 Consuming The Bubbly


If you plan on boozing regularly and hitting the gym, prepare for some negative side effects. Performance, weight gain and reduced muscle growth all play a role. According to Live Strong, sipping on a few drinks affects reaction time and balance. It also decreases one's hydration levels leading to quicker fatigue. Weight gain is another obvious side effect; just a simple shooter can be loaded with empty calories. Muscle growth is also lost due to a drop in testosterone levels.

You can have fun for sure just don’t make drinking a summer-long habit. Red wine can be a fine choice to go along with a meal while on vacation. A shot of vodka however, not so much...

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